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Top 10 Predictive Analytics Tools

Predictive analytics tools help businesses uncover new opportunities and solve difficult problems by identifying patterns that lead to meaningful insights. 

These analytics enable you to use your data to move from a historical view to a more forward-looking view of your customers. This can help companies determine customer purchases or responses, identify cross-sell opportunities.

To help you decide which tool is best for your business needs, keep reading for a comparison of  the top ten predictive analytics tools.

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What is Improvado?

Improvado is a tool built for marketers, by marketers, to get all their data into one place, in real-time, with automated dashboards and reports.

Improvado pulls data from your marketing platforms (Ad Servers, Google Analytics, Facebook, email platforms, and CRMs) and "pipes" it into any visualization tool or data warehouse you choose. 

Who should use Improvado?

Improvado is best for marketing and analytics leaders who need to collect data from all of their marketing platforms in one place. Agencies, brands, and universities all love using Improvado because it has saved them millions of dollars in wasted marketing spend and thousands of hours of manual reporting time.

The integrations run deep, pulling in granular data from the keyword and ad level, allowing you to view a complete picture, and even view ad creatives from within your dashboard. This intuitive and simple platform eliminates the need for developers to assist with implementation or to make changes.

Improvado provides highly attentive customer service reps with every package. A representative will work with you to customize integrations and dashboards to ensure that you're visualizing the data in exactly the way you want it.


  • Aggregate all your marketing data into one place, in real time.
  • Ability to create custom metrics and map data across platforms
  • Full support with a customer service rep included
  • Completely customizable and will build out any custom integration
  • Reduce manual reporting time by 90%.
  • Marketing integrations are deep and granular, so you can see data at the keyword or ad level
  • Great for ad agencies managing campaigns for multiple clients
  • Great for brands managing spend across multiple digital marketing channels
  • View ad creatives from within your dashboard -- This feature is super helpful and I have not seen it offered anywhere else!
  • Plug and play
  • No developers needed.


  • In order to get your dashboards and reports visualized in exactly the way you want, there may be some initial back and forth with your customer support rep.
  • Some of the more granular features can be a bit complicated, but support is great about walking users through them.

Improvado Pricing

Improvado is customized for its users. The best way to customize the platform to your specific needs and receive pricing details is to set up a call with them.

Improvado Integrations

Improvado has 150+ integrations and growing. Don’t see the integration you need? They will build out custom integrations for any data source you request.




What is Domo?

Domo is a data analysis platform that specializes in data visualization and business intelligence.

Who should use Domo?

This platform is best for C-level executives at enterprise companies who are looking for a business intelligence tool that can create executive level dashboards and be used company-wide. 

Domo is used for more general business data, rather than specifically for marketing data. This means that when it comes to company-wide business intelligence and executive dashboards, the software’s capacity is fairly vast.


  • IT department doesn’t need to be involved with implementation
  • Real-time data in a single dashboard
  • Offers 500+ connectors across  Finance, Marketing and Sales, Operations, HR, and IT


  • You can only view data in the Domo dashboard. There is no way to export it, save it, or look at it on another BI tool.
  • The platform is rather secretive when it comes to pricing, and be cost prohibitive for many companies.
  • Not specifically focused on marketing, resulting in limited marketing integrations
  • There hasn’t been any significant product innovation or refresh in several years.

Domo Pricing

Pricing for Domo is based on a yearly subscription, and the cost varies depending on the number of people that need access to the tool. A 30-day free trial is offered.

Domo Integrations

Domo offer more than 500 data connectors. View the list of Domo integrations here.




What is Sisense?

Sisense allows users to easily transform data into stunning interactive reports. Its visualization capabilities include a simple drag-and-drop interface which allow charts and more complex graphics, as well as interactive visualizations, to be easily created. 

Who should use Sisense?

