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Top 5 AgencyAnalytics Alternatives: Elevate Marketing Reporting

AgencyAnalytics is quite popular among marketing agencies. However, it may not be the ideal platform for everyone.

If you have experienced limitations with AgencyAnalytics or are simply checking to see if there are better options, then this guide is for you.

Here's a quick roundup of our top 5 AgencyAnalytics alternatives:

  • Improvado (Top Recommendation): An enterprise-grade solution helping marketing, sales, and revenue teams automate full-cycle analytics and reporting processes. Ready to scale? Start improving your analytics today with full-fledged support from an Improvado expert.
  • DashThis: A reporting and analytics platform for marketing professionals and agencies that want to create simple reports for SEO, PPC, and SEM campaigns.
  • Whatagraph: Similar to DashThis and AgencyAnalytics, Whatagraph helps marketers with PPC, call tracking, and SEM reporting.
  • Singular: A marketing attribution platform designed mainly for marketers who run mobile advertising campaigns.
  • TapClicks: A digital marketing analytics and reporting platform that consolidates marketing data from over 6,000 platforms.

The following section will dive deeper into each platform, covering all the essential aspects you may be curious about.

AgencyAnalytics Overview

AgencyAnalytics is a marketing reporting platform designed to help marketing agencies build automated reports and customized dashboards to show the impact of their marketing campaigns and strategies. The platform is designed specifically for marketing agencies that want to create reports for PPC, SEO, social media campaigns, call tracking, and more.

With 70+ integrations, AgencyAnalytics connects to some of the most popular marketing platforms, helping marketing professionals combine data from all their sources into one dashboard. The platform doesn’t make provisions for requesting custom integrations, leaving its users to improvise when trying to access custom data.

AgencyAnalytics customers can choose between dashboard templates,  prebuilt reports and a drag-and-drop report builder. The software includes a report scheduling feature to customize and automate the frequency and time reports are sent to the clients.

The platform also offers a white labeling option, allowing agencies to maintain their brand identity throughout their dashboards.

AgencyAnalytics Use Case

AgencyAnalytics is made explicitly for marketing agencies in multiple industries. However, most of its customers are small business owners. It offers several features, covering the major aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.

For SEO, AgencyAnalytics users can get access to backlink monitoring, track ranking, sitewide audits, and automated SEO reporting.

The platform offers prebuilt reports and dashboard templates to help its users move faster. Its report scheduling feature allows you to send out reports to clients daily, weekly, or monthly, all automated.

AgencyAnalytics doesn't perform advanced data transformations. However, the platform is straightforward and suitable for beginners and non-technical users.

AgencyAnalytics Pricing

AgencyAnalytics offers three pricing plans: Freelancer, Agency, and Enterprise.

  • The Freelancer plan costs $12 per month and offers basic features like the drag-and-drop editor, integrations, and dashboard templates.
  • Users on the Agency plan can access more advanced features like PPC markup, custom metrics, full white labeling, and more. This costs $18 per month.
  • Enterprise users get access to the platform’s API, a dedicated account manager, custom domains, cross-campaign reports, and more. This plan’s costs are customized based on the user’s reporting needs.

For each pricing plan, there is a 14-day free trial available. 

The platform offers its Rank Tracker and Site Auditor as add-ons, each costing $50 per month.

AgencyAnalytics Integrations

AgencyAnalytics offers integration to over 70 platforms, covering the major tools used by marketing professionals and agencies.

However, its library of 70 integrations is relatively small compared to some of the platform's competitors. Furthermore, there is no option for requesting custom integrations for platforms you don't find in the integrations catalog.

The platform does have a REST API that lets developers connect to and access custom data sources. However, this is only available to Enterprise users.

Improvado (Top AgencyAnalytics Alternative)

Improvado is an enterprise-grade solution that helps marketing, sales, and revenue teams automate analytics and reporting processes.

Improvado centralizes your data from over 500 sources into one destination (data warehouse or BI tools), making it possible to get a holistic view of your omnichannel efforts on time and at scale or dig deep into the marketing performance with respect to a particular audience, cohort, or creative. No SQL queries or manual operations are required. 

The platform offers advanced data transformations that efficiently organize complex data to suit your BI and analytics requirements. This eliminates time wasted on manual data cleansing and normalization and delivers high-quality, dashboard-ready data in no time. 

  • One of its most popular transformation functionalities, the Marketing Common Data Model (MCDM), is an out-of-the-box solution that automatically harmonizes disparate metrics and merges data from multiple channels. The solution comes with a pre-built cross-channel Data Studio dashboard and a number of dashboard templates, helping you build an ultra-granular picture of your omnichannel revenue-impacting activities.
  • For teams with deeper technical expertise and greater needs, Improvado offers DataPrep, an enterprise-grade, self-service transformation solution. Teams or individual data specialists run transformations by applying data rules and using over 300 features to facilitate data discovery.

