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Top 10 Cross-Channel Marketing Platforms to Turbocharge Your Campaigns

Cross-channel marketing is the process of utilizing different marketing channels in a way that allows your target audience to move logically from one touchpoint with your brand to the next. For example, from paid ads to social media, from social media to the website, and from the website to email.

The essence of cross-channel marketing is not only in attracting new clients but also in maintaining communication with them through all stages of the customer life cycle. This requires thorough work, including audience analysis, strategy creation, and implementation. Fortunately, cross-channel marketing tools make the process much easier and ensure better results.

In this article, you’ll find the ten best cross-channel marketing platforms that can help significantly boost marketing campaigns.

Cross-Channel Marketing Benefits

Branding and messages should be consistent when you use cross-channel marketing. Together, these channels efficiently engage and support customers as they travel between devices and contact points during the buying process.

Let's say you launch paid ads, through which a user gets to your website. The user must register with the email address to start shopping. After the registration, you can send a welcome letter and other emails guiding the user through the customer journey. As three different platforms are engaged, this can be considered a case of cross-channel marketing.

Mailchimp website main page, featuring all its functions.

Cross-channel marketing provides the following benefits:

  • Maintaining brand voice consistency across marketing platforms and campaigns. It aids in developing trusting relationships with customers.
  • A comprehensive picture of customer behavior. Customers' preferred channels, content, and potential drop-off points become clear.
  • An opportunity to increase marketing ROI. By mapping out touchpoints, it's possible to identify how someone becomes a lead and how the lead becomes a customer. With such information, you can contextualize and tailor the content accordingly.

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Top 10 Cross-Channel Marketing Platforms

You need to manage many platforms, like social networks, email, website, paid ads, etc. They will be much easier to handle with specialized marketing tools.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing tool for brands and businesses with vast capabilities. Its value-added capabilities include signup forms, spam filter diagnostics, auto-responders, and split testing.

The platform offers most of the necessary tools for cross-channel marketing management:

  • Email marketing;
  • Websites creation;
  • Scheduling content;
  • Social media management;
  • Building ads for Facebook and Instagram;
  • Building landing pages;
  • Performance analysis.

Besides, Mailchimp works with both versions of Magento, so you can be sure it’ll keep working after your Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration.
The price for Mailchimp usage varies from $0 to $299 a month, depending on the number of mail contacts you have.

Mailchimp website main page, featuring all its functions.

Screenshot taken on the official Mailchimp website

By the way, you might need to track the performance of your email campaigns and assess their overall impact to the cross-channel marketing strategy. Marketing data platforms can extract performance metrics from Mailchimp and similar platforms and organize them on a cross-channel dashboard. 

For example, Improvado pulls over 70 different data fields from Mailchimp to provide marketers with a 360-degree view of their email marketing efforts.

Mailchimp report, depicting email campaign key metrics.
Some of the Mailchimp metrics extracted by Improvado

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a helpful tool for managing social media channels. It enables you to track customers' posts on social media, schedule posts, read comments, and examine statistics.
Among the top features of the tool are:

  • Social analytics;
  • Post-performance tracking;
  • Social measurement;
  • Traffic monitoring; 
  • Audience engagement analysis;
  • Brand monitoring;
  • Follower analysis.

The price ranges from $49 to $739 and depends on the number of social accounts you manage through the platform and the number of users.

Hootsuite website main page, featuring its primary functions.

3. SEMRush

With SEMrush, businesses can manage content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and SEO campaigns. It spots trends in the industry, evaluates your on-page SEO, and aids in its improvement. You can use this tool to understand your website better and SEO-optimize it for effective lead generation.
SEMrush is helpful for practically any marketing effort. Tools created for specific industries like Traffic Jet, Amazon, affiliate marketing programs, and marketing companies are just a few of their prominent extra features.
The monthly price depends on the number of projects, keywords, and results per report and will vary from $119.95 to $449.95.

Semrush website main page, depicting the spheres the service can manage.

4. Screaming Frog

The program assists you in identifying and fixing issues with headers, broken links, and other optimization flaws.

The platform allows you to:

  • Find broken links;
  • Analyze page titles and meta description;
  • Extract data with XPath;
  • Generate XML Sitemap;
  • Render JavaScript Websites;
  • Schedule audits;
  • Audit redirects;
  • Discover duplicate content;
  • Review robots and directives;
  • Integrate with Google Analytics, Search Console, and PageSpeed Insights APIs;
  • Visualize Site Architecture;
  • Compare Crawls and Staging.

