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What is Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is a user behavior analytics platform that helps large enterprises understand their customers' interactions with websites and mobile applications. By tracking specific user actions, Mixpanel allows companies to optimize their digital experiences, increasing user engagement and conversion rates. With powerful segmentation and funnel analysis capabilities, Mixpanel enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and drive growth.

What is Qlik?

Qlik is an innovative business intelligence (BI) and data visualization platform designed for large enterprises. It empowers organizations to analyze and visualize their data from multiple sources, helping them uncover valuable insights and make informed decisions. With a powerful associative engine, Qlik enables users to explore data freely without being limited by pre-defined queries or reports. The platform also offers robust data integration and collaboration tools, making it an ideal choice for enterprise-level business intelligence and analytics needs.

Connecting Mixpanel to Qlik

To connect Mixpanel to Qlik, follow these steps:

  • Export your Mixpanel data in CSV or JSON format. This can be done through Mixpanel's API, or by using a third-party tool that allows you to extract data from Mixpanel.
  • Import the data into Qlik. Depending on your Qlik product, you may need to use Qlik's data load editor or a data connector for Qlik Mixpanel to import the data.
  • Create a connection between Mixpanel and Qlik using a data extraction or load tool. This will allow you to sync your Mixpanel data with your Qlik dashboard automatically, keeping your insights up-to-date.
  • Map your Mixpanel data to Qlik's data model. This will involve matching Mixpanel's metrics and dimensions with those in Qlik to ensure accurate data visualization and analysis.
  • Build your Mixpanel Qlik dashboard to visualize and analyze your data. Customize the dashboard with the relevant charts, graphs, and tables to help you make informed decisions based on your Mixpanel data.
  • Consider using Improvado as an alternative to other methods for connecting Mixpanel to Qlik, as it offers a more seamless and efficient solution for data extraction, transformation, and visualization.

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We now rely fully on Improvado for multiple dashboards that we use for day-to-day marketing operations and strategy, as well as for presentations to executive leadership.

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Connecting Mixpanel to Qlik with Improvado

Improvado is the ideal solution for connecting Mixpanel to Qlik, as it simplifies the process of bringing your marketing data into your BI and visualization platform. With Improvado, you can easily extract metrics and dimensions from Mixpanel using the data dictionary, and then automatically transform and normalize the data to fit Qlik's data model. This ensures that your Mixpanel data is ready for visualization and analysis in Qlik without the need for any manual data manipulation.

Improvado offers scalability, handling large volumes of data from multiple sources, which is crucial for large enterprises. With its powerful data transformation and normalization capabilities, Improvado enables you to centralize your marketing and sales data, providing a single source of truth for your organization. The platform also offers customization options to ensure that your data is tailored to your specific needs, as well as high-quality customer support to help you get the most out of your Mixpanel and Qlik integration.

Summary of connection Mixpanel to Qlik

In summary, connecting Mixpanel and Qlik is made simple and efficient with Improvado. By providing an end-to-end solution for data extraction, transformation, and visualization, Improvado ensures that your large enterprise can effectively analyze and visualize Mixpanel data in Qlik. The platform offers numerous benefits, including scalability, customization, high-quality customer support, and the ability to process large volumes of data from multiple sources. To learn more about Improvado's capabilities and how it can benefit your organization, book a call with one of our experts today.

Reliable insights with Improvado

Trusted by the leading data-driven companies, Improvado is an advanced marketing analytics providing businesses with fully automated no-code data pipelines: from data to insights.

  • Reliable data pipeline — automatically get analysis-ready data from hundreds of marketing platforms.
  • Any BI platform — clean and consistent dashboards in Looker Studio, Tableau, and PowerBI.
  • Compliance – HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 certified, Improvado covers your data pipeline with Enterprise-grade SLA.
  • Best in class Customer Success – dedicated CSMs and Professional Services to build custom data connectors and modify dashboards.
Improvado helps ASUS streamline global marketing reporting.
Illy employs Improvado to unify marketing data from 140 regional branches.
Activision relies fully on Improvado for its marketing dashboard.

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