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The Best Marketing Agencies in San Francisco: Top 65 Agencies

Finding the best marketing agency in San Francisco for your business can be a challenge. 

Since San Francisco is teaming with brilliant creatives, we thought it would be helpful to create a comprehensive resource, consolidating all the best San Francisco marketing agencies into one place.

Here at, we're experts at consolidating things into one place -- primarily marketing data. ;)

And we're also passionate about helping marketers in general. 

That's why we put together this list of the top 65 marketing agencies in San Francisco. 

We hope it will assist you in finding the perfect marketing agency for your business. The agencies are split up into the following categories:

  • Advertising
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing & SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Public relations.
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The Best Advertising Agencies in San Francisco

#1. Growth Marketing Pro

Which San Francisco Advertising Agency Sounds Right For You? These 20+ agencies have worked with world renowned brands like Disney, Adidas, Ben & Jerry’s, and so many more. With experience building delightful content that touches millions around the globe, you can be sure these agencies can provide creative services to take your business to the next level.

How They’re Different: Smarter 🧠 SEO Than Your Competitors — Done For You. We grow your traffic & get you more customers. We’re not your traditional marketing agency. We rank #1 on Google for competitive keywords like “best marketing agencies” and “growth marketing.” What would it mean if your company ranked #1 for competitive terms in your niche? Let’s talk. 

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Meet the team: Hailey Friedman & Mark Spera are the Founders of Growth Marketing Pro, the largest growth marketing site on the internet. They’ve helped grow hundreds of businesses to millions in revenue via SEO. 

Featured in: Entrepreneur, Inc, WSJ, Hubspot, MarketWatch, G2Crowd

Key Services: SEO, Content Generation, Link Building, Growth Marketing

Noteworthy Testimonial: “They grew our organic traffic by 20x.”

Impressive Clients: Cube Software, Setsail, Dipsea, Kyte, Monarch, Wheelhouse, Spekit

#2. barrettSF

How They're Different: barretSF has great expectations: they want to be the best ad agency in the world.

Notable Win: AdAge West Coast Small Agency of the Year.

Impressive Clients: Salesforce, Jet, Zappos, Comcast

Noteworthy Quote: “Advertising is the most powerful art form on the planet.”

#3. Cutwater

How They're Different: Workers with diverse backgrounds that give clients access to broader and more experienced workers.

Unique Projects: #StrengthHasNoGender, a campaign for Brawny

Impressive Clients: Google, Feeding America, Ubisoft

Core Beliefs: Great storytelling, Clients have something to prove, the power of creativity, The economy of a big idea.

#4. Argonaut

How They're Different: Argonaut has a deep-rooted commitment to wholeheartedly understanding and getting excited about your business.

Notable Win: Adweek’s Creative 100 2017

Noteworthy Quote: “We aim to create groundbreaking work that serves two goals. Work that works and work that’s wanted.”

Impressive Clients: Fitbit, Dodge, Titanfall.

#5. Duncan Channon

How They're Different: Duncan Channon focuses on relaunching brands with help in strategy, identity, design, and more.

Notable Win: Two-Time Ad Age Agency Of The Year

Impressive Clients: Birkenstock, Hard Rock, Sephora

Noteworthy Quote: “We help organizations unearth, unfurl and unleash truly distinct identities.”

#6. Baker Street Advertising

How They're Different: BSA creates advertising and digital content, plans and buys media, and produces film and video unlike any other agency by leveraging consumer insight, behavioral economics, and predictive data analytics.

Noteworthy Quote: “We thrive on getting our hands in the clay and doing our part to make it a masterpiece.”

Key Industries: Sports, Automotive, Film

Mantra: Discovery. Creativity. Proof.

#7. Closed Loop

How They're Different: They offer an unfair advantage to their clients by utilizing their senior practitioners, deep ad industry expertise and their own ad technology in a way that enables clients to grow faster and hit their ROI goals.

Notable Win: They saw a 300% average lead volume increase for their clients in 2016

Impressive Clients: Intercom, Tableau, Harvest, Yext

Noteworthy Testimonial: “Closed Loop’s strong UX design expertise and iterative testing plan doubled conversion rates across our landing pages.” – Lauren Pattison, VP Marketing, Blurb.

