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Best Marketing Agencies in Houston: Top-50 agencies

If you own a business in Houston and you’re looking for a team of marketing experts who can help you reach new customers, boost your revenue, and grow exponentially as a brand, we have good news for you: You’re in the right place! Houston offers a sea of marketing agencies to choose from.

However, whereas agencies can boost your marketing performance, your marketing analytics lies beyond their scope of duties (or should be, if otherwise). Because you are the one who is accountable for the overall performance of marketing campaigns, derives actionable insights from reliable data, and, well, makes business decisions! So, before partnering up with a marketing agency in Houston, make sure you’ve automated marketing reporting to double-check that the agencies’ results match your goals and expectations.

Improvado puts marketers’ needs at the heart of its solutions aimed at tackling marketing challenges and streamlining marketing analytics. Obviously, in the era of Big Data, automation goes a long way, especially when it comes to marketing reporting.

You not only save time but, equally important, ensure the reliability of data. With that, your reports become a source of actionable insights to wisely invest your resources and increase ROI.

Book a call with us to learn what heights you can achieve by automating marketing reporting.

1. 30 Degrees North

SMARKETING: Your Key to Success.

Founded in 2005, 30 Degrees North focuses on three fronts: strategy, marketing, and sales. It uses four HubSpot tools—CRM, Marketing, Sales, and Service—in order to develop plans that can fuel any business’s growth.

Key services: Marketing Strategy, Outbound and Inbound Sales, Website Design, SEO, and Reputation Building.

2. 9thWonder

We are a strategic marketing, media and ideas agency.

9thWonder is an independent marketing agency with the purpose of giving CMOs what they need by finding and leveraging hidden opportunities that will provide brands with both an immediate and long-lasting impact.

Key services: Brand Strategy, Research, Media, Creative and Content, PR, Website Design and Development, Consumer Engagement, and Social Media.

Clients: American Heart Association, Panasonic.

3. Adcetera

Innovative, driven, obsessive—always.

Adcetera started out as a two-woman organization back in 1982, and ever since then, it has developed into a fully-realized agency powered by thinkers and innovators who have one primary mission: to solve the impossible. 

Key services: Strategy, Innovation, Content, Design, Digital, Motion, and Experience.

Clients: HP and Loomis.

4. Adhere Creative

Marketing and video that drives growth.

Adhere Creative has been named the number four inbound marketing agency in the world, and it has one goal: to always be on point. With integrity and ownership as its values, this agency puts people first, and that shows in its results.

Key services: Digital Marketing, Video Production, Web Design.

Clients: CAT and The Vein Doctors.

5. Adit

Practice growth platform to accelerate new patient acquisition

Strongly driven by innovation, Adit is an agency that provides services to businesses in the healthcare industry. So far, the agency has driven over $25 million in measurable revenue per month and led over 25 thousand patients to make an appointment.

Key services: Website Design, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management.

Clients: Brechon Dental, Eyedeology, Preferred Urgent Care.

6. Adnorml

Do great work!

Adnorml is a team of strategic thinkers who pride themselves on doing more than digital, on keeping up with the ever-changing technological world, and on thinking outside of the box to find ways of leading potential consumers to the right brands. 

Key services: Website Development, Mobile App Development, Presentation Design, Logo Design, Photography, and Media Buying.

Clients: Enphase and iTech.

7. adWhite

Learn How to Drive Qualified Leads to Your Website

adWhite is a platinum-certified HubSpot Agency partner that specializes in inbound marketing, creating strategies that help brands of all sizes and niches reach their prospects and turn them into (loyal) customers.

Key services: Inbound Marketing, Website Design, Lead Generation, Sales Enablement, Search Engine Optimization, and Graphic Design.

Clients: Employer Flexible, TGS, Bryson.

8. All Day Web

We are a Houston Web Design & SEO company

All Day Web is a B2B agency that focuses on web design and SEO and that strives to brand each of its clients as an expert, as well as make them stand out from the fierce competition they face on search engines.

Key services: Website Design, SEO, Local SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Web Hosting.

Clients: CNC, Miller, SOFEC.

9. Authority Solutions®

Increase your revenues with Authority Solutions®

Authority Solutions® is a leading agency that provides digital marketing services and aims, with every project, to achieve the quickest ROI possible. They’ve been recognized by Clutch, Google and more for their work.

Key services: SEO, Web Design, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Reporting and Analytics.

10. BERK Labs

Grow your business

The team at BERK Labs doesn’t just know that you want more customers. They also know how you can get them. Founded with the goal of creating a new economy of agile brands, this agency can help any business that is building the future.

Key services: Strategic Consultation, Marketing, Google AdWords, and Design.

Clients: Google, Samsung, American Red Cross.

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11. Blue Sky Marketing

Marketing Strategy Implemented Flawlessly

Blue Sky Marketing is a Google and HubSpot-certified partner, and as a team of marketing experts, they focus on helping companies accomplish their goals by identifying and taking advantage of the endless opportunities available to business owners.

Key services: Strategic Brand Planning, SEO & SEM Strategy, Web Development & Design, Creative Design, Social Media Strategy, Email Marketing

Clients: Viridian, Signorelli, JDC

12. BrandExtract

Inspire Belief

Ask BrandExtract what they do, and their answer is simple: “We build brands people believe in.” As their motto suggests, they use their strategy and branding expertise to inspire belief in their clients’ brands, both internally and externally.

