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Improvado Joins MeasureMatch Partner Exchange Marketplace

Improvado celebrates the partnership with MeasureMatch, which aims to deliver exceptional end-to-end customer experience and push boundaries of customer success.

San Francisco, U.S. -- December 13, 2021 -- Improvado, an ETL platform for enterprise revenue operations, announced that it has partnered with MeasureMatch, a professional services marketplace enabling companies to find and book experienced talent for digital transformation projects.

Improvado joins the Partner Exchange program from MeasureMatch, which is known for its professional services marketplace platform. Through the Partner Exchange, Improvado’s customers now have immediate access to high-quality professional services, helping them to set up and configure data warehouses, put together all of their analytics processes, address data engineering issues, and more.

Improvado’s ETL platform enables customers to aggregate all marketing and sales data from disparate sources with zero human effort. With 300+ integrations on board, Improvado provides access to analysis-ready insights, reducing the time spent on data aggregation and cleansing by 20%. In turn, MeasureMatch helps Improvado deliver more value in less time through its Partner Exchange service.

"Our service provider partners are enormously important for both successful deployments and added value services that maximize customer success,” said Fabio Marastoni, chief strategy officer at Improvado.

“Having our own Partner Marketplace in the MeasureMatch Partner Exchange uniquely enables us to grow, measure, and better support the agencies, consultancies, systems integrators, and independent consultants in our go-to-market ecosystem. When we or a customer needs a partner for services, not only can we find one fast, but the end-to-end experience is seamless, data-driven, and exceptional,” Marastoni added.

Improvado is focused on scaling customer success and delivering first-class customer service to every user. Improvado’s partnership with MeasureMatch also opens up new opportunities for customer onboarding and technical support.

Tim Shea, founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based Latticework Insights, a data and analytics consultancy participating in the MeasureMatch marketplace, commented:

“We've always felt a strong alignment with MeasureMatch. This marketplace gives our specialist data and analytics consultancy access to high-value opportunities that align with our focus on enterprise ETL, data warehouse and data visualization services requirements, and creating value from technologies like Improvado’s.”

“Improvado’s adoption of the MeasureMatch marketplace through the Partner Exchange is part of a larger migration to platforms, marketplaces and ecosystems by both software vendors and their customers," MeasureMatch founder and CEO James Sandoval.

James also added:
"In our case, the value centrally comes from the network effects and dynamism in our three-sided model, but especially from exceptional service provider partners, including boutique to mid-sized agencies, consultancies, systems integrators, plus a growing population of fully independent consultants across 60+ countries.
There are currently over 175,000 SaaS companies globally, according to
Forrester’s Jay McBain, who also predicts there will be 1 million within the next decade. These products need services because customers just can’t keep up. Those services will increasingly be transacted through the MeasureMatch marketplace.”

About Improvado

Improvado helps revenue teams make data-driven decisions faster by upgrading their data stack and making revenue data more accessible. Improvado helps companies to extract, standardize, cleanse, transform, and load marketing and sales data to any destination, such as business intelligence tools, data warehouses, CRM systems, and other platforms.

The Improvado platform provides 300+ built-in integrations, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, HubSpot, Twitter, Google Ads, Outbrain, Taboola, AdRoll, and many more.

About MeasureMatch 

Founded in 2016 and launched in 2018, London-based MeasureMatch is an award-winning B2B marketplace and partner ecosystem platform for the buying, selling, and scaling of technology and data professional services. MeasureMatch is backed by private investors from Amazon, Google, WPP, Dentsu, FiS, and others.

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