#8. Venables Bell & Partners

How They're Different: Venables Bell & Partners is dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients, and they have acquired three other business units (Lumberyard, VBP Ops, and VBP Orange) to help their clients with all their needs.

Noteworthy Quote: “We were founded on two simple intentions: Do right by our clients and do right by our people. The rest takes care of itself.”

Impressive Clients: Sheraton, Reebok, 3M

Company Philosophy: "Our intentions are good." Venables Bell & Partners has a business model built on honesty and fearlessness.

#9. Pereira & O’Dell

How They're Different: Pereira & O'Dell wants to help your company switch from advertising-centric to content-centric marketing.

Notable Wins: AdAge 2016 Standout Agency Of The Year; Fast Company’s 2014 Most Innovative In Advertising

Unique Project: The Beauty Inside, an Emmy award-winning series created for Intel and Toshiba

Impressive Clients: National Geographic, The Cheesecake Factory, Sprite.

#10. Gumas

How They're Different: Gumas, Champion of the Challenger Brand, thinks of successful marketing as a smooth-running machine, with all its components working together in harmony to maximize results and return on investment.

Their Challenger Brand 5-Step Process: Research, Strategy, Creative, Activation, Manage

Impressive Clients: SanDisk, Mattel, HP.

#11. BBDO

How They're Different: BBDO is focused on valuing teamwork as they see advertising as a team sport.

Noteworthy Quote: “If it’s good, make it great, if it’s great, make it legendary.”

Impressive Clients: SPCA, Wells Fargo, Uncle Ben’s

Unique Project: Dads Who Play Barbie, a campaign for Barbie.

#12. Riney

How They're Different: Riney believes in great creative thinking and ideas, they will work tirelessly to make those ideas come to life.

Noteworthy Quote: “This is Riney. A culture that strongly believes in the power of great creative thinking and ideas in any form.”

Impressive Clients: T-Mobile, Beneful, Stanford Health Care

Mission: Lead the Change.

#13. Huge

How They're Different: Huge wants to build your business by creating experiences that people love.

Key Service Offerings: Business Strategy, Product Design, Marketing

Key Industries: Fashion, Technology, Hospitality

Impressive Clients: LG, Kohl’s, Gucci, AMC Theatres.

#14. MRY

How They're Different: MRY bases their entire company on three words, “Ideas Humans Love” and they strive to make sure that every campaign they take on proves that.

Key Service Offerings: Intelligence (Consumer Research, Behavior Science); Strategy (Brand Planning; Creative, Media, and Social Strategy); Creative (Microcontent, IRL Engagement); Activation (Innovation, Community Management)

Noteworthy Quote: “We compel people to act. To do. To watch. To buy. To fall in love with your brand.”

Impressive Clients: Hulu, Walmart, Adobe.

#15. Cibo

How They're Different: Cibo is a brand experience agency by helps their clients by being an intersection between brand narratives and user experience design and engineering

Key Services: Brand Experience Strategy, Advertising & Content, Experience Design, Technology Development

Impressive Clients: Salesforce, Tesla, Subaru

What Clients Said: “Working with Cibo was a crucial component of our success. Cibo became an extension of our team very quickly, and were able to roll with all the changes that come with this kind of start-up environment.”--Matt Schow, VP of Marketing for one of their clients Gen Tux.

#16. Heat

How They're Different: Heat wants to use the power of surprise to build brands, solve problems and kindly take over the world.

Notable Wins: Adweek 2015 Breakthrough Agency Of The Year; Adweek 2015 Agency To Watch

Impressive Clients: EA, Shutterfly, Hotwire, Zynga

Noteworthy Quote: “Heat exists to bring powerful, brilliant, creative ideas to life. The kind of ideas that catch you off guard. Or make you smile. Ideas that bring people in and make them a part of the journey.”

#17. Mekanism

How They're Different: Mekanism creates advertising at the intersection of technology, design, culture, and brand stories. Mekanism helps brands build loyalty, authenticity, and love.

