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Effortless Marketing Analytics for Brands

All your marketing data in one place,
Zero engineering required.

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Bring data together from multiple sources

Over 500 connectors empower your marketing team to automatically collect and unify data from all your sources and produce real-time dashboards and reports in whatever destination you want to use.

Integrate online and offline data to pinpoint opportunities to maximize engagement, conversion rates, loyalty and awareness.

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Cross-channel attribution

Combine advertising and revenue data into a dashboard that paints a clearer picture of what really works.

Now you can re-allocate your budget accordingly and maximize ROI. Improvado is built to plug into your current and future tech stack — it will always send your data where you want it.

Gain clarity into your marketing performance.

Every stakeholder gets to see data that matters to them.

The finance team will get to see spend data. The marketing team will get to see channels, audiences and creatives.

The brand manager will get to see engagement and awareness. Role specific views allow you to manage access in a way that corresponds to your business needs.

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Improvado Helps ASUS Take Full Control Of Their Global Marketing Data
Hours per week
IT resources savings
Marketing resources
saved annually
Jeff Lee
Head of Social & Marketing Data
"Improvado saves about 90 hours per week and allows us to focus on data analysis, rather than routine data aggregation, normalization, and formatting."
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