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7 Must-Have Marketing Agency Software Tools to Maximize Efficiency

Running a marketing agency is about managing multiple clients, campaigns, and team members while constantly adapting to the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Without proper tools and systems in place, an agency will always be operating in a state of emergency and struggling to keep up with the demands of the business.

Marketing agency software can alleviate stress and streamline agency operations by automating routine tasks and providing a centralized platform for project management, collaboration, and communication. 

In this article, Improvado brings you the seven must-have marketing agency management software solutions. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill options. They’re powerful tools that integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow and streamline your operations.

What Is Marketing Agency Software?

Before we dive into the weeds, let’s cover the basics. Agency management software are a collection of platforms designed to optimize your existing processes or help you innovate on new ones and ultimately bring more value to your customers, thus increasing  the agency’s profit margin. Marketing agency software options include: 

  • Automation software
  • Project management software
  • Reporting software
  • Team collaboration software
  • And more

In-person marketing agencies may use software for reporting, automation, project management, and more. Even when sitting in an office together, having the proper organization tools can streamline conversations and provide cleaner communication with clients. 

For remote marketing agencies, you’re likely relying on software for most of your collaboration and communication, in addition to the use cases presented above. This reliance makes the hunt for perfect solutions critical to the success of your business. 

This list will provide helpful marketing and advertising agency software options. 

1. Improvado

Improvado is an advanced marketing analytics platform built for mid-market and large-scale marketing agencies.

Great for: Automating client reports and dashboards

If your agency isn’t using Improvado, now’s the time to start. This intuitive and powerful tool is designed to help agencies centralize all their data into one place and automate client reporting. For agencies struggling to see, compare and analyze performance metrics for an extensive client roster, it’s time to move away from manual data crunching and into the future. 

You can think of Improvado as a marketing agency reporting software, but it’s much better than that. This tool lets you automate your entire marketing analytics process, from data aggregation and harmonization to dashboard building and data analysis, and it simplifies client account management on numerous ad and marketing platforms. 

If you want to give your team 35–40% of their time back, generate trustworthy reports, and use a platform with no vendor lock, Improvado is your solution. Book a call with an Improvado expert to see what it can do for your agency.

Here are some of the Improvado features marketing agencies benefit from:

  • 500+ data source connectors: No more manual data extraction, flat file ingestion, human errors, and time-consuming API management processes, Improvado automates the process of data aggregation and presents it in the analysis-ready format.
  • Capacity to process large volumes of data: Improvado smoothly processes petabytes of data, which makes it the only marketing agency software an agency needs to manage data on dozens of clients and hundreds of ad campaigns. And when your agency lands a new client, it can continue using and benefiting from Improvado, as the solution scales with your operations.  
  • Data visualization: Improvado offers two options: you can either use one of the Google Data Studio templates provided by Improvado or push data to a BI or visualization tool of your choice. Improvado seamlessly integrates into the existing MarTech stack, so no additional investments are required. 
  • Marketing attribution modeling: Improvado builds highly customizable attribution models for you to adjust and optimize new and existing campaigns and deliver high-impact touchpoints.
  • High data granularity: From Facebook Ads alone, Improvado can pull 4,300 metrics and dimensions, so that an agency can get strategy-level insights and make data-driven decisions.

The platform couldn't be more streamlined or intuitive, which is a large part of its appeal. You won't need to employ multiple developers just to make changes or implement the software; you'll get the highest quality of support on the marketing reporting market. An agency has access to Improvado's highly attentive and experienced customer success representatives no matter which package it chooses. 

On top of all that, the team provides professional services for any unique inquiries and technical issues. The team can customize your dashboard layout, design custom data transformations, provide data warehouse management services, and more.


  • An agency can manage multiple clients and campaigns across many platforms in one place.
  • With zero manual data crunching, an agency can save 80 to 100 hours/week and can invest this time into strategy development and optimization.
  • Data can be viewed on a deep and granular level (both keyword and creative views supported).
  • Improvado grows into an analytics partner: with numerous customization options, SLA, professional services, marketing expertise, and much more.
  • Improvado agency management software is modular and doesn't lock clients into a specific pricing plan. The billing aligns with the data extraction volume and features you actually use.


  • You will need to allocate some time for the initial setup. The learning curve ranges from two weeks to two months, depending on the features you decide to master. 
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2. Monday

Monday.com is a task and workflow management tool.

Great for: Project management and team collaboration

If there’s one tool that every marketing agency needs, it’s solid project management software. Monday is becoming a prevalent tool among agencies of all sizes and specializations. While other solutions may dive deeper into the details, Monday keeps things simple. 

This software is also affordable and intuitive to use. Integrating Monday’s platform with your company’s existing workflow is seamless. 

Monday shines as a solution for small to mid-sized agencies. This is a fantastic project management tool for agencies of that caliber needing a software solution that brings teams and processes together.


  • Monday offers simple, clear, and intuitive controls for few or many users.
  • It allows custom dashboards to be built, so you can view your workflow the way you want.
  • With Monday, an agency tracks progress at a glance with crystal-clear visuals.


  • Larger agencies (especially at the enterprise level) will need a more complex offering.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management and intelligence platform.

Great for: Social media management

Social media has taken the entire marketing world by storm and transformed how marketing agencies do business. Your clients prioritize social media more than ever, so it’s crucial to equip your team to meet that demand.

