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Top 5 Competitors & Alternatives of Fivetran [July 2021]

How do you currently collect and present your marketing data? Whether you are using Fivetran or trying to get a better understanding of your options, this article was meant to help you.

Thanks to marketing data aggregation tools like Improvado, Datoroma, Stitch, and Adverity, it's easier than ever to automate all your marketing data into reports and dashboards-- cutting out 40+ hours/week of wasted time building manual reports.

Now your marketing data can be available for you in real-time. So you can make quick optimizations to your campaigns and improve ROI.

Stop wasting time on this tedious marketing challenge.

Work smarter, not harder.

In order to figure out which tool is best for you and your business, please read more about fivetran alternatives.


Fivetran logo

What is Fivetran?

What is Fivetran used for? Fivetran is an ETL tool for marketers with basic technical skills looking to connect their marketing campaign data collected across multiple platforms into one location to better analyze and view it. 

Who should use Fivetran?

If you have little to no technical knowledge, Fivetran is particularly helpful with data collection and analysis. The company claims that the software takes an easy five-minute setup and requires zero maintenance.

Fivetran’s goal is to create a software that makes searching and accessing the collected data simple. Once data is collected and stored in a central hub refered to as the “warehouse,” you can access it by running queries.


  • Provides user with the ability to make inquiries about data and collects analysis
  • Simple search function for stored data in data warehouse
  • Good amount of granular data integration


  • The platform can be a bit buggy and delayed at times
  • Integration coverage is not always ideal for marketers
  • The system lacks flexibility
  • No ability to configure batch sizes for queries
  • Without customer support problems and issues can be difficult to fix
  • You need to know how to query data to use the software
  • They do not offer data visualization
  • Full schema refresh updates can take two to three days

How much does Fivetran cost?

Prices are not listed on the website. On Capterra they mention their price starts from $1, but according to esearch, we found out that it ranges between 100USD and 1300USD per month. They also provide annual payment discounts. To receive accurate pricing information, contact Fivetran. However, there is a free demo option to give it a test drive.

Does it make Fivetran expensive?
Not really. This is an average price on the market. If you’re considering an ETL solution, you need to know your ROI rather than the pricing of it, since each so

Fivetran Integrations

There are approximately 100 data connectors provided by Fivetran. Fivetran integration number doesn't represent the strongest part of it, although they do provide the most popular data integrations for sure.




Top Fivetran Alternatives & Competitors in 2021


Improvado logo

What is Improvado?

Improvado collects all your marketing data into one place. It syncs into every marketing platform you use, and gathers the data into the Improvado platform or sends it straight to your BI tools, with no dev help needed. It was designed by marketers for marketers. Now all your marketing reports and dashboards are automated in real-time.

Who should use Improvado?

Improvado is an integration platform for any marketer seeking to simplify and streamline the work of aggregating data into an easy-to-use database. The program automates the entire process-- freeing up your time to work on other marketing tasks.

Improvado has hundreds of integrations with platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Shopify, Mailchimp, Salesforce and more. This makes it easy to get the data you need, from wherever it lives. Integrations run deep and pull granular data from both the keyword and ad level.

Improvado allows you to view
actual data , viewing your marketing performance from a high level or drill into the nitty-gritty details.

It's easy to create custom dashboards and reports, but their customer service team is incredibly helpful if you need their support. Their customer support is available throughout every step and pays close attention to the specific needs of the individual client. Collected data is viewable on the BI tool of your choice as well as through Improvado’s dashboard. The user experience is a high priority.  


  • Customer support is included and available throughout every step
  • Implementation is simple, no developers required
  • Compatible with the BI tool of your choice, including Tableau, Looker etc.
  • Data currently aggregated to a single destination
  • Completely customizable, including custom metrics and integrations
  • Deep and granular data integration
  • Pulls data from multiple platforms


  • While some of the more granular features can seem complicated, customer service is excellent at helping users through any issues and building any needed custom calculations
  • Some initial back and forth may be needed with customer support to set up dashboards and reports exactly how you want them

Improvado Pricing

Pricing, like the platform itself, is customized. Improvado assesses your business needs and provides you with pricing details during a call. Integrations

Improvado has 200+ integrations. If a connection you need is not available, Improvado can custom integrate any additional data source you request.




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Stitch logo

What is Stitch?

Stitch is a developer-focused data collection platform that utilizes the cloud. When you use Stitch you can aggregate data from anywhere in a matter of minutes.

