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The Best Facebook Ads Reports Templates to Try in 2020

The Best Facebook Ads Report Templates 2020

Facebook Ads reporting makes it possible for performance marketing manages to create, personalize, and schedule reports on the business’s add performance. It does this all within the parameters that marketers and their clients choose. It’s a very handy tool to use in marketing, especially if you heavily invest in Facebook advertising or want to really see how well your campaigns are connecting with your brand’s audience.

The biggest benefit to Ads reporting is that it makes it possible to visualize what is happening in your marketing endeavors. Reporting can help marketing professionals adjust and change different elements in their campaigns. An excellent Facebook reporting template can save a significant amount of time (and money!) while providing the value that marketing specialists will appreciate.

If you work as a third-party marketing firm, your clients will want a unique and easy-to-read report generated from scratch. This can be quite difficult and time-consuming to do, especially if you have a lot of clients. This is where Facebook social media marketing report templates come in. The best of these templates do cost money, but their value is very clear-- they can help you scale as you add more clients to your schedule.

Read on to see some excellent Facebook Ads report examples and templates you can use to improve your reporting.


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What are Facebook Ads Reports?

In order to figure out which template is ideal for you, it helps to understand a little bit about how Facebook API and Ads reports actually work.

Facebook Ads Reports is a free tool provided by Facebook to help brand track their ad spend and campaign success. On a basic level, Reporting is used to manage your ad campaigns and create automated emailed reports to send to your clients in you run a marketing firm. Reports can also be made from scratch and with highly customized elements, such as filters and other advanced functions. This is very useful, as it provides a more in-depth view of what ad campaigns are doing well and which campaigns are connecting with different target audiences. Without this kind of reporting features, measuring ROI and the success of campaigns would be nearly impossible, leading to wasted money.

According to Facebook’s support page on Ads Reporting, the tool can be used to customize ad metrics that you want to show your clients. “For example, say you wanted to get a weekly report about how your ads are performing with certain groups of people,” the page reads, “You would use Ads Reporting to customize what audiences and ad metrics you would like to see in the report. You would also use Ads Reporting to create the recurring report and schedule it to be emailed to yourself and your colleagues weekly.”

Facebook Ads Purchase & Leads Breakdown Dashboard Template

If you're interested in free templates to experiment with, you're in luck. There are a few out there that are excellent and free to download including this purchase and leads breakdown dashboard template created by Yello Veedub via Databox. The template has a sleek line-free look and minimalist typography that makes reading your report data very easy on the eyes. This marketing dashboard template also uses one-click intergrations, so it can be used for other reporting platforms other than Facebook Ads. You'll also be able to properly measure the performance and ROI of your ad campaigns with ease, and connecting your business's Ads account takes little more than a few clicks-- no complex coding necessary.

Some of the biggest reporting benefits to this template (aside from the professional aesthetic) include ad spend totals, direct and clear conversion sources, return on ad spend, and top campaigns that are generating leads. If you really want to have a clear view of where you are generating impressions, clicks, and leads for the lowest cost, this template makes finding and compiling all of that information quite easy. You can also get an idea of how often people are seeing your individual ads in their news feed, which is the type of transparency marketing pros need.

Ads Purchase & Leads Breakdown Dashboard Template example

Supermetrics Facebook Ads Template

Supermetics' free Data Studio template for Facebook Ads is another great free template to take for a spin. While this isn't technically a Reports template, this template can be used with Google Data Studio to manage your Facebook Ads data. this template is quite handy if you're less enchanted with Facebook Ads Reporting and manage most of your advertising spend via Google Data Studio. The nature of this tool is that it usually only connects with platforms owned by Google, such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google My Business. This reporting template tool makes it possible to integrate Facebook Ads with Data Studio, as well as other ad platforms like Taboola and LinkedIn Ads. With this template, you'll be able to generate basic graphs and total impressions, the amount spent, and CPM with ease. Your template's dashboard will also display clicks, CPC, CTR, actions, and action rates. If you want more in-depth campaign data, this template will also show you which countries are clicking your ads the most per campaign.

Keep in mind that while this template is free, it's only for a two-week free trial. After this, the cost of this template and Supermetrics' other Data Studio tools is about $39 per month.

Supermetrics Facebook Ads Template example

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Dashthis Facebook Ads Report Template

Dashthis has a great Facebook Ads report template designed for marketers and agencies. If you're looking for a reporting template that will reduce the amount of time you've been spending on gathering data, this is the one to try.

With clear and simplistic visual design, this template showcases everything from the amount spent to total conversion value to website conversions. If you're a marketing specialist that is dealing with multiple clients and brands, this template makes plugging information for each individual brand substantially easier. You can generate all the Facebook KPIs you need via automation. If you have clients that aren't exactly experts in terms of marketing statistics and analytics, the sleek and simple design of this report template will make it easy for them to eyeball where things are working and where things are not working, mostly through the use of easy-to-read graphs and color-coded graphs. The preset KPIs are a real treat, and the drag-and-drop interface makes customizing your template quite simple. Dashthis also makes connecting other platforms like Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads quite simple.

