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Top 27 Data Extraction Tools

A variety of data extraction tools have been created to help businesses make sense of their data, have access to a centralized dashboard, and make informed decisions about future campaigns from that data.

There are many different types of data extraction tools that will capture and track data about your marketing campaigns. Some are created for specific industries while others are narrowed into the marketers dilemma and others are much broader in scope.

We've selected the top data extraction tools. Read through them carefully to determine which tool is the right fit for your marketing needs.


Improvado Use Cases

Improvado is designed by marketers for marketers. The platform allows marketers to view campaign data, collected in real time, in automated reports and custom dashboards.

Benefits of Using Improvado

Anyone struggling through the marketing nightmare of data collection across multiple platforms in real time to produce a concise and readable report. Improvado is able to connect with any marketing platform, collect the necessary data, and report back in a fraction of the time. Integrations with the platform run deep, pulling granular data from both the keyword and ad level. This data extraction tool provides marketers the ability to see the whole picture.

Dashboards and integrations are customizable and the customer support team is always on hand to help clients build out their dream dashboard. Customer Support is one of the key differentiators against competitors.

Data can be viewed on the Improvado dashboard as well as in any BI tool you use, including Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio etc.

Who should use Improvado

Improvado is Perfect for Marketing Leaders & Analytics Leaders.

Marketing leaders

Maybe you’re the Director of Marketing, a VP or a CMO at a mid to enterprise size business. You’re responsible for deciding how to spend a large budget and you’re also responsible for presenting marketing performance to the leadership team.

If that’s you — Improvado will allow you how to OWN your analytics with confidence, like the sophisticated data-driven leader you are!

Analytics Leaders

Maybe you’re an analyst, the VP of Engineering or the CTO at a mid to enterprise size business. You’re responsible for mapping data together across the business and presenting visual insights to the leadership team. You’re sick of replying to one-off requests from the marketing team about building out APIs and running scripts.

If that’s you — Improvado will show you how to build a clean flow of data that puts an end to one-off marketing requests, once and for all!

If you are looking for a simple to learn, simple to use tool that is fully customizable and includes full customer support then look no further than Improvado.

Following are just a few of the advantages that come with this data extraction tool:

  • Implementation is simple and does not require developers
  • Data aggregated into one destination in real time
  • Completely customizable, including custom metrics and integrations
  • Deep and granular data integrations
  • Map out data across several platforms


Improvado pricing is done on a custom basis. The company can assess your business needs and give you pricing details during a call.

Schedule a demo with Improvado


marketing analytics tool- adstage

Adstage Use Cases

AdStage is a closed-loop automation and reporting tool for marketers to measure performance.

AdStage gathers all of your advertising data into a single platform, letting you quickly visualize, report, analyze, and optimize your ad performance. It’s a self-serve platform for paid ad marketers that provides full management and analytics for campaigns across multiple sources, including AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter Ads.

You should use it if

Adstage is limited in the features you find on other platforms but comes with helpful customer service reps. The dashboard is simple to manage, create, and analyze campaigns and comes with the ability to group similar campaigns into folders.


Pricing starts at $499 per month for AdStage’s Core Plan. The company also offers a 14-day free trial.

adstage pricing


Adverity Use Cases

Adverity automates data collection into a platform that visualizes the campaigns and seeks to increase user efficiency in reporting and analytics.

Data-driven marketers who are seeking a more efficient way to work with their media, e-commerce, and marketing platforms will appreciate the efficiency of Adverity.

You should use Adverity if

Adverity is for the user who wishes to have control over the data, integrate in real-time, have access to a scalable and flexible platform, and is not in need of customizable UI dashboards. The tool comes with a steep learning curve but once mastered reaps high rewards.

Learn about the best alternatives to Adverity and top competitors on the market of data aggregation tools.


Contact Adverity directly for pricing details and demos. No prices are listed on the website.

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics Use Cases

This marketing platform was built specifically for agencies to allow them to monitor and report on all of their clients’ marketing campaigns in one central location.

