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Top 17 Marketing Analytics Tools and Software for 2024

As the driving force behind informed decision-making, the right marketing analytics tool can empower your team to transform raw data into actionable insights, leading to more effective campaigns, greater customer understanding, and ultimately, a robust boost to your enterprise's bottom line. But navigating the expansive landscape of marketing analytics tools can be a daunting task for marketing leaders.

To aid in your search, we've compiled this guide exploring the top 17 marketing analytics tools in the market today.

What Are Marketing Analytics Tools?

Marketing analytics tools are software solutions that allow companies to track, measure, and analyze their marketing performance. They offer a systematic way to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities and provide insights that help guide strategic decisions.

Marketing analytics tools encompass a wide range of functions, from tracking website traffic and social media engagement to analyzing customer behavior and forecasting sales trends. They enable marketers to dive deeper into the data, identifying patterns, customer segments, and opportunities for optimization.

By utilizing proper marketing analytics software, marketing specialists can use their time and resources more effectively, accomplish better results, and achieve a more profound vision of the impact of every marketing campaign.

3 Key Benefits of Integrating Marketing Analytics Platforms

Marketing analytics tools bring numerous benefits, transforming the way businesses approach and execute their marketing strategies. 

Unified Marketing Performance Viewpoint

Marketing analytics tools save marketing teams 80-100 hours each week that they would otherwise spend on logging into each platform, exporting the data, harmonizing it, and uploading marketing data into Excel, Google Sheets, Power BI, or other analytics or visualization tools.

The paramount benefit of marketing analytics solutions is an integrated view of your marketing data. These tools centralize and streamline data from hundreds of platforms and channels, enabling a comprehensive analysis.

The unified approach to data helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual campaigns and contributes to refining the overall marketing mix. It enables marketing teams to evaluate and adapt their strategies in real-time, enhancing the effectiveness of their efforts. 

Budget Optimization

Integration of an advanced marketing analytics tool results in up to 30%of marketing spend optimization

By providing a detailed overview of marketing performance, marketing analytics tools reveal which strategies, campaigns, or channels yield the highest return on investment, bring high-paying customers, or play a critical role in the customer journey. 

Conversely, these tools can also highlight areas where the return is not justifying the investment. By spotting these inefficiencies, businesses can reallocate the budget away from low-performing initiatives towards more productive ones.

Improved Decision-Making

54% of companies that utilize marketing analytics experience revenue growth.

By analyzing and interpreting data from multiple marketing efforts, marketing analytics tools enable more informed decision-making. They reveal what's working and what's not, guiding strategic decisions on resource allocation, campaign adjustments, and more.

Moreover, marketing analytics platforms not only provide a snapshot of current performance but also track trends over time. They can identify patterns in customer behavior, reveal seasonality effects, and highlight the long-term impact of various marketing strategies. This capacity to monitor past and present performance helps inform future decision-making, enabling marketers to anticipate market changes and stay ahead of the curve.

This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth review of the 17 best marketing analytics tools. Whether the goal is to enhance customer understanding, optimize budget allocation, or predict future trends, these tools are primed to deliver.

1. Improvado

Improvado is an enterprise-level marketing analytics solution

What is Improvado?

Improvado is an enterprise-grade marketing analytics platform that automates your marketing, sales, and revenue data collection and transformation and eases its further analysis. The platform supports the whole marketing data pipeline process:

  • It pulls data from 500+ data sources, like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics 4, TikTok Ads, Salesforce, Hubspot, or Amazon.
  • Improvado applies automated advanced data transformations, including deduplication, data cleansing, data mapping, disparate naming convention unification, and more.
  • Then, the platform pushes analysis-ready data to your BI, visualization or analytics tool, or to another destination for further analysis. 
  • Users can also utilize pre-built dashboards, marketing attribution modeling solution, and visualization features to start processing and analyzing their data on the spot.

