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Top Marketing Agencies in North Carolina

Finding the perfect agency for your company’s marketing needs can be an overwhelming task. Since brilliant creatives abound in North Carolina, we thought a comprehensive resource would be helpful, consolidating all of the top marketing agencies in North Carolina into a single place.

Here at, we're experts at bringing everything into a single destination, primarily marketing data. We are also love helping marketers in general. That’s why we chose to put together a list of the top marketing agencies in the state of North Carolina. The agencies are divided into the following categories:

  • Startup Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations

Startup Marketing Agencies

Growth Marketing Pro

How They’re Different: For startup founders that want to get customers. Growth Marketing Pro offers a free 25-minute Growth Strategy Session where they give you a ton of upfront value by helping you identify your problems and work with you to craft a step-by-step game plan to hit your income goals. If you're still confused by the end, they offer a Growth Playbook that entrepreneurs and even some startup incubators swear by.

Philosophy: Marketing is not rocket science. You're smart enough to figure it out if you had all the time in the world. But you don't. You're busy building an awesome product.

What they offer: A Custom Growth Playbook-- "Don't waste time, energy or money. We'll tell you which channels and tactics to prioritize based on our experience growing startups from $0 to Millions."

Mantra: The safest way for startups to get customers.

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Advertising Agencies

These 20+ advertising agencies have worked with a number of national and worldwide brands, including as Dunkin’ Donuts, Coca-Cola, Target and many others. WIth years of experience creating remarkably creative content that is capable of reaching millions of people worldwide, these marketing agencies can provide the creative services you need to take your business further.


How They’re Different: BooneOakley is a marketing agency with bold innovative ideas as part of its DNA.

Core Principle: Craft great work for people they like.

Notable Award: AdAge “Southeast Small Agency of the Year”

Impressive Clients: Mellow Mushroom, OBX, Bojangles, State Farm, Carmax

Contrast Creative, Inc.

How They’re Different: Contrast Creative is an award-winning, full-service advertising firm that expertly develops and delivers strategically focused, agile marketing strategies.

Core Philosophy: “To provide our partners with the best possible client experience every day paired with creative solutions designed to produce significant measurable results.”

Impressive Clients: BB&T, Duke, Blue Cross Blue Shield, UNC Charlotte

Key Services: Campaign Strategy, Brand Identity, Content Creation, Digital Marketing

Elle Alexander Design Co, LLC

How They’re Different: Elle Alexander Design is a full-service advertising agency providing solutions that make brands brighter and marketing teams happier.

Mantra: It’s time to connect.

Noteworthy Quote: “Your marketing goals deserve ingenuity. We make it our mission to creatively connect with your customers and move your brand forward.”

Key Services: Advertising, Branding, Digital

Evolve Inc.

How They’re Different: Evolve is an agency who seeks the impossible, challenges the improbable, and settles only for spectacular.

Notable Quote: “We believe in a holistic approach that includes strategic direction, visionary creative and invigorating executions. Our process is rooted in gaining an extensive understanding of the challenges you face, making no assumptions along the way.”

Motto: An agency of change.

Core Philosophy: Never stop pursuing what’s next.

Gefen Marketing

How They’re Different: Gefen Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that is constantly learning new strategies to help businesses.

What Clients Say: “I just wanted to write and thank you for all the great results we are seeing from your marketing and PR services for Alden Parkes. It has been a pleasure working with you to help define the specific marketing and PR goals and create measurable benchmarks to evaluate their effectiveness.”

Key Services: Branding, PR, Social, Email, SEO, Web Development, Traditional Advertising

Notable Quote: “With over 50 years of combined experience in the marketing industry, it’s safe to say we know our stuff.”

Genuity Concepts

How They’re Different: Genuity Concepts has earned the reputation as one of the leading custom promotional item suppliers in the industry.

Motto: Creativity is our plasma. Results are our passion.

Core Philosophy: Combine quality and functionality while striving to capture the essence of your brand.

Impressive Clients: Dunkin’ Donuts, Duke University Medical Center, Walgreens, Carolina Hurricanes

High Tide Creative

How They’re Different: High Tide Creative is a non-traditional advertising firm that determines what will make the biggest impact for their clients and builds a plan around that thinking.

