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12 Best Marketing Dashboard Examples and Templates [2022]

Marketing dashboards are essential for a healthy analytics process. Without them, it gets very muddy, and you can't see the forest for the trees.

It takes only 20% of the time to get the marketing dashboard up and running. But the 80% goes to polishing and visualizing required metrics that make the whole picture look consistent.

After all changes, the dashboard might be overcomplicated so that only the creator can understand it. Eventually, it gets put on a shelf, and no one ever uses it.

What if we showed you marketing dashboard templates that both help marketers optimize campaigns and provide explicit understanding for the C-suite? 

We've built 12 marketing dashboards tailored to marketers' needs and pains. Let's get moving and uncover how real-time dashboards can boost your performance and ROI.

What is the marketing dashboard?

💡A marketing dashboard displays key marketing metrics and KPIs in a visual way.

This can exist in an excel spreadsheet or using a BI or visualization tool like Tableau, Looker, or Google Data Studio.

Dashboards are designed to provide data to marketers and relevant stakeholders in a way that makes it easy to analyze and pull important insights. The goal is to have a near real-time view into how your marketing efforts are performing.

What does a marketing dashboard include?

Every marketing dashboard should include some basic metrics to understand that shed more light on the campaign performance. Here are some of them:

  • Traffic sources
  • CTR (clickthrough rate)
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Progress to the goal (monthly/quarterly)

However, metrics depend on the type of marketing activities you're going to monitor. For example, email marketing reports will be quite different from cross-channel marketing reports.

By the way, Improvado can help you gather all required metrics for any kind of marketing dashboard and prepare them for the future analysis.

Marketing dashboard templates for holistic insights into your advertising efforts
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What is a good marketing dashboard?

Depending on the goals of your business and marketing activities KPI, a good marketing dashboard should:

  • answer your questions - a good marketing dashboards contain all the metrics you want to see and gives you an opportunity to build more complex ones, that might require additional calculation, such as ROMI;
  • be flexible and scalable - a good marketing dashboard will let to add new marketing metrics and work with large data sets;
  • easy to read - whether you build a marketing dashboard for your team or board members, it should be clear and easy to understand;
  • secured - data leakage is a huge problem these days. In case if you’re going to use third-party solutions to build your marketing dashboard, make sure you read Privacy Policies carefully;
  • and provide up-to-date information to viewers.

What Software to Use to Build Marketing Dashboards?

This will depend directly on a few aspects:

  • what questions should the dashboard answer,
  • who is going to read the dashboard,
  • how many tools should be connected to the dashboard,
  • other resources, such as your time and budget.

From simple Google Analytics dashboards to custom ETL solutions, we represented all kinds of reports below.

We've compiled a list of 16 best analytics tools that will help you get in-depth marketing insights faster

Most Popular Types of Marketing Dashboards

Marketing Performance Dashboard

A Marketing Performance Dashboard focuses on providing a high-level look at the key performance indicators and overall conversion funnel, displaying the funnel, as well as other related metrics in digital marketing, to help marketers make a marketing strategy and informed decisions regarding conversions, revenue, and the source of these conversions.

Each lead, website visit, and win is given a tangible value to allow marketers to gauge the success of marketing campaign. KPIs and metrics typically included on a marketing performance dashboard include return on marketing investment, goal completion rate, traffic sources, and purchase funnel. Metrics dashboard is a painkiller and decision-making booster.

Digital Marketing Dashboard

Digital Marketing Dashboard

A digital marketing dashboards can be used to track the performance of your business’s online marketing activities. This type of dashboard lets you monitor your campaigns and other digital marketing efforts in real-time, allowing you to make educated decisions about how to best allocate your marketing budget.
It’s crucial for digital marketers to track a variety of metrics across multiple channels, such as social media, advertising, email marketing, website, and lead generation. The digital marketing dashboard focuses on lead generation data and displaying progress towards goals, displaying data for lead generation metrics and web analytics metrics.
If you need help to build a digital marketing dashboard, schedule a free call with the Improvado team to see how it works.

SEO Analytics Dashboard 

An SEO analytics dashboard can be thought of as a one-stop destination for all of your business’s data, providing a complete look of your SEO performance from multiple perspectives through a variety of metrics.

SEO is a core activity of any team and marketers use numerous SEO KPIs and metrics to measure the performance of their efforts on their website for organic search results, tracking changes month-over-month. 

An SEO dashboard can help with determining website areas that need better optimization, top converting keywords, top-performing pages, and much more. The goal of SEO is to drive traffic to a website or particular web page through back-linking, internal linking, and keyword tracking among other ways. 

The metrics highlighted in this dashboard are obtained from analytics data tools like Google Analytics and include a wide variety of insights valuable to marketers, such as number of keywords on Page 1, organic traffic vs. other traffic, page load speed, number of indexed pages, internal/external links, top landing pages, and much more.

eCommerce Marketing Dashboard

eCommerce dashboard

This type of marketing dashboard provides a central location for data aggregation that impacts your company’s day-to-day activities, marketing strategy, budget, and ultimately, decision making. What is tracked on an eCommerce marketing dashboard depends on what exactly you’re aiming to do with data.

The eCommerce marketing dashboard displays the metrics and KPIs marketers dealing with eCommerce sites need to track on a continuous basis. Some of the metrics you can track with this type of marketing dashboard include cost per lead, web traffic sources, return on marketing investment (ROI), MRR, ARR, churn rate, retention, new subscribers, added to cart, sales by contact method, and goal completion rate.

