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Top Marketing Agencies in Florida

Do you want to get a first-row seat to the Florida market and then stay ahead of the competition? Who doesn’t, right!? Luckily, there are many marketing agencies throughout Florida ready to build your reputation, establish your expertise, and boost your marketing performance.

However, don’t get carried away by the myriad of marketing agencies and their flashy, well-polished presentations, as wise investments are usually driven by hard numbers and clear actionable insights. It’s best to think about marketing analytics before partnering up with the marketing creatives who will show you where the marketing Promised Land lies. Anyway, you need your own roadmap that you can rely on when/if need be, and that roadmap is marketing analytics.

Improvado helps marketers tackle marketing challenges, automate routines, and significantly streamline marketing analytics. Get trustworthy reports in minutes and spend more time drawing marketing insights to make sound business decisions and, ultimately, increase ROI.

Share your business goals with us to learn to achieve them quicker by automating marketing analytics.

If marketing analytics isn’t something you want to deal with, then dive into our list of the top marketing agencies in Florida. We hope it will help you save precious time and there is a marketing agency that will eventually satisfy your company’s objectives. 

All of the listed agencies have seen great success and are divided into the following categories:

  • Advertising
  • Content marketing and SEO
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Public relations

Advertising Agencies

Some of these advertising agencies have worked with well-known brands like Ford, Under Armour, Marriott, and others. With years of experience creating great content that reaches millions worldwide, these agencies can provide the advertising services to take your business to the next level.

Chacka Marketing

chacka logo

Impressive Clients: Barnes & Noble, TravelZoo, Metaverse, TUNE.

Worth Noting: Chacka ranks #367 on the 2018 INC.5000 List.

Testimonial: “All the members of the Chacka team are extremely knowledgeable, proactive, and helpful. Their service and expertise have allowed us to grow and optimize our search marketing program.” - Elisa B, Barnes & Noble.

Services:  Paid Search, Social Advertising, Programmatic, Consulting.

Intersect Media

Intersect logo

The Intersect Media Motto: Where marketing insight meets media genius.

Mission: "To provide outstanding client services with innovative media solutions that reach relevant and prospective audiences, to promote our relationships with our media partners, and to be profitable in the pursuit."

Services: Marketing Research, Advertising Solutions, Planning and Placement, Accounting and Verification.

Criterion Global

criterion global logo

How they're different: Criterion Global is a leading independent, international media buying consultancy.

Motto: Outsmarting. Not outspending.

Their Secret: "Technology and Tenacity℠ is our secret to harnessing opportunities, breaking through the clutter, and powering growth."

Triton Advertising

triton logo

How they're different: Triton Advertising is a consultative agency hyper-focused on maximizing our clients' advertising efforts.

Mission: "We offer consulting services as well as exceptional media planning and buying capabilities, all compelled by a quest to eliminate inefficiencies and produce unrivaled results within modernized attribution models."

Key Services: Strategy Planning, Infrastructure Assessment, Partner Vetting, Technology Implementation, Media Buying, Sponsorships and Endorsements.

Impressive clients: Microsoft Education, New Honor Society, Synergy Dental Partners.

Tribeca Marketing Group

tribeca logo

How They’re Different: Tribeca uses strategic marketing approaches designed to target student-specific audiences.

Motto: Student-focused marketing.

Mantra: “We build relationships between students and schools.”

Services: Media and Advertising, Marketing and Admissions Consulting, Ynot Technology.

PMP Marketing Group

PMP logo

How They’re Different: PMP offers custom-tailored media and advertising services to law firms.

Motto: Practice made perfect.

Key Services: Media Marketing, Firm Management, Digital Marketing.

Core Philosophy: Synergy.

Mediagistic Inc

mediagistic logo

How They’re Different: Mediagistic offers tailored, performance-driven programs designed to deliver results.

Mission: To fuel growth and deliver results.

Core Values: Passion, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence.

Key Industries: Travel and Tourism, Automotive, HVAC, Home Services, Power Sports and Outdoor Power Equipment.

Kukic Advertising

kukic logo

How They’re Different: Kukic builds cost-effective strategies that place brands in front of their ideal audiences.

Key Services: Online Reputation Marketing, PPC, Website Design, SEO.

Impressive Clients: Volkswagen, CBS.

Words to Describe Them: Cost-Effective, Creative, Current.

St. John & Partners

SJ&P logo

How They’re Different: St. John & Partners is one of Florida’s largest independent marketing agencies, creating brand experiences that add value, enrich lives, and deliver results for businesses.

Motto: Be meaningful.

