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Automated marketing data management platform for agencies

A holistic view of all marketing campaigns across each client. Eliminate data clutter with a marketing analytics ETL system.

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    Centralize all your marketing data in one place

    Over 500 connectors empower your marketing team to use their favorite tools to map data, build and visualize custom reports and more.

    Collect all your marketing data in one place.
    Visualize data using your favorite tools
    Load your data in your own data warehouse.
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    Agency command center

    Gain an accurate birds-eye view of your agency performance from the seat of your Command Center. Rollup and track of all your client performance in one place, without switching between platforms and accounts.

    Turn analytics into a differentiator. Win more business by using your data to uncover impressive benchmarks to infuse into sales pitches.

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    Improvado Helps ASUS Take Full Control Of Their Global Marketing Data
    Hours per week
    IT resources savings
    Marketing resources
    saved annually
    Jeff Lee
    Head of Social & Marketing Data
    "Improvado saves about 90 hours per week and allows us to focus on data analysis, rather than routine data aggregation, normalization, and formatting."
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