marketing dashboard template

    Marketing Dashboard
    Ready-To-Use Template

    Track All Your Marketing Data in One Place.

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    Marketing Reporting and Attribution

    Report on marketing performance Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly

    marketing dashboard template

    Show ROI for Every Campaign

    Track the Most Important Metrics and Forecast Future Performance

    marketing dashboard template

    Easy Multichannel Marketing Optimization

    Report on every channel in one place.

    marketing dashboard template

    "It's extremely helpful to have all our data in a centralized place. The UI is easy to configure and the web query function is flexible to get data into our preferred visualization platform"

    Ryan Booth
    COO at Chacka Marketing

    Our success can be attributed to strategic optimizations and the use of the API aggregation platform, Improvado. 

    Vincent Chevalier
    CEO, Impulse Analytics
    marketing dashboard template

    The Ultimate Marketing Dashboard Report

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