Improvado is highly flexible, whether it comes to the frequency of data extractions, custom connectors, or customization of attribution modeling. 

Who should use Improvado?

Improvado was built specifically to meet the needs of marketing, sales, and revenue teams. According to the G2 reviews, 68.9% of Improvado customers are marketing and advertising agencies. The platform has data source connectors to 500+ commonly used platforms and provides a high data granularity. It means clients can pull a large number of metrics and dimensions and view data on the campaign level, adset level, keyword level, and even view ad creatives across every channel, all in one dashboard.

Furthermore, Improvado is a no-code solution, which makes the platform suitable for teams with no technical experience. Improvado provides Professional Services in case a client needs a custom data connector or runs into a technical issue. Additionally, Improvado provides data warehouses with deployment and maintenance services. 

The platform is also HIPAA and SOC-2 compliant,  which means companies operating in privacy-conscious sectors like healthcare and wellness can benefit from integrating Improvado without compromising data security. Healthcare is, indeed, the second largest group of Improvado customers, according to the G2 software catalog.

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  • High-quality customer service
  • Ability to map data across various platforms and create custom metrics
  • High data granularity and deep marketing integrations
  • Integrates with 500+ data sources, popular data warehouses, and BI, visualization, and analytics tools
  • No need for developers and technical expertise
  • Reduces manual reporting time by up to 90%
  • Ideal for in-house marketers managing campaigns on multiple platforms or ad agencies managing campaigns for several clients
  • Serves as a single source of truth
  • Entirely customizable, with any custom integration available


  • More granular features can be a tad complicated; however, customer support is great about walking users through any issues
  • There may be a bit of back and forth initially with support in order to get your dashboards set up and your reports visualized exactly how you want

Improvado.io Integrations

Improvado supports 500+ data sources, including advertising, analytics, marketing attribution, customer support, and other platforms. Explore the full list of integrations to see if this solution provides connectors to the data sources of your choice. Improvado also builds custom data connectors, just in case a client can’t find the required tool on its  list of native connectors. 

Improvado is a no-code solution that is easy to set up and master.

Improvado Pricing

Improvado offers a custom pricing model tailored to the data needs and volume of each client. A company only gets a quote after a 30-minute call with an Improvado representative, where you'll discuss your reporting needs and business objectives. That way, you pay only for the amount of your data pipeline you offload and the number of data rows used.

Share some details about your company and choose the best time slot for the call.

2. Whatagraph

Whatagraphs offers ready-made templates and drag-and-drop widgets to build a report.

What is Whatagraph?

Whatagraph is a marketing reporting tool that you can use to create functional, beautiful reports from a large number of data sources.

Who is Whatagraph for?

There are two main groups of users for Whatagraph. The first one are marketing agencies dealing with lots of clients and accounts per client. Whatagraph allows them to connect those data sources and create the report. Once created, the report can be automated to be sent out with updated data at certain time intervals. This way, agencies can save hours per client every week on report creation.

The second group is in-house marketers looking for a quick way to accurately report on their marketing campaigns. Simply connect the marketing platforms you're using and you can grab a report template to fill out. Your report is done and you can present it to your CMO or manager.


  • 100+ report and dashboard templates
  • extensive customization options including white labeling
  • 40+ data sources included in all plans


  • the entry plan is on the pricier side at $199 per month
  • you cannot opt for manual pricing - you have to buy an annual plan

Whatagraph Pricing

The pricing starts at $199 per month, which gives you access to 25 data sources and 5 seats for the tool.

Whatagraph Integrations

There are 40 integrations available at the moment of writing.

3. Domo

Domo is a business intelligence and data visualization platform.

What is Domo?

Domo is an analytics platform that specializes in business intelligence and data visualization.

‍Who should use Domo?

