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What is Kochava?

Kochava is a leading mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform, enabling enterprise companies to optimize their marketing efforts by tracking user acquisition, engagement, and customer lifetime value. With Kochava, businesses can gain insights into the performance of their mobile marketing campaigns, identify high-value customers, and make data-driven decisions for future initiatives. By leveraging Kochava's advanced analytics, enterprises can effectively measure the success of their mobile advertising strategies and boost ROI.

What is GoodData?

GoodData is a powerful business intelligence (BI) and data visualization platform that helps enterprise companies transform raw data into actionable insights. With GoodData, organizations can create customizable dashboards and reports that enable better decision-making and drive business growth. By integrating data from various sources, GoodData allows businesses to gain a comprehensive view of their operations, customers, and market trends. Its robust analytics capabilities enable enterprises to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities, ultimately leading to improved performance and increased revenue.

Connecting Kochava to GoodData

Connecting Kochava to GoodData can be achieved through several methods, including:

  • Using Kochava's native integration with GoodData, which allows for seamless data transfer between the two platforms.
  • Exporting data from Kochava as CSV files and then importing them into GoodData for visualization and analysis.
  • Utilizing third-party ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools to automate the process of data extraction, transformation, and loading between Kochava and GoodData.
  • Developing custom scripts or using APIs to pull data from Kochava and push it into GoodData.
  • Choosing Improvado as a comprehensive solution for connecting Kochava to GoodData, which takes care of the entire data pipeline, from data extraction and load to data transformation and visualization.

Connecting Kochava to GoodData with Improvado

Improvado offers the best solution to connect Kochava to GoodData for the following reasons:

  • Scalability: Improvado is built to handle large volumes of data, making it suitable for enterprise companies with extensive marketing data needs.
  • Customization: Improvado allows you to customize the data extraction process, including the metrics and dimensions that can be extracted from Kochava, ensuring that you get exactly the data you need for your specific use case.
  • Centralization: With Improvado, you can centralize data from multiple marketing and sales platforms, enabling a holistic view of your marketing performance.
  • High-quality customer support: Improvado's dedicated team of experts provides top-notch support to ensure a smooth and successful data integration process.
  • Automation: Improvado automates the entire process of extracting, transforming, and loading data from Kochava to GoodData, saving you time and resources.

Summary of connection Kochava to GoodData

In summary, connecting Kochava and GoodData is essential for enterprise companies looking to gain actionable insights from their mobile marketing campaigns. By leveraging Improvado's comprehensive solution, businesses can benefit from a scalable, customizable, and automated process that ensures high-quality data integration. With Improvado's ability to process large volumes of data and centralize marketing and sales data, enterprises can gain a complete view of their marketing performance and make data-driven decisions to drive growth. To learn more about how Improvado can help you unlock the full potential of your Kochava and GoodData integration, book a call with one of our experts today.

Reliable insights with Improvado

Trusted by the leading data-driven companies, Improvado is an advanced marketing analytics providing businesses with fully automated no-code data pipelines: from data to insights.

  • Reliable data pipeline — automatically get analysis-ready data from hundreds of marketing platforms.
  • Any BI platform — clean and consistent dashboards in Looker Studio, Tableau, and PowerBI.
  • Compliance – HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 certified, Improvado covers your data pipeline with Enterprise-grade SLA.
  • Best in class Customer Success – dedicated CSMs and Professional Services to build custom data connectors and modify dashboards.
Improvado helps ASUS streamline global marketing reporting.
Illy employs Improvado to unify marketing data from 140 regional branches.
Activision relies fully on Improvado for its marketing dashboard.

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