Mantra: Change is Good.

Impressive Clients: Coca-Cola, Kodak, Equifax, Target, Travelers

Noteworthy Testimonial: “Their efforts positioned our start-up business to be welcomed onto the shelves of national retail chains immediately at product launch, and provided a great web presence which allows us to consistently add several hundred new Facebook fans each month.”


How They’re Different: KudzuCreative offers integrated marketing, specializing in tech companies.

Impressive Clients: Adobe, HP, Microsoft, Vonage, Cisco, Northrop Grumman

Key Services: Integrated Campaigns, Creative Concepts, Design, Copywriting, Event

Noteworthy Testimonial: “Your marketing theme and all the work you did really paid off … a huge success. We generated more leads than any of the previous events –  combined.”

Marketing Matters

How They’re Different: Marketing Matters is an advertising agency offering a range of marketing services.

What Clients Say: “Love our new websites! Thanks for your quick response to our updates, as well. It's great to have an advertising agency that you can count on.”

Words to Describe Them: Passionate, Experience, Results-Oriented

Key Services: Advertising, Graphic Design, Photography, Printing

Maximum Design & Advertising, Inc.

How They’re Different: Maximum is a full-service, award-winning agency specializing in destination real estate marketing.

Key Services: Strategic Planning, Branding, Advertising, Digital, Event Planning, Lead Generation

Notable Clients: Boot Ranch, The Grove, Talisker Club, The Bluffs, The Landings

Noteworthy Quote: ”Maximum consists of a team of highly-skilled real estate specialists. Combining experts in digital, creative, planning, and service, ensures cutting edge strategies, superior creative and maximum lead generation.”

Media Partners, Inc.

How They’re Different: Media Partner is a media and advertising agency focusing on client objectives and challenges.

Core Philosophy: We do mindful media marketing.

Noteworthy Quote: “The best media plans come from knowing how to get your message to the correct audience. Our experienced team will help you achieve your goals through tv/video, radio, billboards, social marketing, paid search, print, and more.”

Key Services: Branding, Media Strategy & Buying, PR, Creative, Market Research

Method Savvy

How They’re Different: Method Savvy offers data-driven advertising and marketing solutions

Motto: We craft useful.

Notable Clients: O2 Fitness, Patheon, InMotionNow, Bernard, Maxpoint

Their Approach: “We blend strategy, data, creativity, and results-driven execution to positively impact customer journeys.”

M is Good!

How They’re Different: M is Good! is a Christian advertising and marketing agency.

Key Services: Consulting, Digital Media Buying, Social Media, Web Design

Noteworthy Testimonial: “The biggest impact for me through this process was just having clarity and being able to have focus and priority and be much more productive in areas that really mattered.”

Impressive Clients: Carolina Junior Hurricanes, YMCA, Five Hole Sports

Pace Communications

How They’re Different: Pace Communications is a brand storytelling agency.

Key Services: Strategy, Media, Creative, Technology, Analytics

Impressive Clients: AAA, Four Seasons, Wells Fargo, Walmart, USAA, Verizon

Noteworthy Quote: “We develop integrated brand experiences that move audiences to action.”

Red Moon Marketing

How They’re Different: Red Moon Marketing has a passion for helping clients expand their reach, build brand equity and sell more.

Impressive Clients: Hilton, Coca-Cola, Cinnabon, Jack Daniel’s, Harris Teeter, Powerade

Their Values: Customer Service, Teamwork, Open and Honest Communication, Responsibility

Mission: To provide effective, innovative and efficient marketing solutions with the highest priority on quality, customer service and return on investment.

Ritz Marketing

How They’re Different: Ritz Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that views and understands a business from the business owners perspective.

Mantra: Elevate Your Brand

Key Services: Video, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Print, Media Buying, Research

Notable Award: Charlotte Business Journal Top 10 Agencies (13 Years)

SFW Agency

How They’re Different: SFW Agency is a different kind of marketing agency rewriting the old ad agency rules.

