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How a Renowned Healthcare Provider Aggregates Marketing Data With Zero Human Effort

Customer story

How a Renowned Healthcare Provider Aggregates Marketing Data With Zero Human Effort


Our client is a large healthcare software provider. The company offers an all-in-one solution for physicians and patients. As one of the most advanced digital healthcare platforms on the market, it provides full-cycle telehealth services for clinics. Online visits, a user-friendly app for patients, a versatile CRM system for healthcare providers, and even a standalone SDK distinguish our partner amongst its competitors. 

When the company focused on its marketing efforts, the team quickly realized the power of data-driven marketing. However, there’s more to a persistent marketing strategy than just pushing a few buttons in the advertising account. That’s why the marketing department began searching for new analytics possibilities,  starting with an ETL system integration. And that’s where our collaboration began.

The Challenge

The organization initially delegated all marketing activities to an external agency. This was a convenient way to promote the product when the company had no spare resources to build effective campaigns on its own. However, over time, our partner decided to take their marketing processes into their own hands and developed an in-house marketing department. To effectively promote the product across multiple channels, the company had to first build a healthy data ecosystem.

The marketing team was constantly challenged with extracting and aggregating heterogeneous data from disparate sources. They needed a solution that could streamline data right away with minimal adjustments and maximum speed. Simply put, the main business objective was to have a turn-key data pipeline that could be customized on request. 

From a data warehouse standpoint, our partner already had a Postgres database. For security reasons, the client’s team needed to ingest data on their own. That’s why we’ve extracted data in flat files format so that analysts could seamlessly push it to the storage.

As for the visualization platform, their team used Looker. So, we arranged a smooth data flow from the Postgres warehouse and automated the reporting process with detailed dashboards for various metrics.

The Solution

Data Extraction

Our team’s first and most important task was to extract the client’s marketing data from Apple Search Ads, Google Ads, Skai, and other sources. Our client runs large-scale marketing campaigns that generate large unstructured datasets. So, we established a seamless data flow that extracts data from all sources and converts them to flat data format. Later on, the client’s team can load information to the warehouse independently and perform any manipulations with flat data. 

Data Harmonization

In most cases, it’s impossible to get quality insights from data gathered from disparate sources. The same metrics and indicators may have different names and contain different values. That’s why it’s crucial to normalize and unify data across different channels to achieve a comprehensive overview of the marketing performance. 

With our solution, their marketing department is now able to get unified insights based on a single metric, like age, geolocation, device, gender, and other custom indicators. What’s more important is that they don’t have to spend analysts’ time on manual data cleansing and structuring. Now, the team can concentrate on their primary task: analyzing accumulated insights. 

Insights Visualization

The final step of the ETL process is to visualize insights. Since our partner used Looker as a visualization and business intelligence tool, our task was to provide them with detailed dashboards and supply the tool with normalized data. 

Improvado ETL tool

The Result

The key results of our collaboration are improved effectiveness of marketing campaigns and accelerated data processing. Analysts now have all information for day-to-day activities gathered in one place and available for research at any time. With continuously updated information, marketers can access fresh insights about  their efforts on comprehensive dashboards.

With Improvado, our client didn’t have to migrate from their existing Postgres database. Normalized data ensured high efficiency and query execution speed, even though the warehouse was based on a transactional database.

Ultimately, the marketing department gained access to data from all required sources, optimized the time spent on data aggregation, and looked at their marketing activities from a completely different perspective. After delegating all complex data challenges to an automated pipeline, the marketing team finally has enough time to focus on their direct duties.

Why Improvado?

When our client decided to change their data infrastructure and automate routine processes completely, they started to search for pipeline solutions. After analyzing the market, studying customer reviews, and trying several trial versions, they chose Improvado as the most relevant marketing data automation partner.

And they were right. We managed to build a sound data ecosystem and reveal previously overlooked insights. With all data just a few clicks away, analysts can build precise predictive models and adjust marketing campaigns in order to generate more leads and increase revenue.

What’s more, our solution made the company more flexible. Now, the sales department and upper management have instant access to marketing reports. This provides the opportunity to assess the quality of incoming leads, evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts on higher levels, and align campaigns according to the company’s development vector.

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The company offers an all-in-one solution for physicians and patients. As one of the most advanced digital healthcare platforms on the market, it provides full-cycle telehealth services for clinics

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