Sisense is good for businesses wanting a complete look at their data with minimal assistance from IT. The data visualization and business intelligence tool offers actionable insights that lead to data-driven decisions. You can connect directly to the relevant databases or apps, mash-up multiple data sources, and visualize data in dashboards or PDF reports.


  • Drag-and-drop dashboard
  • Excellent customer support
  • Wide range of widgets such as gauges, charts, and graphs
  • Bring together data from multiple data sources


  • Data sorting limitations
  • Lacking some flexibility with dashboards
  • Less customization options
  • Sometimes images don’t look as good after exporting

Sisense Pricing

Sisense pricing is on a custom basis You will need to contact the company for a price quote.

Sisense Integrations

Sisense boasts over 100 data connectors. See the full list of connectors here.




What is Looker?

Looker is browser-based and offers a  unique modeling language. Operating 100% in-database, it capitalizes on the fastest, newest analytic databases to get real-time results. Looker makes it relatively easy to choose, create, and customize an array of interactive visualizations, providing a variety of charts and graphs for users to choose from.

Who should use Looker?

Looker is a useful business intelligence tool for teams across almost all business departments. It’s particularly good for businesses wanting a tool that is easy to use, but still offers plenty of insightful information in a visual way.


  • Very intuitive
  • Great customization
  • Integrates with big data platform and databases
  • Custom install options along with their hosted solutions
  • Excellent customer support


  • Large dashboards can take awhile to load
  • With simplicity comes lack of flexibility

Looker Pricing

Pricing is based on custom business needs, so you will need to contact the company for a quote.

Looker Integrations

Looker can be used with more than 50 data sources.




What is RapidMiner?

RapidMiner brings artificial intelligence to companies through an extensible and open data analytics platform. The centralized platform features a robust and powerful graphical user interface that enables users to create, maintain, and deliver predictive analytics. The software also includes scripting support in several programming languages.

Who should use RapidMiner?

apidMiner is designed for analytics teams and unifies the entire lifecycle of data science, from data preparation to machine learning to predictive models. Its visual interface features pre-built data connectivity, machine learning, and workflow components. 


  • Plethora of data analytics and visualization tools
  • Free version available
  • No coding skills required
  • Can connect boxes on a canvas to conduct data analysis


  • Limitations with some versions
  • Can be buggy at times

RapidMiner Pricing

Pricing for RapidMiner Studio is charged on an annual basis with a three-year commitment. There is a free version offered with limited features.

RapidMiner Integrations

RapidMiner offers a variety of data sources. You can view the entire list here.




What is Tableau?

Tableau helps businesses transform their data into actionable insights that make an impact. The platform makes it easy to connect to data stored nearly anywhere, in almost any format. Its drag-and-drop feature helps you create interactive dashboards with advanced visual analytics. 

Who should use Tableau?

Data analysts, or really anyone who needs to make sense of business data, can use Tableau to gain valuable insights. The tool can be a helpful way of keeping track of progress for businesses that have many clients, and there is no need for any coding expertise. 

The company also gives users the option of installing the software on their own computer or cloud hosting the platform on Tableau’s server. With an option for cloud hosting, it may also be a good option for those who don’t want more software installed on-site.


  • Connects with a large number of data sources
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Access to files using cloud and data warehouses
  • Data can be organized and sorted to appear how you want
  • Versatile tool


  • The dashboard can be slow at times
  • Sometimes large data files can take several minutes to load
  • Graphs are somewhat limited 

Tableau Pricing

Tableau offers two different sets of prices for its software. One set of prices for installing the software on-premise and another for the software hosted by Tableau.

Tableau Integrations

Tableau offers the ability to connect to an extensive list of data sources.




What is Knime?

Knime is an open source business intelligence platform for data analytics, integration, and reporting, featuring a visual interface that includes nodes for a range of activities, from extracting data to presenting it. The tool also has an emphasis on statistical models.

Who should use Knime?

Knime is primarily designed for data scientists, providing predictive algorithms and advanced machine learning, statistical functions, workflow control, and more. The platform can be integrated with many different data science tools, such as Hadoop, H2O, R, and Python.