Motto: Where Brands Win

Key Services: Retail Activation, Branding, Content, Creative, Research, Digital

Impressive Clients: Lowes, Fruit of the Loom, Goodwill, Novant Health

Sokal Media Group

How They’re Different: Sokal Media Group is an advertising agency with a focus on the automotive industry.

Key Services: Print, Creative Services, Digital Marketing, Responsive Websites, Broadcast Production, BDC Consulting

Motto: Integrated advertising from bumper to bumper.

Key Industries: Automotive

The Parish Group

How They’re Different: The Parish Group is a marketing agency of detail-oriented creatives and analytic professionals specializing in schools.

Key Services: Research, Branding, Search, Video & Photography, Multi-Channel Communications

Impressive Clients: Elon University, High Point University, Greensboro College

Core Principles: Research is fundamental. People are most important. Joint success requires partnership. A commitment to perfection is priceless.

The Sumner Group

How They’re Different: The Sumner Group is a single-source solution advertising agency.

Key Services: Marketing Strategy, Creative, Interactive, Media

Noteworthy Quote: “We know how to cut through the jungle in a crowded marketplace. Our success lies in knowing you, your business, and the marketing industry.”

The Variable

How They’re Different: The Variable is a growth agency that creates value in people’s lives. Motto: We build people-friendly businesses.

Notable Award: AdAge Small Agency of the Year

Impressive Clients: BB&T, Hanes, Lowes, Wells Fargo, P.F. Chang’s, Duke Health, Wrangler

The Creative Exchange

How They’re Different: The Creative Exchange is a content studio and social media agency that prides themselves on their ability to craft meaningful, original, content that cuts through the noise.

Noteworthy Quote: “We not only promote your message and build your business through social media, but serve as your communication liaison to get your message out there in a cohesive and compelling way.”

Motto: We are the captains of creativity for daring brands.

Notable Clients: Krispy Kreme, Two Roosters, Midtown Olive Oil, Corepower Yoga

VisionPoint Marketing

How They’re Different: VisionPoint Marketing is an agency built to serve institutions of higher learning.

Notable Clients: Duke University, Georgia Tech, NC State University, UNC Charlotte

Key Services: Strategy, Creative, Technology

Their Values: Collaborative, Thoughtful, Strategic, Accountable, Selfless, Empathetic, Straightforward, Friendly, Growth, Excellence

Digital Marketing Agencies

Does your business have the right digital marketing strategy? These 10+ digital marketing agencies in North Carolina have experience with every digital channel available.

Alter Imaging

How They’re Different: Alter Imaging is a digital marketing agency that see things from their client’s perspective.

Key Services: Marketing Platforms, Software Solutions, Marketing Campaigns

Core Principles: Integrity, Honesty, Dedication, Respect

Mission: To deliver unique digital marketing platforms, custom software applications and internet marketing strategies that deliver exceptional results.

Arthur Elliott Marketing Group

How They’re Different: Arthur Elliott Marketing Group uses their brains over brawn and engage the perfect mix of professionals to collaborate on your marketing and advertising needs

Mantra: Relationships. Strategy. Results.

Noteworthy Quote: “Our hand-picked team members bring a wide array of expertise to each and every client, so that the end result of working with Arthur Elliott is increased efficiency, results, and responsiveness, with a side order of accountability.”

Key Services: Database Marketing, Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing

Everest Agency

How They’re Different: Everest Agency is a integrated digital agency specializing in creating award-winning websites and online marketing campaigns.\

Their Values: Relationships, Discovery, Quality, Challenge

Mantra: Discovery. Design. Execution.

