✨ Customer story

USF easily visualized data across 6 departments and got 3x ROI

192 hrs/year

IT resources savings

Customer story

USF easily visualized data across 6 departments and got 3x ROI

192 hrs/year

IT resources savings


Peter runs Digital Marketing at The University of San Francisco and he’s a HUGE fan. It has allowed him to save hundreds of hours of manual work each month compiling reports. Now he can focus on strategy and optimize faster and increased ROI is the result. His team is thrilled. Listen to what he’s got to say...

The Challenge

  • Automate reports. Report daily marketing spend and performance across 11+ channels to 6 schools/clients within the university.
  • Get time back. Stop spending 4 hours every Monday logging in to each platform and downloading the necessary data, cleaning the files and uploading them to a database before visualizing them in Tableau. This process is tedious and takes the time away from other ad trafficking and optimization opportunities.
  • Eliminate human error. For example, mistakes while uploading mismatched file headers from different platforms.
  • Eliminate the need for SQL, which takes time and is prone to error.
  • Every Monday we would spend 4 hours on average logging in to each platform and downloading the data we needed, clean the files before we were able to upload them to our data base and visualize them in Tableau. In house visualization specialist.
  • Access new data points. Because the team has limited bandwidth, they don't have time to get collect and analyze all the data points that are available.

The Solution

With the help of Improvado, USF was able to stop paying for their own database and offload the entire data pipeline process to Improvado. USF has a high bar internally for getting vendor approvals and their ITF department did a full security audit and quickly approved Improvado partnership.

The Result

  • Eliminate 192 hours of manual reporting in 2019 (4 hours/week) — the team is no longer focused on manual data aggregation and cleansing, and can now focus on actually analyzing the data and other strategic initiatives.
  • Upgrade reporting frequency from weekly to daily. Have up to date information in Tableau on a daily basis is a big plus that the entire University ecosystem was very excited about.
  • Uncover access to geographic data points that were previously not prioritized due to time limitations, such as device preferences, gender and other data points.  
  • Report on organic social data from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter including likes, comments, shares and other social media engagement.
  • Increase confidence in Tableau reports as a source of truth for decision making. Previously, Tableau reports were just client facing reports, and the marketing team was still logging in to the different marketing platforms to get a better read. But now the marketing team feels confident using Tableau reports to make internal optimization decisions.
  • Forget all their SQL  knowledge :)
I can't stress how easy it was to set up, if you're doing paid digital marketing with multiple publishers, take a step back and analyze the amount of time is you're doing a lot of analysis and reporting and look at how much time you're spending on that and ask yourself if it's worthwhile to invest in a product like Improvado. It will save time, give you more data points and allow you to spend more time analyzing and optimizing. Everyone wants better performance and Improvado  is giving us a step forward towards getting better performance.

Peter Sahaidachny
Digital Marketing manager at the university of San Francisco

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San Francisco, California, United States
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192 hrs/year
IT resources savings

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