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Terry W.
Founder of Sum Digital

The platform makes it easy to set up reporting from multiple sources just the way you want it, do you don't have to worry about it and you can get on with all the other work you have to do! We're bringing all our advertisers' ad data together in a single view, for easier reporting, making it faster to spot trends and optimize on the data.‍

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Brandon T.
Head of Product at PenPath

With Improvado, we are able to provide marketing analytics as a service at scale. We have reduced our need for in-house developers and can rely solely on Improvado to feed us our clients' data. This has saved us an incredible amount of time and money.

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Peter S.
Paid Digital Advertising

Improvado has increased our capacity to analyze and optimize at greater scale. We're now looking at data sets that we just didn't have the bandwidth to consider before. Our client reporting frequency has increased to daily updates versus our previous weekly updates.

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The numerous API connections the tool offers makes it quick and easy to import data from multiple publishers at once, while still staying completely accurate.

The fact that we can generate a live link to share with the client is extremely useful as well; it's a resource that they can refer back to at any time, adjusting the date range as they please.

It is a huge time-saver and presents the data very eloquently and professionally.

Cameron Solu
Digital Media Manager at Jekyll and Hyde Advertising & Marketing

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