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12 Best Adverity Alternatives: Tools to Elevate Marketing Reporting

A study by Forbes Insights and Axiom revealed that only 27% of executives are highly satisfied with their organization’s efforts to derive insights from its data. The remaining 73% struggle with the major marketing data management problem:complexity. Data management and analysis can be an excruciating task and take over 55 hours weekly, tying up crucial manpower and resources. 

Centralized data platforms help analysts gather data in one place and transform it for future analysis. Adverity, Improvado, and Stitch are some of the many popular solutions for automated data integration, transformation, and visualization.

This article highlights Adverity's strengths and weaknesses and outlines the top 12 Adverity alternatives and competitors. We've compiled a short list of the best Adverity alternatives to save your time:

  • Improvado: An enterprise-grade ETL revenue data platform designed specifically for marketing and sales data.
  • Stitch: A multi-purpose ETL tool with data sourcing ranging from GitHub to Salesforce Desk.
  • Domo: A cloud-based data integration platform with a large number of integrations and a steep learning curve.
  • Funnel: An end-to-end data tracking and analytics platform best suited for small and mid-size brands.

Adverity Overview

Adverity data analytics platform
Source: Adverity

Adverity is an end-to-end data analytics platform. The Adverity core functionality includes automated data aggregation, analytics, and visualization. Its range of features also includes data governance, a no-code data transformation engine, customizable reports, pre-build dashboards, and an ML-powered insights tool.

Adverity Use Cases

Adverity is applied across industries, including marketing, eCommerce, CPG and retail, telecoms, tech, and media and entertainment. 

Adverity is a suitable solution for:

  • A non-technical team of marketers from small companies with a small set of needs that can be satisfied by a basic plan, including commonly used data sources and standard enrichment capabilities. 
  • Non-technical marketers from large companies who have Python developers in-house. Adverity provides custom scripting opportunities for complex transformations where Python knowledge is a must. 
  • Revenue teams searching for an automated solution to match their well-established processes.

Adverity Pricing

Adverity doesn’t include a pricing policy or plans on the official website. If you are interested, you can book a demo to see Adverity in action and have a talk with one of the experts on the company’s team. The single reference point is a $2,000 starting price for a Premium account. 

Adverity Integrations

Adverity ships out with a library of over 600 pre-built data connectors to help you connect to databases, file-based storage, APIs, and marketing data sources.

Top 12 Adverity Alternatives to Consider

There are many solutions in the best ETL tools category. However, not all of them can be considered relevant Adverity alternatives. Here are the top choices you have if you decide to give Adverity a hard pass.


Improvado revenue data platform

What is Improvado?

Improvado is an enterprise-grade ETL revenue data platform. It’s designed specifically for centralizing revenue, sales and marketing data and streamlining marketing reporting and analytics. The Improvado solution syncs into every marketing platform you use and gathers the data into the platform or sends it straight to your BI tools, with no development help needed.

The core Improvado functionality includes:

  • Data extraction from 500+ sources without SQL queries and manual operations.
  • Transformation of raw marketing data into actionable insights in a spreadsheet-like UI with zero engineering.
  • Marketing Common Data Model that maps out and unifies marketing metrics across different platforms.
  • Data visualization: Improvado allows the creation of custom dashboards and pre-built dashboards.
  • Data warehouse with deployment and maintenance.
  • Marketing attribution modeling that helps marketing and revenue team members build custom data pipelines and automatically credit conversions to the proper channel.
  • Professional services to solve analytics challenges of any complexity.

Improvado Use Cases

Improvado has a flexible setup that allows marketing teams of any size to configure their accounts to meet their needs. The Improvado website features solutions targeted explicitly at enterprise-grade companies, mid-market brands, and marketing agencies. 

Among Improvado’s clients are: 

  • Global hardware company ASUS, which aggregates all global marketing data and analyzes the performance of its multiple brands in different regions and subregions.
  • Italian coffee company Illy, which  uses Improvado to unify data across dozens of marketing and sales data sources.
  • Software and mobile tech company Hyperconnect, which gained access to more granular data and cut time on data operations.
Improvado customers describe it as super easy solution to get a dashboard off the ground.

Improvado Pricing

Improvado offers flexible pricing models that reflect its clients’ unique needs. You need to request pricing for your business via an online form. 

Improvado Integrations

Improvado supports integration with more than 500 data sources, making it a very versatile platform. On top of that, Improvado provides custom-built APIs and reports, all of which are available on demand.


Stitch Data dashboard

What is Stitch?

Stitch is a cloud-based ETL platform. The service doesn’t focus on marketing or sales needs and, in turn, provides a wide variety of data sources, ranging from GitHub to Salesforce Desk. Stitch provides multiple advanced and enterprise-focused features like data orchestration, smart cache refreshes, API key management, and more. 

Stitch Use Cases

Stitch is a SOC-2, HIPAA, and GDPR-compliant solution that significantly broadens its number of potential clients. 

Stitch’s most common use cases include:

  • Integration of Stitch’s embedded ETL for developers into the application, allowing them to derive data from dozens of data sources. This functionality sets Stitch apart from the other solutions discussed in the article.
  • Setup of the product intelligence. Both use cases require technical knowledge and expertise on the customer’s side since Stitch doesn’t provide professional services.
  • Marketing and sales data analysis.