Digital agencies, freelancers, marketing and sales directors have found Agency Analytics helpful for monitoring backlinks, keyword ranking and much more. It is also useful in keeping track of top competitors.

You should use Agency Analytics if

If you are looking for a tool to monitor key analytics such as costs and clicks across your core channels then Agency Analytics may be the right software for you. The automated reports can be difficult but the company is working on an update to fix these issues.


A risk free trial is available to potential users and plans start at $49 a month.

Alight Analytics

marketing data reporting - alight analytics

Alight Analytics Use Cases

Alight Analytics, using a marketing analytics tool known as ChannelMix, gathers and prepares data from various sources for analysis.

The ChannelMix platform provided by Alight Analytics boasts that it eliminates the marketing dilemma of time consuming data gathering of both online and offline data, as well as sales data and custom data sources. It feeds aggregated data into your BI tool of choice.

You should use Alight Analytics if

Users who wish to neatly sort data from both online and offline sources will find Alight Analytics helpful. There are so many options with this system it can actually become overwhelming.  


Alight Analytics does not list prices online. Contact the company directly for a quote.  


marketing data software - alooma

Alooma Use Cases

Alooma simplifies real-time, SaaS, Cloud, big data, and mobile integration.

Alooma allows data teams to have control and visibility of their data. The platform collects data in real-time from various sources together into a data warehouse, such as Redshift, Snowflake, and BigQuery. Users can avoid data loss or duplicates, as well as control the entire ETL process. The tool features real-time visualizations, code engine, data mapper, and querying of data.

You should use Alooma if

Users who are looking for a simple solution to aggregate data in real-time and do not need a large number of integrations will benefit from Alooma.  

Alooma Pricing

Alooma offers a free trial of its tool. Contact the company directly for a price quote.

Answer Rocket

Answer Rocket Use Cases

Answer Rocket was designed for the business user who wants a direct answer. This software is a search-based data discovery analytics tool.

Anwer Rocket is helpful for gathering business analytics in real time to help make future decisions. It is making the process of answering questions quick and easy. It provides insights within seconds. Just type in the question.

You should use it if

Users who want to type in a question and receive immediate answers will find this data extraction tool helpful. The customer support is great and is working hard to fix bugs and the occasional crash with updates.


The price is not listed on the website. Contact the company directly for quotes and a demo.

Bionic Media

Bionic Media Use Cases

Bionic Media Investment Management Software is for media teams seeking clarity, transparency, and accountability in their campaigns. It allows the user to generate flowcharts, analyze media plans, manage vendor RFP process, and automate execution and advertisement placements.

Media teams and in-house marketing groups will find this software helpful for planning, tracking, and executing ad campaigns.

You should use it if

Teams who are looking to strengthen their media planning, rather than focus on the reporting of the data, will enjoy using Bionic. The website claims to be the go to source for “careful media planning, steadfast projet management, diligent performance monitoring.”


Bionic starts at $125 a month per user.


marketing analytics platform - chartio

Chartio Use Cases

Chartio helps manage day-to-day business operations, as well as track marketing efforts.

The software provides business owners, product teams, data analysts, and marketers with helpful organizational tools. Chartio offers a central dashboard and functions for data exploration with the ability to present data from multiple sources in a variety of charts.

You should use Chartio if

If you are looking for a data extraction tool that can handle complex queries, possesses the ability to write SQL, and displays data in colorful, simple charts then this data extraction tool may be right for you. However, Chartio comes with a steep learning curve, particularly for users new to business intelligence or that lack SQL knowledge.


Chartio does custom pricing. Contact the company for a quote.

chartio pricing

Clever Tap

Clever Tap Use Cases

CleverTap was designed to leverage real-time analytics and personalizing engagement strategies to create exceptional customer experiences.

CleverTap is helpful for marketers who are looking to create customer engagment strategies that drive growth.

