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How to Streamline data from Snowflake to Tableau [Two Easy Ways]

Extracting your data to Snowflake and pushing it to Tableau might be challenging. Manual data normalization and loading lead to data accuracy issues, lack of transparency, and degraded performance.

How to connect Tableau and Snowflake on your own

  1. To connect Tableau and Snowflake install the ODBC driver first.
  2. Create a Tableau user on a Snowflake and choose an authentication method.
  3. If you’re using the OAuth method, you’ll have to run initial SQL.
  4. Specify an SQL command that will be executed at the beginning of every connection, such as opening a workbook, refreshing an extract, etc.
  5. Sign in.
  6. Create sophisticated SQL queries to optimize the process of pushing data from Snowflake to Tableau.
  7. Execute queries manually each time you need to pass up-to-date data to Tableau

How to connect Tableau and Snowflake with Improvado

At Improvado, we commit ourselves to set up all ETL processes for your marketing needs. You don’t have to bother with the Snowflake/Tableau connection or anything like that. Unlike approaching the problem on your own, with us you get a full-fledged automation solution that normalizes and aggregates data without your participation. We implement the best practices for using Tableau with Snowflake. Don’t waste a second on maintaining the system and feeding it with new data manually.

Seamless integration with Snowflake

Snowflake is a cloud-based solution that allows companies to store data on the cloud. It delivers flexibility and scalability which is crucial for any ETL system. Snowflake is built on top of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Cloud. It requires less optimization and adjustments compared to other cloud solutions, which makes it perfect for automation systems. Improvado’s integration with Snowflake lets you seize all opportunities of this cloud solution and easily aggregate data inside the warehouse.

Snowflake documentation

Snowflake and Improvado integration

Improvado is meant to optimize this process. We establish a Snowflake/Tableau connection and adjust a fully automated data pipeline for you. You can create dashboards that reveal new insights immediately thereafter. With Improvado, unlocking your data potential is a piece of cake.

Why Improvado can be a good solution for you

  • Streamline data from 15+ warehouses
  • Load data to all up-to-date BI tools
  • Extract insights from 200+ connectors catalog
  • Get a custom warehouse solution with professional services
  • Fault-proof data channels with all-in-one ETL platform
  • Get a more granular view of your data
  • Reduce time spent on manual processes

We're playing on the industry giants' field. We're winning, and we're trusted.

Simple steps to streamline your data from Snowflake to Tableau with Improvado

  1. Connect all your data sources to Snowflake in several clicks
  2. Normalize and store data in your warehouse automatically
  3. Connect to Tableau, analyze, visualize, and put your data on the dashboards

Seamless integration with Tableau

Tableau is one of the most popular data visualization platforms in the market. It provides every department with visualized insights on your marketing data, helps to get a comprehensive picture of your marketing data, and integrates with all up-to-date warehouses. With clear drag-and-drop dashboards, the data becomes tangible not only to expert analysts but to specialists from other fields too. Improvado lets you streamline data from any warehouse to Tableau to get a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not.

Tableau documentation

Tableau and Improvado integration

Streamlining your data in style while overcoming the challenges of Snowflake to Tableau integration

Synchronization frequency

Improvado offers a top-notch frequency of data synchronization. Unlike some other solutions, our data pipeline is capable of uploading and extracting on the user’s demand. No more “30 updates a week”. Don’t limit your analysis with poor software architecture.

Highly optimized data loading to the destination

Loading thousands of data columns in the data warehouse requires high-performance hardware to process all the information. We deploy our solution on the best cloud platforms and integrate your system with the most sustainable warehouses. Get your data in a matter of seconds, at any time.


Use Improvado to schedule automatic updates in your data visualization tool. Just set a desirable time for updates and get in control of your data. Adjust the timing for updating your dashboards to always stay on top of your marketing performance.

Load to multiple destinations

Improvado pushes data to several destinations, in case you’re using more than a single data warehouse. Maybe you’re using different storage for raw and normalized data. With us, you don’t have to bother with manual uploads. We’ll set up the right path to all your destinations.

Automatically normalized data

Data transformation is an integral part of the ETL process. Improvado automatically normalizes all data rows to store analysis-ready information into your data warehouse. This process grants more data granularity and eliminates routine work. Enhance your insights with normalized data in no time.

Get automated marketing reports in Tableau

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We can normalize your marketing data and send it to the visualization platform of your choice to provide you with first-class automated marketing reports. Schedule a call with us to learn how Improvado can boost your marketing efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

What can Tableau connect to?

Tableau connects to various data sources. It can connect to standalone text, PDF, Excel, files. However, it can also connect to databases with the help of its ODBC driver. It empowers Tableau to connect to various servers and web connectors.

How to connect Snowflake to Tableau?

Tableau’s connection manager allows you to connect to Snowflake. Simply choose a “Snowflake” option, select authentication type, and enter the required credentials. Remember that connecting Snowflake and Tableau doesn’t mean creating an ETL system. You still have to ingest data manually, frequently update it, and maintain your integration on your own. If you’re looking for an effective solution to manual data processing, contact our specialists to book a consultation.

Does Snowflake work with Tableau?

Yes, it works. You can deploy a fully functional server environment and arrange an automatic connection between Snowflake/Tableau in the Tableau web interface. If you don’t have time to figure out the peculiarities of setting up a server on your own, we can do it for you.

Does Snowflake Have an API for Tableau?

To establish a connection between Tableau and Snowflake you’ll have to download and install the ODBC driver. It serves as an alternative to an API.

What is Improvado?

Improvado is a full-cycle ETL solution that provides businesses with more insights into their marketing efforts and ensures marketing data granularity. We are experts in integrating Snowflake data warehouse with Tableau and other visualization platforms. Improvado streamlines your marketing data from any ad channel right into your warehouse and data visualization tool. Marketing has never been so optimized before.

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