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The Best Facebook Ads Report Templates to Try

Facebook Ads reporting makes it possible for performance marketing managers to create, personalize, and schedule reports on the business ad performance using native Facebook Ads reporting, manually creating spreadsheet reports, or streaming Facebook Ads data to a different template.

The power of reports is to represent marketing insights focusing on the parameters marketers and their clients have selected. Facebook ads reporting is a must-have if you heavily invest in Facebook advertising and search for a simple way to show the ROAS.

Trying to pull data out of the Facebook Ads reporting to answer business questions? We know your pain! It might be tough to pull the right reports from the confusing functionality of Facebook Ads Manager. The social media ads report template makes it possible to visualise your marketing activities and read Facebook insights pointing at the most important social media metrics. An excellent Facebook reporting template can save a significant amount of time (and money!) while providing the value that marketing specialists will appreciate.

What kinds of Facebook Ads Reports are there?

To figure out which template is ideal for you, it helps to understand how Facebook API and Ads reports actually work.

Facebook Ads Reporting is a free tool provided by Facebook to help brands track their ad spend and campaign success. On a basic level, reporting is used to manage your ad campaigns and create automated emailed reports to send to your clients in your run a marketing firm.

Reports can also be made from scratch and with highly customized elements, such as filters and other advanced functions. Without this kind of reporting feature, measure the performance and ROI and the success of campaigns would be nearly impossible, leading to wasted money.

Optimize Facebook Ads Campaigns With Improvado's Reporting Templates


How to Analyze Facebook Ads Performance

Performance data is crucial, but data doesn’t make much sense without knowing how to handle it. Let’s break down the analysis process into steps:

Set up your Facebook Ads Manager account

Facebook Ads Manager allows tracking Facebook Ads performance on account, campaign, ad set, and ad levels. With different granularity levels, you can get the bigger picture of your marketing efforts, as well as dive into the details of each campaign to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Adhere to your campaign objectives

Every time you look at your data, you have to analyze it in the context of campaign goals. While some campaigns aim to raise brand awareness and reach more users, others target small groups of specific audiences to generate more conversions. These campaigns will have different performance indicators; without knowing which one you should aim for, you can’t understand the results of the Facebook ad campaign.

Monitor your performance on Facebook in real time

Whether you’re tracking Facebook Ads performance in Ads Manager UI or with any custom dashboard, you have to monitor campaign performance regularly. Ads Manager shows you all the required metrics to keep an eye on your Facebook campaigns, while custom dashboards show the impact of your efforts across all channels.

Measure your engagement rate

Likes, shares, comments, and reactions to your paid ads content show how users react to your content. Engagement metrics are important because Facebook uses them to understand whether your content is worth viewing by other users.

Calculate your ROAS

ROAS (Return on ad spend) is one of the most crucial metrics for everyone running paid ads. Here’s the formula to calculate ROAS:

ROAS = generated revenue / ad spend

This metric shows you the profitability of your paid ads campaigns and answers the question: “How much revenue will I get if I invest X dollars into paid ads?”

Calculate CPC / CPM

There are two ways you can be charged for running ads on Facebook.

CPC (cost per click) - the amount of money you pay when a user clicks on your ad.

CPM (cost per mille) - the amount of money you pay to display 1,000 ad impressions.

These two metrics are the foundation of your campaign optimization. The CPC model is usually used to run targeted ads with a higher chance of conversions.

The CPM pricing model is a good fit when you’re testing different ad variations. It allows you to reach more users and identify the ad that resonates better with your audience.

Why Do We Need Custom Facebook Ads Reporting Templates?

Native Facebook Ads Reporting dashboards are fine, but they might be just not right for you if it doesn’t meet requirements of your business or marketing processes.

Facebook Ads Native Dashboard is Overwhelmed with Data

First of all, it provides too many metrics and data that usually contains too much extraneous information. You might want to include metrics relevant to your business only. That’s when you open a spreadsheet file to extract from Facebook ads manager reports the data you need. That’s when templates are the best solution.

