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What is Google Ad Manager?

Google Ad Manager is a powerful ad serving platform designed to help enterprise companies streamline and manage their digital advertising efforts. It enables businesses to create, manage, and optimize ad campaigns across various channels and formats, providing advanced targeting and reporting capabilities. Google Ad Manager's data-driven insights empower marketers to make informed decisions, improve performance, and maximize their return on investment.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a leading business intelligence and data visualization tool that allows enterprise companies to turn raw data into actionable insights. With its interactive dashboards, customizable reports, and advanced analytics capabilities, Power BI enables businesses to make data-driven decisions that drive growth and efficiency. By connecting to various data sources, Power BI allows users to analyze and visualize data in real-time, enabling organizations to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

Connecting Google Ad Manager to Power BI

Connecting Google Ad Manager to Power BI can be accomplished through several methods:

  • Exporting data from Google Ad Manager and importing it into Power BI using a CSV or Excel file. This method requires manual intervention and may be time-consuming, especially when dealing with large volumes of data.
  • Using a third-party connector or API to establish a direct connection between Google Ad Manager and Power BI. This approach automates the data extraction and loading process, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. However, it may require additional configuration and setup.
  • Utilizing a data warehouse solution, such as Google BigQuery or Microsoft Azure, to store and process Google Ad Manager data before importing it into Power BI. This method offers scalability and improved performance but may incur additional costs and require more technical expertise.
  • Opting for a comprehensive marketing analytics platform like Improvado, which offers a seamless and efficient way of connecting Google Ad Manager to Power BI. This solution eliminates the need for manual data extraction and loading, simplifying the process and ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

Connecting Google Ad Manager to Power BI with Improvado

Improvado is the best solution for connecting Google Ad Manager to Power BI, offering several advantages over other methods:

  • End-to-end data pipeline: Improvado covers the entire data process, from extraction and transformation to normalization and visualization, ensuring seamless integration and high-quality data.
  • Customization and scalability: Improvado allows users to customize their data pipelines and scale them according to their business needs, making it suitable for large enterprises.
  • Centralized data: With Improvado, businesses can centralize all their marketing and sales data, enabling a comprehensive view of their performance and facilitating data-driven decision-making.
  • Wide range of metrics and dimensions: Improvado supports a vast array of Google Ad Manager metrics and dimensions, allowing users to access all the data they need for in-depth analysis and reporting.
  • Exceptional customer support: Improvado's dedicated team of experts is available to assist with any issues or queries, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Summary of connection Google Ad Manager to Power BI

In summary, connecting Google Ad Manager and Power BI is an essential step towards achieving a comprehensive understanding of your marketing data. While several methods can be used to establish this connection, Improvado stands out as the best solution for large enterprises. Its scalability, customization, high-quality customer support, and ability to process large volumes of data make it the ideal choice for businesses looking to centralize their marketing and sales data. To experience the benefits of using Improvado, book a call with one of their experts today.

Reliable insights with Improvado

Trusted by the leading data-driven companies, Improvado is an advanced marketing analytics providing businesses with fully automated no-code data pipelines: from data to insights.

  • Reliable data pipeline — automatically get analysis-ready data from hundreds of marketing platforms.
  • Any BI platform — clean and consistent dashboards in Looker Studio, Tableau, and PowerBI.
  • Compliance – HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 certified, Improvado covers your data pipeline with Enterprise-grade SLA.
  • Best in class Customer Success – dedicated CSMs and Professional Services to build custom data connectors and modify dashboards.
Improvado helps ASUS streamline global marketing reporting.
Illy employs Improvado to unify marketing data from 140 regional branches.
Activision relies fully on Improvado for its marketing dashboard.

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