The Domo platform is best for C-level executives working at enterprise companies who are looking for a non-marketing specific BI tool to be used company-wide, one that can create executive level dashboards. Domo is not focused specifically on data from marketing efforts. It is used for more general business data. This means that when it comes to company-wide business intelligence and executive dashboards, the software’s capacity is fairly vast, however, it probably isn’t the best choice for the aggregation and visualization for marketing data. Since the marketing integrations are more limited, connectors don’t run quite as deep, leading to the platform being too costly for only the marketing department to use.


  • Offers over 500 connectors across Marketing and Sales, Operations, IT, HR, and Finance
  • Real-time data in a single dashboard
  • IT doesn’t need to be involved with implementation


  • Not specifically focused on marketing, resulting in limited marketing integrations
  • You can only view data in the Domo dashboard. There is no way to export it, save it, or look at it on another BI tool.
  • Entirely based in the cloud, which can cause difficulties if the majority of your data is on-site.
  • There hasn’t been any significant refreshed of the tool in several years, or really any product innovation.
  • The platform is rather secretive when it comes to pricing, and be cost prohibitive for many companies.

Domo Pricing

Pricing for Domo is based on a yearly subscription, and the cost varies depending on the number of people that need access to the tool. A 30-day free trial is offered. 

Domo Integrations

Domo has over 1,000 pre-built data-source connectors and only 293 of them fall under the marketing category. Domo also provides other data extraction features, including file uploads, on-premises connectors, and proprietary system connectors.

Technically-skilled users can create their own connector with the Connector Dev Studio (Domo API, DOMO IDE, or write a Workbench plugin).

4. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama) 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama) is a marketing analytics tool for marketing data integration and visualization.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence (ex. Datorama)?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence, formerly known as Datorama, is a platform specializing in business intelligence and analytics with a aim to help marketers unify all of their data across multiple platforms into a single destination, offering a look at the complete picture.

Who should use Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence is a powerful and also complex solution. Companies that don't have a team of data experts will face a steep learning curve and find the tool challenging to navigate.

Marketing Cloud puts a lot of focus on managing data streams one by one. It's great for customization and accuracy, but it can also take a lot of time, especially when dealing with big data sets. The tool also doesn't have features that let you edit or reload data at once, which could save time and effort.

Even though Marketing Cloud is built for handling massive data sets, its performance can slow down by the size and complexity of the data being processed. Customers have noted slow loading times and performance issues in their reviews. This could mean extra time spent on debugging and monitoring, slowing down your team.


  • Claims to offer thousands connections to marketing platforms
  • Features powerful visualization capabilities
  • Don’t require any SQL knowledge to perform analysis


  • The tool isn’t very intuitive, causing a steep learning curve.
  • You can only look at the data in the platform’s dashboard. You can’t export it, save the data as a file, or view your data on a different BI tool.
  • Can be challenging to set up campaigns or make any changes without the help of an implementation engineer.
  • The company charges customers based on the number of lines of data. This can be extremely cost prohibitive for marketers running several campaigns. 
  • Customer service reps are offered at an up-charge.
  • The tool has confusing naming conventions, with some metrics being named differently from they appear in source.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence provides an array of products and features, catering to a variety of use cases and companies. But given its complexity, onboarding requires significant time and resource investments. Users without a background in data analysis might face a steep learning curve.

Also, many features are described as extra or add-ons. Organizations have to splurge way above the chosen plan to perform marketing data analysis.

Bypass exhaustive setup and budget stress. Tap into the benefits of marketing analytics with Improvado.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence Pricing

The pricing structure for Marketing Cloud Intelligence is designed in three distinct tiers:

  • Starter is priced at $3,000 monthly. This plan grants access to a maximum of 10 users and accommodates 3 million data rows; standard features like data visualization, harmonization, and integration capabilities are included.
  • Growth is priced at $10,000 per month. This plan supports up to 20 users and can handle 20 million data rows, in addition to the standard features.
  • For the Plus plan, a specific pricing structure is not publicly available. This package offers capacity for up to 80 users and manages 100 million data rows.