You should use Clever Tap if

This platform is for people promoting mobile apps that wish to send the right messages to the right users on the channels they are on.


Pricing is customized based on the user’s needs. Contact the company directly for a quote.


Cision Use Cases

PR and communications professionals use Cision to manage, execute, and measure earned media campaigns to turn them into valuable insights that include revenue and ROI contribution with Google Analytics, adobe ANalytics, and Salesforce integrations.

Cision helps measure the performance and impact of earned media campaigns. The program identifies influencers, distributes stories, monitors relevant coverage, and measures impact.

You should use Cision if

Cision is for marketers looking to promote through influencers and wish to discover which ones are the best ones to engage with and across which channels. It captures insight into trending topics and real-time conversations about your company.


The cost of Cision is not shared on the website. Contact the company directly for a quote.


Databox Use Cases

Databox is for analysts, marketers, CEOs, and decision makers who need quick and easy mobile access to their business analytics.

This data extraction tool gathers all your metrics in one place and delivers crucial KPIs across multiple devices.

You should use Databox if

This tool is for the user on the go. As one reviewer wrote, “it’s business in your pocket.” You can view the same information across multiple devices by simply logging in.  


Prices and plans for Databox range from free to $248 a month depending on the user’s needs.


Datorama Use Cases

Datorama is an analytics and business intelligence platform designed to helps marketers unify specific data across platforms into a single useful dashboard. It focuses on the marketing dilemma and claims to have every integration possible, even for ones that do not offer API connections (which is questionable and requires further exploration).  

Datorama is a tool that is helpful for people familiar with SQL. A highly technical marketing team, or one with access to engineering resources, will find this data extraction tool valuable. This software is not designed for someone new to the game.  

You should use if

Datorama is for those who desire a powerful visualization capability, need integration with multiple platforms, and have access to an implementation engineer familiar with the Datorama coding language who has the skill set to set up the system or to make any changes. The system is difficult initially but once set up correctly becomes a powerful tool.

Datorama may be too expensive for some companies and customer service reps are only available to those who upgrade to a premium level.


Datorama charges based on lines of data. If users have several campaigns running, this can get rather expensive and limits the amount of data that can be run to a price point .


Domo Use Cases

The Domo platform specializes in data visualization and business intelligence on the executive level and is best for C-level executive at enterprise companies. The tool creates executive level dashboards that are not marketing specific.

The focus of Domo is business data in general rather than a focus on marketing data. Its capacity is vast when it comes to business intelligence and executive dashboards company-wide but for marketing data it has some drawbacks to aggregation and visualization.

Because marketing integrations are limited the connectors don't run as deeply, and the tool overall may be too expensive if looking for software to serve just the marketing team.

‍You should use it if

Domo offers more than 500 connectors across Finance, HR, IT, Operations, Sales and Marketing which makes it a great tool to use company wide. It provides information in one dashboard and in real-time and does not require an IT department for implementation..

If your focus is not specific to marketing but on the company wide picture, if you wish to store data on the lcoud and not on-site, and you are willing to view the data only on the Domo dashbaord (you can't export it, save it as a file, or view it on the BI tool of your choice), then Domo is the right tool for you.


Domo offers a 30-day free trial before commiting to an annual subscription that varies based on the numbers of users in need of access.


Fivetran Use Cases

Fivetran is for marketers interested in connecting their databases, applications, and more to a central destination that allows data to be viewed and analyzed. Here you can find an up-to-date research on Fivetran alternatives and competitors

Fivetran is particularly helpful with data collection and analysis for people with little to know technical knowledge. The website claims it takes a mere five-minutes to set up the software and there is zero maintenance. Once your data is stored in the “warehouse,” users run queries with the software. All data stored in the platform is placed in a central hub. One of the top goals for Fivetran is to make searching and accessing the data user-simple.

You should use it if

This data extraction tool is for the user looking for a simple to use software to search and access data. Fivetran provides a good amount of granular data and easy to access search functions for stored data. It can come with some struggles as it lacks flexibility and is unable to configure batch sizes for queries. Customer support is available when issues arise as they are often difficult to determine without help.


