Ansira came to Improvado to solve their data extraction and ETL needs


The Challenge

The team at Ansira knew exactly what they wanted. They already had a data warehouse and had built their own visualization tool, but they needed help extracting data across hundreds of accounts at scale and with accuracy. They didn't want to dedicate their own resources and time to building 3rd party connectors, so they began looking for a tool that could help them achieve this quickly. However, the Ansira use case would require customization, and most of their conversations around customizibility with other ETL platforms were getting prohibitively expensive. 

The Solution

Ansira came to Improvado to solve their data extraction and ETL needs. Thanks to the extensive media knowledge of the Improvado team, a custom solution was devised and delivered that perfectly fit their needs in a tight time frame. Today Ansira uses Improvado to pull data for hundreds of accounts. 

The Result

Implementing Improvado has been a huge time saver for the billing and reporting teams who no longer need to pull manual reports. That saved time translates to dollars for Ansira and has allowed them to increase the quality of their reports by providing more granular data to clients. 

It was refreshing that Improvado was able to decouple their offering and provide the exact piece of service that we really needed.

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A data-driven marketing agency with over 550 clients across the U.S.

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