Notable Wins: 2016-2017 Ad Age Best Place To Work; 2011 Ad Age Small Agency of the Year Gold Winner

Impressive Clients: Ben & Jerry’s, United Nations, The North Face, Peloton

Mission: Storytelling for emerging media.


How They're Different: The team behind MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER are creatively driven professionals in the industry formerly known as advertising. Their aim is simple. They want to help you do something better than you would have done without us.

Notable Wins: Ad Age 2014 Small Agency Of The Year

Impressive Clients: Lyft, Golden State Warriors, Stitch Fix, Audi

Top Three Rules: 1. Do no harm; 2. If everyone gets out of the box, get back in; 3. Make the world 0.000001 percent more beautiful with everything you do.

#19. AKQA

How They're Different: AKQA believes they are an innovation and experience design agency. They are an imaginative application of art and science. They exist to create a better future with you.

Qualities They Look For: Passion, Conscientiousness, Adaptability, Loyalty, and Integrity

Impressive Clients: Nike, Volvo Cars, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Tommy Hilfiger

Key Services: Innovation & Experience Design, Community, Data Science, Engineering, Business Transformation & Commerce

#20. Camp + King

How They're Different: Camp + King is a creatively driven, strategically whip-smart ad agency in San Francisco's Presidio.

Notable Win: AdAge's 2017 Small Agency of the Year - Gold

Impressive Clients: Energizer, Sling, Del Taco, Dish

Their Philosophy: Camp + King makes brands conversationworthyTM through listening, creating, amplifying, and measuring results.

#21. Hub Strategy & Communication

How They're Different: Hub Strategy & Communications builds their agency around being a creative and strategic hub. They have developed a fully integrated design, advertising, strategy, & production agency with an innovative network of ~100 freelancers to help your business thrive.

Key Services: Integrated Marketing, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Film & Video Production, Marketing Strategy, and Communications Planning

Impressive Clients: University of San Francisco; Oakland A’s, Texture, Eat24

Noteworthy Quote: “We build brands fast.”

#22. Eleven

How They're Different: The team at Eleven works alongside ambitious, visionary business leaders to rethink and reimagine their most essential brand conversations.

Notable Win: Ad Age 2017 Small Agency Of The Year

Impressive Clients: Oakley, Adidas, Visa, Apple

Key Services: Brand Vision, Creative Content, Branded Experiences, and Consumer Activation.

#23. Goodby Silverstein & Partners

How They're Different: Goodby Silverstein & Partners strives to create mass intimacy or content that reaches millions and billions yet seems to speak to only the reader of the content.

Key Services: Creative, Design, Brand Strategy, Research and Analytics, Communication/Media Strategy, Production (Digital, Broadcast, Print, and Experiential)

Impressive Clients: SONIC Drive-In, Adobe, Cheetos, StubHub

Noteworthy Quote: “Great work is only great if it reaps results.”

#24. True North

How They're Different: True North prides itself on creating actionable branding. They want to make sure that the impressions they garner for your brand make an impact.

Key Services: Media planning, Media Buying, Analytics, Online Advertising, Search, Video Content Creation, Production, Rich Media, Print, Direct Mail.

Impressive Clients: Disney, ASPCA, Reading Is Fundamental, USO

Key Industries: Consumer Brands and Nonprofits.

The Most Notable Digital Marketing Agencies of San Francisco

Media Cause

How They're Different: Media Cause uses digital strategies to build, engage and leverage communities to help nonprofits.

Mission: Accelerate the growth and impact of organizations and individuals doing good around the world.

Impressive Clients: Futures Without Violence, iMentor, Thorn

Key Services: Digital Strategy, Advertising, Community Growth, Fundraising, and Advocacy.


How They're Different: Organic matches customer insights with technology-enabled innovation to help brands create meaningful experiences using their 23 years of experience.

Key Services: Digital Marketing, Advertising, Website Development, Predictive Analytics, Media Planning, Social Media Marketing, and Marketing Strategy

Impressive Clients: AT&T, Quaker, U By Kotex.