Currently, Dashthis is offering the template for a fifteen-day trial, after which you will be charged $33 per month to continue use.

Dashthis Facebook Ads Report Template example

Whatagraph Facebook Ads Report Template

Like many of the templates in this guide, Whatagraph's Facebook Ads Report template boasts highly visual designs and showcases key performance metrics for your ad campaigns on Facebook. What makes this template unique is that it comes with automated sharing capabilities to keep your clients up to date with their metrics, without your having to lift a finger. It uses automation in a way that is extremely beneficial to busy marketing agencies and entrepreneurs. You can also take advantage of cross-channel performance tracking and real-time viewing, and this template is also compatible with Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Instagram Ads, and much more. This template definitely has a lot of use cases for just being a simple reporting template.

This template has a variety of unique perks, including team access, client list management, customizable text and graphics, pre-made templates and widgets for different use cases, a drag-and-drop report builder, and instant sharing. We recommend this Facebook Ads Reporting template if you're working with a team and want to take a more collaborative approach to analytics reporting.

Whatagraph's Facebook Ads template is available for free for seven days, after which it will cost a minimum of $119 per month to use their full-package software.

Whatagraph Facebook Ads Report Template example

Free Facebook Ads Data Studio Template

Another great Data Studio template for Facebook Ads has to be this little gem from One PPC. As we've mentioned in a previous review, Data Studio is used by marketing specialists around the globe that invest heavily in Google ads. The software itself is excellent and very user-friendly-- unfortunately, it can be a pain to switch between Facebook Ads Reporting and Google Data Studio on a regular basis if you use both platforms for digital advertising. This template brings these two platforms together into one easy-to-use dashboard.

One PPC's template is great because it has a number of different use cases for different industries and business goals. Namely, you can decide what kind of Facebook Ads campaign objectives you want to focus on and personalize your template to reflect those goals. You can choose to focus on cold traffic (awareness as the top of the funnel), warm traffic (consideration mid-funnel), or hot traffic (conversion at the bottom of the funnel.) Some companies may only use a handful of campaign objectives or all of them-- this template makes visualizing them all quite easy.

After an initial free trial, marketing specialists who like this template will have to invest in One PPC's full software package that starts at a minimum of £349 (or $448) monthly.

Free Facebook Ads Data Studio Template example

Swydo Pre-Built Facebook Ads Report Templates

Are you looking for a Facebook Ads Reporting template that boasts custom visuals, pixels, advanced filtering, metrics, and more? This template from Swydo could be exactly what you need if customization is your top priority.

This product is actually a set of templates from Swydo. Simply start by signing up for their service, then select one of their premade templates. You also have the option of starting completely from scratch, but we recommend choosing one of the pre-built templates to begin with. Then, you'll use their very user-friendly interface to connect your data sources, after which you can begin to customize that data to meet the needs of your clients. You can then schedule, share, and email your dashboard findings via PDF. This template is great for tracking KPIs and business goals and painting a very clear picture of the reach, action, shares, conversions, leads, and other aspects of your campaign that are highly relevant. You don't have to hunt down KPIs either-- you can simply choose from Swydo's KPI and widget library to generate a report based entirely on your clients' needs.

Swydo's template is available for free for two weeks, after which you will need to pay a minimum of $75 per month to use their whole reporting and monitoring platform.

Swydo Pre-Built Facebook Ads Report Templates example

Octoboard Facebook Ads Business Reports and Templates

This platform makes quite a few different types of reports and templates for various types of reporting software, and their Facebook Ads performance report template is one of the best. If you heavily invest in PPC advertising, you can even combine this template with data from other platforms that you run PPC platforms from. Skim through impressions, actions, total clicks, costs, CPC, and so much more with this template. You can even manage revenue from Facebook ads conversions and custom conversions for different specifics campaigns. This template focuses mainly on pairing actions and impressions with costs, so it would be ideal to use if you’re mainly focused on tracking your ROI and general ad spend. It’s particularly useful if you’ve just started using Facebook Ads and don’t know if you want to stick to the platform. Octoboard’s Facebook Ads performance reporting template is also great for sending automated reports to your clients and building up online marketing dashboards in general.

This template is part of Octoboard’s Social Media reporting tool, which does not come with a free trial and is priced at a minimum of €8 (or $10) per month.

Octoboard Facebook Ads Business Reports and Templates example

How was our guide to the best Facebook Ads performance marketing dashboard templates out there? Drop us a comment below and let us know which one of these templates you’ve had personal success with!

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