In order to get pricing for Fivetran, you will have to contact the company. However, the platform does provide a free demo option of its tool.


Funnel Use Cases

Funnel is a marketing analytics platform that aims to integrate with all of the users marketing and advertising platforms.  

Collecting into a data warehouse, dashboard solution, Google Sheets, or Google Data Studio.

You should use it if

Your primary focus is connecting with adtech platforms. It has connections with 400 data sources.


Users are charged based on ad spend. While this is great in the beginning, as the company grows, the cost to use Funnel grows as well.

Funnel claims an unlimited number of data sources and users but this comes with an additional cost per month for each additional destination data is connected to.


marketing analytics tool - grow

Grow Use Cases

Grow is a business intelligence platform that lets you aggregate data from numerous sources in real-time for analysis.

This software easily accesses and analyzes business data in real-time from numerous sources, including SaaS applications, databases, and spreadsheets. Users can create customized dashboards and reports supposedly without the need of a developer. The platform features pre-built reports that can be implemented with a single click.

You should use it if

Grow is for the business (not specific to marketers) who is in need of real-time data but does not require that data to be collected in real-time or very granular. There can be a bit of a learning curve for those unfamiliar with SQL and the program often runs slow and experiences glitches.


Grow does custom pricing for its platform. You can contact the company for a quote.

grow pricing


marketing analytics platform - ninjacat

Ninjacat Use Cases

Digital marketers and agencies, specializing in SEO reporting, PPC reporting, and budget monitoring will benefit from the use of this all-in-one reporting solution.

Ninjacat integrates with commonly used PPC, SEO, display, social media, and call tracking channels, allowing users to automate their reporting and monitor their budgets and campaigns. The tool can be good for marketers who needs a single solution for reporting PPC, SEO, and other campaign efforts, but its cost can make it difficult for smaller businesses to be able to afford the tool.

You should use it if

Ninjacat is for the marketer looking for an all-in-one reporting solution that allows for the customization and isolation of metrics. A level of patience is required as onboarding is often tedious and time consuming and changes aren’t always captured immediately. For the small business cost, along with extra fees, can be prohibitive.


Pricing for Ninjacat is on a subscription basis and extra fees can be accumulated with use. The company offers an option for a demo and a free trial.


Pyze Use Cases

Pyze is a data extraction tool that helps brands and enterprises maximize user retention in Media, Gaming, E-commerce, Mobile and Saas.

Pyze provides cross-platform user behavior analytics and automated segmentation to deliver omnichannel campaigns and content personalization. It helps brands decipher big data to tell them where there audience is and how to better engage with them.

You should use it if

If you are looking for a simple to use interface with powerful visualizations that allow you to create location based targeting on a city level. The software works well on a computer but is still in need of a mobile app for users on the go.


Pricing for Pyze varies based on needs and has a free option to start with.


Raven Use Cases

Raven provides agencies, media companies, freelancers and in house marketers with SEO tools and white label marketing reports.

Raven helps monitor, manage and report social media data in real-time.

You should use it if

For marketers who utilize social media campaigns Raven has a number of features to monitor and publish with. For the marketer focused on SEO and PPC it creates strong automated reports. Customer support takes a few days to catch up to request and rank tracking is still in need of improvement.


Pricing varies based on needs and comes with a significant discount when purchased for the year versus monthly. A free trial is also available.

Report Garden

Report Garden Use Cases

Report Garden is for agencies who need a full spectrum of marketing tools that integrate with their workflow.

Helpful for

This reporting and dashboard software helps to automate client reporting, data dashboards, SEO keyword tracking, PPC account health monitoring, budgeting, invoicing, and more.

You should use it if

Users who are looking for campaign, document and project management will find this software helpful. While the software saves time on some tasks it can be time consuming and tedious if reports need to be different and contain multiple widgets.