Who should use Stitch?

Great for startups and small businesses this platform is a simple, extensible ETL built for data teams. Data is extracted from various sources, loaded into leading data warehouse platforms, and then analyzed with leading tools.


  • Multiple data integration with databases and SaaS products
  • Quick and simple setup


  • User interface can be difficult to learn in the beginning
  • Integrations may need to be re-synced from time to time

Stitch Pricing

From free to $1,000 per month there is a range of plans, some with custom pricing, that are available.

Stitch pricing

Stitch Integrations

Stitch offers 80+ data integration which can be viewed here.





Adverity logo

What is Adverity?

Adverity automates data collection into an integration platform that visualizes the campaigns for decision makers who are data-driven. The platform increases users efficiency in reporting and analytics with the Data Tap tool.

Learn about the best alternatives to Adverity and top competitors on the market of data aggregation tools.

Who should use Adverity?

Marketers who are seeking a more efficient way to work with their media, e-commerce, and marketing platforms will appreciate the efficiency of Adverity.


  • Full control over your data
  • Fast integration of data sources
  • Scalable and flexible
  • 200+ data integrations


  • A steep learning curve for those inexperienced with using data
  • The UX-flow could use improvements
  • Need a good understanding of data to get the most out of the platform
  • Needs more customization of the UI dashboards
  • Support and sales teams are mostly Europe based, making customer service time lag depending on your location
  • Ramp up time can take several months
  • No database provided - you need an alternative budget allocated for that

Adverity Pricing

To get pricing details and to request a demo contact Adverity directly. No prices are listed on the website.

Adverity Integrations

The Adverity platform boasts 150+ data integrations.





Datorama logo

What is Datorama?

Datorama is a platform specializing in business intelligence and analytics with a aim to help marketers unify all of their data across multiple platforms into a single destination, offering a look at the complete picture.

Who should use Datorama?

Datorama is good for highly technical marketing teams or those with engineering resources. In order to use the tool effectively, you will need to be familiar with SQL. The platform does specifically focus on the marketing dilemma, claiming to feature every possible data integration (including ones that don’t actually offer API connections…).
The biggest challenge that I can tell with the Datorama platform is that the tool is complex and very technical. Teams will often need to utilize an implementation engineer familiar the coding used by company just to get the software properly set up or to make any needed changes. Once the software is set up correctly, the platform is fairly powerful. The tool may be too costly of some businesses, especially since you would need to pay for a premium level if you want to have access to a customer service representative.


  • Claims to offer 400 marketing data integrations (even though you can’t find a list of them anywhere on their website)
  • Features powerful visualization capabilities


  • The tool isn’t very intuitive, causing a steep learning curve.
  • You can only look at the data in the platform’s dashboard. You can’t export it, save the data as a file, or view your data on a different BI tool.
  • Can be challenging to set up campaigns or make any changes without the help of an implementation engineer.
  • The company charges customers based on the number of lines of data. This can be extremely cost prohibitive for marketers running several campaigns.
  • Customer service reps are offered at an up-charge.
  • The tool has confusing naming conventions, with some metrics being named differently from they appear in source.

Datorama Pricing:

Pricing for Datorama is based upon lines of data. If users are running numerous campaigns, this can get fairly expensive.

Datorama Integrations:

  • Claims to feature 400 marketing integrations, however there isn’t a list anywhere on the company’s website.


Alooma logo

What is Alooma?

Alooma offers a data pipeline as a service. It simplifies SaaS, Cloud, big data, and mobile integration.

Who should use Alooma?

Alooma allows data teams to have control and visibility. The platform brings data  from various sources together into a data warehouse, such as Redshift, Snowflake, and BigQuery. Users can avoid data loss or duplicates, as well as control the entire ETL process. The tool features real-time visualizations, code engine, data mapper, querying of data.


  • Data is aggregated in real-time.


  • Alooma’s data integrations are rather limited.

Alooma Pricing

Alooma offers a free trial of its tool. For the actual cost of the platform, you have to contact the company.

Alooma Integrations


All of the listed software platforms provide various benefits but our overall favorite with exceptional customer support, customizable features, and more options for final reporting is Improvado
Improvado offers the smoothest data aggregation and visualization out there. If you are still unsure may we suggest making a list of everything you know you need and reading through this reiview of Fivetran, Improvado, Stitch, Adverity, and other solutions from the list once again.

If you still have doubts about what data extraction platform is the best choice for your business, set up a quick call with experts here.👇

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