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Enterprise Marketing Analytics Tools That Can Help Large Business for the Better

Business intelligence is an important part of managing the success of a company, and advanced marketing analytics tools are one form of business intelligence that should be a mandatory part of one’s business plan. Enterprise marketing analytics tools are incredibly valuable to all businesses, especially enterprises and large businesses. These tools help marketing specialists efficiently measure and manage the performance of a brand’s marketing endeavors. The goal is simple-- maximize how effective different marketing outlets and campaigns are to justify the cost to run them. Marketing analytics tools not only do this, but also can improve marketing efforts in general.

In general, these types of tools will gather data from all marketing channels, such as social media marketing, PPC, keyword campaigns, etc. All of these channels’ data are reported together. Enterprise marketing software tools are great because they remove the need for data scientists and large marketing teams and automate the process of tracking campaign success.

Typically, three different areas of marketing performance are analyzed through these tools-- optimization, attribution, and justification or ROI. For enterprises in particular, all three of these points need to be heavily managed and controlled to ensure company success. Wasting funds on marketing endeavors that aren’t working for the company could spell disaster in terms of lost revenue, so an excellent marketing analytics tool is a must-have for larger businesses.

However, not all marketing analytics software is ideal. The market for this type of enterprise software is very oversaturated, and some products just don’t make the mark. We’ve tried and reviewed the best of the best in the industry to help you find the right tool for your unique business needs and use cases. Take a look at what we found!
Terminus ABM PlatformTerminus is a full-funnel marketing platform that is account-based and designed to target your audience with dynamic data and engage them with multi-channel campaigns. Account-based marketing is a process used by B2B business that combines the efforts of sales and marketing teams to target ideal accounts and turn them into customers. Essentially, instead of trying to generate leads, this form of marketing seeks to deliver personalized marketing to brands that are successful and responsive to one-on-on sales outreach.

This tools' omnichannel marketing dashboard is very easy to use and works great at separating data to help you find the accounts that are most likely to be responsive to your product and sales outreach. You can use Terminus to engage with account son the web, via social media, through email, and more. If you're interested in the account-based marketing approach, Terminus may be the right tool for you. You won’t find many similar tools that specialize in this unique approach.

Terminus ABM pricing varies from business to business.

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Looker's logo

Looker is a business intelligence platform that mimics the way that the internet works, which is quite useful for marketing specialists. It’s is 100% browser-based and boasts a unique modeling language that makes it possible for virtually any employee to take on the tasks of the data analyst. It also operates in-database only.

To put it simply, Looker is a data discovery platform that allows businesses to actually find the right marketing data to analyze, which can be complex in a large business or enterprise that operates in a digital landscape. It's a great tool to use for business owners who want to discover their own answers about their business without relying on outside assistance. It boasts an agile development environment that helps data specialists create the best possible end-user experiences as well.

We recommend this tool if you have a relatively small team and want to invest in a tool that makes managing enterprise data easy. Looker provides enterprise pricing that is unique from business to business, so requesting a quote would be your best bet.

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Improvado's logo

Improvado is a marketing analytics tool built for marketers at all levels of a large business, but it also has some great use cases for smaller businesses and startups as well.

With Improvado, you can keep all of your marketing data in one place and view that data in real-time. the biggest perk of this tool is its visual aspect. Visualizing data makes it easier to understand and analyze data for both marketing pros and key stakeholders to understand. With this tool, you can pull data from multiple platforms and use it via integration with visualization and graphing tools like Tableau, Google Data Studio, and more. You also won't have to worry about dealing with manual reporting with Improvado-- you can cut manual reporting down significantly by using this platform's interactive dashboard, without any knowledge of SQL needed.

Plus, Improvado offers over 100 integrations, so you can use it with your existing ad accounts and marketing tools. Improvado is available for custom pricing for enterprises.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot's logo

One of the most well-known marketing tools on this list, HubSpot can be used for so much more than just marketing. This company’s products tackle everything from email clients to blog optimization to bots to CRM technology. Their Marketing Hub, however, is an excellent tool to use if you’re only interested in amping up your marketing analytics technology. It has everything you could possibly want to run the best possible marketing campaigns and manage their results. Technically an all-in-one solution, this tool focuses on email marketing, online marketing, lead management, and reporting and analytics. You can build and personalize emails and automate email responses straight from Hubspot Marketing Hub’s dashboard. For online marketing, you can track and optimize searches and build dynamic mobile-optimized landing pages. For lead management, enjoy a thorough marketing lead database and online behavior tracking. The reporting and analytics feature is equally easy to use and provides basic reporting and web analytics. All in just one simple dashboard.

HubSpot Marketing Hub is available for $800 per month for enterprise accounts.


