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Wordstream review Alternative & Competitors

If you’re looking into Wordstream and its alternatives, you’re most likely spending hours upon hours gathering all of your data each week from platforms like AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and several others. Manually aggregating all of this data can be a complete nightmare.

There is hope, however, with the now array of tools designed to automate the process of data aggregation and reporting.

Companies like Wordstream are making it easy for marketers to integrate all of their marketing data‍ in one place, in real time, typically in minutes.

Wordstream may have some disadvantages when compared to its competitors and alternatives, so read on to view a detailed comparison between Wordstream, Improvado, Datorama, Funnel.io, Supermetrics, and Domo.


Marketing Data Management Guide

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improvado's logo

What is Improvado?

Improvado is a tool built by marketers, for marketers to get all their data into one place, in real-time, with automated dashboards and reports.

Who should use Improvado?

The Improvado platform is specifically focused on the marketing dilemma and will connect to any marketing platform you need. The integrations run deep, pulling in granular data from the keyword and ad level, to allow you to see the complete picture.

This simple and intuitive platform eliminates the need for developers to help you implement it or make changes.

Improvado provides customer service reps included in every package who are highly attentive. A representative will work with you to customize dashboards and integrations to ensure that you're visualizing the data in exactly the way you need it.

You can choose to view your data inside the Improvado dashboard or you have the freedom to extract your data and download it, send it to a data warehouse, or visualize it in the BI tool of your choice, like Tableau or Looker.


  • Full support with a customer service rep included
  • Marketing integrations are deep and granular, so you can see data at the keyword or ad level
  • Ability to create custom metrics and map data across platforms
  • Great for brands managing spend across multiple digital marketing channels
  • Great for ad agencies managing campaigns for multiple clients
  • View ad creatives from within your dashboard -- This feature is super helpful and I have not seen it offered anywhere else!
  • Aggregate all your marketing data into one place, in real time.
  • Reduce manual reporting time by 90%.
  • No developers needed.
  • Plug and play
  • Completely customizable and will build out any custom integration


  • Some of the more granular features can be a bit complicated, but support is great about walking users through them.
  • In order to get your dashboards and reports visualized in exactly the way you want, there may be some initial back and forth with your customer support rep.

Improvado Pricing

Improvado is customized for its users. The best way to customize the platform to your specific needs and receive pricing details is to set up a call with them.

Impovado's pricing

Improvado Integrations

Improvado has 500+ Integrations. Don’t see what you need? They will build out custom integrations for any data source you request.



wordstream logo

What is WordStream?

WordStream is an online software for advertising management, allowing users to manage their Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Google AdWords from just one dashboard.

Who should use WordStream?

WordStream offers both paid social and PPC management from a single dashboard, simplifying the process for marketers and agencies of managing campaigns across multiple platforms, from creating ads to ongoing monitoring of campaigns.

The platform’s 20-Minute Work Week lets advertisers make changes to their paid social and PPC campaigns based on personalized, intelligent recommendations based on the account data of the user. The company also provides an advisor service for an extra fee.


  • Suggested quick optimization activities in their 20-Minute Work Week dashboard
  • Knowledgeable support team
  • Ability to manage multiple ad platforms within a single view


  • Google and Facebook APIs limit what is possible to do in the Wordstream interface
  • May be too expensive for some businesses
  • Limited control over Facebook ads
  • Facebook area of the platform often has glitches
  • Sometimes changes to campaigns don’t always go through successfully and error messages are sometimes vague

Wordstream Pricing

WordStream offers a variety of plans, including different options for WordStream Advisor for individuals, agencies, e-commerce, as well as managed services.

wordstream pricing

WordStream Integrations

No list of integrations is provided on WordStream’s site.




datorama logo

What is Datorama?

Datorama is a business intelligence tool for analytics that aims to assist marketers bring all of their marketing data into a single source destination from many different platforms.

Who should use Datorama?

Datorama is good for highly technical marketing teams or marketing teams with engineering resources, as knowledge of SQL is needed to effectively use the platform.

While the Datorama is technical and complex there is a focus specifically on the marketing dilemma and the company claims that it features every possible integration there is, including ones that don’t offer API connections (which is a bit questionable).

Businesses may need the help of an implementation engineer with knowledge of the coding language used by Datorama to get the software set up properly. Once it’s set up, however, the software is a powerful tool.

The business intelligence platform may be a bit too expensive for some companies and customer service representatives are only available to customers on the premium level.


  • Powerful visualization capabilities
  • Boasts that it offers 400 marketing integrations, but there isn’t a list anywhere on their website


  • Data can only be viewed in the Datorama dashboard
  • Time consuming and not very intuitive which leads to a steep learning curve
  • Difficult to make changes or set up new campaigns without help from an implementation engineer
  • Confusing naming conventions
  • Very manual process getting data into a workable state
  • Customers are charged by lines of data, which can be very cost prohibitive if you have numerous campaigns at one time
  • Access to a customer service representative is an up-charge
  • Comparing across channels is limited and tricky and limited

Datorama Pricing

Pricing for Datorama is based on the number of lines of data. If users have several campaigns running, this can get fairly expensive.

