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The Best Lead Management Software

Contrary to popular misconception, CRM does not have the same mechanics as a lead management tool. The sole focus of lead management software is on the sales pipeline. This process allows the sales department to convert available data into potential leads. 

The complexity of a lead management tool can vary depending on the simplistic or inclusive nature of a solution. It is imperative to understand that lead management is ultimately a broader aspect of the sales process that comprises identification and following up on reliable leads.

The notion of getting on the same page is easier said than done. With the help of a lead management tool, employees get the freedom and unique visibility to get hold of each sales process. 

Whether you are a part of a bigger organizational structure or handle collective responsibilities in a small firm, a singular lead management tool can render more identifiable opportunities and prevent the need to switch back-and-forth on a different program.

What Exactly Is Lead Management?

The initiation of a sales process starts with lead management, which evaluates individuals and organizations for the end result of creating a sales funnel i.e. converting these potential leads into sales. 

Moreover, various techniques are used for the collection and identification of new leads. The formation of web forms, events, purchased targeted lists, social media networks, and browser cookies must be structured to find out viable prospects. Ultimately, the right amount of engagement results in leads. Remember, the funnel is eventually narrowed down in the inception process to finalize the successful conversions. 

Small businesses, for instance, often have to bear the burden of leads that are aligned at the top of the funnel. Consequently, this intended or unintended neglect results in lost opportunities. Furthermore, the tracking of the insurmountable amount of leads is practically improbable. And this is where the need for lead management comes into the picture.

The Importance of Lead Management

Lead management keeps the data pipeline up-to-date and nurtures potential leads. To unmask the superficiality, salespeople are regularly faced with the reality of reaching their desired limitations to sell the product or service to a target market. Lead generation basically tweaks that misguided perception and helps the sales team target the right group at the right time.

Today, a lead management tool can categorize the contacts based on different set criteria. Sales representatives can tailor the customer requirements on services pitch, purchase pattern, custom quotes.

The acceptance of sales representatives is of utmost importance here. That is because the adoption rate of lead management software is intertwined with the success of a project. A great lead management software, for example, would help the businesses manage, view, gather insight, and update contacts in a robust manner.

Sales efforts are instantly increased when lead management tool regulates effective data pipelines to focus on leads that will garner valuable results. It’s the broader appeal of lead management that regulates sales and customer relationship management (CRM) through effective filtering and drip marketing campaigns.

The Criteria to Choose the Right Lead Management Software

The modernization of the sales process requires a robust lead management software. Conversely, the market is filled with high and low key programs varying the degree of functionalities that may or may not be suited for your business needs. The real test of lead management software is attracting new customers that probably won’t choose to buy your product otherwise.

Apart from a straightforward user layout, lead management software should be mainly focused on the sales pipeline. Additionally, the functional approach of the software should be integrated with SaaS to perform smooth business operations. 

Companies, on the other hand, should also keep an eye on the software’s ability to separate cold and competent leads. Lastly, the real-time management of the leads means mobile accessibility that can create effective cloud-based response at any time.

Best Lead Management Software

1. Improvado


The cross channel visualized report of Improvado has helped countless firms to accumulate and integrate data in a matter of minutes. Improvado.io has allowed marketers to utilize the efficiency of the software to map data, create reports, and build custom visualization set-up. 

As of now, Improvado.io can integrate more than 150 platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Sizmek. The extraction process and method is comparatively simpler than other lead management programs. 

You can extract your data and start visualizing in Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, Looker, and Tableau. The professional clean-cut layout of the program couldn’t be better to automate your marketing data.

  • Instant data duplication and migration.
  • Full mobile access and connectivity.
  • Set up backup and recovery options.
  • Control over multi-user permissibility.
  • Robust analytical performance.
  • Clean visual aesthetics.
  • Communicative customer support.
  • Compatibility of multiple programming languages.
  • Limited out of the box widgets.
Cost Structure

Although the Business package is set at $100 per month, you can avail custom price through Enterprise version. If you still haven’t finalized the decision, schedule the demo to get the first impression of the features.





2. Freshsales


The cloud-based lead management system is uniquely designed to track customer behavior.  You can use the email tracking system and synchronize your calendar, appointments, and tasks. Similarly, you can use the in-app features to track a multitude of activities.

You can make the most out of its 360 customer viewing to identify specific touchpoints of a website, product, or even a mild interaction. However, the email and event tracking are arguably the two best features of the software. You can access and sync your emails to get intuitive email analytics.

The free plan of the Freshsales lets you prioritize sales, leads, and customer engagement. Your publicly listed information and contacts are automatically integrated. The minimal customization set up of the software lets you schedule appointments and create a collaborative team and customer experience. 