Sprout Social is a social media management platform that allows you to optimize your posting workflow for all your clients. This software helps agencies organize and manage content by leveraging built-in tools like calendars and scheduling. 

A platform like Sprout Social lets you manage your client’s social media across multiple platforms. Schedule posts simultaneously across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more with ease. 

Analytics is another vital element of social media management. Your clients will want to see how your efforts impact their accounts, and Sprout Social offers robust analytic and performance tracking.

If your agency juggles multiple social media feeds from many clients, you need a social media management tool like this. 


  • Sprout Social has an easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • The inbox feature makes it easy to see, monitor and respond to all comments across accounts. That way, you can quickly respond to comments and monitor audience engagement. 
  • Sprout Social is highly customizable, and the Sprout team can find creative workarounds for the unique needs of your agency.


  • Sprout Social lacks integrations with emerging platforms.
  • Some difficulty in posting stories and reels on Instagram and Facebook was reported by users.

4. Zapier

Zapier is a no-code workflow automation solution.

Great for: Software integration and automation

Zapier is a powerful weapon in the hands of an experienced marketing professional. This one software solution integrates with the rest of your tools and makes them work together seamlessly. Instead of multiple platforms running disconnected processes, Zapier can facilitate communication between them, making everything smooth and efficient. 

Once you connect all your tools, Zapier can automate nearly any imaginable workflow. This automation is a massive time saver and can amplify your organization’s productivity. You can think of Zapier as the ultimate marketing automation software for agencies of all sizes. 


  • Zapier automates repetitive tasks, eliminates the need for manual data entry, and ultimately reduces the potential for human errors. 
  • The platform offers a great variety of default workflow templates and automation integrations. 


  • A new user may struggle to set up integrations without prior experience.
  • Some workflow automation, advanced features, and integrations require a paid plan or a higher cost plan. The bill may become high very quickly if your agency runs a large number of integrations.    

5. Apollo

Apollo is a sales intelligence and engagement platform.

Great for: Sales management

Marketing software often focuses primarily on creative or operational departments, but you can’t leave out your sales team. As with any business, an adequate sales management platform is crucial to generating revenue. Streamlining processes and standardizing the management of sales assets can go a long way toward accomplishing that objective.

Apollo is an end-to-end sales platform managing sales intelligence and engagement aspects of your team’s workflow. This software features robust tools to help any agency scale its business. Using Apollo, you can generate qualified lead lists to increase your conversion rates, access more intelligent data, and reach more of your target audience. 


  • Apollo empowers your sales team to focus on the most high-value prospects and gives you tools to establish contact with them, ultimately generating more revenue for your agency.
  • It simplifies the process of sales intelligence, saving your marketing agency time and resources.


  • Although Apollo has one of the biggest databases on the market, some industries and niche markets are not well-represented.
  • For some agencies, Apollo lacks integrations with existing systems.

6. Scoro

Scoro is a project management and team collaboration tool.

Great for: Project management and team collaboration

Scoro is a cloud-based management software ideal for small and mid-sized organizations in the marketing, advertising, and consulting sectors. Project management and team collaboration are integral parts of any business, so having options is crucial. 

The main control hub drives everything in Scoro. Your teams can create, schedule, and track workflows, communicate with clients, manage billing and quotes, run reports, monitor KPIs, and more.

Some aspects of Scoro set it apart from other project management platforms. For one thing, it was designed specifically for marketing agencies and addresses their unique needs and pain points. This software provides the ability to create and monitor budgets and billing, which might be critical for certain organizations. 


  • The Scoro interface is intuitive and simplistic, offering an easy learning curve. 
  • Scoro simplifies project tracking from the quote stage to the billing phase.
  • Scoro is highly customizable and can be tweaked to meet the unique needs of your marketing agency.


  • Scoro has a time-consuming setup and syncing process, requiring some time to be invested into the initial setup.

7. Brand24

Brand24 is a reputation management solution.

Great for: Reputation management

You need capable reputation management software if your agency provides clients with respective management services. Media monitoring and social listening are becoming increasingly relevant to companies across multiple industries, and brands often require more resources to manage their online presence adequately. 

Brand24 is a reputation management platform that allows media monitoring and social listening across all your client’s channels. This software grows your client’s brand through actionable insights, white-labeled reports, and vigorous campaign tracking. 

You can offer many clients unique insights and customizable reports and gain a competitive advantage over other agencies. Conduct a competitive analysis and efficiently manage a brand’s reputation with Brand24. 

Don’t underestimate the immense value of tracking the performance of your various campaigns. Brand24 allows you to monitor hashtag analytics, social media reach, campaign virality, press releases, and more. 


  • Brand24 provides a narrow focus and filtering features to identify what’s truly important.
  • The company allows highly customizable white-label reports, which is always a big plus for marketing agencies.  
  • Brand24 reports give insights into the effectiveness of the marketing campaign efforts.


  • Clients report occasional issues with search results and challenges with managing spam results and irrelevant mentions. 

Discover Hidden Actionable Insights with Improvado

It’s impossible to understate the power of a capable software lineup in facilitating operations across your entire marketing agency. These software products can take your marketing or advertising agency to new productivity levels, from better internal communication and collaboration to robust reporting tools. 

Compiling the data gathered from these various software solutions is vital to creating actionable strategies. Improvado can help you do exactly that. Book a call with Improvado’s team today to learn more about what they can do for your agency.

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