How They're Different: Flickerbox combines marketing, design, and technology to create websites, product demos, and lead generation campaigns that work.

Impressive Clients: Stitchfix, Yahoo!, Symantec

Key Services: Interactive Marketing, Design, Website Development, Product Demos, Lead Generation, Marketing Strategy, Salesforce Integration, and Marketo Integration

Their Philosophy: We are better together.


How They're Different: BayCreatives sees themselves as an extension of your team with their “marketing department in a box” approach to handling clients.  

Impressive Clients: Twitter, Quip, McAfee, Cisco

What Their Clients Said: “BayCreative is our partner of choice. They understood our needs as a company, and, most importantly, our target audience.”-Adriana Vela Vice President of Marketing for NanoBioNexus.

46 Mile

How They're Different: 46Mile puts  data at the heart of every solution so you can make sure that your goals as a client are met and exceeded.

Words To Describe Them: Fresh, Accountable, Smart, Tenacious

Key Services: Integrated marketing, research, website development, brand strategy, creative content, SEO, SEM, paid media planning and buying, social media, and more.

IMA Interactive

How They're Different: At Ideas Money Art (IMA) they utilize powerful software and research methods to find out exactly how your channels are performing and who your customers are.

Key Services: Research & Analytics, Demand Generation, Digital Branding

Impressive Clients: Mercedes-Benz, Target, PG&E.


How They're Different: Trepoint uses a winning trifecta of brilliant creative, analytical expertise, and marketing technology to help brands succeed.

Noteworthy Quote: “We deliver breakthrough marketing and innovation that is as powerful as the clients we serve.”

Impressive Clients: Tai Pei, Sutter Home, EMC.

Clock Four

How They're Different: Clock Four was founded by a group of experienced professionals in 2006 who were tired of "business as usual" in digital agencies.

Key Services: Customer Experience, Digital Strategy, Brand Activation,  Lifecycle Marketing, Digital Presence, Marketing Platforms

Impressive Clients: US Bank, ADP, Chase, Visa, Corona.

Ethos Interactive

How They're Different: Ethos Interactive combines Strategists, designers, and technologists to transform your business to win the digital scene.

Core Principles: Humanly Centered, Digitally Native, Creatively Led

Impressive Clients: American Express, McDonald's, Ikea.

IM Republic

How They're Different: IM Republic uses a variety of programming languages to write your success story to bring your great idea to life.

Key Services: Mobile Strategy, Websites & Ecommerce, Software Development, Digital Marketing & Advertising, and Brand Strategy & Identity

Impressive Clients: Netflix, StubHub, eBay.

3Q Digital

How They're Different: 3Q Digital layers their media with strategy and innovation that's setting a new industry curve and shatters growth constraints for clients in every vertical.

Noteworthy Quote: “Channels cannot achieve maximum growth in a vacuum.”

Impressive Clients: Eventbrite, TaskRabbit, Square.

OneWorld Communications

How They're Different: OneWorld Communications is an advertising agency values diversity and a wide range of thoughts with multicultural marketing, marketing research, video production and affiliate offices in 20 countries

Noteworthy Quote: “Truth is when we align a product benefit to people’s emotions, aspirations, and culture. Truth is engaging people in that positive experience. Truth is when your story tells – their story.”

Impressive Clients: USDA, CalRecycle, San Francisco Study Center, The Wright Institute (Berkeley).


How They're Different: The team at Bamboo uses their passion to create a better, more transparent and efficient mobile customer acquisition service

What Their Clients Say: “Bamboo has been a trusted partner in the truest sense of the word, providing valuable insight and transparency in a fast-paced mobile environment, where constant iteration and re-evaluation is crucial for success.”-Adam Miller, Marketing Manager For Turo

Impressive Clients: Dropbox, Peleton, Yelp, Rover.


How They're Different: KNI helps marketers drive conversion and growth, with fully scalable, seamlessly integrated websites

Motto: “Let’s create something great, together.”

Impressive Clients: Juicero, Moovit, BOS Invest.