Each of these packages is subject to an annual billing cycle. The platform offers plenty of add-ons, the cost of which fluctuates between $120 and $8,000 monthly.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence Integrations

Marketing Cloud Intelligence claims to provide thousands of API connectors on top of flat-file ingestion capabilities. However, there isn’t a list anywhere on the company’s website. 

5. Funnel.io

Funnel.io is a marketing data analysis platform.

What is Funnel.io?

Funnel.io is a marketing analytics platform that automates data collection, transformation, and loading to streamline marketing reporting and analysis. 

The software integrates with over 500 apps and platforms, including advertising, eCommerce, email marketing platforms, CRMs, and more. Funnel allows users to manipulate raw data, customize the frequency of imports and exports, and perform automated data categorization.

Overall, Funnel.io presents a limited number of marketing analysis capabilities. The platform supports only easy data transformation tasks. Any advanced data processing tasks should be done manually or using other data transformation tools.

In turn, Improvado, with its enterprise-grade data transformation engine, simplifies and automates data transformation tasks, saving teams 80-100 hours per week. Free from data hassle, marketing teams have more time and resources to run experiments and build marketing strategies and campaigns.

Book a call with the Improvado expert to experience the power of automated data transformation.

Who should use Funnel.io?

The platform allows you to map and group data, similar to Improvado, and data can be sent directly to a data warehouse, a dashboard solution, Google Data Studio, and Google Sheets. Funnel.io, however, doesn’t have a direct integration with Tableau.

The main benefit of marketing analytics platform is that is quite simple and fairly self-serve. Since the cost is tied to ad spend, as your business ad spend grows, the platform may become more costly.


  • Features more than 400 integrations with a focus on adtech
  • You can export your data
  • Large amount flexibility in visualization widgets 


  • Funnel supports only easy data transformation tasks; the rest should be done manually by your analytics and marketing teams. 
  • Funnel has native integrations with over 400 data sources, but it supports fewer metrics and dimensions than some of its competitors. 
  • The tool has a steep learning curve. 

Funnel.io Pricing

Pricing is based on ad spend. While the platform boasts unlimited users and data sources, there is an additional fee each month for every additional destination you want to connect your data to.

Funnel.io Integrations

Funnel provides around 500 connectors and an opportunity to request a custom one on Plus and Enterprise ones.

6. Supermetrics

Supermetrics is a data aggregation and integration tool.

What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a platform to help marketers with simple data extraction. The tool pulls PPC, SEO, analytics, and social data into a single destination for reporting and analysis.

Note: Supermetrics is a data aggregation and loading tool; the platform doesn't support any data transformations. When choosing Supermetrics, a company also needs data analysts on its team to do the manual data transformation and ensure data quality. 

Additionally, the software catalogs include many customer reviews explaining how they ran into a bug or noticed the platform wasn't pulling data for weeks without notifying them of the issue. In-house IT resources and data analysts will be required to do data source reauthorization, manually pull a refresh, and check if the daily queries have been processed. 

Who should use Supermetrics?

The Supermetrics tool basically just pulls your data from a rather limited platform list into Google Data Studio or Google Sheets. The platform is good for scrappy startups who mostly use Google Analytics, Adwords, and Facebook, and simply need help with getting their data into Google Sheets. If you need visualization or more complex dashboards, or need to use any other channels, Supermetrics may not be the most helpful tool.


  • Good for extracting granular data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook.


  • No visualization is offered.
  • No transformation. There is no ability to map data from across multiple platforms using the tool.
  • Initial setup can be rather difficult.
  • Issues with data accuracy
  • Extremely limited integrations with BI tools. Data can only be sent to Google Data Studio or Google Sheets.
  • Google Sheets consists of a limited number of rows, so you may cap out of exporting too many rows of data.
  • You will need to run your own queries.
  • Claims to offer over 40 integrations, but they are very basic without really any access to more granular data.

