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Top 3 Supermetrics Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

Supermetrics is a data integration platform with its strong and weak points. If you have run into Supermetrics' limitations or are considering whether to integrate it or not, take a look at the top three Supermetrics alternatives outlined below and make an informed decision. 

We've compiled a side-by-side comparison of Supermetrics and its top competitors:

  • Improvado: A no-code, enterprise-grade advanced marketing analytics platform built for marketing and sales teams. 
  • A marketing analytics platform best suited to small- and mid-sized brands due to its ad spend-based pricing.
  • Adverity: A data integration and visualization platform for tech-savvy marketing and sales teams.

Supermetrics Overview

Supermetrics is a data aggregation and exporting tool explicitly designed to meet the needs of marketing teams. The platform pulls data from 90+ sales and marketing data sources and brings it to the reporting, visualization, and BI tools or data warehousing of the client's choice. The tool supports popular data destinations like Tableau, Power BI, Excel, Google Data Studio, Snowflake, BigQuery, and others. 

Even though Supermetrics offers a lower number of data connectors compared to its competitors, the platform allows relatively high data granularity. Supermetrics pulls a larger number of metrics and dimensions when compared to Adverity, an ETL solution described later in this article. In general, the company mentions that if the data is available through the API, Supermetrics can extract and push it to the service of your choice.

However, the platform doesn't provide a data storage solution. The company clearly states that it doesn't store clients' data on its servers, mentioning it as one of its selling points. Keeping your data safe and where it belongs is good, but on the flip side, customers mention that if you need to save historical data, you'll need to use Google Sheets or other platforms.  

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Supermetrics Use Cases

upermetrics clients breakdown by industry and company size

Supermetrics is a marketing- and sales-centric tool, but even marketers need to double-check whether the tool has all the necessary connectors or not. Another option is to request a custom connector, which can be built if the data is available through the API. Users can submit their requests on the Supermetrics Roadmap website, vote for the data sources suggested by other users, and see connectors available in beta.

When choosing Supermetrics, a company also needs data analysts on its team to do the manual work and keep an eye on data accuracy. The software catalogs include many customer reviews explaining how they ran into a bug or noticed the platform wasn't pulling data for weeks without notifying them of the issue. The analyst is required to do data source reauthorization, manually pull a refresh, and check if the daily queries have been processed. It's the only way to make sure you have all your data at hand, and that it's harmonized and analysis-ready.

Since the tool doesn't have a transformation functionality, except for the Custom Fields, your data analysts will be responsible for keeping the data organized. Current customers have mentioned that Supermetrics automatically pulls tons of data when connecting a new data source, and you need to do the manual work to sort through it. You'll also need to handle the unification of naming conventions if you pull data from multiple sources into one report. 

Supermetrics Pricing

The price for Supermetrics depends on the final destination and the number of data sources your company needs. For example, the Essential plan for Supermetrics for Google Sheets is $199 per month, billed annually. For this price, you get just 10 predetermined data sources, weekly automated refreshes, and a space for one user. Any additional data source will come at a price of $35/month. Thus, Supermetrics becomes expensive real quick.

Supermetrics pricing

If your preferred tool is Tableau, you'll need to go for the Supermetrics API product and request custom pricing. Supermetrics also offers a 14-day free trial, but you need to choose your destination first.

Supermetrics Integrations

Supermetrics supports 90+ data sources, including web analytics, email marketing, paid media, sales, and other platforms. When choosing Supermetrics, keep in mind that the number of tools and which integrations you get depend on the billing plan you choose. 

Based on the pricing and product functionality, the overall impression is that Supermetrics is most suited to companies using Google Sheets or Excel. 

Why Look for a Supermetrics Alternative?

