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Improvado.io Secures $3 Million Seed Round from the Biggest Names in MarTech

The Improvado team is excited to announce that we have closed a $3 million seed round.

We are grateful for the overwhelming interest we’ve received from some of the biggest names in marketing.


Our seed investors include executives from some of the most recognizable brands in the marketing world including Auren Hoffman the Liveramp founder, Omar Tawakol the founder of BlueKai, Rajeev Goel the founder of Pubmatic, and other industry titans like the founders from Doubleclick, Mediamath, Turn, Amobee, and Shopkick. A full list of investors is available here.

This financing will allow us to continue helping marketers and ad agencies across the globe aggregate, analyze and report their cross-channel marketing data.

Since Improvado was founded in 2017, we’ve witnessed incredible momentum. Encouraged by extremely positive and enthusiastic responses from clients, we’re making product improvements at a breakneck pace-- continuing to enhance what’s possible with marketing data.

The average marketer leverages an extensive variety of marketing platforms on a daily basis. The need to centralize, analyze and report on that data is critical in order to make intelligent business decisions. Right now, this process is extremely manual. It can take upwards of 20 hours a week to log into each platform (like Facebook, Google Analytics, LinkedIn and Salesforce for example) and manually pull data into spreadsheets and visualization tools in order to get a complete picture of marketing performance.

Improvado CEO & Cofounder, Daniel Kravtsov, is a four-time entrepreneur with two successful exits. 
He conceptualized the idea for Improvado after speaking to over 100 digital media agencies and businesses. In his conversations, he discovered one common pain point: reporting and monitoring digital ad campaigns is a huge hassle and manual task.

The Concept of Improvado.io

Since this realization, he has mobilized a team of nearly 50 employees from all over the world, to tackle this challenge.

At Improvado, we believe that viewing your marketing data should be simple, and it should be accessible in real-time. Our solution saves organizations time and money, and makes marketers smarter by bringing all their data together within a single access point.

Our investors play a strong role in bringing our product to market

And our investors agree. They are experts in marketing, and many of them are also our best customers.

When we went out for investment partners, we were looking for just that - partners. We wanted investors that could play a strong role in bringing our product to market, not only from a financial perspective, but from an industry perspective as well. Many of our investors have helped us with introductions to clients, partners, and employees.

With this round of funding under our belts here at Improvado and our new strategic partners by our side, we look forward to expanding our impact and continuing to support the individuals and teams responsible for measuring digital marketing success.

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