Amazon Marketing Dashboard

In case if you’re using Amazon, Shopify, or any other platform to drive your online sales, you might want to use our Amazon dashboard template based on the data from this platform only or connect a few data sources together in case if your marketing pipeline goes beyond one platform.

If you'd like to learn how to pull your data from Amazon and load it in this kind of dashboard, you can set up a free call with our experts.📞

Web Analytics Dashboard

Web Analytics Dashboard

A web analytics marketing dashboard tracks website performance in real-time, allowing you to track how your website is performing in regards to your marketing objectives by focusing on a high-level, and at the same time in-depth view of your site’s performance across a number of different timeframes.

This dashboard lets you monitor website performance by tracking metrics such as online conversions, pageviews, and visitors. Web analytics can be used in several different contexts, including eCommerce, user experience, SEO, social media, and digital marketing, with each use-case bringing its own perspective to your website’s performance.

Top metrics tracked with a dashboard include bounce rate, page views, website visitors, pages viewed per sessions, referral traffic, unique and new visitors, and traffic sources among many other metrics and KPIs.

Social Media Dashboard

A social media marketing dashboard template offers a view of the correlation between social performance and website performance, helping you measure the success of your various social media campaigns ( Facebook Ads, Twitter, Snapchat Ads etc.)

While social media marketing is one of today’s most important marketing channels, smart marketers know their social efforts should influence larger marketing objectives. Metrics and KPIs that are often tracked with this dashboard include social interactions, traffic sources, and goal completion rate.

YouTube Ads Dashboard

In case if you need to check the performance of a particular social media channel performance, the native dashboards might not be enough. In that case, a custom YouTube dashboard for that channel will help you. In the age of the video content boom, performance marketers deal with a lack of resources to process large data sets of YouTube videos. In that case, Google Data Studio will help to pull the data you need from your marketing campaign and marketing channels and connect them with other data sources.

Need help with loading your YouTube ads data to this kind of dashboards?

Schedule a free 30 min call with our team to see how it can be built in a few minutes.

Google Ads (AdWords) Campaign Dashboard

The Google AdWords campaign marketing dashboard gives you the ability to closely track the ROI of Google Ads campaigns, as well as the KPIs and metrics that influence them. Tracking return on marketing investment is crucial to any successful AdWords campaign to ensure you’re spending the appropriate cost to acquire leads.
Monitoring keyword ranking, CPCs(cost per click), audience targeting, bidding strategies, CTRs as well as impressions, can give your a deeper understanding of which topics and keywords your PPC strategy should focus on.
There are a few tools that will allow you to do it. You can try this Google Data studio report and a few templates that come with it.

There are also tools helping to build customized reports, in case if Google AdWords campaigns are implemented as a part of your integrated marketing activities.

If you'd like to access this dashboard, you can set up a free call with our experts.📞

Email Marketing Dashboard

An email marketing dashboard highlights the key metrics that demonstrate the ROI and performance of your business’s email campaigns. Displaying metrics in real-time at email marketing dashboard, you can continuously improve your email marketing campaigns.
Email marketing can be an effective means to engage your subscriber audience of prospects as well as customers. Focus on sharing meaningful, relevant, and engaging content. Taking a more data-centric approach to your email marketing by tracking key metrics associated with campaigns can help you determine what actually resonates with your target audience.

CMO Marketing Dashboard

CMO Marketing Dashboard

The CMO marketing dashboard offers an overview of all of your company’s marketing services, from website performance to email marketing and social media. It’s designed to answer the important question of “how are we performing?" at a glance. Here is dashboard overview example below.

Metrics from several sources are woven together to provide a complete look at your marketing performance, allowing executives to check performance daily to make informed decisions about marketing campaigns.

Enterprise Marketing Dashboard

Enterprise Marketing Dashboard

Enterprise marketing dashboard gives executives and management an instant visual representation of important enterprise metrics and KPIs. The enterprise dashboard typically lets you track and monitor the performance of your enterprise across multiple departments and industries, allowing management to be aware of any issues in real-time and to remain agile.

If you’d like to learn more about how to implement this kind of dashboard, you can get in touch with our team of experts for more information.

Agency Command Center

Marketing Agecny Dashboard

An agency command center dashboard provides a birds-eye, accurate view of the performance of your agency. You can roll up and track all of your client performance in a single place, with no switching between platforms and accounts required.

With this dashboard, your agency can turn analytics into a true differentiator, enabling you to acquire more business by utilizing data to uncover impressive benchmarks that can be used in your sales pitch.

Online Marketing Dashboard

Online Marketing Dashboard

An online marketing dashboard is designed to provide marketers with a high-level overview of important marketing channels since online marketing spans across numerous channels. The channels highlighted in this dashboard include email marketing, social media, revenue generation, inbound lead generation, digital advertising, and website performance.

Conversion rates of leads are one of the most crucial metrics tracked by this type of marketing dashboard, showing how visitors to your website convert into leads, and then eventually into conversions or customers. Also marketing CRM dashboard integration is very helpful.

Need help building your marketing dashboard?

At Improvado, marketing dashboards are our bread and butter. We help marketers collect their data from multiple channels, and input everything into a single dashboard. All of your data gets updated in real-time so it's easy to analyze and create visualizations in minutes. Using a dashboard to centralize and report on your data could save you anywhere from 10-40 hours every week.

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