Once the data is aggregated and transformed, Improvado pushes it to your desired destination, such as a data warehouse, analytics tool, BI or data visualization platform. Improvado has native integrations with Power BI, Redash, Tableau, ClickHouse, Google BigQuery, and other popular destinations. 

Additionally, Improvado provides a marketing attribution modeling solution for brands to get a better sense of every touchpoint within their customer journey. Improvado works with first-party cookies and in a cookieless environment, and it comes with single-touch and multi-touch models that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your company. 

Improvado Use Case

Improvado caters to marketing, sales, and revenue teams in agencies, mid-market brands, and enterprises, offering zero-code solutions for data integration, transformation, and visualization, among others.

Designed for users with zero technical expertise, Improvado streamlines analytics and reporting processes by offering data transformation recipes and visualization templates. Meanwhile, the Improvado Professional Services team can customize your dashboard, connect custom data sources, enable flat-file feed, design custom data transformations, and provide data warehouse management services. 

The solution also has users in health, finance, insurance, and other privacy-sensitive industries, thanks to its compliance with HIPAA, SOC-2, and enterprise SLA.

Improvado Pricing

Unlike AgencyAnalytics, Improvado offers customized pricing for its customers and doesn’t tie its users to a one-size-fits-all billing plan.

A company only gets a quote after discussing its reporting needs and business objectives on a 30-minute call with a member of the Improvado sales team. That way, you pay only for the amount of your data pipeline you offload and the number of data rows used. 

Additionally, Improvado runs a token system where users get access to credit units called Data Extraction Customization Service (DECS) points. These credits can be spent on adding custom connectors, new report types, metrics, and dimensions for existing and custom data sources, or flat-file ingestion.

Improvado Integrations

Improvado has a collection of over 500 integrations spanning digital advertising, email marketing platforms, social media, CRMs, data warehouses, and BI tools, among others.

Improvado's customers can also request custom integrations if they need to connect to a platform that's not included in the library. Under the contract, a custom connector will be delivered in six weeks at the most. The ability to request connectors to custom data sources is available to all Improvado customers.

Each integration is fitted with the best data granularity on the market. Browse through the Improvado Data Dictionary to learn what metrics, reports, and dimensions you can pull from each data source or book a call with a company representative to discuss your analytics needs. 


DashThis is another data reporting platform designed for marketing professionals and agencies. The platform focuses on helping digital marketers generate simple, automated reports for PPC/SEM campaigns, email marketing, social media, and SEO.

The platform offers around 34 integrations, encompassing some major marketing platforms. For custom data, DashThis provides a CSV file manager that allows you to import custom data in CSV formats. Alternatively, you can use its Google Sheets Integration to work around challenges with custom data sources.

DashThis offers preset widgets and prebuilt report templates for different use cases. It also provides a white labeling option more flexible than AgencyAnalytics' offering.

Users generally complain about inaccurate data, limited granularity, steep pricing, poor filtering capabilities, and the inability to quickly switch between data sources.

DashThis Use Case

DashThis is specifically designed for marketing teams running PPC, email marketing, and social media campaigns, among others. The platform's customers include small businesses, non-profits, and enterprises in various industries.

In general, DashThis doesn't offer many advanced features in a bid to focus on simplicity. Thus, the platform is basic enough for non-technical users.

Users can leverage the platform for PPC, eCommerce, SEO, and general marketing reporting.

DashThis doesn't seem to offer professional services, but users get access to a very active customer support team to help them through platform-related challenges.

DashThis Pricing

DashThis offers four pricing plans: Individual, Professional, Business, and Standard, costing $39, $129, $249, and $399 per month, respectively.

Users on the Business and Standard plans are the only ones eligible for the platform's full features. While Business users are limited to 25 dashboards, Standard users get to create 50 dashboards. For Standard users, there’s the opportunity to increase your dashboard limit at additional costs.

DashThis Integration

DashThis offers integrations to 34 platforms, which is relatively low compared to its counterparts. There is no means for requesting a custom integration on the platform.

However, the platform does offer a CSV file tool that users can utilize while working with custom data sources. It also integrates with Google Sheets, which you can use to work around this hurdle.


Whatagraph is another marketing platform designed for marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams. The platform is quite similar to DashThis, offering solutions for PPC, call tracking, SEM reporting, and more.

The platform offers 40+ native integrations and also makes provisions for requesting custom integrations.

Whatagraph offers a template gallery containing ready-made dashboards for faster data visualization and reporting. It also allows users to create custom reports using its Smart Builder, which reportedly has impressive customizability.

The platform also offers report scheduling functionalities, allowing users to fully automate the reporting process, from initial building to sharing.

Additionally, Whatagraph offers a flexible white labeling option where you can use your brand logo, change the color themes, and make structural changes to match your brand identity. 