How They're Different: Wpromote pushes their clients to challenge convention, grow market share, increase customer lifetime value, and transform results

Their Mission: To become the world’s top independent digital marketing firm by exceeding the goals and shattering the expectations of their clients and a creating a culture of fun, respect, and passion for their talented and growing team.

Impressive Clients: Toyota, Verizon, Charming Charlie, bebe, Marriott.


How They're Different: Spritz is a small, boutique agency that combines interactive technologies with traditional marketing

Key Services: Branding & Creative Design, Event Marketing & Brand Activation, Public Relations, Strategic Partnerships, Advertising & Media Buying

Impressive Clients: Pier 2620 Hotel, JSP, Umpqua Bank, Scoma’s.


How They're Different: They are digital marketing agency specializing in the entertainment, retail, education, and technology verticals. They create beautifully integrated solutions and communication across all media, and help you develop marketing strategies, execute campaigns, and drive revenue. They believe that every element of your campaign is vital and informs each next element, which is why their approach is never siloed and always integrated.

Notable Win: ACQ5 Awards 2017 United States Strategic Communications Agency Of The Year and Game Gamechanger Of The Year

Noteworthy Quote: “Analytics driven. Award winning. We are product launch specialists."

Metric Theory

How They're Different: Metric Theory is a performance marketing agency of ambitious marketing experts and data wonks who see clients’ goals and budgets as their own, rooting their work in their core tenants of communication, data, technology, transparency, and above all else, results.

Notable Win: Ad Age's #1 Best Place to Work 2015

Key Services: Search Engine Marketing, Paid Social, Shopping & Feed Management, Amazon Ads, Media Planning, Programmatic Media, Audience Management, Digital Video.


How They're Different: Swirl is focused on serving and amplifying 21st-century brands.

Noteworthy Quote: “We believe that brand success in the 21st century will be rooted in brand actions.”

Impressive Clients: Hidden Valley, Microsoft, World Market.


How They're Different: Genuine makes brands agile, relevant and easy to love

Noteworthy Quote: “Our criteria for great work? It has to make us proud. It has to make our clients happy, and it has to deliver results.”

Impressive Clients: MTV, Reebok, Philips.


How They're Different: Centro takes a performance-driven approach to digital content

Their Mission: Create industry-leading media automation software and intelligence solutions that exceed expectations and delight their users.

Their Values: Growth is happiness; Do the right thing; Cultivate raving fans; Embrace change; Believe impact is possible; Feel the love; Win with work ethic; work hard, play hard.


How They're Different: DWA has 22 years of experience servicing B2B tech, as well as a global footprint to support some of the world’s largest enterprise tech companies.

Key Services: Strategy & Insights, Performance & Intent, Demand & Nurture, Content & Experiences, Brand & Integrated Media, Social & Community Engagement, Data & Analytics

Their Guiding Principles

Marketing shouldn’t be a nuisance to a consumer—it should be a vehicle for empowered, clearheaded decision-making.

Game-changing performance relies on an investment in your communications, not on a series of transactions.

“Right place, right time” is only half the battle. Effective communication relies on understanding and influencing individual mindsets.

The world’s most innovative brands believe in the power of data to transform conversations.

The Best Content Marketing & SEO Agencies of San Francisco

You want to make sure that you are producing valuable content and that it is optimized perfectly to rank on search engines like Google. Check out these San Francisco content marketing agencies below to get an idea of who can help.

Godfrey Dadich

How They're Different: Godfrey Dadich was formed by former Wired editor-in-chief Scott Dadich, and Patrick Godfrey, founder of former B2B agency Godfrey Q. Notable

Unique Project: Abstract: The Art of Design, an original documentary series for Netflix.

Impressive Clients: Obama Foundation, Wired, Symantec.

First Page Sage

How They're Different: First Page Sage is a passion-driven company whose values include treating clients and employees like family; over-achieving to exceed their clients' goals, and giving back to the community.