Stitch Pricing

Stitch offers three pricing plans, including Stitch Standard (starting at $1,000 per year), Stitch Unlimited (around $1,250 a month), and Stitch Unlimited Plus (starting from $2,500 a month).

Stitch Integrations

Stitch supports over 130 integrations to data sources, 10 cloud-based storage solutions, and 110 data analysis tools and platforms.


Domo dashboard

What is Domo?

Domo is a cloud-based platform offering data integration, visualization solutions, and business intelligence functionality. Domo supports every stage of business intelligence, including data aggregation, transformation, analysis, and visualization. The platform provides 1,100+ pre-built connectors and addresses requests from custom integrations. 

Domo Use Cases

Domo’s main users are data analysts, data scientists, and business users who utilize the platform to support their BI operations. Domo can also be used for:

  • Embedded analytics and app deployment.
  • Getting insights into sales and marketing activities.
  • Analyzing the financial health of the organization by pulling data from different departments and visualizing it in an easy-to-understand dashboard.
  • Tracking the productivity of development teams, regressions, and application performance.

Domo Pricing

The pricing is only available by request. Domo has a free trial to see the platform in action.

Domo Integrations

Domo has extensive integration capabilities, supporting integration with over 1,000 data sources, data analytics and querying tools, and data pipeline orchestration solutions. 


Funnel.io dashboard
Source: Funnel.io 

What is Funnel?

Last in the line of Adverity alternatives, we have Funnel. Funnel is an end-to-end solution developed to help companies streamline their marketing data tracking, recording, and storage. It also comes with features to prepare your data and analyze it for trends and insights, like data mapping, cleaning, and grouping.

Funnel Use Cases

Funnel.io is a data platform focused on the needs of marketing teams and agencies. The platform extracts data from 500+ data sources and prepares it for further analysis by unifying metrics, data mapping, and sending it to any visualization tool, analytics platform, or data warehouse of the customer’s choice. 

Funnel Pricing

Funnel has three distinctive pricing plans for marketers and agencies. 

Plans for marketers include Essentials (starting at $399 per month, billed annually), Plus (starting at $999 per month, billed annually), and Enterprise (starting at $1,999 per month, billed annually).

Plans for agencies include Agency Small, Agency Medium, and Agency Large at the same price points as the plans for marketers.

Funnel Integrations

Funnel comes with over 500 connectors you can use to streamline collecting marketing data from apps and platforms. When choosing the Plus, Enterprise, Agency Medium, or Agency Large plan, clients can also request that Funnel develop a custom connector for their unique needs.

Adverity’s Strong But Not So Direct Competitors

Adverity alternatives don’t only include the best ETL tools available on the market. Some software solutions share some capabilities with Adverity but are not direct competitors like Improvado, Stitch, Domo, and Funnel. Here are an additional eight Adverity alternatives that might help you achieve your business goals.


Supermetrics is a solution for compiling your marketing and sales data from 90+ sources in one place and bringing it to the target platform on demand. As its distinctive feature, Supermetrics mentions that it doesn’t store customers’ data on its server, like Adverity or Funnel. Instead, it sends data to Excel, Google Data Studio, or data warehouses like Snowflake.


Windsor is AI-powered software developed to help companies streamline marketing data attribution. The platform pulls data from 50+ marketing and data sources. The company focuses on attribution modeling and customer journey mapping.


Datorama is a Salesforce project. It’s a cloud-based platform for business marketing intelligence. Similar to other solutions, Datorama pulls data from multiple data sources and preps it for further analysis. Datorama is a complex system, and setting it up takes time and resources.


Google recently acquired Alooma as the leading platform for integrating, cleaning, enriching, and bringing together data from multiple sources. If you have a team of data scientists and engineers, Alooma is one of the Adverity alternatives that can help you create custom-tailored data integration solutions for your business. 


Fivetran is yet another ETL tool for building custom data pipelines. The platform can help you securely connect data from different sources, including apps. You can centralize the data into your preferred destination and use Fivetran Transformations to transform your data and automate your data workflows.


Dataddo was developed specifically for non-technical marketing teams. It’s a no-code platform that can help you to pull data from different sources, store it in one location, and deliver it to your go-to business intelligence app. Dataddo is easy to use and doesn’t require technical expertise to set it up.


Panoply is a cloud data platform created for analysts. The platform can empower your data ops team to synchronize data from multiple sources, store it in one location, and access it on demand. With data transformation capabilities, Panoply helps clients make use of raw data and get it sorted out in analysis-ready tables.


Xplenty, now rebranded as Integrate.io, is a low-code ETL platform with over 220 available data transformations. Xplenty is most suitable for eCommerce businesses that want to build a 360-degree customer view, access real-time reporting, and gain insights into inventory, fulfillment, and carrier performance on demand. 


Choose wisely when selecting an ETL software. Consider your business type, data integration needs, and budget. While for small businesses, Funnel might seem like a nice solution, global brands and enterprises tend to go with Improvado or Adverity. For tech teams, Stitch might be an attractive choice. Whatever you select, make sure you align your choice with the future of your business: do you need it to be flexible and easily customizable, will you require tech support to set up the process, or do you have a technical team on your own?

If you’re still unable to decide, contact our experts for a free consultation call.

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