  • Open source platform
  • Connect nodes through a drag-and-drop interface
  • Visual user interface that doesn’t require programming knowledge
  • More than 100 modules
  • Community continuously develops Nodes


  • There can be a steep learning curve for users who haven’t used a similar tool
  • Nodes are not as customizable as Python/R libraries, though for that Python/R node can be used
  • Can run rather slow, particularly when more extensions and nodes are installed

Knime Pricing

Knime is an open source platform.

Knime Integrations

Knime offers a variety of integrations for their platform. View the integrations here.




What is Dataiku?

Dataiku connects people, processes, and technologies to remove roadblocks along the data journey. The data analytics tool offers an all-in-one solution that integrates all the capabilities needed to turn raw data into business impacting predictions.

Who should use Dataiku?

Featuring a centralized and controlled environment,\ the platform is good for both data experts and data explorers alike. Dataiku offers a shortcut to deployment and model management for data-powered companies.


  • Very intuitive 
  • Collaborative environment
  • Data transformation, ML and scoring workflows can be exported 
  • Connects to nearly any database, including SQL, FTP, HADOOP, and NOSQL
  • Possibility to plug-in pre-existing scripts in Python


  • License cost is on the higher end
  • Doesn’t offer drill down functionality in visualizations or interactive charts
  • Data visualization could be improved

Dataiku Pricing

Dataiku offers a free edition with limited features as a trial, but for other editions, you will need to contact the company for pricing details. 

Dataiku Integrations

Dataiku offers more than 50 data sources. You can view the complete list of data sources here.




What is Alteryx?

Alteryx offers data blending and analyzing capabilities in a single predictive analytics tool. It makes use of repeatable workflow, provides deployable analytics, and then shares the derived analytics to provide deeper data insights in just hours.‍

Who should use Alteryx?

The platform is great for both data analysts and data scientists because it enables quick and easy connection and cleansing of data directly from cloud applications, data spreadsheets, data warehouses, other sources.

Alteryx easily integrates the data, then conducts a predictive, statistical and spatial analysis without the need for writing another code. It offers scalable analytics, which can translate into your organizational success.‍


  • Works well with a multitude of BI and database solutions
  • Intuitive way to map out processes in a step-by-step visual workflow 
  • Easy to use, drag-and-drop functionality
  • Capable of handling large amounts of data
  • Visual and interactive nature reduces the amount of coding required


  • The per-core costs are pretty high if you need to scale out in a large organization. 
  • Designed more for on-premise computing, and isn’t exactly the most cloud-friendly tool
  • More training would be good, needs more community help resources. 

Alteryx Pricing

Alteryx Integrations

You can view all of the Alteryx integrations here.


SAP Predictive Analytics

What is SAP Predictive Analytics?

SAP Predictive Analytics is a self-service data preparation tool that enables successful analytics, data migration, and master data management initiatives. It quickly transforms data into easily comprehensible and actionable information.

Who should use SAP Predictive Analytics?

SAP Predictive Analytics provides fast insights through single-click import of multiple datasets gathered from multiple sources. It also facilitates data curation with an interactive interface for better insights. This makes the predictive analytics tool good for data analysts, data scientists, IT leaders, and simply business owners.


  • Comprehensive reports
  • User interface and analytics can be as simple or detailed as you like.
  • Turn reports into easy-to-read dashboard and other graphics
  • Accurate predictive output for both small and large projects


  • Significant learning curve
  • Price point initially high
  • Can be a bit difficult to use for a beginner
  • It tends to slow down sometimes with a huge data set.

SAP Predictive Analytics Pricing

Since SAP allows you to license and pay for only the functionality and number of users that you need, you will have to contact the company for a price quote.

SAP Predictive Analytics Integrations

You can view the SAP Predictive Analytics integrations here.


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Top 10 Predictive Analytics Tools

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