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Welcome to Improvado

Welcome to Improvado. Upload All Your Marketing Data In one Place. Improvado's marketing ETL solution has 300+ integrations that collect and automate your marketing data. Less manual reporting . No more API maintenance. No developers needed.

Two Simple Steps to Your Data

You can extract and load your data in two easy steps with Improvado!

Extract your data

Connect the necessary data source

We have more than 300 integrated partners (platforms, statistics providers, integrations) that provide marketing data.

Here you can find information about all the available integrations.

Set up data extraction

Step 1 Select accounts

Step 2 Choose extraction templates

  • Extraction template is a feature that allows you to simplify the data extraction process by using the predefined set of metrics/dimensions and the most common settings for them.

Step 3 Configure extraction template

  • Scheduling settings, such as extraction time, time zone, lookback window
  • Set of dimensions and metrics

Step 4 Check the result.

Load your data

Connect the necessary destination

We have more than 15 options (ClickhouseAzure Blob StorageSnowflakeAWS S3)

Here you can find information about all the available data warehouses (move to the Data Warehouses tab).

Set up data load

Step 1 Choose your data

Step 2 Configure load settings

  • Load time
  • Load entire historical data
  • Data object name on the destination

Step 3 Check the result.

We highly recommend going through these simple steps before the Kick-off Call. That way, during the call, we can answer all your questions and address any concerns.

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