The Native Dashboard Limits your Marketing Boarders

While you can get used to the rich reporting functionality of Facebook Ad, you might want to see the whole picture of how your Ads channels perform at a large scale. That’s when an all-in-one marketing data solution comes to the right place.

In this article, we've gathered dashboards tailored to Facebook campaigns. If you need a more extensive set of dashboards to manage all marketing efforts across your organization, we've got you covered with this list.

Native reporting tools are often misleading

While monitoring common metrics such as clicks and impressions isn’t a challenge with Ads Manager, things can get messy when you’re trying to attribute conversions to a particular channel or campaign. Native reporting tools like Facebook Ads Manager tend to assign conversions to their ad platforms. This often results in data discrepancies between different platforms and poor marketing decisions.

Custom attribution algorithms and dashboards provide an unbiased view of your cross-channel marketing performance and distribute attribution weights fairly between all channels. With this level of transparency, marketers can double down on channels that generate conversions and optimize channels that don’t bring the expected results.

Improvado's Facebook Ads Reporting Templates: Attribution
Revenue Attribution Report by Improvado

The Best Facebook Ads Templates to Simplify Your Reporting

Improvado performance marketing dashboard

Facebook Ads reporting: performance marketing dashboard
Performance marketing dashboard

This performance marketing dashboard provides a high-level overview of your Facebook Ads campaigns. With its help, you can track:

  • Revenue generated by particular campaigns
  • Return on marketing investment
  • Target actions taken by customers (clicks, registrations, purchases, etc.)
  • Total Adspend

Most importantly, you can merge Facebook Ads data with data from other channels, such as Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more. In this way, you get a comprehensive picture of your paid ads performance that enables you to optimize campaigns better and allocate marketing dollars more reasonably.


  • The high level of customization. You can customize this template using any data from your Facebook Ads Reporting tool or any other platform.
  • Comprehensive visuals. You don't need to deal with dull numbers. Charts will tell you everything.
  • Zero-engineering. Don't waste time polishing your dashboard. It uses a modular approach, so you can turn on and off any section you want.
  • Tailored to Facebook Ads needs. You get visibility into all crucial metrics and KPIs across your Facebook campaigns.


  • It might be too complex for small businesses and definitely not a solution for freelancers.

UTM Quality Tracker for Facebook Ads

UTM quality is a common problem for marketers running paid ads across different channels. With different accounts, campaigns, or even marketing agencies that run your ads, it’s almost impossible to maintain a consistent UTM naming convention across all paid activities.

According to Improvado’s internal data, marketing teams don’t use UTMs in almost 30% of campaigns, rendering their efforts untrackable.  

Improvado’s UTM quality tracker will help you audit the presence and quality of your UTM tags. The dashboard shows the share of the ad spend that goes unattributed to any conversions due to UTM tags missing in the campaign.

It also checks if the UTM tags you use follow your naming convention and notifies you if any errors occur.

Facebook Ads performance report template

Facebook Ads report template: Campaign and Ad Set dimensions
Campaign and Ad Set dimensions

Here’s the Tableau report template for Facebook Ads prepared by Mariya Maziuk. It provides marketing teams with a detailed overview of all metrics and shows which of your campaigns had the most impact on marketing KPIs.

This Facebook Ads report template allows you to dig into different dimensions, ranging from campaigns to creatives. The breakdown by ad spend, registrations, and purchases across campaigns and ad sets help you understand which messages and creatives are working and which aren’t.

Plus, the Facebook Ads report shows which demographic groups are more likely to interact with your ads and purchase your product. The final curve chart is a summary showing you the interest group that makes the most purchases.

Facebook Ads report template: Audience Analysis
Audience analysis


  • A one-stop-shop for all essential Facebook Ads metrics 
  • Ability to drill down into different dimensions
  • Clear and concise visualizations


  • The dashboard doesn’t provide brand awareness insights

Digital marketing Facebook Ads report template by Tableau

Tableau's Facebook Ads report template: Executive Summary
Executive Summary tab

Tableau’s Facebook Ads report template is a comprehensive dashboard displaying trends and the impact of campaigns on brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

This Facebook marketing report template has multiple sections with insightful charts about different KPIs.