Supermetrics Pricing

Supermetrics is by far one of the cheapest digital marketing analytics tools, starting at only $39/month, however, the product offering is quite rudimentary. Different plans are available depending on where you want to send your data, and costs can add up quickly if you need any of the platform’s add-ons.

Supermetrics Integrations

The platform claims to have more than 40 integrations, but a list isn’t provided on their website.

7. Ninjacat

NinjaCat is a digital marketing performance management and reporting platform.

What is Ninjacat?

Ninjacat boasts that it’s an all-in-one reporting solution for marketers and agencies, specializing in SEO reporting, PPC reporting, and budget monitoring.

Who should use Ninjacat?

This marketing reporting tool is an all-in-one tool for reporting, monitoring, and call tracking. The platform integrates with commonly used PPC, SEO, display, social media, and call tracking channels, allowing users to automate their reporting and monitor their budgets and campaigns. Ninjacat claims to offer more than 750 data sources. The tool can be good for marketers who needs a single solution for reporting PPC, SEO, and other campaign efforts, but its cost can make it difficult for smaller businesses to be able to afford the tool.


  • Offers information in a single, easy to read report
  • Claims to be an all-in-one reporting solution
  • Ability to customize and isolate metrics


  • Onboarding is often tedious and time consuming
  • The platform isn’t very intuitive
  • There are extra fees and tracking costs can be tedious.
  • Can be more cost prohibitive for small businesses
  • Changes aren’t always captured right away

Ninjacat Pricing

Pricing for Ninjacat is on a subscription basis. The company offers an option for a demo and a free trial.

Ninjacat Integrations

Ninjacat claims to have more than 750 data sources and universal API.

8. Fivetran

Fivetran is a marketing analytics tool and a data management platform.

What is Fivetran?

Fivetran is a data collection and marketing analytics tool. The platform lets you connect your applications, databases, and more to a centralized hub where you can view and analyze the data. Here you can find an up-to-date research on Fivetran alternatives and competitors

Who should use Fivetran?

Fivetran is a useful tool for data collection and analysis if you want a platform that doesn’t require really any technical knowledge. The company boasts that it offers the only zero-maintenance pipeline, resulting in a setup that only take around five minutes. Once data is stored in the tool’s “warehouse,” users can ask questions and make inquiries using the software. All data is stored in a centralized location, and the platform aims to make it easy for users to access and search for data that’s stored.


  • Data source connectors offer a decent amount of granularity.
  • Allows you to search for stored data
  • You can make inquiries about your data and receive analysis back. 


  • It can be difficult to figure out the cause of an issue without contacting support.
  • You can’t configure the batch size for queries.
  • Some lack of flexibility
  • Occasional delays and bugs

Note: Fivetran isn’t an industry-specific ETL solution. Regarding marketing and sales needs, the platform supports around 40+ data sources which may not provide a holistic picture of all your revenue-targeted activities.

Fivetran customers have a couple of options to navigate the issue. They can send connector requests and upvote existing ones, but the process can take months. Another option is to code a custom data connector yourself. The task isn't easy to complete. As the Fivetran documentation states: "Building a custom data pipeline from scratch is complicated. It's even harder to maintain."

With Improvado, customization and custom connectors are a part of your billing plan. Development of a new API connector will take 6 weeks at the most. A new report type will be delivered to you in 3 to 7 days. Book a call with an Improvado expert to learn more.

Fivetran Pricing

You have to contact Fivetran for details of pricing. The company does offer a free demo of its platforms to potential customers.

Fivetran Integrations

The platform offers a wide range of connectors.

9. HubSpot

HubSpot Email Tool is a platform for crafting, personalizing, and optimizing engaging customer email campaigns.

What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot's email tool and marketing analytics features are a game-changer for businesses looking to optimize their digital marketing efforts. With the email tool, users can easily create and send professional-looking emails that are engaging and personalized. From customizable templates to advanced segmentation options, this tool allows businesses to target the right audience with the right message at the right time. 