Here's the list of reasons you may consider switching to another data solution:

  • Supermetrics supports a relatively low number of data sources. 
  • The tool provides more data granularity than some competitors, like Adverity. But at the same time, tools like Improvado allow you to pull even more metrics and dimensions. 
  • Supermetrics only supports the extract and load functionalities. Your team will have to do transformations manually or use other tools to clean data and avoid duplications and errors. 
  • It requires a lot of querying and manual processes to work with data pulled by Supermetrics. 
  • Disturbingly, in their reviews, many customers mention their problems with messy data and the large number of bugs they ran into when working with Supermetrics. 
  • Another big thing is the Supermetrics customer support. The G2 rating for the company's quality of support is 7.5 out of 10. Supermetrics' competitors on the list have a minimum rating of 9.2. 

Best Supermetrics Alternatives

If you have experienced one of the problems listed above, or if Supermetrics doesn't meet your requirements for other reasons, then here's a list of the three best alternatives: Improvado,, and Adverity.


Improvado is an extract, transform, load (ETL) solution, meaning that unlike Supermetrics, it supports the whole data pipeline process:

  • It extracts data from 500+ data sources, like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, TikTok Ads, MailChimp, Twitter, or YouTube.
  • Improvado then applies advanced automated transformations to achieve metrics unifications and clean data of errors and duplicates, after which it runs data mapping.
  • When the data is ready for analysis, Improvado pushes it to a data visualization tool or a BI platform of the client's choice. Users can also analyze data in Improvado's marketing dashboard.
Improvado Revenue Data Platform

The biggest difference between Supermetrics and Improvado is the advanced data transformation feature. Improvado's Marketing Common Data Model (MCDM), its enterprise-grade transformation engine, lets customers automatically standardize metrics across all channels, as well as run automated data mapping and transformations using self-service or out-of-the-box recipes. The platform is also flexible in the frequency of data extraction, so users can schedule reporting updates or sync data at any time. By opting for Improvado, a company saves time and resources by performing data cleansing and harmonization manually.

Why clients choose Improvado over Supermetrics

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Improvado Use Cases

Improvado is also designed to meet the needs of marketing, sales, and revenue teams. The tool processes information on all your marketing efforts across multiple channels and customer touchpoints, the cost of these actions, and the revenue they've generated. Besides, Improvado offers marketing attribution modeling that helps build custom data pipelines to automatically credit conversions to the proper marketing channel.

Improvado is a no-code solution, which means the platform is suitable for teams with no technical expertise. If, at some point, a team encounters a technical issue or wants to build a custom data source connector, Improvado provides professional services. Additionally, the Improvado team provides data warehouses with deployment and maintenance services. 

Improvado clients breakdown by industry and company size

Some of Improvado's clients are: 

  • Global hardware company ASUS, which uses the Improvado solution to pull its global marketing data and analyze the performance of its brands in different geographic regions. 
  • Italian coffee company Illy, which uses Improvado to perform cross-channel analysis.
  • Software and mobile tech company Hyperconnect, which achieved better data operations, less data inaccuracy, and saved team resources.

Improvado Pricing

Improvado offers a pricing model tailored to the customer's needs and their intended use of the product. To request pricing, fill out the online form and tell the Improvado team about your data challenges and requirements.

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Improvado Integrations

Improvado supports 500+ data sources, from advertising, marketing attribution, and analytics tools to payments, data providers, and marketing automation. See the full list of integrations.

Its speed of operations, number of data sources, and cross-platform data manipulation capabilities are the reasons customers choose Improvado over Supermetrics.

To truly provide a holistic picture of your marketing and sales efforts across all channels, Improvado pulls a large number of metrics and dimensions from the data sources, allowing companies to go beyond shallow processing.

Let's take Facebook as an example. Improvado supports 84 Facebook report types, such as Device Campaign, Campaign Country Month Reach, Custom Conversions With Breakdowns, Geo Ad Groups, and more. In total, Imrprovado can pull up to 4,300 Facebook Ads, pages, and groups metrics and dimensions.

Similar to Supermetrics, is an automated data collection solution that pulls marketing data from 500+ sources, applies transformations, and pushes the data to a visualization platform, analytics tool, or data warehouse. The biggest differences between the two are's catalog of data transformation features and that the tool provides managed data warehouse services so clients can store their data. overview's data transformation capabilities include:

  • Currency conversion.
  • Custom dimensions and metrics to set rules on combining data across multiple sources.
  • Some data normalization and data mapping features.