The “Executive Summary” tab shows all the vital metrics gathered across all your Facebook Ads campaigns. There, you can track metrics such as:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Clicks
  • Generated revenue
  • Etc.
Tableau's Facebook Ads report template: Campaign Performance
Campaign Performance tab

After navigating to the “Campaigns” tab, you can see the best-performing campaigns in terms of awareness, engagement, and conversions.

Tableau's Facebook Ads report template: Awareness
Brand awareness analysis

Moving on to the “Awareness” tab. Here, you can see the impressions generated by each campaign, the total number of people reached, the total cost, CPM, and the cost per people reached. At the top of this Facebook Ads report template, you can specify campaigns you want to analyze, historical data depth, and data comparison periods.

Tableau's Facebook Ads report template: Engagement
Engagement analysis

As for the “Engagement” tab, you can see total link clicks, social interactions, CPC, CPA, and CTR per campaign. 

Tableau's Facebook Ads report template: Conversion
Conversion analysis

The “Conversion” tab allows you to monitor the total number of website leads generated by each campaign, CPL, and LTR.

Tableau's Facebook Ads Report Template: Return on Investement
ROI analysis

Additional tabs such as “ROI” display the overall effectiveness of your Facebook Ads marketing efforts to help you see the greater picture of your activities.


  • A comprehensive report template for all things related to Facebook Ads.
  • Depictful charts ranging from simple line charts to complex scatter plots. 


  • The dashboard might be a little bit overwhelming for inexperienced users.

Leads Breakdown Dashboard Template

Leads Breakdown reporting template

If you're interested in free templates to experiment with, you're in luck. A few out there are excellent and free to download, including this purchase and leads breakdown dashboard template created by Yello Veedub via Databox that helps small businesses measure ROI and campaign performance.

  • The template has a sleek line-free look and minimalist typography that makes reading your report data very easy on the eyes.
  • This marketing dashboard template provides integrations with about 70 platforms, though only 3 connectors are available in the free version.


  • Connecting your business's Ads account takes little more than a few clicks, though no complex coding necessary.

Some of the biggest reporting benefits to this template (aside from the professional aesthetic) include ad spend totals, direct and clear conversion sources, return on ad spend, and top campaigns generating leads. You can also get an idea of how often people see your individual ads in their news feed, which is the type of transparency marketing pros need.

Facebook Ads conversion funnel dashboard

Facebook Ads Conversion Funnel Dashboard
Account analytics

Let’s review another Facebook Ads report template developed by Oleksandra Stadnyk.

This dashboard focuses on demographical data. Aside from basic metrics such as spend, impressions, conversions, etc., you can also find audience breakdown by age and gender. Another useful feature is audience breakdown by region. You can see the effectiveness and advertising costs of your campaigns in different states of the US. 

Another interesting visualization in this dashboard is the funnel. It shows how many users complete the entire funnel and how many of them drop out at each stage.

Facebook Ads Conversion Funnel Dashboard: Campaign Analytics
Campaign analytics

After clicking the “Campaign” button, you can see performance metrics for each of your campaigns and the daily cost of advertising on Facebook.


  • A strong focus on demographical data
  • Interesting charts, such as funnel journey and ROI calendar


  • Insufficient visibility into brand awareness and engagement metrics

Supermetrics Facebook Ads Template

Supermetics' free Data Studio template for Facebook Ads is another great free template to take for a spin. While this isn't technically a Reports template, this template can be used with Google Data Studio to manage your Facebook Ads data.
This template is quite handy if you're less enchanted with Facebook Ads Reporting tool and manage most of your advertising spend via Google Data Studio.

The nature of this tool is that it usually only connects with platforms owned by Google, such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google My Business. This reporting template tool makes it possible to integrate Facebook Ads with Data Studio and other ad platforms, such as Taboola and LinkedIn Ads.

  • With this template, you'll be able to generate basic graphs and total impressions, the amount spent, and CPM with ease. Your template's dashboard will also display clicks, CPC, CTR, actions, and action rates. If you want more in-depth campaign performance data, this template will also show you which countries are clicking your ads the most per campaign.