What Their Clients Say: “Lots of people claim to understand SEO and how to drive and convert leads over the internet, but this is first time I have seen someone clearly implement a strategy that makes sense and will work. Evan has already done it for himself, so he is the proof. If you are looking for the true expert in this industry, Evan is the real deal.”-Jim Hernandez, CEO of Strategic Business Communications, Inc.

Impressive Clients: USA Today, NBC, Taco Bell, Penguin Books, VeriSign.


How They're Different: Dialect is a digital agency that combines the creativity of content creation with the science of media buying and planning

Unique Project: Dragon+ Magazine, a digital magazine created in collaboration with Dungeons + Dragons

Impressive Clients: Amazon, Logitech, EA, Nvidia.


How They're Different: Valley Wizard takes each campaign as a personal challenge, and use all available digital internet tools to create and deliver the best end product for your company.

Their Main Principles: Innovation, Growth, and Efficiency

Key Services: Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Search Marketing, Email Marketing, Analytics, Lead Management, and Landing Pages.


How They're Different: Brafton strives to produce custom content marketing strategies and the writing, graphics, and videos to fuel your business online.

What Their Clients Said: "I definitely trust Brafton with giving us tools, options, and guidelines to maximize engagement with our customers."-Claire Weber, AIG Travel Communications Manager

Key Services: Blog Content Creation, eBooks & Whitepapers, Infographics & Asset Design, Video Production, Case Studies & Web Copy, and Newsletters & Email Copy.


How They're Different: SevenAtoms provides inbound marketing and PPC management services. They are also a HubSpot Gold Partner.

Key Services: Inbound Marketing Services, HubSpot Services, Content Marketing Services, Social Media Marketing, PPC Marketing, Display Ads and Retargeting, SEO, and Blogs and Ebooks Development

Impressive Clients: USA Today, Habitat For Humanity, Thomson Reuters

Their Goal: To build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.

Tendo Communications

How They're Different: Tendo Communications want to create programs that attract, engage, and retain your audiences and increase the results of your marketing efforts.

Key Services: Content Marketing, Thought Leadership Content, Case Studies, Web Content, Interactive Content, Social Media Strategy & Management, Content Strategy, Demand Generation

Impressive Clients: Caltech, Sprint, Blackboard, IBM, Hitachi.

Ready State

How They're Different: Ready State uses an investigative form of marketing that helps them get to the bottom of what stories and experiences your audience wants from you.

Noteworthy Quote: “Authenticity isn’t something you make up. It’s something you find.”

Impressive Clients: Airbnb, Hewlett Packard, Torani.

Top Social Media Marketing Agencies in San Francisco

Is your company social? If you think your ideal audience isn’t using social media, you’re likely mistaken. Social media marketing allows you to get up close and personal with your audience in real time. These four social media marketing agencies can help you grow your reach and increase engagement.

Chipperfield Media

How They're Different: Chipperfield Media is all about offering their clients empowered social media. They want their clients to own their social media to create authentic connections with their audience

Key Service Offerings: Digital Marketing, Website Design, Consulting, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, and Facebook Advertising.


How They're Different: Crowd is a  creative communications agency growing crowds worldwide. They have offices all over the world, including an office in San Francisco.

Key Service Offerings: Understanding your audience, Creating engaging content, Rewarding content that keeps your audience coming back; Harnessing by using essential people in your audience to push your message

Impressive Clients: Razor, Napa Valley, First Street Napa.

Growth Pilots

How They're Different: Growth Pilots prides itself in trying to produce authentic partnerships and long-term clients instead of jumping from client to client. They want to immerse themselves in your business fully!

Impressive Clients: Yahoo, Expensify, Kabbage

What Their Clients Say: "Growth Pilots has worked with Gusto for over 2 years and I consider them a leader in the digital marketing space. They understand the needs of growing companies, where things change quickly and fast action is required. The result of the Growth Pilots approach for Gusto has been consistent performance above our targets"-Daniel Davidow, Acquisition Lead at Gusto.

Epic Signal

How They're Different: Epic Signal focuses on growing your brand communities through digital video

Notable Win: Digiday Video Awards’ 2018 Best Video Advertising Agency and Partner

Impressive Clients: Pepsi, Kind, Ben & Jerry’s, Oculus

Noteworthy Quote: "We're building a brand through social and digital...It represents a real understanding of how media is consumed, and how brands are built today."