  • Enhanced user visibility and customer support
  • Heightened email and call features.
  • Affordable price range and availability of free version.
  • Full customization options only open for premium users.
  • Difficulty to integrate third-party tools.
  • Lack of added features in the software.
Cost Structure

The software is available in four different variants for a single user per month. You can get Blossom at version at $12, Garden at $25, Estate at $49, and Forest at $79.



3. HubSpot Sales

download (1).png

HubSpot Sales provides an automated, customized, and flexible lead management tool for first-time users. This process discards the time-consuming barrier indefinitely. You can set automated reminders and check important emails with custom templates that can even help draw a clearer picture of your entire performance. 

The absolute paperless data pipeline system of the HubSpot Sales makes it an ideal fit for customers that are operating business activities within a limited budget. You can connect the lead management software in numerous databases and access the data through a stylized dashboard. 

Moreover, the real-time tracking and access of the contacts help users devise a thorough report. You can modify the parameters that are suitable for your specific business needs. Besides, the sync capability of the program is more than enough to manage daily sales and promotional activities.

  • Simplified navigational interface.
  • Extended automation and integration.
  • Rapid lead generation and paperless pipeline.
  • Reliable customer support and tracking capacity.
  • Allows reward management for the sake of productivity.
  • A personal communicative touch.
  • Lower return on investment.
  • Higher marketing and planning cost.
  • The availability of key features restricted to premium membership.
  • Unreliable integration with G Suite.
  • No permissibility of more than one owner.
Cost Structure

The starter monthly package of the HubSpot is valued at $50 per month while the professional package can be availed at the premium range of $400 per month.



4. Piperdrive


The visualization of data pipeline methodologically categorizes for the users. It means Piperdrive is designed to display numerous sales stages that allow the entire team to prepare plans beforehand. Its  Timeline View, for instance, presents you with relevant activities.

Piperdrive supports quick multiple geographical based backups that are secured through a dedicated hosting infrastructure. The bulk editing feature, for example, gives you the choice to add layers upon layers of different colors or symbols for your contacts.

It is a well-built lead management software with a minimal layout setting and ultra configuration possibilities. Comparatively, Piperdrive holds up when it comes to layered and open customization. You can modify the modules and shift communication channels as per your business needs.

  • Mobile flexibility and data backing capability in real-time.
  • Easy goal setting and reporting.
  • Supports full customization in multiple languages. 
  • Automated contact history and email integration.
  • Considerable lag during multiple integrations of third-party tools.
  • The security protocols in mid-size versions are relatively not as robust as Enterprise.
  • Disjointed customization options in earlier packages.
Cost Structure

The Essential version starts at $15 per month while the Advanced is set at $29 per month. You can get also get Professional and Enterprise package for $59 and $99 per month. Piperdddrive also offers you to try out the free trial.




5. Copper


Copper provides seamless data integration options for G Suite tools and other applications.  This allows you to get direct access into your email inbox with interactive history and file options. You can, on the other hand, visualize and manage your pipeline in a simple compartmentalized manner.

Moreover, you can customize the visual pipeline data through a drag-and-drop feature. The Cooper app, for instance, lets you filter the information that can help you get the required information. Similarly, you can track the weekly or monthly progression of the pipeline. It’s a great lead management software that can turn those valuable calls into leads. Thereafter, you can assign specific leads to various team members.

  • Specializes focus on Gmail Suite integration.
  • Precise and amplified email tracking system.
  • The affordable price tag with various built-in features.
  • The non-availability of a free plan.
  • Unreliable and non-intuitive translation.
  • Lack of in-depth reporting.
  • Inclusion of new data often requires manual calculation.
Cost Structure

The Basic and Professional Plans of the Copper are valued at $19 and $49 per month. Copper also offers a premium Business Plan at a pricey $119 per month.




6. Pardot


The B2B marketing automation software has gained attraction among marketing and sales teams that want to maximize ROI and create generate collective lead mechanism. Pardot can amalgamate your email marketing efforts with CRM and score valuable leads and improve work transparency and effectiveness among team members.

Pardot is one of the most flawless lead management software when it comes to interactive site tracking. You can check web traffic visibility options and set new parameters to nurture more prospective sales alerts for your team. Apart from closed-loop reporting, Pardot has a great measurement feature that calculates and compares your ROI with marketing efforts.

  • A wide array of features.
  • Scalability and clear UI options.
  • The ease of maintenance for multiple sales campaigns.
  • Simple yet creative custom-built email templates.
  • Expensive and extraneous annual billing.
  • Unsuitable for small and medium-sizes enterprises (SMEs).
Cost Structure

Pardot mainly offers three key marketing automation plans for businesses. The Growth package is set at $1,250 and Plus at $2,500 per month. Pardot’s Advanced version allows more customizable marketing automation which you can get at $4,000 per month.