The website does not share prices. You will have to contact the company directly though a free trial is available online.


Singular Use Cases

Singular silos marketing data from over 1600 marketing integrations into one unified platform allowing the marketer to see the ROI of every touchpoint, across every channel.

Singular allows the user to explore marketing data with custom metrics, events and dimensions on a granular level.

You should use it if

This platform is helpful for the marketer who is in need of A/B testing, channel attribution, performance metrics, predictive analytics, and ROI tracking. However it is lacking in social media metrics and website analysis.


Pricing is not available online. Contact the company for more information and for a free demo.


Stitch Use Cases

Stitch is developer-focused and built for data teams from startups and small companies. This cloud-first model is designed to aggregate rapidly moving data from anywhere and in a matter of minutes.

The platform is a simple, extensible ETL built for data teams. The tool helps users extract data from many different sources, load that data into leading data platforms, and analyze it with leading tools.

You should us it if

Stitch is perfect for the user who is willing to put in the time at the front in and has the capability and patience to re-sync integrations occasionally. The setup is quick, though there is a learning curve for the user interface that can be difficult.


Stitch offers a range of plans, from free to $1,000 per month. There is also an enterprise plan with custom pricing.

Style Report

Style Report Use Cases

Style Report by InetSoft was designed for 5 or more users. A cloud-ready server application for any type of organization that is ideal for production, interactive, and web-based reporting.

This software helps quickly generate and deliver automated reports.

You should use it if

Users benefit from automated interactive financial, marketing, and sales reports. Best for light data as heavy data can slow up the system and sometimes create formatting issues when exporting.


Pricing is not listed on the website. Contact the company directly for a quote.


Supermetrics Use Cases

Supermetrics is a simple data extraction platform for marketers that allows data pulls from social, SEO, PPC, and analytics. The data is compiled into a single place for reporting and analysis.

This data extraction tool is designed specifically for the smaller startup whose marketing occurs mainly on Facebook, Adwords, and Google Analytics.

The platform is limited to pulling data from a list of platforms into Google Sheets or Google Data Studio. If you end up using any other channels or need any more sophisticated dashboards or visualization, Supermetrics will not be compatible.

You should use it if

If you are a small startup looking to extract granular data from Facebook, Adwords, and Google Analytics and have the time on your hands to manually map the data together across platforms, only need limited lines of data, and have plans to stay small. Small startups can quickly outgrow this data extraction tool.


Supermetrics is the least expensive, starting at $19 per month, but the product is overly simple and basic..

‍There are different plans depending on where you plan to send your data, and the cost adds up quickly if you need to purchase any add-ons.


Tapclicks Use Cases

Tapclicks is a cloud-based tool providing data aggrevation, campaign analytics, management and reporting for marketers and companies that serve multiple clients.  

This data extraction tool helps automate the scheduling and exporting of reports into PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Email.   It provides large quantities of data sources with multiple options for visualization.

You should use Tapclicks if

If you are a marketer or work for a company that has a large client base you run campaigns for. While field customizations are limited there are a large number of visualization options to customize toward your client’s needs.


Tapclick’s Basic plan starts at $499/month. However, potential clients can utilize a free 14-day trial or demo versions before committing.

Yext Analytics

Yext Analytics Use Cases

Yext allows the user to see the full picture of how how consumers interact with the business online, across sites, platforms, and devices.

Yext monitors business listing sites pulling data to allow you to see whether the business listing information is correct. It allows business owners to update all online listings in one place, manage social media, add photos, and manage reviews.

You should use Yext Analytics if

Yext is a tool to make sure your business’s information is listed correctly across the internet. It also offers limited social media management and will alert you to new reviews online.


Yext offers a variety of packages. Contact them directly for prices.


Find what you are looking for? If you are looking for a data extraction tool to help with the aggregation of your data into a single destination then spend sometime going back over these 30 tools to determine which platform is the right one for you.‍

Our recommendation: Improvado

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