Who should use HubSpot?

What truly sets HubSpot apart is its robust marketing analytics features. With detailed reports and real-time data, businesses can gain valuable insights into their email campaigns' performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This data allows businesses to identify what's working and what's not, enabling them to refine their strategies and achieve better results. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, HubSpot's email tool and marketing analytics features are essential tools for driving success in today's competitive digital landscape.


  • Dozens of different KPIs and metrics
  • Built-in chart types, data sources, and filters
  • Customer and campaign segmentation


  • Enterprise pricing is pricier
  • Free tool suites are limited

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub starts at $800 for the Professional plan, but they also offer a free suite of tools to start.

10. Tapclicks

TapClicks is a marketing analytics tool and a reporting solution.

What is Tapclicks?

Tapclicks is a marketing analytics tool that offers marketers and agencies an all-in-one, cloud-based platform for management, reporting, and analytics.

Who should use Tapclicks?

Tapclicks lets you export and schedule automatic reports into Excel, PDF, Email, PowerPoint, and Word. The platform offers pre-built visualizations and a library of widgets you can setup to help answer business questions. The tool is useful if you have many reports you need to automate for clients.


  • Numerous data sources
  • Variety of visualization options


  • ‍There are a lot of features that aren't very intuitive to use.
  • ‍There are some features in reporting that can be a little buggy.
  • Some of the field customizations are a bit limited.

Tapclicks Pricing

Tapclicks certainly isn’t the cheapest option, starting at $499 per month for its Basic plan. You can try a demo version of the platform or take advantage of a 14-day free trial first before diving in this marketing analytics software.

Tapclicks Integrations

Tapclicks claims to have over 1,400 channel integrations.

11. Adverity

Adverity is a marketing data platform to aggregate and centralize data.

What is Adverity?

Adverity is an automated data integration and visualization platform created for data-driven decision-makers. The platform's functionality includes automated data aggregation, a data transformation engine, customizable reports, pre-build dashboards, and more.

Current customers note the tool has a substantial learning curve. Transformation scripts and other advanced features require Python and product knowledge. Data connection and bug identification and resolvement also requires a lot of manual work. Considering the product's technical complexity, Adverity lacks detailed documentation. Your in-house team will have to grasp all the information during the one-month onboarding training and compensate for the small degree of task automation. 

Who should use Adverity?

Adverity was designed for marketing teams and marketing agencies. Considering its technical complexity and provided functionality, the tool is more suitable for:

  • Small businesses and non-technical marketing teams with a small set of needs that can be satisfied with a basic plan (including the number and type of data sources, data transformations, etc.).
  • Marketing teams with in-house IT and analytics resources and/or Python knowledge. Customers note that the tool isn't automated to the degree where you don't have to make manual scripting, debugging or data quality checks. 


  • Full control over your data
  • Fast integration of data sources
  • Scalable and flexible


  • For those who aren’t experienced with using data, there can be a steep learning curve
  • Could use some improvements the UX-flow
  • Need a good understanding of data to get the most out of the platform
  • Management of UI dashboards could be a bit more customizable

Adverity Pricing

Adverity doesn’t feature any pricing information on their website. To get pricing details and to request a demo, you will have to contact the company.

Adverity Integrations

Adverity provides over 600 pre-built data connectors to popular marketing platforms, social media networks, SEO tools, marketing automation solutions, and others. The platform also supports flat-file ingestion, SFTP, and other data extraction options. 

With such a high number of connectors, Adverity offers a relatively low data granularity, meaning the tool pulls a small number of metrics and dimensions from each data source. It may constrain you from digging deep into the channel, creative, or ad group performance.

In turn, Improvado pulls over 33,000 metrics and dimensions from the data sources, allowing companies to go beyond shallow processing. Browse through the Improvado Data Dictionary or book a call with a company representative to explore how the solution can help your team zoom into the performance of a particular audience, cohort, or creative and make solid business decisions based on data.