The Best PR Agencies in San Francisco

Alert the press! You want to get the word out about your business, and these San Francisco PR agencies who know how to make that a reality. These 9 PR agencies in San Francisco are ready to help you build your brand image within the media. A strong and positive brand image will help you raise awareness and attract new customers.

Landis Communications

How They're Different: Landis Communications has been serving clients in the public relations space for 25 years, over that time, they have built up a lot valuable experience for clients of all sizes.

Noteworthy Quote: "We believe in ideas that create change. We craft compelling stories. And, we communicate."

Impressive Clients: Biscoff Cookies, Bravo,, NBC Entertainment

Key Service Offerings: Public relations, Marketing communications, Social media, Digital Services, Advertising, Content Marketing.

Bateman Group

How They're Different: Bateman Group tries to understand many different facets of your company. They work on PR as well as social media, content marketing, and analytics to help technology and consumer brands turn innovation into market leadership.

Notable Win: PR News 2013 Top Places To Work In PR; Holmes Report 2014 Boutique Agency Of The Year

Impressive Clients: LinkedIn, Betterment, Google

Key Industries: Technology.


How They're Different: The team at LaunchSquad loves nothing more than to tell a good story. And for the last 18 years, they’ve been building powerhouse brands by doing just that.

Notable Win:  PR Week Boutique PR Agency of the Year

Impressive Clients: American Giant, Coursera, DWave, iHeart Media, Simplisafe, Sage

Key Service Offerings: Public Relations, Technology, Social Media, Marketing, and Video.

Ogilvy Public Relations

How They're Different: Ogilvy Public Relations has a global footprint that allows them to successfully counsel the world’s largest brands, organizations, and institutions and elevate their communications to the level demanded by today’s competitive market.

Impressive Clients: Unilever, eBay, Hennessy

Key Service Offerings: Brand Marketing, Content

Key Industries: Public Affairs, Healthcare, Technology.

Allison + Partners

How They're Different: Allison + Partners blends a large agency and a small agency given that they have 26 offices worldwide and over 300 employees. They can comfortably handle any project sent their way.

Notable Win: PR Week’s 2017 Best Places To Work-Large Agency

Impressive Clients: Toyota, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Gotham Organization

Mantra: We See Things Differently.

W2O Group

How They're Different: W2O Group is an agency network. They have multiple agencies that handle and help different sets of clients.

Key Services: Analytics, Strategy, Creative, Engagement

Award-Winning Campaign: PR News Platinum Awards Best PSA Award For Sanofi’s “Flu + You

Key Industries: Healthcare & Technology.

Highwire PR

How They're Different: Highwire PR combines their experience in journalism and Silicon Valley to create meaningful business results through smart communications programs.

Award-Winning Campaign: Winner of 2018 PRWeek Awards Best in B2B campaign - Software for a Cleaner Planet: GE Transforms the Electricity Industry

Impressive Clients: Twilio, GE, Trulia

Key Services: Public Relations, Technology, Telecommunications, Internet, Security, Software, Cloud Computing, and Social Media.


How They're Different: They are breaking industry molds. They are striving to make traditional media relevant again as well as housing multiple media services all in one location.

Key Services: PR, Content, Social Media, Design, filmmaking and paid editorial

Impressive Clients: Harvard University, Salesforce, Honeywell


How They're Different: Edelman strives to evolve PR into a mix of communications marketing, advisory and digital to advance the businesses and brands of tomorrow.

Key Service Offerings: Communications Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Communications, Social Media Marketing, Strategic Communications

Impressive Clients: Heineken, Dove, Barilla, Vaseline

Mission: To provide public relations counsel and strategic communications services which enable their clients to build strong relationships, and to influence attitudes and behaviors in a complex world.


San Francisco is a hub for fantastic creative marketing agencies working with various clients, winning accolades in their field, and showcasing their mission. You are bound to find a creative agency that will meet your company’s needs, and we hope this guide helps you do so!

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