The platform also provides scheduled imports and scheduled data warehouse export features. The frequency of imports and exports depends on your pricing plan. Use Cases

Funnel clients breakdown by industry and company size is a no-code solution, which means the tool is accessible to marketing teams with zero technical expertise and resources. The company itself mentions three major use cases for the product:

  • for marketing agencies to streamline client reporting;
  • for eCommerce to analyze what marketing efforts have the biggest impact on sales; and
  • for retail to aggregate data on offline and online marketing campaigns and analyze their performance.

Overall,, much like Supermetrics, supports only easy data transformation tasks. The rest should be done manually or using other data transformation tools.

In turn, Improvado, with its enterprise-grade data transformation engine, simplifies and automates data transformation tasks, saving teams 80-100 hours per week. Free from data hassle, marketing teams have more time and resources to run experiments and build marketing strategies and campaigns.

Book a consultation with the Improvado expert to experience the power of automated data transformation. Pricing offers two types of pricing plans: one for marketers and another for marketing agencies. The plans for marketers include the Essential plan (starting at $399 per month, billed annually), the Plus plan (starting at $999 per month, billed annually), and the Enterprise plan (starting at $1,999 per month, billed annually).

The options for agencies include the Agency Small, Agency Medium, and Agency Large plans at the same price points as the plans for marketers. also uses a system of Flexpoints, which are tokens to visualize available and used capabilities, like data sources, services, and destinations. Each plan comes with a predetermined number of Flexpoints that a client can spend over the billing period. If you don't put every point to use, however, those remaining will not be rolled over to the new subscription period. And if a client exceeds their available points, will charge for additional services. Integrations supports over 500 connectors, but most of the data sources are marked as custom (meaning they were built for a specific customer). Therefore, users are required to carry out additional configurations.

Customers on the Plus and Enterprise plans can also request custom data connectors if their needs exceed's current data exporting capabilities.


Adverity is a data analytics platform. It's core functionality includes:

  • Automated data aggregation from 600+ data sources;
  • Advanced data transformations, including data mapping and data harmonization features;
  • Loading of the data to data visualization and BI tools or data warehouses;
  • An ML-powered insights tool; and
  • Pre-built dashboards and customizable reports.
Adverity data aggregation pipeline

Adverity Use Cases

On its website, Adverity indicates six major industries where the tool is applied: marketing agencies, eCommerce, technology, CPG and retail, telecoms, media and entertainment. 

Based on Adverity's characteristics and functionality, the tool is most suited for:

  • Small company marketing teams with zero technical expertise that need to run a small set of tasks on a standard plan with a small number of data sources.
  • Large company marketing teams with a Python developer and data analysts in-house. To apply advanced transformations through custom scripting, Python knowledge is a must. 
  • Marketing or revenue teams with well-established processes looking for an automation tool. 
Adverity clients breakdown by industry and company size

To derive value from Adverity and its capabilities, users must overcome a steep learning curve and have good product and often technical knowledge. When signing up for Adverity, a client gets access to a one-month onboarding training program, but other than that, the team's professional support is limited. 

Adverity Pricing

Adverity doesn't detail exact price points for its plans. The best way to learn the price is to contact the team, discuss your data needs and wants, and see what the company has to offer.

Adverity Integrations

Adverity has over 600 data connectors, which exceeds the offerings of any other tool on the list. But considering the large number of data sources, Adverity provides low data granularity. The tool supports a smaller number of metrics and dimensions than its competitors, which may prevent you from digging deep into the channel's performance or require you to do some manual data pulling.


This article provides a comprehensive overview of the top three Supermetrics alternatives, but it doesn't give you a quick and easy answer to what solution to choose. The decision must be based on your company's unique needs and requirements. Before making a decision, you'll need to consider the exact data sources and opportunity to build custom connectors, the level of data granularity, available data transformation features, ease of setup and use, availability of professional services, and the quality of customer support.

If you're still unable to decide, contact our experts for a free consultation call.

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