  • Keep in mind that while this template is free, it's only for a two-week free trial. After this, the cost of this template and Supermetrics' other Data Studio tools is about $39 per month.
  • Limited integration options.

Improvado Facebook Lead Generation Ads Template

Improvado Lead Generation Template

Even though we’ve already mentioned one of the templates this tool provides, the Lead Generation Facebook ads template deserves a quick look.



  • In case if you use only Facebook Ads for your activities, the simple Improvado Facebook Ad template we mentioned above should be enough for you.

Facebook Ads summary dashboard

Facebook Ads Summary Dashboard
Summary analytics

The Facebook Ads report template by 5I Ecom provides you with a campaign summary and includes all the essential metrics you need to understand the performance of each campaign.

Some of the unique features of this dashboard are clicks by device and the chart showing clicks generated by each campaign over time. Additionally, the report template shows Instagram Ads performance. So, you can analyze the performance on different advertising channels, understand your audience’s platform of choice, and advertise more effectively.


  • The report shows ads’ performance on both Facebook and Instagram
  • The dashboard provides insights into the most popular dives among your prospects


  • Lacking insightful visualizations for the C-Suite
  • The dashboard needs to highlight more trends to make decision-making easier

Dashthis Facebook Ads Report Template

Dashthis has a great Facebook Ads reporting template designed for small businesses. If you're looking for a reporting template that will reduce the amount of time you've been spending on gathering data, this is the one to try.


  • It provides a pretty clear and simplistic visual design.
  • This template showcases everything from the amount spent to total conversion value to website conversions.
  • If you're a marketing specialist dealing with multiple clients and brands, this template makes plugging information for each brand substantially easier. You can generate all the Facebook KPIs you need via automation. If you have clients that aren't exactly experts in terms of marketing statistics and analytics, the sleek and simple design of this report template will make it easy for them to eyeball where things are working and where things are not working, mostly through the use of easy-to-read graphs and color-coded graphs.
  • The drag-and-drop interface makes customizing your template quite simple. Dashthis also makes connecting other platforms like Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads quite simple.


  • Currently, Dashthis is offering the template for a fifteen-day trial, after which you will be charged $33 per month to continue use.
  • Though it’s a great Facebook Ad solution for a small business or freelancer, it might not be enough flexibility for enterprises.

Whatagraph Facebook Ads Reports Template

Like many of the templates in this guide, Whatagraph's Facebook Ads Report template boasts highly visual designs and showcases key performance metrics for your ad campaigns on Facebook.

  • What makes this template unique is that it comes with automated sharing capabilities to keep your clients up to date with their metrics without your having to lift a finger. It uses automation in a way that is extremely beneficial to busy marketing agencies and entrepreneurs.
  • You can also take advantage of cross-channel performance tracking and real-time viewing, and this template is also compatible with Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Instagram Ads, and much more. This template definitely has a lot of use cases for just being a simple reporting template.
  • Team access, client list management, customisable text and graphics, pre-made templates and widgets for different use cases, a drag-and-drop report builder, and instant sharing.


  • Limited marketing software integration options in the basic packages for bigger companies.

We recommend this Facebook Ads Reporting template if you're working with a team and want to take a more collaborative approach to analytics reporting tool.

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Free Facebook Ads Data Studio Template

Free Facebook Ads Data Studio Report

Another great Data Studio template for Facebook Ad has to be this little gem from One PPC. As we've mentioned in a previous review, Data Studio is used by marketing specialists around the globe that invest heavily in Google ads.

  • The software itself is excellent and very user-friendly. Unfortunately, it can be a pain to switch between Facebook Ads Reporting tool and Google Data Studio regularly if you use both platforms for digital advertising. This template brings these two platforms together into one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • One PPC's template is great because it has several different use cases for different industries and business goals. Namely, you can decide what kind of Facebook Ads campaign objectives you want to focus on and personalize your template to reflect those goals. You can choose to focus on cold traffic (awareness as the top of the funnel), warm traffic (consideration mid-funnel), or hot traffic (conversion at the bottom of the funnel.) Some companies may only use a handful of campaign objectives or all of them-- this template makes visualizing them all quite easy.