Mission: To help brands define the meaning and deliver that experience to customers across points in time.

Impressive Clients: Marriott, Zaxby’s, Daytona International Speedway, Under Armour, Ford.

The Brandit Agency 

the Brandit agency logo

How They’re Different: Brandit is a full-service promotional marketing agency, offering a wide variety of promotional branded products.

Impressive Clients: Samsung, T-Mobile, Chevrolet, MetroPCS.

Core Principles: Adaptability, Reliability, Emphatic Enthusiasm.

Mantra: Think It…Design It…Create It…Brandit!

Focus Inc

Focus logo

How They’re Different: Focus is a direct marketing agency that offers customized solutions for car dealerships of any size.

Noteworthy Quote: “Our process, the Direct Response 4 Step Formula, is why we are an industry leader in providing results. For automotive, this simply means you will sell more cars.”

Key Services: Digital Advertising, Marketing Automation, Licensed Advertising, Custom Advertising.

Mixed Media Fusion 

Mixed Media logo

How They’re Different: Mixed Media Fusion is in the business of helping businesses grow through a cohesive strategy.

Motto: Explosive content to blow up your business.

Mission: To ensure the success of clients’ products and services through long-term relationships that breed innovation and mutual respect.

Noteworthy Quote: “Innovation Think Tank. Think of it this way: We fuse like Voltron.”

Izon Global Media 

Izon logo

How They’re Different: Izon acts as a one-stop shop for clients to execute an out-of-home media campaign.

Key Services: Outdoor Advertising (Billboards, Street Furniture, Transit and Alternative).

Mission: To offer knowledgeable advice on which outdoor advertising formats are best suited for clients’ needs and their market, so they can make an informed decision.

Noteworthy Quote: “No matter what the size, IZON Global Media will make sure every campaign is cost-efficient and effective.”


Pace logo

How They’re Different: Pace is a full-service advertising agency that has a nationwide reach and the backing of WPP Worldwide.

Key Industries: Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

Words to Describe Them: Creative, Smart, Humble, Nimble.

Impressive Clients: Harvest Pointe, Glenwood, Red Apple Group, The Bristol Palm Beach.

KOAN Agency 

Koan logo

How They’re Different: Koan is part of WPP Digital and is a full-service marketing agency inspired by transmedia storytelling and the technology adoption lifecycle.

Impressive Clients: Garnier, Lancome, Elvive, Vichy.

Key Services: Social Media, Storytelling, Video, Web Design.

Zeh Arndt Creative


How They’re Different: Zeh Arndt Creative is an advertising agency that specializes in advertising, branding, and creating innovative business ideas.

Key Services: Design, Video Production, Copywriting.

Notable Awards: Emmy-nominated writer (Brian Arndt).

Impressive Clients: ESPN, Daytona Beach, Walt Disney World, Del Monte, Firehouse Sub.

CMSA Advertising

CMSA logo

How They’re Different: CMSA is a full-service boutique marketing agency with over thirty years under their belt of delivering results for clients.

Key Industries: Real Estate, Hospitality, Medical, Industrial Firms.

Words to Describe Them: Lean, Nimble, Proactive, Creative, Strategic.

Impressive Clients: Corsa America, Tampa Auto Club, Grand Prix Tampa.


Frix logo

How They’re Different: FR!X is a business support and marketing agency laser focused on getting clients’ more leads and better conversions.

We bring an outside set of eyes that is laser-focused on getting you more leads, better conversions and higher profits per sale.

Noteworthy Quote: “Winning is our passion. We love the challenge of helping businesses develop the strategies and the messaging that quickly makes them the fastest growing or quickest turn-around in their category.”

Impressive Clients: Papa John's Pizza, CitiFinancial, The Disney Channel, HSN.

Key Services: Business Analysis, Strategic Planning, Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing.

Content Marketing & SEO Agencies

SEO is more important than ever, and you have probably heard “content is king” before if you have read anything about marketing and SEO. You want to make sure you company has the correct content and website design that allows you to rank well on search engines. The marketing agencies specializing in SEO can help you do so.

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White Shark Media Inc 

White shark logo

How They’re Different: White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency with a focus on SEO. It is run by SEM pioneers who tailor its services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Founding Principle: Deliver a world-class experience.

Key Services: PPC Evaluation and PPC Management (Google Ads and BingAds).

Noteworthy Testimonial: "In a short period of time, White Shark Media was able to implement a solution that drastically and rapidly increased phone leads by 286%."

NetOne360 LLC 

NetOne360 logo

How They’re Different: NetOne360 is a full-service marketing agency that focuses on search engine optimization.

