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About AdRoll

AdRoll is a retargeting and prospecting platform for advertisers.

Publishes cross-channel ad campaigns to over 500 ad exchanges, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.
Has proprietary real-time bidding algorithm, so you don’t overpay for ad space or placement.
Offers prospecting tool so you can find and market to new audiences who match your current ones.
Allows for automation and high data portability.

Snapchat is a mobile messaging service from Snap Inc. that sends a photo or video to someone that lasts only up to 10 seconds before it disappears. During that time, the recipient can take a screen shot, and the sender is notified that it was taken

Available Dimensions

  • Clicks
  • Bounces
  • Comment
  • Conversions
  • Custom
  • Follows
  • Impressions
  • Like
  • Mrcunviewable Impressions
  • Mrcviewable Impressions
  • New Users
  • Page Views
  • Plan Impres
  • Planned Cost
  • Plan Reach
  • Plan Reach TA
  • Post ID
  • Quantity
  • Reach
  • Revenue
  • Sessions
  • Share
  • Spent
  • Sum Pos
  • Sum Session Duration
  • Total Plan Impres
  • Video View
  • Impressions
  • Swipes
  • View Time Millis
  • Screen Time Millis
  • View Completion
  • Spend
  • Video Views
  • Android Installs
  • Attachment Avg View Time Millis
  • Attachment Frequency
  • Attachment Total View Time Millis
  • Attachment Uniques
  • Attachment View Completion
  • Avg View Time Millis
  • Avg Screen Time Millis
  • Frequency
  • iOS Installs
  • Swipe Up Percent
  • Total Installs
  • Uniques
  • Conversion Purchases
  • Conversion Save
  • Conversion Start Checkout
  • Conversion Add Cart
  • Conversion View Content
  • Conversion Add Billing
  • Conversion Sign Ups
  • Conversion Searches
  • Conversion Level Completes
  • Conversion App Opens
  • Conversion Page Views

Connect Adwords in minutes

Connecting Google Analytics to Improvado is simple and straightforward:

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That’s it! Google Analytics is now connected and your data will flow into your visualization tool!



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