Whatagraph Use Cases

Whatagraph is mainly for marketing agencies and in-house marketers. Thus it offers several functionalities relevant to these groups.

This includes over 80 reporting templates, cross-channel analytics, data blending, and more.

The platform also offers personal onboarding sessions, and each user gets a dedicated account manager regardless of their pricing plan.

Whatagraph Pricing

Whatagraph offers three pricing tiers: Professional, Premium, and Custom.

At the basic level, Professional costs $199 per month, while Premium costs $299 per month. Custom is reserved for large agencies and companies with complex reporting needs. Thus, its pricing is customized for each user.

The Professional plan limits you to 25 data sources and 5 team members. However, you can increase your data source limit all the way to 50. However, this attracts additional costs, up to $349 per month. On the other hand, the Premium plan limits you to 50 data sources and allows you to increase this at additional costs.

It is also important to note that Whatagraph only has around 40 integrations. So, by “data sources”, they’re merely referring to the number of connection points you have with each integration. For example: one Facebook account, three Google Analytics views, and one TikTok account equals five data sources.

Whatagraph Integrations

Whatagraph offers 40+ integrations, encompassing major marketing platforms in every business's marketing stack. This includes analytics, social media, email marketing, and call-tracking platforms, among others.

The platform makes it possible for users to request custom connectors. All you need to do is reach out to the support team and discuss your needs.


Singular is a cloud-based marketing intelligence platform that helps marketing teams get a full view of ROI through marketing attribution, cost aggregation, fraud protection, and more.

The platform offers ETL capabilities that users can leverage to pull data from diverse sources, combine them in dashboards and reports, and access customized ROI and performance insights.

Singular integrates with over 1,000 platforms, spanning advertising, attribution, analytics, audience, and ad monetization platforms. There isn't any straightforward way to request a custom integration.

That said, Singular focuses more on marketers who use mobile app advertising. Thus, its mobile attribution solution packs some of its best functionalities. For marketers using only web-based channels, Singular performs attribution using JavaScript tags which track visitors and provide reports on their behavior.

Singular Use Cases

Singular is designed specifically for marketing professionals and agencies. However, the platform focuses more on marketers who use mobile advertising.

It does offer cross-platform solutions for enterprise users. However, users with mobile and web presence have reported limitations on the web-related analytics.

The platform is generally easy to operate and is, thus, suitable for non-technical users. But sharing reports with clients is a manual process with Singular, making it quite time-consuming for agencies working with multiple clients.

Singular Pricing

Singular offers two pricing plans: Growth and Enterprise. Pricing for each plan is undisclosed.

Users on the Growth Plan get access to the platform’s core features. However, advanced offerings like custom data connectors and destinations, enterprise SLA, and private cloud (add-on) can only be accessed by Enterprise users.


TapClicks is a marketing operations platform that automates how agencies, media companies, and enterprises capture, transform, analyze, and activate data.

The platform offers a suite of tools for analytics, report generation, process automation, and more.

The platform's flagship product, TapAnalytics, consolidates marketing and performance data into a single dashboard—fitted with automated reports and analytics.

TapClicks has a library of over 6,000 data connectors. Additionally, the platform has "Smart Connector," a tool that lets you integrate data from almost any data source and file format. However, building this Smart Connector will require technical expertise. Also, once created, a Smart Connector cannot be deleted.

TapClicks also offers professional services covering pipeline engineering, maintenance, installation, consulting, and more.

TapClicks users generally report problems with ease of use, slow support, and limited customization abilities.

TapClicks Use Cases

TapClicks is designed for marketing teams in agencies, media companies, eCommerce brands, and enterprises.

As a marketing operations platform, TapClicks offers a suite of products that combine to help marketers discover trends and opportunities through analytics; create automated, customizable, and shareable reports; automate order and fulfillment processes; and run competitor analysis.

TapClicks is HIPAA compliant, making it suitable for healthcare brands.

In addition to its portfolio of products, TapClicks offers professional services where a team of experts helps clients set up data sources, reports, and custom integrations.

TapClicks Pricing

TapClicks currently doesn’t have any pricing information on its website. It does, however, allow customers to try the platform for free for 14 days.

TapClicks Integrations

TapClicks offers one of the largest collections of integrations in the industry, covering over 6000 platforms. It also makes provisions for custom integrations using a tool it calls the Smart Connector. This will require technical expertise.

Also, if you do not have an in-house engineering team for your custom connectors, you can sign up for TapClicks' Professional Services to have some TapClicks experts build the custom integrations for you.

Accelerating Results with a Robust Data Platform

This guide explored five of the best AgencyAnalytics competitors in the industry. Your ideal data platform should fit your company size, budget, utilized data volumes, and channels in your marketing, sales, and revenue stacks.

The most versatile tool on the list is Improvado. It is a marketing analytics solution powered by advanced features, multiple customization options, and a team with extensive experience in the marketing field, making it a great fit for enterprise and mid-market brands.

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