Key Services: SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Website Design.

Impressive Clients: UPS, ACE Hardware, HoneyBaked Ham.

Philosophy: Every project should be looked at from a sales perspective.

Best Edge SEO Inc

BestEdge logo

How They’re Different: Best Edge specializes in local, national and global internet marketing, optimized website design and development, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.

Key Services: Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing.

Vision: To provide only best practices and world-class transparent SEO and Internet marketing services and reporting to businesses for the lowest cost and best return.

Noteworthy Quote: “Best Edge SEO, Inc. educates business stakeholders to efficiently dominate their Internet marketing opportunity with the best Internet marketing strategies and search engine optimization available. The accountability and results Best Edge SEO provides to our clients are unsurpassed.”

Site Impact

Site Impact logo

How They’re Different: Site Impact specializes in email marketing and multi-channel direct marketing services. Its goal is to achieve measurable results for its clients.

Key Services: Email Marketing, Digital Advertising.

Noteworthy Testimonial: “Working with Site Impact has been the best thing for our business.”

Noteworthy Quote: “We have the ability to seamlessly develop unique and customized email marketing strategies to effectively reach client’s branding and marketing goals.”

SEO Ninja 

SEOninja logo

How They’re Different: SEO Ninja offers optimized and sustainable digital solutions that help build brands and enhance their reputation.

Key Services: Web Development, Online Marketing, Sale Optimization.

Vision: “Our ideology centres on the latest technologies and high-end designs.”

Noteworthy Testimonial: “Our traffic has doubled since these professionals have worked on our website. SEO Ninja has improved our keywords and content quality, which has helped us reach more customers, partner with reputed brands and expand our business globally.”


bizimobile logo

How They’re Different: BiziMobile is a boutique mobile marketing agency that provides mobile strategies for businesses focused on a local market.

Mantra: Be thumb-friendly.

Noteworthy Testimonial: “With 29 locations and growing, BiziMobile has given us the tools and online visibility in a highly competitive market. We have seen an exponential increase in organic foot traffic in a short period of time in a highly competitive market.”

Key Services: Lead Generation, SEO, Managed Online Marketing, Website Security, Mobile Website Design.

Corporate Ranking 

corporate ranking logo

How They’re Different: Corporate Ranking is a globally-reckoned marketing agency specializing in SEO, website design, and more.

Key Services: Search, Branding, Web Maintenance, Web Development.

Mission: To attain a niche in the internet marketing field so that it can create some positive impact on this world of web media marketing.

Noteworthy Quote: “We firmly believe in delivering better and enhanced solutions, which are in sync with the latest trends and advancements that rule the global markets of today.”

Digital Marketing Agencies

Is your digital marketing strategy working for your business? If it doesn’t seem like it is, these digital marketing agencies are here to help.

Glo Creative Inc

Glo logo

How They’re Different: Glo Creative is a unique group of designers, writers, technologists and radical thinkers who work as one to meet each client's objectives and achieve great results.

Impressive Clients: Kodak, Alibaba Group, Rockin Footwear.

Motto: Creative know-how with a personal touch.

Key Services: Website Development, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Media, Print, Broadcast.

Markdebrand INC

MDB logo

How They’re Different: Markdebrand is an integrated virtual services company that provides innovative solutions beyond typical marketing services.

Our effective strategies are developed by a multicultural team of professionals, ensuring company optimization and return on investment.

Impressive Clients: GMC, Pepsi, Chevrolet, Volvo, Gatorade, Cadillac.

Key Services: Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Technology.

Mantra: “The art of building innovative solutions in a virtual space.”

Epic Web Studios , LLC

Epic logo

How They’re Different: Epic Web Studios specializes in building solutions from the ground up with top-level developers and marketers.

Key Services: Web Development, SEO, Digital Marketing.

Noteworthy Quote: “At Epic, our core competencies lie in programming and building the best web-based solutions from the ground up. We believe your web presence should be the solution, not the problem.”

Core Principles: Strategic Thinking, Dynamic Designs, Personal Attention, Competitive Pricing, Success, and Guidance.

DigDev Direct Inc

DigDev logo

How They’re Different: DigDev Direct is a multi-channel infomediary with unique data and proprietary technologies that is committed to providing businesses and consumers with the most valuable digital media and development services.

Mission: To continue to create innovative, scalable, reliable and profitable products and solutions to meet the growing needs of the digital marketplace.

Impressive Clients: Ford, Honda, ABC, AMC Theatres, MasterCard, Pandora.

