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Domo Alternatives and Competitors

You may be searching for a way to bring all of your data from numerous channels into one single destination. 

You could waste upwards of 50 hours every week manually collecting all of that data across many platforms.

Fortunately, helpful tools such as Domo and its alternatives and competitors are solving the problem, providing automation of aggregating real-time data and delivering it to a single platform.

However, not all data aggregation tools are the same. Below is a comparison of Domo, Improvado, AdStage, Looker, and Sisense.


What is Improvado?

Improvado is a tool built by marketers, for marketers to get all their data into one place, in real-time, with automated dashboards and reports.

Who should use Improvado?

Improvado is best for marketing and analytics leaders who are looking to collect data from all their marketing platforms in one place. You can choose to view your data inside the Improvado dashboard or pipe it into a data warehouse or visualization tool of your choice like Tableau, Looker, Excel etc. Brands, agencies and universities all love using Improvado because it has saved them thousands of hours of manual reporting time and millions of dollars in wasted marketing spend.

The integrations run deep, pulling in granular data from the keyword and ad level, to allow you to see the complete picture and even view ad creatives from within your dashboard. This simple and intuitive platform eliminates the need for developers to help you implement it or make changes (You don’t need to know SQL like you do for other platforms).

Improvado provides customer service reps included in every package who are highly attentive. A representative will work with you to customize dashboards and integrations to ensure that you're visualizing the data in exactly the way you need it.


  • Full support with a customer service rep included
  • Marketing integrations are deep and granular, so you can see data at the keyword or ad level
  • Ability to create custom metrics and map data across platforms
  • Great for brands managing spend across multiple digital marketing channels
  • Great for ad agencies managing campaigns for multiple clients
  • View ad creatives from within your dashboard -- This feature is super helpful and I have not seen it offered anywhere else!
  • Aggregate all your marketing data into one place, in real time.
  • Reduce manual reporting time by 90%.
  • No developers needed.
  • Plug and play
  • Completely customizable and will build out any custom integration


  • Some of the more granular features can be a bit complicated, but support is great about walking users through them.
  • In order to get your dashboards and reports visualized in exactly the way you want, there may be some initial back and forth with your customer support rep.

Improvado Pricing

Improvado is customized for its users. The best way to customize the platform to your specific needs and receive pricing details is to set up a call with them.

Improvado Integrations

Improvado has 150+ integrations and growing. Don’t see the integration you need? They will build out custom integrations for any data source you request.





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What is Domo?

Domo  is a non-marketing specific business intelligence and data visualization software that is designed to be used company-wide.

Who should use Domo?

Domo is good for enterprise companies, specifically for C-level executives, as the software can be used across the company to create executive level dashboards. The platform is focused on business data in general, not just marketing. This means Domo has a vast capacity when it comes to company-wide business intelligence.

The BI tool may not be the best choice for data aggregation and visualization for marketing data specifically, and the marketing integrations available are limited with data connectors not running very deep. Domo may be a bit too expensive for companies who are looking for a platform for only the needs of the marketing team.


  • IT department doesn’t need to assist with implementation
  • Can view data in real-time in a single dashboard
  • Boasts 450+ data connectors across Marketing, Finance, Sales, IT, Operations, and HR


  • Limited marketing integrations since not specifically focused on marketing
  • Can only view data on the Domo dashboard, with no capability to export, save as a file, or view in any other BI tool
  • Completely cloud-based, which causes limitations if most data is stored on-site
  • If you stop working with Domo, you lose the data in the platform
  • Cost prohibitive for numerous businesses
  • Professional services required to get initial reports up and running
  • Lack of improvement
  • Database isn’t provided
  • Additional professional service fees for platform onboarding and training

Domo Pricing

Domo charges users by an annual subscription, which varies depending on the number of users with access. A 30-day free trial is offered as well. But the enterprise plans can be £££.

Domo Marketing Integrations

Domo offers only 50 marketing integrations. See all of the integrations here.






adstage vs

What is AdStage?

AdStage is a self-serve automation and reporting platform for helping marketers measure the performance of their campaigns The tool aggregates all of your campaigns’ advertising data into one place, allowing for quick visualization, reporting, analyzing, and optimization of your ad performance.

Who should use AdStage?

AdStage is best for marketers or agencies who manage multiple paid ad campaigns across multiple sources, such as AdWords, Twitter, and Facebook. The tool is able to aggregate the advertising data from these sources into a single place, making it easier for marketers to optimize their ads.


  • Customer support is helpful
  • Ability to use folders to organize similar campaigns
  • Clean and simple dashboard


  • May need to reconnect sources occasionally
  • Some platform areas aren’t very intuitive
  • Can’t create custom classifications
  • Lacking many additional features offered by competitors

AdStage Pricing

AdStage starts its pricing at $149/month for its Starter plan. The company also offers a 14-day free trial.

AdStage Integrations

You can see all of the AdStage integrations here.






What is Looker?

Looker is data visualization and business intelligence tool that capitalizes on the most recent and fastest analytic databases to provide marketers with real-time results. The software lets users easily create and customize a variety of interactive data visualizations from an array of graphs and charts.

Who should use Looker?

The BI platform is great for teams and anyone wanting a business intelligence tool that’s easy to use, but also offers an abundance of data insights represented in a visual way.


  • Custom install options 
  • Easy to use
  • Integrates with databases and big data platforms


  • With simplicity comes lack of flexibility
  • Large dashboards can take awhile to load
  • Without an external tool, getting your marketing data into Looker is a very manual process 


Pricing for Looker is done on a custom basis, so you will need to contact the company for a quote.


Looker offers 50+ data sources. You can view all of the data sources here.


Here you can find Looker vs Tableau comparison





What is Sisense?

Sisense is a business intelligence software for transforming data into visually appealing interactive reports. Its visualization features let users easily create a dashboard, charts, and other visualizations through drag-and-drop capabilities, as well as mash up multiple data sources.

Who should use Sisense?

Sisense is good for businesses who want complete visibility into data with minimal IT assistance The BI tool helps business departments gain actionable insights that help them make data-driven informed decisions.


  • Bring together data from multiple data sources
  • Drag and drop dashboard
  • Wide range of widgets such as gauges, charts, and graphs


  • Lacking some flexibility with dashboards
  • Sometimes images don’t look as good after exporting
  • Less customization with drag and drop
  • Data sorting limitations
  • A bit of a learning curve with some features


Pricing for Sisense is customized based on business needs. Contact the company for a price quote.


Sisense has 100+ data connectors. See the full list here.






Finding the perfect platform for data aggregation to help you track all of your marketing campaign data is essential. Choosing one that is intuitive, saves you time, integrates well, is customizable, and offers excellent customer support will help you be successful. Take a close look at Domo, Improvado, AdStage, Looker, and Sisense to determine which one meets your needs.

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