12. ChannelMix (Former Alight Analytics)

ChannelMix is an end-to-end marketing analytics platform.

What is ChannelMix (former Alight Analytics)?

ChannelMix, previously known as Alight Analytics, is a suite of analytics products that includes marketing tracking, data aggregation and transformation, dashboarding solution, and ChannelMix AI. ChannelMix AI is a modeling engine that provides recommendations on marketing spend and budget requirements.

Who should use ChannelMix?

ChannelMix is a no-code solution that appeals to marketing teams without IT resources or technical expertise. Data aggregation and other data tasks are relatively easy to complete, and the ChannelMix support team is very responsive. However, the customers note that sometimes data workflow heavily relies on the support team, slowing down the process. 

Overall, customer onboarding, setting up data normalization, and product configurations can take a while. 


  • Neatly sorts data


  • Options can be overwhelming
  • Difficult to find reviews from existing customers

ChannelMix Pricing

ChannelMix offers three pricing plans:

  • Media Optimization Suite, starting at $2,500/mo
  • Marketing Demand Suite, starting at $4,000/mo
  • And Marketing to Sales Suite, starting at $6,000/mo.

13. Semrush

Semrush is an online visibility management platform and an SEO tool.

What is Semrush?

Semrush is a marketing analytics software that helps marketers increase their online visibility, find new marketing opportunities, and conduct competitors research.

Who should use Semrush?

Semrush is a great tool for marketing analysts that deal with content marketing, social media marketing, paid media, and other marketing strategies and channels.

With Semrush marketers can analyze competitors’ performance and find the best opportunities before their rivals. Besides, it’s a useful tool for link building due to its instruments for backlink analysis and guest blogging research tool.


  • Clear and straightforward interface
  • The writing assistant helps to assess and improve the quality of a content piece
  • The backlink audit is a powerful tool for finding broken links
  • SEMRush provides detailed information about the competitors’ marketing performance
  • The keyword research tools shows precise search volume and suggest useful keywords ideas


  • Paid search reporting is sometimes inaccurate
  • The content topic recommendation tool may propose unrelated keywords and FAQs
  • The tool for social media posting sometimes fails to connect with social media accounts

Semrush Pricing

The most affordable Semrush pricing plan starts at $119/month. This plan is most relevant to small businesses and beginners in marketing. The enterprise plan costs $449/month and includes all the features that might be useful for brands and large agencies that deal with multiple clients.

14. Chartio (Now part of Atlassian)

Chartio is an analytics platform helping transform and visualize data.

What is Chartio?

Chartio is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that helps manage day-to-day business operations and track marketing efforts. Chartio offers a rich library of charts, graphs, and other data visualization elements. The tool also has its SQL query builder called Visual SQL, which helps users run queries, control versions, and run advanced post-query transformations. The company states that both SQL pros and marketers with zero knowledge of SQL can use and benefit from Visual SQL.

In 2021, Chartio was integrated into the Atlassian product.

Who should use Chartio?

The software provides business owners, product teams, data analysts, and marketers with helpful organizational tools. Chartio offers a central dashboard and functions for data exploration with the ability to present data from multiple sources in various charts. 

However, the main fault with Chartio is that some users may face a steep learning curve, particularly if they are new to business intelligence or don’t have any knowledge of SQL.


  • Can handle complex queries
  • Ability to write SQL
  • Displays data in colorful, simple charts


  • The user interface can be difficult to learn.
  • It’s known for being expensive.
  • Some charts may require knowledge of SQL
  • Types of charts are limited

Chartio Pricing

Chartio does custom pricing. You can contact the company for a quote.

15. SocialBakers

SocialBakers helps connect with customers across the whole buying journey.

What is SocialBakers?

SocialBakers is an AI-powered social media marketing analytics software. The tool centralizes data on all your social media efforts and helps boost brand presence and audience engagement. SocialBakers provides marketers with recommendations on influencer marketing, helps compare profiles and analyze the performance of your campaigns, and more.

