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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a powerful online advertising platform that enables large enterprises to display ads on Google's search engine results pages and across their vast network of partner websites. By leveraging Google Ads, companies can drive targeted traffic to their websites, generate leads, and increase sales. With its advanced targeting options and cost-per-click (CPC) bidding system, Google Ads allows businesses to reach their desired audience while controlling advertising costs effectively.

What is is an innovative business intelligence (BI) and data visualization platform that empowers enterprise companies to create interactive dashboards and reports. With its easy-to-use interface and extensive library of visualizations, enables decision-makers to analyze and visualize complex data sets in real-time, facilitating data-driven decision making. The platform supports data integration from various sources, allowing businesses to consolidate and analyze data from multiple marketing channels and departments for a holistic view of their performance.

Connecting Google Ads to

Connecting Google Ads to can be achieved through various methods, including:

  • Using's native Google Ads connector, which allows you to easily import your Google Ads data into for visualization and analysis.
  • Exporting your Google Ads data as a CSV file and uploading it to manually. This method requires regular manual updates to maintain up-to-date data in
  • Utilizing a third-party data connector for Google Ads integration, which can automate the process of syncing data between the two platforms. However, this method may require additional costs and maintenance.
  • Developing a custom solution using the Google Ads API and API for seamless data integration. This approach requires advanced technical knowledge and resources for implementation and maintenance.
  • Opting for an advanced marketing analytics platform like Improvado that offers a complete data pipeline from data extraction, through data transformation and normalization, to data visualization, making the process of connecting Google Ads to much more efficient and reliable.

Connecting Google Ads to with Improvado

Improvado is the ideal solution to connect Google Ads to, as it offers a seamless integration process with numerous advantages. By using Improvado, you can automatically extract and load data from Google Ads to with minimal effort and no need for manual data exports. Additionally, Improvado provides a comprehensive data dictionary with various report types, metrics, and dimensions, ensuring that you have access to all the relevant data for your analysis.

Furthermore, Improvado enables businesses to centralize their marketing and sales data, facilitating a more holistic view of their performance across multiple channels. With its ability to process large volumes of data and customize data transformations, Improvado is a scalable solution that can grow with your business. The platform also offers high-quality customer support, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need throughout the integration process and beyond.

Summary of connection Google Ads to

In summary, connecting Google Ads and is a critical step in streamlining your marketing data analysis and visualization. Improvado offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for this integration, enabling you to centralize your marketing and sales data, visualize it in, and make data-driven decisions. With its scalable and customizable features, Improvado is an ideal choice for large enterprises that require a robust data connector for Google Ads integration. To learn more about how Improvado can help your business, book a call with one of our experts today.

Reliable insights with Improvado

Trusted by the leading data-driven companies, Improvado is an advanced marketing analytics providing businesses with fully automated no-code data pipelines: from data to insights.

  • Reliable data pipeline — automatically get analysis-ready data from hundreds of marketing platforms.
  • Any BI platform — clean and consistent dashboards in Looker Studio, Tableau, and PowerBI.
  • Compliance – HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 certified, Improvado covers your data pipeline with Enterprise-grade SLA.
  • Best in class Customer Success – dedicated CSMs and Professional Services to build custom data connectors and modify dashboards.
Improvado helps ASUS streamline global marketing reporting.
Illy employs Improvado to unify marketing data from 140 regional branches.
Activision relies fully on Improvado for its marketing dashboard.

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