Marketing Analytics for Higher Education Institutions

Acquire More Prospective Students and Automate Your Marketing Analytics

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Increase Student Enrollment, Decrease Time Spent Building Reports.

Universities, trade schools, & e-learning platforms who work with us make faster data-driven decisions, leading to increased lead volume and meeting/beating their cost per enrollment goals. Work with a marketing analytics education specialist that understands your wants, needs & challenges.


Create automated reports and dashboards that show campaign performance across all channels, engagement from current and prospective students, increased student enrollment, and student retention and completion rates.


Instantly send all your data exactly where you want it. Tableau, Looker, PowerBI, Google Data Studio or the datawarehouse of your choice. No engineers required. Automatically collect and unify data from all your sources, across all channels, including your first party data and produce real-time dashboards and reports in whatever tool you choose.

No more switching between multiple accounts and platforms to get access to data or tediously pulling manual reports. Stop wasting your team's time on data entry and/or API management.


Take the lead in streamlining marketing analytics within your higher education organization. Enable robust analysis and pull meaningful insights that lead to faster optimizations and higher ROI.

Connect any marketing platforms in minutes

Over 180 integrations empower your marketing team to use their favorite
tools to map data, build and visualize custom reports and more.

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How it works

Improvado is an ETL platform that extracts data from various data sources, transforms the data, and loads the results to a final destination.

We have over 180 integrations and counting and can build out new integrations upon request.

Improvado pulls sales and marketing data at many granular dimensions such as campaign level, geo level, ad level, keyword level, etc. With this approach, marketers can identify actionable insights based on their dataset.

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