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Origami Logic Alternatives and Competitors

Origami Logic Alternatives and Competitors

Origami Logic is a maker of an advanced data integration, ingestion, and analytics platform. Their platform was built to allow you to collect data from a variety of sources and gain valuable insights from that data quickly and efficiently. 

Origami Logic has particularly focused on applying data science to marketing. 

Most recently in Origami Logic news, the company was acquired by Mountain View-based accounting software maker Intuit Corp., the maker of Quickbooks, Turbotax, Mint and Turbo. The company hopes to use the software to help “deliver personalized insights that help customers quickly achieve success and build confidence whenever they use Intuit products,” said Intuit’s CEO Sasan Goodarzi. However, they will be sunsetting the Origami Logic product and that means that many customers are scrambling to find a replacement.

Whether you were considering using Origami Logic for your business or trying to get a better understanding of your options when it comes to collecting marketing data, this article was meant to help you.

Thanks to other leading marketing data aggregation tools like Improvado, Funnel.io, and Adverity, it's easier than ever to automate all your marketing data into reports and dashboards -- cutting out 40+ hours/week of wasted time building manual reports.

‍Now your marketing data can be available for you in real time. So you can make quick optimizations to your campaigns and improve ROI.

In order to figure out which tool is best for you and your business, please read on...


What is Improvado?

Improvado collects all your marketing data into one place. It syncs into every marketing platform you use, and gathers the data into the Improvado platform or sends it straight to your BI tools, with no dev help needed. It was designed by marketers for marketers. Now all your marketing reports and dashboards are automated in real-time.

Who should use Improvado?

Improvado is for any marketer seeking to simplify and streamline the work of aggregating data into an easy to use database. The program automates the entire process-- freeing up your time to work on other marketing tasks.

Improvado has hundreds of integrations with platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Shopify, Mailchimp, Salesforce and more. This makes it easy to get the data you need, from wherever it lives. Integrations run deep and pull granular data from both the keyword and ad level.

Improvado allows you to view data in real time, viewing your marketing performance from a high level or drill in to the nitty gritty details.

It's easy to create custom dashboards and reports, but their customer service team is incredibly helpful if you need their support. Their customer support is available throughout every step and pays close attention to the specific needs of the individual client. Collected data is viewable on the BI tool of your choice as well as through Improvado’s dashboard. The user experience is a high priority.  


  • Customer support is included and available throughout every step
  • Implementation is simple, no developers required
  • Compatible with the BI tool of your choice, including Tableau, Looker etc.
  • Data aggregated in real time to a single destination
  • Completely customizable, including custom metrics and integrations
  • Deep and granular data integrations
  • Pulls data from multiple platforms


  • Some of the more granular features can appear complicated, but this is offset by excellent customer service when it comes to helping users through any issues and building any needed custom calculations.
  • Some initial back and forth may be needed with customer support to set up dashboards and reports exactly how you want them

Improvado Pricing

Improvado can assess your business needs and give you pricing details during a call.

Improvado Integrations

Improvado can custom integrate any data source you need. With more than 90 integrations,it's easy to get access to all your marketing performance and spend data.







Origami Logic

What is Origami Logic?

Origami Logic is a data aggregation and analytics platform that is generally meant to support marketers in their quest to analyze data. 

Who should use Origami Logic?

Everyone who was considering Origami Logic, should now be looking at alternatives. Origami Logic was used for automated cross-channel data collection, metrics collection and alignment, content sorting based on business-required KPIs, and customized KPI building using a powerful equation builder. 

The software is designed for marketers. However, with the recent acquisition by Intuit, it is likely that the software will be redirected to be consumer and brand-facing, perhaps expanding its capabilities beyond marketing.

At the moment, the software is not available for purchase online. Their website has been dissolved and anyone seeking to use the software should likely look elsewhere.


  • Good data analytics tool for marketers looking to justify ROI and expand their data reach


  • Unavailable right now due to the acquisition. Companies looking for data aggregation and visualization tools should look to other tools available on the market.
  • Very few reviews available online. 

Origami Logic Pricing:

Unknown. Currently no information regarding their is available online. 

Origami Logic Integrations

Unknown. Since the acquisition no information has been available regarding their integration capabilities.





What is Funnel.io?

The marketing analytics platform Funnel aims to integrate with all of your marketing and advertising platforms.  

Who should use Funnel.io?

This data mapping interface allows the user to map and group data. Aggregated data, collected in real-time, can be fed directly into a data warehouse, dashboard solution, Google Sheets, or Google Data Studio. However, Funnel does not work with all BI tools. If you're a Tableau enthusiast, you'll discover quickly that this platform lacks a direct integration with Tableau.

Funnel claims 395 data integrations. While that is quite a high number of integrations, they are often not as granular as some marketers may need. For example, It is difficult to gather critical ad set level Facebook data. Tableau lovers and those needing deep and granular data integrations tend to migrate to a competitor.

The platform is basic and customer support is not included at the basic price level.

‍Funnel can be used on a month-to-month basis. Users are charged based on ad spend, which is great in the beginning when the company is still small. The cost to use this platform grows with the user though the depth of integrations does not..


  • Integrations with 395 data sources
  • Visualization widgets have a large amount of flexibility, several options for graphs and charts
  • Ability to export your data


  • Difficult to get granular data. Unable to get data at the ad set level on Facebook or information about Users or Sessions from Google Analytics
  • They do not offer a database solution - you have to pay for that separately.
  • No attribution reporting
  • When channels update APIs is not customizable
  • Creating and using data transformations are difficult to learn - there are several different subcategories that you have to teach yourself to use the system properly
  • Matching sources to dimensions is challenging
  • No direct Tableau integration
  • More limitations than other platforms
  • Users are unable to create custom metrics
  • It's difficult to add multiple accounts to one report. For example, if you are an agency wanting to look at multiple AdWords accounts under one report, you may have difficulty doing so

Funnel.io Pricing:

Funnel offers a variety of plans beginning with the Standard at $299/month. Though it boasts an unlimited number of data sources and users there is an additional fee per month for added on destinations. Prices add up quickly.


Funnel.io Integrations

View the complete list of Funnel’s 395 data sources here.


What is Adverity?

Created with data-driven decision makers in mind, Adverity is an automated data integration and visualization platform. The platform’s Data Tap tool allows users to increase efficiency of reporting and analytics.

Learn about the best alternatives to Adverity and top competitors on the market of data aggregation tools.

Who should use Adverity?

Adverity is for marketers and marketing agencies that seek to connect and work with their media, e-commerce, and marketing platforms from one central location. The platform provides users with analytics and efficient reporting of aggravated data.


  • Full control over your data
  • Fast integration of data sources
  • Scalable and flexible
  • 200+ integrations


  • A steep learning curve for those inexperienced with using data
  • The UX-flow could use improvements
  • Need a good understanding of data to get the most out of the platform
  • Needs more customization of the UI dashboards
  • Support and sales teams are mostly Europe based, making customer service time lag depending on your location
  • Ramp up time can take several months
  • No database provided - you need an alternative budget allocated for that

Adverity Pricing

No prices are listed on the website. To get pricing details and to request a demo you will have to contact the company directly.

Adverity Integrations

On their website, the Adverity platform lists over 150 integrations.



There are tons of different data analytics and aggregation tools out there. These are just a few of your options. If you were looking into using Origami Logic, it might be worthwhile to explore other options on this list while they transition into an Intuit company.

Our pick? Improvado. Schedule a demo by clicking here.

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