Cx3 Ads

CX3 logo

How They’re Different: Cx3 leverages innovative technology and data-driven intelligence to engage and target customers through permission-based marketing.

Mantra: Performance is everything.

Core Principles: Performance, Relationships, Knowledge.

Key Services: Web Design, Landing Pages, Campaign Creatives, Strategy Audits.

Cicor Marketing Inc 

CICOR logo

How They’re Different: CICOR specializes in helping small and medium-sized companies grow through their online marketing and increase their ability to attract and retain their customers.

Mission: To provide the best products and solutions for our customers.

Key Services: Web Design, Social Media, SEO, Content Strategy.

Noteworthy Quote: “We measure our success when our clients are successful.”

Wrell Marketing 

Wrell logo

How They’re Different: Wrell Marketing makes sure it is always learning and staying up to date on the most effective marketing methods.

Motto: Online marketing made simple.

Key Services: Website Design, Social Media, Consultations.

Noteworthy Quote: “Here at Wrell Marketing, we strive to not only be educated, but to have a never-ending continuing education.”

Chatter Buzz 

Chatter Buzz logo

How They’re Different: Chatter Buzz believes in creating better ideas differently, focused on delivering measurable marketing results.

Motto: Propelling towards tomorrow.

Impressive Clients: Rent-a-Center, LEGOland, General Electric, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Dunkin’ Donuts.

Core Values: Growth, Action, Grit, Data-Driven Team, A+ Client Services.

The CRUSH Agency 

Crush logo

How They’re Different: CRUSH is dedicated to creating dynamic campaigns from concept to delivery.

Motto: From concept to commerce.

Mantra: A better place for your brand.

Noteworthy Quote: “Not your typical team; not your typical results.” 

Social Media Marketing Agencies

Odds are your target audience is using social media, and quite a bit. You can get personal with your customers through social media marketing, building trust with them, leading them to purchase your products or services. Social media marketing agencies live and breathe social media.

Cave Social 

Cave social logo

How They’re Different: Cave specializes in helping businesses build their brand.

Impressive Clients: Lululemon, Berkshire Hathaway, HomeSearch.

Noteworthy Quote: “The internet is busy. We help your brand stand out.”

Key Services: Content Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media.

The Social Group

The social group logo

How They’re Different: The Social Group is a marketing agency specializing in sharing brand stories across many different social platforms.

Key Services: Social Media, SEO, SEM, Web Design, Creative.

Noteworthy Quote: “At The Social Group, we assist brands in sharing their story across a multitude of social platforms that captivate, engage and maintain consumer attention and loyalty.”

Public Relations

You may need help to get the word out more about your business, and these agencies know how to make it happen.


&Barr logo

How They’re Different: &Barr is a results-oriented marketing agency with a focus on public relations that partners with their clients to put their needs first.

Impressive Clients: Merlin Entertainments, Hard Rock Cafe, McDonald’s, Cracker Barrel.

Key Services: Media and Analytics, Creative and Production, Research and Strategy, PR and Social Influence.

Noteworthy Quote: “What’s the deal with the “&” anyway?  It’s not just a name—it’s a philosophy. It means we partner with our clients. CLIENTS.”

Premier Worldwide Marketing, LLC

Remier logo

How They’re Different: Premier Worldwide is an innovative, full-service sales and marketing agency specializing in the hospitality industry.

Key Services: Public Relations, Social Media, Proprietary Travel Agent Programs, Partnerships.

Key Industries: Hospitality.

Noteworthy Quote: “Premier Worldwide Marketing has the ability to execute high-impact campaigns that increase revenues and profits at each of its award-winning properties.”

Why Automate Marketing Analytics?

Deciding which agency you should partner up with is all about establishing your goals, needs and budget and, from there, finding the marketing team that matches them the best. However, that’s only the beginning: The more time passes, the more data there is to be analyzed. When marketing analytics stages are automated, they speed up the cycle of marketing analytics and also free up a lot of time to spend on evaluating marketing performance (as well as the performance of marketing agencies you partner up with). Based on the actionable insights you derive from your data, you can make invaluable business decisions towards increasing ROI.

Think of the benefits that are yours for the taking after automating marketing analytics, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Streamlined data management: Collect and crunch large volumes of data automatically in one comprehensive platform.
  • Pre-built or custom data transformations: Be the one who decides what depth of data needs to be displayed and analyzed.
  • Automated reporting that takes a few clicks: Get trustworthy reports when needed to uncover insights and make data-driven decisions.
  • Dashboards tailored to the metrics in question: Make the most of the existing templates or build unique custom dashboards.
Increase ROI by automating advanced analytics

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