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How a ECommerce Company Increased Revenue by 40% — Case Study

With so many businesses today collecting tons of data on a daily basis and then failing to use it for their decision making, a customized dashboard containing essential marketing metrics and telling a holistic story seems to be a perfect solution.

PenPath gets it, which is why we’ve partnered with Improvado, the automated data aggregation software that makes it easy for us to get the insightful data analyses we need to create beautiful marketing dashboards for our clients.

A dashboard is a data visualization tool that answers questions that every marketer has:

  • Where exactly do my clients come from?
  • Which of my marketing efforts are the most successful?
  • Which channel has the highest return on ad spend (ROAS)?
  • And so much more!

It looks something like this:

Here at PenPath, we use Improvado to pipe real-time data into the dashboards we build for our clients.

The Case Study

A St. Louis based e-commerce arts company turned to PenPath to get a better grasp of their data.

The majority of businesses have plenty of siloed raw data from online and offline sources that, when taken separately, do not make it possible to see a comprehensive picture.

Such unfiltered data doesn’t allow to track patterns and, as a consequence, make valid business decisions.


For the e-commerce company, the main objective was to create a customized dashboard to:

  • Get all of their data in one place
  • Gain meaningful insights
  • Increase sales-based their revenue by 25%

The company’s intention was to get a better understanding of:

  • Where their customers were
  • Which platforms their customers were using to make purchases
  • What the purchase rate and the ROAS were on all of their various channels

How it works  

PenPath provides best-in-class business intelligence and data science services to help CMO's take the guesswork out of critical business decisions.

First, PenPath uses Improvado to pull client’s data to the most granular level possible.

Then we clean it and use Tableau to create customized dashboards for clients that are insightful, automated, and easy to use.

Strategy and application

The first thing that PenPath did for the client was streamline the existing siloed data sources.

Then we built a dashboard for the client using Improvado’s data and Tableau's visualization software.

The result was a comprehensive view of the client’s data that allowed them to view all of the KPIs they wanted to measure.

When gathered in one place, the dashboard gave them insights that they hadn’t been able to visualize before.

The e-commerce company was able to identify its main revenue drivers and increase spending accordingly.

Bing turned out to be the third major search engine that the company’s customers used, so part of the budget was allocated for Bing ads.

Since a dashboard allows to identify the target audience more accurately, the e-commerce company was also able to run ads that were better targeted. In addition to that, the company increased the email delivery that drove conversions.


With a customized dashboard that gathered together all the siloed data sources and visualized the data in a comprehensible way, the e-commerce art company increased their sales by 40% -- even more than it was initially projected! The project was a huge success.

About PenPath

PenPath is a Marketing Intelligence Agency specialized in connecting, mapping, and visualizing data for brands and agencies. PenPath delivers custom business intelligence dashboards that allow any marketing team or organization to become truly data driven.

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