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Chartio vs Grow vs Cision vs Ninjacat vs Improvado

A variety of data extraction tools have been created to help businesses make sense of their data, have access to a centralized dashboard, and make informed decisions about future campaigns from that data.

There are many different types of data extraction tools that will capture and track data about your marketing campaigns. Some are created for specific industries, while others are narrowed into the marketers dilemma and others are much broader in scope.

Collecting data can be time consuming and overwhelming. 20 to 40 hours of time can easily be allocated (and lost) to collecting, exporting, and uploading data. Only to have it outdated by the time it is presented to the team.

There are data extraction tools, such as Improvado, that provide solutions. Marketers can save valuable time refocusing their energy to other profitable tasks while software automates the necessary data in real-time.  

How We Use Data Extraction Tools

Here at Improvado, we are hard at work helping marketing teams gather ALL their data into ONE PLACE. That means, data about the performance and spend of marketing campaigns, data about customers. Having all your data in one place means that no one is wasting time gathering data or building reports. That means it's easy to make informed optimizations and increase ROI. Sound interesting? Learn more here.

Each of the following data extraction tools vary. Read through them carefully to determine which tool is the right fit for your marketing needs.


Improvado is a data extraction tool for:

Improvado is designed by marketers for marketers. The platform allows marketers to view campaign data, collected in real time, in automated reports and custom dashboards.

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Improvado is helpful for:

Anyone struggling through the marketing nightmare of data collection across multiple platforms in real time to produce a concise and readable report. Improvado is able to connect with any marketing platform, collect the necessary data, and report back in a fraction of the time. Integrations with the platform run deep, pulling granular data from both the keyword and ad level. This data extraction tool provides marketers the ability to see the whole picture.

Dashboards and integrations are customizable and the customer support team is always on hand to help clients build out their dream dashboard. Customer Support is one of the key differentiators against competitors.

Data can be viewed on the Improvado dashboard as well as in any BI tool you use, including Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio etc.

Who should use Improvado:

Improvado is Perfect for Marketing Leaders & Analytics Leaders

Marketing leaders:

Maybe you’re the Director of Marketing, a VP or a CMO at a mid to enterprise size business. You’re responsible for deciding how to spend a large budget and you’re also responsible for presenting marketing performance to the leadership team.

If that’s you -- Improvado will allow you how to OWN your analytics with confidence, like the sophisticated data-driven leader you are!

Analytics Leaders:

Maybe you’re an analyst, the VP of Engineering or the CTO at a mid to enterprise size business. You’re responsible for mapping data together across the business and presenting visual insights to the leadership team. You’re sick of replying to one-off requests from the marketing team about building out APIs and running scripts.

If that’s you-- Improvado will show you how to build a clean flow of data that puts an end to one-off marketing requests, once and for all!

If you are looking for a simple to learn, simple to use tool that is fully customizable and includes full customer support then look no further than Improvado.

Following are just a few of the advantages that come with this data extraction tool:

  • Implementation is simple and does not require developers
  • Data aggregated into one destination in real time
  • Completely customizable, including custom metrics and integrations
  • Deep and granular data integrations
  • Map out data across several platforms


Improvado pricing is done on a custom basis. The company can assess your business needs and give you pricing details during a call.

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marketing analytics platform - chartio

Data extraction tool for:

Chartio helps manage day-to-day business operations, as well as track marketing efforts.

Helpful for:

The software provides business owners, product teams, data analysts, and marketers with helpful organizational tools. Chartio offers a central dashboard and functions for data exploration with the ability to present data from multiple sources in a variety of charts.

You should use it if:

If you are looking for a data extraction tool that can handle complex queries, possesses the ability to write SQL, and displays data in colorful, simple charts then this data extraction tool may be right for you. However, Chartio comes with a steep learning curve, particularly for users new to business intelligence or that lack SQL knowledge.


The framework is robust and performant, the platform allows for quick and insightful analyses as well as powerful report programming equally well which makes it a great bridge between solutions that anyone can setup and frameworks that require more advanced programming skills.