Key Services: Digital Marketing, Branding & Design, Custom Web Development

Brasco ///

How They’re Different: Brasco is an award-winning creative advertising and web marketing agency

Notable Clients: Citrix, BetterDoor, Hopscotch Music Festival, Pintetop Distillery

Key Services: Strategy, Creative, Digital, Integrated Marketing

Words to Describe Them: Creative, Collaborative, Solution-Oriented

Centerline Digital

How They’re Different: Centerline Digital offers enterprise customer experience marketing at the intersection of technology and human beings

Their Approach: Enterprise-ready, Technology-fluent, Outcome-driven

Impressive Clients: IBM, First Citizens Bank, General Electric, National Instruments, Lowes

Words to Describe Them: Problem-Solvers, Collaborative, Decisive, Accountable, Self-Motivated


How They’re Different: We have one focus: boost your local market share with compelling dialogue that builds brand preference and incites action"

Their Approach: "Service, lagniappe, our peeps, left, right, left, right, show me the money"

Impressive Clients: Hardee's, Perdue, First Carolina Bank, Nash UNC Health Care

Their Motto: "One message, one customer, one market at a time"

JB Media Group

How They’re Different: "We don’t offer one-size-fits-all SEO or social media packages. We’ll listen to your needs, and create a customized online marketing plan that fits your goals, mission, and budget."

Key Services: Search engine optimization, social media, public relations, online advertising, strategy and consulting, education

Impressive Clients: Sylvan Sport, Cherokee Travel and Tourism, Blue Ridge National Heritage Area

Their Values: Values, Strategy, Creativity, Results


How They’re Different: Brand Symmetry shapes brands to be in harmony with their audiences

Motto: Where Brands Get In Sync With Their Audiences.

Key Services: Branding, Creative, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web Design

Noteworthy Quote: “There is no magic here. Just the hard work it takes to put your brand in touch with as many potential and existing customers as possible and in fresh ways.”


How They’re Different: Fragment is one of the leading web application development companies in the state.

Key Services: SaaS, E-commerce, CMS, Automation

Notable Clients: NHL, Raleigh Convention Center, Larry’s Beans

Their Approach: “Our approach is a simple, ever evolving process that works with our clients. We understand our clients' needs and incorporate their personality.”

Proclaim Interactive

How They’re Different: Proclaim Interactive is a web design and digital marketing agency with a focus focus in medical, non-profit, e-commerce, and church.

Core Principles: Honesty, Value, Integrity

Mission: To amplify clients’ messages through all digital channels.

What Clients Say: “The quality and timeliness of their work went above and beyond”

ROI Revolution, Inc.

How They’re Different: ROI Revolution is a marketing agency that specializes in solutions for e-commerce.

Noteworthy Testimonial: “I’ve found it interesting how many unique and creative solutions ROI brings to the table. Because on the surface, PPC and SEM is not a creative medium, but we’ve really found a number of great ways to make our business grow in ways that we never would have thought of on our own.”

Notable Clients: Kenneth Cole, Victorinox, LexMod, Hue

Key Services: SEO, Paid Search, Paid Social Media, Conversion Optimization


How They’re Different: Signal is a full-service, digital-centric marketing agency that creates and build with confidence.

Notable Clients: Durham Bulls, Mack Trucks, General Electric, Quintiles, Schneider Electric

Noteworthy Testimonial: “In my 20+ marketing years, I have never seen any agency deliver at such speed and quality level, consistently.”

Key Services: Strategy, Content, Media, UX, Web, Mobile, Video, Print

Shift Now

How They’re Different: Shift is a creative brand and digital agency that energizes businesses.

Notable Clients: Wrangler, Celebrity Cruises, Pure Performance, Morrisette

Key Services: Brand, Digital, Video, Integrated Marketing

Words to Describe Them: Thinkers, Makers, Doers, Strategists, Risk-takers, Disrupters

The Idea People™

How They’re Different: The Idea People designs and builds websites and web products that help clients grow sales and overcome “the Amazon Effect.”

Key Services: Web Software Development, Custom Web & Digital Design, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, UX, Content Marketing & Writing

Their Approach: Design. Develop. Elevate. Launch.

Noteworthy Quote: “Creative expression has always been a calling card for us, but connecting client data to disparate technology systems puts the exclamation point on what we do.”


How They’re Different: TheeDesign is an award-winning web design and digital marketing agency.

Noteworthy Testimonial: “Thanks to TheeDesign’s digital marketing efforts, we’ve experienced the busiest ‘slow season’ we’ve ever had. We are slammed because of the great job TheeDesign is doing!”