Datorama Integrations

The company claims to have 400 marketing integrations, but there’s no list to be found on their website.




Funnel.io logo

What is Funnel.io?

Funnel.io is a BI tool for marketing analytics and aims to integrate with all of your advertising and marketing platforms.  

Who should use Funnel.io?

Similar to Improvado, the Funnel.io’s data mapping interface lets users map and group data. The collected data can be sent directly into a data warehouse, Google Data Studio, dashboard solution, or Google Sheets. For those who love Tableau, however, there is no direct integration for the platform.

The platform is best for small business owners and early-stage companies because the platform can be used on a monthly basis, charged based on ad spend. While this is great at the start, the cost to use the tool increases as the business grows and the depth of integrations remains limited. ‍While Funnel.io claims it provides 395 data source connections, those integrations typically aren’t as granular as marketers may need. 

The main draw of Funnel.io is that the platform is basic and self-serve. However, this can also be seen as a drawback if you need help from a customer success manager, which isn’t included with the basic price level.


  • 395 data source integrations
  • You export your data
  • Significant flexibility with visualization widgets, with many chart and graph options


  • No control over when channels update their APIs
  • Difficult to get granular data 
  • No attribution reporting
  • A bit of a learning curve with data transformations
  • Matching sources to dimensions can sometimes be difficult
  • No direct Tableau integration
  • More limitations than other tools, including no ability to create custom metrics.
  • Difficulties with adding multiple accounts to a single report

Funnel.io Pricing

Pricing for Funnel.io is on a monthly basis, starting at $299 per month. There is an additional cost per month for each additional destination you connect your data to which can add up rather quickly.

Funnel.io pricing

Funnel.io Integrations

Funnel.io claims to offer nearly 400 data sources.




Supermetrics logo

What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a fairly simple tool for data extraction, helping marketers pull analytics, PPC, SEO, and social data from several sources into a single place for analysis and reporting.

Learn about the best alternatives to Supermetrics and top competitors on the market of data aggregation tools.

Who should use Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is best for startups that mainly use Facebook, Google Analytics, and AdWords. Basically, all the software does is pull data from its limited list of platforms into Google Data Studio or Google Sheets. If you need more sophisticated visualizations or dashboards, or use any other channels, Supermetrics may not be that helpful to you. 


  • Able to extract granular data from Adwords, Google Analytics, and Facebook


  • No data transformation capability. You can't use the tool to map the data together across platforms.
  • No data visualizations
  • Lacks integrations with many BI tools . Can only send data to Google Data Studio or Google Data Studio
  • Known for having data accuracy issues
  • Initial setup can be difficult
  • Google Sheets has a limited number of rows, so you'll get capped out if you need to export too many lines of data.
  • You'll need to run your own queries on top of your google sheets.
  • Boasts having over 40 integrations, but most of them are very basic without access to granular data.
  • Manual processes required throughout

Supermetrics Pricing

Supermetrics is the cheapest solution, starting at $19 per month, but their product offering is rather rudimentary and plans vary based on where you want to send your data. Add-ons can also add up quickly.

supermetrics pricing

Supermetrics Integrations

Supermetrics claims to offer more than 40 integrations, but a list of integrations isn’t provided on their website.




Domo logo

What is Domo?

Domo is software specializing in company-wide business intelligence and data visualization.

Who should use Domo?

Domo is good for enterprise companies looking for a BI tool to be used company wide, and not just specifically marketing. The software allows companies to create executive-level dashboards

‍Domo isn’t really focused on marketing data, but general business data. This means, its capacity is vast when it comes to executive dashboards and business intelligence company-wide, but rather limited with marketing in particular.

For marketing data, Domo may not be the ideal choice for data aggregation and visualization.Its marketing integrations are limited, the connectors don't run as deep. 


  • Can view data in a single dashboard in real time
  • Provides 500+ data connectors across Marketing, Operations, IT, HR, and Finance
  • IT departments isn’t needed for implementation


  • Marketing integrations are limited due to not being focused specifically on marketing
  • Completely cloud-based, which can be limiting if most of your data is stored on-site
  • Can be cost prohibitive for many businesses
  • Data can only be viewed on the Domo dashboard
  • Requires a lot of professional services to get the reports up and running initially
  • Additional professional service fees associated with all of the onboarding and training
  • Once your data is in Domo, they own it. If you stop working with them, you lose that data.

Domo Pricing

Domo charges customers by annual subscription and pricing varies based on the number of users that require access. The company also offers a 30-day free trial.

Domo pricing

Domo Marketing Integrations

The company offers over 100 marketing integrations.

Connect Advertising Data to Domo

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If you're searching for a marketing analytics platform to help you gather all your marketing data into a single place, you will want to review this list in detail, comparing Wordstream, Improvado, Funnel.io, Datorama, Supermetrics, and Domo. There is a lot to consider from intuitiveness to integrations to customization and more. 

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