7. Infusionsoft


Keap’s Infusionsoft is a powerful automated sales marketing tool for business operational activities. Custom automation has set a new precedent for other market competitors. It is, after all, the future of designing and improving stage workflows to enhance marketing performance.

Infusionsoft makes it easier to connect with potential leads through email, social media platforms, and other offline channels.  The focus of the software, however, is on personalized communication experience that can boost total conversions of the business.

Moreover, Infusionsoft is designed to avert the need for using other online systems. That means the software has built-in tools that can create, store, manage, and collect post-purchase data. You can use the automation to segment-specific behavioral communication and check restructure workflow to save time and money.

  • The user-friendly interface makes it easier to use for an extended period of time. 
  • Availability of the features in terms of the price range.
  • Layered segmentation and custom integration options.
  • May not be suitable for small businesses. 
  • Weak lead scoring and frequent susceptibility to bugs.
  • Limited and non-existence advance options for certain features.
Cost Structure

A single user account of Infusionsoft can manage hundreds of contacts and automate your marketing activities. Apart from onboarding cost of $299, you can choose multiset of packages depending on your amount of contacts.



8. SalesLoft


SalesLoft is one of the most efficient sales engagement platforms to integrate and evaluate critical user data. It is perfect for sales managers, account executives, and sales development for attaining higher retention on calls and emails.

Cadence scheduling, automated dialer, salesforce integration, and email engine are some of the widely used features of the SalesLoft. You can also connect your Gmail and Outlook accounts. It practically allows you to set custom fields, synchronize automated rules, add specific voicemails, and email attachments. It is ideal to collect, scale, and predict sales activities.

  • Functionality and usability of multiple leads at a time. 
  • Accurate email tracking and navigation. 
  • Integration of custom-built template emails for prospects.
  • Real-time visibility and updates on the dashboard. 
  • Call logging can become tumultuous and feel like a burden.
  • Email tracking sometimes generates false notification alerts. 
  • Uploading multiple leads at a time takes an excessive amount of time.
Cost Structure

Currently, there are no set prices laid out by SalesLoft. Instead, the software offers price on quotes with different scalability and functionality options. That said, the general price for a single user starts from $125 per month.



9. Pipeliner

images (1).png

Judging from the dashboard, it may come across as overly simple to a majority of marketers. However, Pipeliner is a dominant automation solution that provides custom infrastructure for sales team. You can track the entire flow of the sales process and even run and organize the sales data on autopilot to get more leads. 

The distinctiveness of the Pipeliner is how it simplifies the most complex data and empowers sales executives with visualizing narrative of the sales effectiveness. You can generate reports with a click of a button, draft lengthy chart, and drag-and-drop your sales pipeline. The software even allows you to create custom 3D Timeline to get a broader and visually appealing graphical representation of sales growth and productivity. 

  • Instant tracking and recognition of potential leads.
  • AI integration with in-depth analytical data support.
  • Quick response time and sales adoption mechanism.
  • The price point may not be viable for newly found businesses.
  • Have known to glitch during the integration of a few third-party tools.
  • Missing exclusivity for some of the features.
Cost Structure

A monthly billed of $25 is billed to a single user for Starter version. You can, on the other hand, get the popularized Business package which is valued at $65 per month. But if you want a complete reporting and customization functionality, go for the $85 Enterprise version. 



10. Sailthru

images (2).png

Sailthru primarily focuses on cloud-based customer retention that numerous industries have learned to capitalize on to build lasting customer relationships. The personalized and digitized experience of the software gives the user a sense of freedom to communicate through mobile applications, site, and email.

To retain lifetime value and healthy customer relationships, Sailthru eliminates specific elements that may hinder the regulation and implementation of the software. From robust connectivity to flawless interaction, it is an ideal cross-channel automation platform. 

Users are free to measure the retention of segmented data and incorporate more suitable parameters that may boost sales. The customer insight in the software is heightened when collective workload is analyzed by engineers, services designer project managers, and sales consultants.

  • Highly transformative API to update, customize, and monitor customer data and marketing strategy.
  • Addictive web interface to carry out major business tasks for a long period of time.
  • Quick email search history and visualized analysis of the revenue and sales.
  • Customization of variables for old customers can get tangled.
  • The lifecycle optimizer often fails to provide information regarding specific users.
Cost Structure

The pricing model of the Salthru is based via subscriptions. That means individual prices are set upon requests from users. However, it is recommended that you try out the demo version beforehand.




It is imperative to understand that companies and independent entrepreneurs seek lead management software that can help sales staff increase productivity without having to delve into exhausting training videos and manuals. Therefore, it makes sense to form a rational decision based on realistic expectations and business needs. You can conduct preliminary tests for the software for your sales executives before the final implementation. Once you’ve decided the desired lead management software, it is time to spend as much time as you can on the integration tools and to find out the best way your business can take advantage of the provided resources.

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