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Improvado Drives Ambitious European Expansion Plans

Improvado aims to build globally dominant brand

San Francisco-based Improvado has opened a new office in Amsterdam as part of a European expansion.

Improvado makes marketing analytics software for enterprise brands, agencies and universities. The platform allows marketing teams to connect and consolidate data from different sources. Their software is currently used by thousands of end users around the world.

Improvado CEO Daniel Kravtsov explained that “Improvado’s sustained and rapid growth abroad is proof of its ability to manage the scale of data that leading brands are utilizing in today’s digital ecosystem.”

Latest studies by IAB show that European digital advertising market is growing in double digits year over year, while Social is fueling display growth across Europe, growing 33.7 percent year over year (reference link). Based on market trends, Improvado Co-Founder Anamika Sethi says that they’re currently competing on a country-by-country basis to build a globally dominant brand.

As advertising budgets scale rapidly with double digit growth, marketing teams around the world are often unclear when it comes to understanding Marketing ROI due to inefficient data analytics processes and operations. Data blindspots are inevitable as the average marketer uses at least 12 different platforms while managing ads, email automation, web analytics, social media, search, SEO and more. Improvado’s aim is to become the dominant brand for marketing aggregation software that can also handle things like piping data into insight engines that include AI, predictive and prescriptive analytics models.

“Once our customers are plugged into our solution, it just unlocks so many more opportunities around how they can leverage data to create positive impact on marketing ROI and, in turn, the health of their business” she said.

Learn more about Improvado, click here.

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