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MarTech Spotlight: Nov. 29, 2023

Welcome to the world of news and insight from the backstage of the martech scene. 

Meet our today’s agenda:

  • HubSpot acquired Clearbit
  • Airbnb sets course for hyper-personalization (coudn’t go without AI)
  • Quick data visualization tutorial with GPT
  • And more…

Let's talk!

Huge mergers and acquisitions

HubSpot 🤝 Clearbit 

Huge deal for teams using HubSpot for all things marketing. HubSpot and Clearbit, one of the largest B2B data providers, joined forces to deliver “ a whole new level of value for our customers and help all of B2B grow better.” Upon the deal's close, Clearbit will be gradually integrated with HubSpot’s customer platform.

Why we care. While many details are still private, the merger of two B2B giants is hard to ignore. HubSpot users’ first-party data will now be enriched with real-time external context.

Plus, this acquisition supports HubSpot’s AI development efforts. Considering their extensive 2023 AI roadmap, we can expect their 2024 plans to be even more ambitious with a new source of B2B data. As a refresher, here’s HubSpot’s 2023 AI roadmap:

Hubspot AI Roadmap for 2023

Airbnb 🤝Gameplanner.ai

Not exactly a marketing deal, but still an important one: Airbnb has acquired AI startup Gameplanner.ai, marking a significant turn in travel tech.

Founded by Siri co-creator Adam Cheyer, Gameplanner.ai specializes in generative AI for personalized travel experiences. Airbnb's CEO Brian Chesky envisions AI transforming the platform into the "ultimate travel agent," offering hyper-personalized services.

The $200 million deal brings Cheyer and his team to Airbnb to develop AI-powered travel concierges that provide highly personalized travel experiences.

Data and AI companies are selling like hotcakes. Zooming out a bit, we can see that everyone is heavily investing in AI to enhance user experience (Microsoft Copilot is another great example). 

Marketers, AI’s coming for you…

Just kidding. 

AI can’t replace marketers but it surely can make their jobs easier. It gives you the skills that you need to get any job done. Now, companies will be on the hunt for new ideas and visioners, rather than hard skills. 

Why so?

Take a look at a live presentation of Improvado’s AI Assistant and figure it out yourself. A single prompt in plain English is all you need now to unify naming conventions and answer any questions about campaign performance.

Google transforms PPC ads with generative AI

Google reshapes one of the most complicated activities for PPC marketers, which is asset creation. Recently, they added generative AI to their Performance Max. 

Now rolling out in beta across the U.S., it lets marketers create copies and image assets for campaigns in just a few clicks. With some prompt engineering, you can create assets from scratch or modify the ones you currently run across campaigns. This update opens a ton of new opportunities, especially if you do a lot of A/B testing.

The feature isn’t going to sit in beta for long and more countries will get access to it by the end of 2023. A lovely Christmas present for PPC specialists! 🎁🌲

Performance Max AI capabilities

Quick AI tutorial

How to visualize marketing data with ChatGPT

  1. Go to the ‘Explore’ menu and select Data Analysis GPT
  2. Find the attach button where you usually type your messages 
  3. Choose a .CSV file with data you want to visualize (for this chart we used Google Ads campaign data)
  4. Explain what kind of visualization you want (below is an example prompt to get a similar chart):

Please draw a chart analyzing ‘g-sportswear-sale-usa’ campaign. The chart should show the link between the ad spend change and the occurrence of conversions. Represent the spend value as a bar chart and put a conversion line chart on top of it. Please analyze the resulting chart and describe the trends or growth opportunities you notice.

AI-generated spend and conversion chart

🚨 Event alert 🚨

Hype to Reality: How AI is Truly Transforming Marketing

Yes, we decided to ride the AI wave and spit out some facts about its influence on the marketing world. 

No, that’s not a regular mumbling about ‘AI revolution’ or ‘We’ll be living in a cardboard box in X years’. In fact, we will cut through the AI buzz and show what AI can really do for your marketing team and organization. 

Here’s a quick rundown of things we’re going to cover:

  • The role of AI as an enhancement, not a replacement, for marketers.
  • Where AI excels, supports, and fails marketers.
  • The key to higher ROI—performance measurement (AI is quite good at that)
  • How to track performance metrics with AI
  • What lies beyond: attributing performance metrics to revenue with AI
Hype to Reality: How AI is Truly Transforming Marketing
Join us on Dec 14, 2023 to discover marketing areas where AI measures up to its promises. Expect real use cases, practical tools, and precise question prompts for AI to boost your team’s effectiveness.
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That’s it for this week!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more news and insights from us next week!

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