With Chartio, you can run from data to visualization in seconds, even if you don't know SQL. Chartio has a visual editor, clear and easy joins and table keys, a huge range of preconfigured data sources, and easy dashboard and folder management.


Chartio does custom pricing. Contact the company for a quote.

chartio pricing


marketing analytics tool - grow

Data extraction tool for:

Grow is a business intelligence platform that lets you aggregate data from numerous sources in real-time for analysis.

Helpful for:

This software easily accesses and analyzes business data in real-time from numerous sources, including SaaS applications, databases, and spreadsheets. Users can create customized dashboards and reports supposedly without the need of a developer. The platform features pre-built reports that can be implemented with a single click.

You should use it if:

Grow is for the business (not specific to marketers) who is in need of real-time data but does not require that data to be collected in real-time or very granular. There can be a bit of a learning curve for those unfamiliar with SQL and the program often runs slow and experiences glitches.


As a small business that is building from the ground up, we have data coming from multiple locations, Google Analytics, Dropbox, our website, quickbooks, etc. Now we have a central location that we can look at all the data. It has allowed us to look at our whole business in real time.

We have 30+ SaaS systems and were using SQL/GSheets to analyze data. Within 15 days of implementing we had over 100 metrics and 10's of dashboards - six months later the Grow and the discussion of metrics is everywhere - slack, email, online, on company dashboards, in the hands of our investors. This all with one dedicated analytics resource.


Grow does custom pricing for its platform. You can contact the company for a quote.

grow pricing


marketing analytics platform - ninjacat

Data extraction tool for:

Digital marketers and agencies, specializing in SEO reporting, PPC reporting, and budget monitoring will benefit from the use of this all-in-one reporting solution. .

Helpful for:

Ninjacat integrates with commonly used PPC, SEO, display, social media, and call tracking channels, allowing users to automate their reporting and monitor their budgets and campaigns. The tool can be good for marketers who needs a single solution for reporting PPC, SEO, and other campaign efforts, but its cost can make it difficult for smaller businesses to be able to afford the tool.

You should use it if:

Ninjacat is for the marketer looking for an all-in-one reporting solution that allows for the customization and isolation of metrics. A level of patience is required as onboarding is often tedious and time consuming and changes aren’t always captured immediately. For the small business cost, along with extra fees, can be prohibitive.


We have been using Ninjacat for a couple of years now. It is easy to use, provides quality reports that are super customizable and is cost effective. They continue to improve functionality as well as increase the number of platforms they connect with. The customer support is some of the best I have ever run into. They are not only quick to respond but very helpful. I know if I have any issues, they will handle it. I LOVE Ninjcat!

It is an all-in-one solution for analytics, KPI monitoring, reporting, and call tracking. It makes visualizing the data across a larger amount of clients and their disparate campaigns easy and helpful.


Pricing for Ninjacat is on a subscription basis and extra fees can be accumulated with use. The company offers an option for a demo and a free trial.


Data extraction tool for:

PR and communications professionals use Cision to manage, execute, and measure earned media campaigns to turn them into valuable insights that include revenue and ROI contribution with Google Analytics, adobe ANalytics, and Salesforce integrations.

Helpful for:

Cision helps measure the performance and impact of earned media campaigns. The program identifies influencers, distributes stories, monitors relevant coverage, and measures impact.

You should use it if:

Cision is for marketers looking to promote through influencers and wish to discover which ones are the best ones to engage with and across which channels. It captures insight into trending topics and real-time conversations about your company.


Cision is a great service for social media marketing. It has a solid database, flexible and user-friendly interface and many useful tools for marketing. With its assistance, you can turn into reality different marketing strategies within a second.

The reliability, usability, and overall data quality makes me an extremely satisfied customer. Cision certainly excels at obtaining contact information and list building.


The cost of Cision is not shared on the website. Contact the company directly for a quote.

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Chartio vs Grow vs Cision vs Ninjacat vs Improvado

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