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No more logging into each ad platform 
to check campaign performance.

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Ad channels Report

Get a handle on your Ad channels and campaigns.

Measure and compare any metrics you need in one simple interface.

Detailed Statistics

Visualize your data via the reporting platform.

Fine-tune your campaigns and make a decision based on numbers.

Performance Details

Calculate Performance Metrics Automatically.

Choose how you want to calculate conversions from Google Analytics or from native Ad platforms, and the reporting tool will calculate everything for you.

Attribution Models

Track your user’s conversion paths and lead them to you.
Improve your marketing by understanding cross channel attribution.
See how each campaign is contributing toward budget and KPI.

White Label Client Portal

Present your selves your way! Make our tool your own with our white label service. 
Let users sign in to a system with your colors and logos, and let them explore their data on your platform.

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