  • Though it can be a good solution for marketers trying to integrate Data Studio and Facebook Ad, this solution might be insufficient for bigger teams.

After an initial free trial, marketing specialists who like this template will have to invest in One PPC's full software package that starts at a minimum of £349 (or $448) monthly.

Swydo Pre-Built Facebook Ads Reports Templates

Swydo Ads Template

Are you looking for a Facebook Ads Reporting template that boasts custom visuals, pixels, advanced filtering, metrics, and more? This template from Swydo could be exactly what you need if customisation is your top priority.

This product is actually a set of templates from Swydo. Start by signing up for their service, then select one of their pre-made templates. You also have the option of starting completely from scratch, but we recommend choosing one of the pre-built templates to begin with. Then, you'll use their very user-friendly interface to connect your data sources, after which you can begin to customise that data to meet the needs of your clients. You can then schedule, share, and email your dashboard findings via PDF.

  • This template is great for tracking KPIs and business goals and painting a very clear picture of the reach, action, shares, conversions, leads, and other aspects of your campaign performance that are highly relevant. You don't have to hunt down KPIs either - you can simply choose from Swydo's KPI and widget library to generate a report based entirely on your clients' needs.


  • Very few connectors for bigger marketing teams.

Swydo's template is available for free for two weeks, after which you will need to pay a minimum of $75 per month to use their whole reporting tool and monitoring platform.

Octoboard Facebook Ads Business Reports and Templates

Octoboard Facebook Ads Template

This platform makes quite a few different types of reports and templates for various types of reporting software, and their Facebook Ad performance report template is one of the best. If you heavily invest in PPC advertising, you can even combine this template with data from other platforms you run PPC platforms. Skim through impressions, actions, total clicks, costs, CPC, and so much more with this template. You can manage revenue from Facebook ads conversions and custom conversions for different specifics campaigns.

This template focuses mainly on pairing actions and impressions with costs, so it would be ideal to use if you’re mainly focused on tracking your ROI and general ad spend. It’s particularly useful if you’ve just started using Facebook Ads and don’t know if you want to stick to the platform.

  • Octoboard’s Facebook Ad performance reporting template is great for sending automated reports to your clients and building up online marketing dashboards in general.


  • This template is part of Octoboard’s Social Media reporting tool, which does not come with a free trial and is priced at a minimum of €8 (or $10) per month.

Facebook Ads Report Template in Google Sheets

Facebook Ads Reports in Google Sheets

This is one more free template from Supermetrics that comes in a simple Google Spreadsheet template.
This report is for you if you got used to keeping all your marketing data in Google Spreadsheets.

  • Simple customization.
  • You can export raw data from multiple resources.


  • The setup process might be confusing and take some time.
  • It is difficult to work with on the biggest scale since the Google Spreadsheets tool has its own performance limitations working with too many raw.

Custom Google Data Studio Reports

Custom Google Data Studio Report

In case if you already know what data you want to see on your dashboard and all you need is to build a custom Facebook Ads reporting tool in Google Data Studio, you can use one of the ETL software solutions to do so without any coding.

  • Complete control over your dashboard view.
  • The data is being updated instantly, so you will not see data lags like in some other cases.


  • Even though full customisation gives you freedom in building whatever you want in Google Data Studio, this is a longer route for those searching for a fast way to build a simple Facebook Ads dashboard.

If you'd like to access this dashboard, you can set up a free call with our experts.📞


Depending on the size of your business, the number of marketing channels you use, and your willingness to streaming data from Facebook Ads with or without coding skills or tech resources availability, you may want to select the solution that meets your needs better.
We suggest you try all the reports from this list to find a perfect solution for you. Still, if you’re running out of time, we would recommend jumping to Dashthis for small marketing teams, Facebook Ad Reporting tool in Google Sheets by Supermetrics for freelancers, and Improvado for enterprises.

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