Key Services: Digital Strategy, Web Design, Custom Programming, E-commerce, Internet Marketing

Core Values: Focus on Client Success, Passionate, White Hat Ethics, Respect Deadlines, Transparent Communication

Three Ships

How They’re Different: Three Ships is a family of digital businesses.

Motto: Digital marketing that drives growth.

Key Services: Content, Media, Conversion Optimization

Noteworthy Quote: “Among our arsenal of assets, we have invested more than $3 million in developing a proprietary machine-learning technology to identify, compete, and win search keywords.”


How They’re Different: UNION is a full-service digital agency that creates experiences that help brands thrive.

Their Values: Creativity, Collaboration, Accountability, Simplicity, Passion

Impressive Clients: Bojangles, Meineke, Remington, Duke Energy, Crown Royal, NASCAR

Mission: To help brands create meaningful and enduring relationships with highly connected consumers.

Public Relations Agencies

You may need to get the word out more about your company, and agencies like these know how to make it happen. These seven public relations agencies in North Carolina can help you build your company’s brand image and raise awareness.

Bespoke Sports & Entertainment

How They’re Different: Bespoke is a sports and entertainment consulting and experiential marketing agency that assists brands in selecting the right partnerships and maximizing their sponsorship investment.

Motto: Custom Solutions. Tailored Approach.

Key Services: Sponsorship, Experiential Tours, Media Integration, Digital, Social

Impressive Clients: Fox Sports, Academy Sports, WHHA, Pilot Flying J

A Brand Company

How They’re Different: A Brand Company is a business management organization that provides resourceful stewardship to leading promotional marketing brands the world over.

Motto: A penchant for partnership.

Mission: To provide a portfolio of core promotional organizations working in concert with unique, niche agencies that together create real-world solutions that are attractive to global businesses and growing businesses alike.

Noteworthy Quote: “A Brand Company set out to create a comprehensive organizational platform that is adaptive, intuitive, and scalable to both sales organizations and individual sales executives.”

BtB Marketing Communications

How They’re Different: BtB Marketing Communications is a full-service B2B integrated marketing agency.

Motto: Our name means business.

Key Services: Strategy, Creative, Interactive, PR, Direct, Media Planning & Buying

Noteworthy Quote: “We immerse ourselves in your world, learn your language and understand your sales channels and markets.”

Eckel & Vaughan

How They’re Different: Eckel & Vaughan is a full-service strategic communications agency helping clients find their voice.

Mantra: Say something worth talking about.

Core Philosophy: “We’re part of a team. We’re always thinking. We solve problems.”

Key Services: Brand Management, Issue Advocacy, Reputation Management, Crisis Communications

MicroMass Communications, Inc.

How They’re Different: MicroMass Communications is a healthcare marketing agency that applies proven techniques from health psychology and behavioral science to change patient and provider behaviors.

Key Industries: Biotech, Pharmaceutical

Notable Clients: Novartis, Merck, Gilead, Lexicon, United Therapeutics

Their Values: Hard work, creativity, passion

True Speed Communication

How They’re Different: True Speed Communications is a public relations agency that offers a wide variety of PR services.

Noteworthy Testimonial: “Working with True Speed Communication has enabled us to significantly grow brand awareness and exposure for Bass Pro Shops due to our partnership with Tony Stewart Racing.”

Impressive Clients: Bass Pro Shops, Armor All, NASCAR, SunTrust

Key Services: Public Relations, Media Campaigns, Social Media

Vela Agency

How They’re Different: Vela is a strategic marketing agency that tackles every project with a passionate, “whatever-it-takes” spirit.

Motto: Inspired by strategy. Drive by ideas.
Key Services: Digital Media, Branding, Events, Public Relations, Copywriting

Noteworthy Quote: “We’ve always found that when creative energy is directed by solid strategy, the result is great ideas that work. We put that energy and strategy in the hands of a team that has decades of experience.”


There are many different marketing agencies in North Carolina, each with their own capabilities that work with an array of different clients, showcasing their missions, and winning awards in their fields. With all of these creative agencies, you’re bound to find one that will meet what your business needs. Hopefully, this guide of the best marketing agencies in the state of North Carolina will help you.

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