Who should use SocialBakers?

SocialBakers is ideal for marketers and agencies managing multiple social media accounts.

This marketing analytics platform is designed to be user-friendly and save time, allowing you to easily manage and monitor various social media accounts using a single tool. Users can manage and track all of the major social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn.


  • Intuitive platform
  • Dashboards are easily configurable
  • Manage numerous social media accounts in one platform


  • You need to spend more money if you need more insightful data 
  • Doesn’t provide data in real-time
  • Limit for time range
  • Everything has extra cost.

SocialBakers Pricing

The base plan (Professional Plan) for SocialBakers starts at $20 per social profile.

16. Grow

Grow is a no-code business intelligence tool.

What is Grow?

Grow is a business intelligence platform that lets you aggregate data from numerous sources in real-time for analysis.

Who should use Grow?

Grow allows businesses to easily access and analyze their data in real-time from numerous sources, including SaaS applications, databases, and spreadsheets. Users can also create customized dashboards and reports supposedly without the need of a developer. The platform features pre-built reports that can be implemented with a single click.


  •  Real-time data
  • Claims to have 150+ integrations


  • Data isn’t very granular
  • Not meant specifically for marketers
  • Often runs slow and experiences glitches
  • Can be a bit of a learning curve if you don’t know SQL
  • Some issues with graphs not appearing correctly

Grow Pricing

Grow does custom pricing for its platform. You can contact the company for a quote.

Grow Integrations

Grow boasts 150+ integrations.

17. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a link management platform and custom URL shortener.

What is Rebrandly?

Rebrandly is a custom URL shortening tool for marketers to brand and track every link that is created and shared online.

Who should use Rebrandly?

Rebrandly is a must-have tool for anyone working in marketing or social media. By using branded links you enhance brand visibility and increase trust by putting your brand name on every link that is shared. This tool also provides a detailed analytics feature, meaning you are able to track your links and see what kind of content your audience prefers on any channel.


  • It is very easy to use and create new, rebranded links for any URL. It’s one tool with many features -  like QR codes, Link retargeting, Link Analytics, UTM builder to name a few.
  • The option to create custom-branded URL links along with the power of remarketing in one tool.
  • The number of integrations and apps makes Rebrandly really stand out. 
  • Powerful API.


  • Not enough use cases to give marketers more ideas on creative and effective ways to use the service.
  • No retargeting feature on the free plan. 
  • The mobile app should be improved.

Rebrandly’s Pricing

Rebrandly offers a free plan, paid plans and custom plans for enterprise businesses.


If you are looking for a marketing analytics tool to help with the aggregation of your data into a single destination, you will probably want to check over this list of platforms in detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are marketing analytics tools?

Marketing analytics tools are software solutions that help marketing specialists get a full overview of their marketing performance. With analytics tools they can track the results across all campaigns, monitor the number of leads generated by each channel, calculate metrics, and more.

What are the types of marketing analytics tools?

The types of marketing analytics software depend on the metrics marketers want to follow. The most popular types are web analytics tools, social media marketing analytics tools, SEO analytics tools, lead attribution tools, and email marketing analytics tools.

What software do marketing analysts use?

Depending on the business objectives, marketers use different marketing analysis tools. However, the primary toolset usually remains the same. Here are the most common tools for marketing analytics: ETL system (for example, Improvado), data warehouse (Google BigQuery, Amazon S3, ClickHouse, etc.), business intelligence tools (Tableau, looker, Google Data Studio, etc.), and marketing data sources (Google Ads, Apple Search Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.).

What are the best marketing analytics software tools used by professionals?

There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to marketing analytics platforms. Improvado is the best marketing analytics software for multi-brand enterprise companies with a goal to centralize marketing data and automate analytics and reporting. Supermetrics is best suited for small-business brands looking solely for a data aggregating and loading tool. Semrush is the go-to SEO and PPC analytic tool.

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