✨ Customer story

How Improvado helped Hyperconnect integrate marketing data into its existing data infrastructure

Customer story

How Improvado helped Hyperconnect integrate marketing data into its existing data infrastructure


Marketing data organization is a huge problem when promoting your product across different channels and countries and managing multiple campaigns. Our client, Hyperconnect, faced this problem and asked us to find a solution.

The Story Behind the Company

Hyperconnect aims to empower each person with an ability to connect and keep in touch with others. It’s a mid-sized company with around 400 employees, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. As a global social platform, the company provides video and AI-powered software that helps users communicate in real time. 

Hyperconnect was dealing with fragmented data across different marketing channels. To extract this data, the company allocated developers to write lines of code that acted as marketing connectors. This process took too much time and led to  excessive use of the company’s resources. Furthermore, the gathered data was not normalized, which prevented marketing analysts from making informed decisions. Eventually, Hyperconnect contacted Improvado to optimize the data extraction process.

The Challenge

Hyperconnect’s main marketing focus was on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat, and Twitter. To extract data from these sources, the company’s development team had to write code each time they needed to invoke the API. This approach negatively impacted cross-channel marketing analysis, slowed down the marketing team, and provided inaccurate data.

Furthermore, Hyperconnect’s data extraction approach made it difficult to store and arrange data inside the warehouse. Monitoring metrics and campaign statuses was one of the main objectives of the marketing department. That’s why it was crucial to have detailed data for marketing campaign optimization and adjustment of the client’s budgets and bidding strategies.

Before our collaboration, Hyperconnect already had an external data warehouse for their marketing information. Thus, our primary responsibility was to optimize the extraction process and streamline data to their storage.

The Solution

First of all, we had to start by setting up the required connectors. We integrated our ETL solution and streamlined marketing data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat, TikTok Ads, and other marketing connectors

Improvado’s data extraction module automated manual API requests and allowed Hyperconnect’s developers to focus on higher priority tasks. Then, we had to handle data grouping, normalization, and arrangement in the storage.

In the last phase, we streamlined analysis-ready data to Google Data Studio. The Hyperconnect team required hourly data updates to stay on top of insights and supply their marketing dashboards with fresh information. With Improvado’s advanced scheduling feature, we managed to fulfill our partner’s requirements and deliver frequent updates. 

Since Hyperconnect wanted to track ROAS, CPA, and a vast range of custom metrics, we provided their team with proper marketing reports. At the beginning of the implementation, we provided the company with 20+ marketing reports. Later on, Hyperconnect’s team identified  which report options suited them the most, then reduced the volume of information extracted from data sources and loaded it to visualization tools.

Our team worked closely with the Hyperconnect team throughout the integration process to stay on top of  their requirements and identify potential points of improvement.

"Hyperconnect presented us with a complex challenge that went beyond the typical marketing data integration. Their use case was unique, requiring a highly specialized blend of marketing channels, revenue platforms, and mobile analytics. We had to invent a new approach to harmonize disparate data sets into a unified, actionable format. Our solution not only automated the data extraction process but also normalized the data, making it easier for analysts to derive meaningful insights. We then transformed this data into comprehensive dashboards that serve multiple teams—marketing, revenue, and leadership. The result is a streamlined data pipeline that empowers Hyperconnect to make data-driven decisions more efficiently than ever before."

Roman Vinogradov

VP of Product

The Result

Our solution helped Hyperconnect improve their marketing performance indicators and reduce employees' time on routine data operations. Now, our client has access to more granular data and makes informed decisions faster. According to Hyperconnect, their marketing team now concentrates on marketing campaign optimization rather than data integration tasks. 

Furthermore, our ETL system provided employees across the company with easy access to all marketing reports. Sales managers, stakeholders, business analysts, and other competent employees can now analyze the company’s marketing efforts whenever they need to and instantly draw up marketing reports. 

Our advanced data extraction system has helped the company’s analysts find previously overlooked data and more precisely predict the outcomes of marketing strategies.  We’ve also provided Hyperconnect with more flexibility. Improvado is a scalable system, so when our client needs to add new marketing sources, we’ll be able to do it in a matter of seconds.

Why Improvado?

Hyperconnect didn’t consider any solutions other than Improvado. Having found many positive reviews, the company’s HQ contacted us to solve their data extraction issues. During this collaboration, they complimented the high service level and the quality of our product. Hyperconnect described Improvado as “A Swiss army knife for marketing data.” 

Here’s what our client says about Improvado's influence on their marketing processes: “I believe we can now concentrate on more important tasks, such as optimization of the marketing campaigns, rather than data integration tasks.” We’ve helped Hyperconnect to significantly reduce their efforts on manual data operations and shortened the process of extracting new data.

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Hyperconnect is a global social platform company that provides video and AI-powered products.

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