Insider's logo

Insider's growth management platform (GMP) is designed to help marketing specialists push growth through every step of their company’s sales funnels. You can take advantage of real-time predictive segmentation that this product offers with its automation and machine learning features. If you want to use a marketing analytics tool to help you provide custom customer journeys through mobile apps and ad channels, this tool can help you do it.

IT teams can be expensive to operate and often may not be what your unique business needs. If you want to use a tool that is easy to implement and even easier to use without the need for large IT teams, Insider can put a lot of power into the hands of your digital marketers. Insider takes an omnichannel approach to enabling customer engagement and experience, which is likely going to be the new norm for competitive intelligence.

Pricing is via quote only for Insider GMP.


Pathmatics logo

Pathmatics is a great basic marketing analytics tools for turning marketing data into insights that any business would need. This tool provides a simple performance marketing dashboard that analyzes data from numerous channels, from social media to video ads to mobile ads. If you want to learn about the niche demographics of your target audience (gender, geographic location, etc.), this tool can shine a light on the data that you need.

Tools that are simple in nature and provide basic information via easy-to-digest graphics and charts are sometimes all an enterprise business needs-- no convoluted bells and whistles, just the facts about your ad performance and target market. If you need a research tool more than anything for your marketing plan, Pathmatics is worth looking into.

Pathmatics offers a variety of packages to suit your userbase and geographic region, so the only way to know your pricing would be to ask for a free quote.

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign's logo

Adobe is a well-known name in the tech world for their wide range of different design and management products, and Adobe Campaign is just one of their many great marketing products. This tool is essentially a group of solutions that businesses can use to personalize and execute ad campaigns across multiple channels, but online and offline.

This tool is most valuable for its operational report creating features, which are excellent for helping marketing pros track campaign impacts through multiple channels. You can also utilize the platform's private messaging feature to collaborate with multiple members of your marketing team as well. If you focus mostly on email marketing, this tool can help you take control of your entire email marketing campaign process in addition to different CRM needs. Just as well, the drag-and-drop interface of Adobe Campaign is excellent for seeing how your campaign will reach and convert customers in real-time.

Adobe Campaign's pricing is available by quote only for enterprises.


Allocadia's logo

Allocadia is a great marketing analytics tool for budgeting your marketing spend. This product aims to help marketing specialists plan, budget, and measure the performance of their marketing efforts. Marketing pros can use Allocadia for everything from marketing planning to strategic alignment to spend management to workflow efficiency. If you're struggling with your budget, Allocadia could be a great tool to give a shot.

This product is unique in that it isn't just designed for marketing pros. In addition to marketing teams and CMOs, this tool can also be used by stakeholders and other departments via simple API integrations to get a better view of marketing performance and how budgeting is holding up to current campaigns and ROI. You can easily search for line items and the layout of Allocadia's digital marketing dashboard is very easy to navigate, even if you aren't a marketing pro. Pricing is determined on a quote-by-quote basis.


OwoxBI's logo

If you want a marketing analytics tool that's part of a broader all-in-one solution, you're not alone. Single platforms that offer a variety of solutions to business intelligence issues are becoming more popular and for good reason. Managing multiple licenses and service memberships can be a pain, and bouncing between dashboards can seriously reduce productivity. OWOX BI is an all-in-one marketing analytics solution that pulls data from multiple channels and systems and evaluates the overall performance of your business's ad campaigns in order to build extremely detailed reports.

You can use OWOX BI to build data streams from your ad services to your analytics platforms (such as Google Analytics) once, and you'll never have to upload data on your own again. This tool is completely automated and will continuously upload costs, impressions, and clicks for your campaigns.

OWOX BI offers a handful of pricing plans. Their marketing data package is available for $42 per month and their reports and attribution plan is available for $970. Enterprise packages are available on a by-quote basis.


Ninjacat's logo

NinjaCat is a reporting and data storytelling platform designed to help agencies and global brands. Fully scalable, this tool lets you connect your marketing data sources into just one platform. You can build and automatically update reports via NinjaCat's user-friendly dashboard, all while eliminating the need for continuous manual data inputs.

The main features of NinjaCat involve data monitoring and sharing. The tool's data pipeline is available for over a hundred marketing channels and boasts a managed data warehouses. You can use NinjaCat's dashboards for data sharing, budget monitoring, KPI and campaign management, and building report templates. If you want a marketing analytics solution for your company that is highly scalable and very secure, this tool is the one. Plus, you can map various platforms in just one location. It doesn't get much better than that for enterprise marketing tools.

Pricing is available on a by-quote basis for enterprises.

How was our guide to the best enterprise marketing analytics tools? Tell use below which product you’ve had success with.

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