The Screaming Frog spider is free, but you may access further sophisticated capabilities and crawl more than 500 URLs by subscribing to the premium version for $209 per year.

Screaming Frog website with the SEO Spider Tool description.

5. Google Ads Performance Grader

Google AdsPerformance Grader is a free PPC campaign audit tool, enabling you to assess the actual performance of your current Ads campaigns.
The program is quite simple to use. It provides a free complete report with a final grade on your overall Google Ads performance in less than a minute after you submit your account's email address.
The report covers the following areas:

  • Wasted spend;
  • Quality score;
  • Impression share;
  • Shopping ads;
  • Account activity;
  • Best practices;
  • Click-through rate;
  • Display ads;
  • Mobile advertising.
An example of Google Ads Grader report describing the benefits of the platform.

6. SlickText

This SMS marketing platform helps you run text messaging campaigns to enhance traffic and conversions. Along with sophisticated reporting tools, it provides a full menu of features for various SMS campaign requirements.

The platform manages:

  • Texts to join;
  • Texts to win;
  • Text surveys;
  • SMS Autoresponders;
  • Website popups;
  • Automated workflows.

SlickText offers several plans with different features provided. The pricing varies from $29 to $1,250 per month.

SlickText website page with text describing the benefits of the platform.

7. SpyFu

SpyFu is a tool allowing digital marketers to perform better in online search by using keyword research. SpyFu may be used to find the most potent phrases in your competitors' sponsored and organic search campaigns.
Among the features provided by the tool are:

  • PPC competitor research;
  • SEO competitor research;
  • Keyword research;
  • Backlinks builder;
  • Rank tracking;
  • SERP analysis;
  • Access to domain leads and top lists.

8. Freshchat

According to J.D. Power, live chat has become online customers' leading digital contact method. 42% of customers prefer live chat compared to 23% for email and 16% for social media. Hence, your cross-channel marketing campaign needs a chat tool.

Freshchat is a live communication and interaction tool developed for sales, marketing, and customer service. It offers powerful live messaging features that personalize communication and let you tailor real-time chats to clients' needs.

  • Personalizes self-service on a website, in an app, and across digital messaging channels;
  • Uses AI to turn insights into action to fuel next-generation messaging;
  • Gives agents real-time context so they can work more quickly and efficiently;
  • Provides personnel with full client context so they may increase customer satisfaction score throughout every call;
  • Enables easy scaling and fast rates of zero contact resolution.

Freshchat has a free plan with up to 100 agents. According to your requirements, you can choose a plan for $15, $39, or $69.

Freshchat main page with the text saying 'grow customer love with smarter conversations.'

9. AdMob

AdMob is a free Google platform for app monetization that enables the use of targeted in-app advertising. You may run campaigns on mobile applications whose audiences coincide with yours. AdMob utilizes the robust targeting and monitoring features present in all Google marketing and advertising products.

Among other benefits of the platform are:

  • Launching ads from anywhere in the world;
  • Seamless integration of the ads;
  • Comprehensive reporting;
  • Automated tools.

With AdMob, companies can connect the dots between multiple Google Ads campaigns to get a better picture of their paid ads efforts. For example, a success story of Tellmewow clearly shows how teams can accelerate user acquisition campaigns and improve ROAS with more insights into impression-level ad revenue.

10. Improvado

Improvado is a revenue data platform that helps marketing and sales teams build a comprehensive picture of their efforts. The platform automates marketing reporting, stores all data in a centralized data warehouse, loads insights to business intelligence tools, and more.

With access to 500+ data sources, marketing and sales teams can extract any data in several clicks and uncover previously hidden trends and insights about ad campaigns and sales efforts.

 Improvado website page depicting data sources the platform uses.
Some of Improvado’s data sources

Improvado includes multiple features for your revenue analytics:

  • Gathering revenue data from 500+ sources;
  • Cleansing and transforming unprocessed marketing and sales data into analysis-ready insights;
  • Automated data mapping and naming convention unification for a range of metrics;
  • Actionable, ready-to-use dashboards from any business intelligence platform;
  • Precise marketing attribution that lets you recreate customer journey across all touchpoints.
A report made with the help of Improvado's data transformation tool.
Improvado’s data transformation UI

Improvado uses a modular approach. That’s why the final price is tailored to your business requirements and the modules you’re going to use.

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Accelerate Your Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Cross-platform marketing requires proper planning, strategizing, and even creativity. Not to mention the technical base you should have.

With the list of best tools for cross-platform marketing on hand, you'll be able to manage your company's promotion most efficiently. There's no need to use all of them. Start simple and apply new tools as the need arises. 

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