✨ Customer story

Improvado.io saves Bell Curve 20 hours per week

Customer story

Improvado.io saves Bell Curve 20 hours per week


The Challenge

The Bell Curve founders needed a more efficient reporting solution for their clients. 

  • They were fed up with having two of their in-house employees spending 10 hours a week each manually pulling data from various platforms.
  • They were overqualified for spreadsheeting, but they couldn’t trust a virtual assistant to do the work.
  • They wanted a way to automate reporting for clients that would be in real time. As engineers, their first instinct was to code a solution for themselves. 
  • They knew it would be a lot of work, but they thought they didn’t have a choice. That’s when they discovered Improvado. 

The Solution

Improvado was already integrated with most channels, even Pinterest, Snapchat & Linkedin-- and that’s exactly what the Bell Curve team needed. Plus, the Improvado team was willing to build out custom integrations upon request. Bell Curve determined that if they had hired someone to build the tool internally, it would have done far less and cost way more.

The Result

Improvado saves the team 20 hours a week. Today, the Bell Curve team utilizes Improvado to aggregate all of their client marketing data in real time. Clients have their own login and can view their data on the Improvado platform. That means, no more one-off questions from clients checking in on campaign performance.

Improvado does what it advertises, and it does it well. It pulls data from anywhere, and lets us turn it into a report to show our clients. We used to have someone doing this manually and it took them about 20 hours a week.
Asher King-Abramson 
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San Francisco, SF
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Bell Curve is a marketing agency - a team of engineers and copywriters who design and execute your growth strategy.

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