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Getting Started ( Initial Set Up )

Getting Started:

Once your account is created, you will be ready to visualize all of your aggregated marketing data in your Improvado report in three simple steps!

I. Choose data sets and dimensions through more than 180 integrated partners.

Advertising platforms, data warehouses, visualisation tools... If we don't have something, we don' have it yet.

II. Choose how you want your data 

Here are the three ways you can view your data.

1. You can get your raw data instantly

We house raw data from the data sources on our database and you can access this data as well.

2. You can normalize data to get cross channel analytics

Compare apples to apples, as they say. What do you mean by "clicks" on a number of different platforms and how would you compare Facebook impressions to Twitter ones?

Define and map your metrics to answer this question. Once aggregated, side-by-side comparisons of important cross-channel metrics can be used to address some of your biggest business decisions.

3. You can map Google Analytics data with your Advertising data

Google Analytics provides APIs to collect, configure, and report on user-interactions with your online content. We provide you an instrument to map GA metrics with the others.

III. Choose your way to observe your data. 

There are three options now:

1. Visualize your data into our UI

Our reporting platform provides you with custom dashboard and a wide range of widgets for data visualisation. Plots, charts, tables... 

If you need more, we can set up a custom widget specially for you. 

And each element has a number of settings, options and filters which you can master to create the most clear, refined and efficient reports.

2. Connect your data into any BI tools you prefer

Would it be Looker or Tableu, Google Data Studio or Power BI? 

Maybe you wish to create your own spreadsheets.Improvado will gather your data from any datasource and send there in no time. 

Look through our templates and video tutorials or ask our support team for more information.We will provide you with all necessary instructions and credentials.

3. Connect to data via improvado API or SQL 

We can provide you with an API wich allows you to transfer your data to data warehouses or BI tools of your choice. 

Why should you use different APIs for every advertising platform while we can replace them with only one? Ours.

Quite a wide range of opportunities, isn't it? But let us make sure your account is created and connected to your data sources first, and then you will be well on your way to building the reports you need for your clients and brands.

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