Key services: Business Strategy, Branding

Clients: ABS Group, Ascende, Marine Military Academy

13. BubbleUp

An Award-Winning Digital Agency

BubbleUp is a full-service digital agency that, for 15 years, has helped well-known companies and artists boost their digital presence. The team’s hard work has paid off, as the company has been recognized by Inc 5000, Clutch, and more.

Key services: Web Design & Development, Custom App Development, Marketing, Membership & Communities, Ecommerce, Ticketing, Streaming

Clients: Joss Stone, Stars on Ice USA, Aerosmith

14. EWR Digital

Blast to the top of the rankings

EWR Digital is a results-driven marketing agency that believes SEO is the power that drives businesses forward. Founded over 20 years ago, this company helps businesses by reimagining, creating and implementing digital solutions that work.

Key services: SEO, Web Design & Development, Corporate Videography, Corporate Identity, Paid Media

Clients: Elite MMA and BitWallet

15. Fair Marketing

So awesome, it’s just not fair!

Fair Marketing has been recognized by Forbes and Inc 5000, and the agency’s name stands for Formula, Automation, Inbound Leads, and Return on Investment: the four components of their holistic methodology for online success.

Key services: SEO, Social Media, PPC, Design, Local SEO, Reputation Management, Non-Profit Marketing

Clients: Mercedes Benz of The Woodlands and Texas Children's Hospital

16. Fountain Forward

Business experts + creative genius = guaranteed profits

Fountain Forward’s team has as much expertise as motivation, and their mission is not only to persuade people to do business with their clients but to do it more often.

Key services: Branding, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Advertising

Clients: Bayway, Katy Nissan and Ruffgers

17. Furthermore Agency

We exist to take you further online

With clients all around the world, Furthermore Agency was created for ambitious founders who know the value of fully integrated marketing campaigns. Their approach is to use one single platform where they can handle all the marketing tasks a business might require.

Key services: SEO, Customer Management, Social Media, Business Listings, Digital Advertising, Web Design

Clients: Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, CocaCola, Microsoft, Google

18. GBC Digital Marketing

Helping you generate more revenue

GBC Digital Marketing is an award-winning marketing agency, and it is also Google certified in Analytics and Ads. Ever since it was founded in 2004, the agency has helped hundreds of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies.

Key services: SEO Strategy, Local SEO, Web Design, Digital Marketing

Clients: American Heart Association Training Center

19. Kineto Creative

Ideas take wing

Kineto Creative is a full-service marketing agency that works with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations, aiming to sustain their marketing efforts so they can focus on the core responsibilities of their company.

Key services: Marketing Consulting, Branding & Messaging, Web Design, Content & Communications, Entrepreneur Advising, Automation

Clients: Cross Border Planning, The Calyx Project and SHEafter

20. Hamer Marketing Group

Drive growth with marketing

Founded in 2019 by two marketing experts, Hamer Marketing Group helps clients all over the world by boosting their revenue through data-driven online campaigns.

Key services: Growth Marketing, Fractional CMO, Marketing Operations, Marketing Automation

Clients: ShearShare, ConstructConnect and On Center Software

21. Hippo Thinks

Protecting + nurturing brands

Hippo Thinks is a story-centric PR agency that assists businesses in developing meaningful connections with stakeholders by partnering up with academics who provide them with front-line research to use as the foundation of their campaigns.

Key services: PR, Content Curation & Marketing

Clients: VentureBeat,  Fortune, Forbes, TechCrunch

22. Insignia SEO & Web Design

Not just a local SEO firm but a national marketing agency!

Insignia SEO is a national marketing agency, and one of its locations is in Houston. The company has been around for over 30 years, and it helps small to medium businesses grow and build credibility in the online space.

Key services: Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Google Adwords, Branding, Email Marketing

23. IT Vibes

Attract & engage users

IT Vibes specializes in brand management and in creating a strong, durable online presence and identity that lives up to its clients’ goals and needs. They serve companies in several industries and customize their web solutions as needed.

Key services: Web Design, SEO, Marketing Automation, Sales Management, Web Development

Clients: Creekstone Outdoor Living and Crisis Assistance Center

24. JellyFlea Creative

A professionally designed website by JellyFlea makes your website attractive, functional, mobile-friendly.

Established in 2016, JellyFlea Creative is an award-winning web design agency that understands how a website’s look and functions can impact the way a customer views a brand. 

Key services: Web Design, Logo & Graphic Design, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Marketing, SEO, 360º Photo Tours, Managed WordPress Updates

Clients: Crossroads, Monkey Madness, Mildred’s Hands

25. Legnd

Your one-stop digital marketing shop

Legnd has six locations in the U.S., one of them being in Houston. The agency is all about teamwork, and it offers a wide variety of services that fit nearly any budget.

Key services: Custom Web Design, Logo & Branding, SEO & PPC Management, Marketing & Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization, Custom Development

Clients: Team Roofing and Doris Metropolitan

26. Lev Digital Strategy

We are B2B growth hackers

Lev Digital assists B2B and high-tech businesses to increase their revenue by using innovative growth hacking strategies and creating value proposition design projects.

Key services: Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising, Growth Hacking Marketing

Clients: Intel, HSCB, Remax

27. Lewis SEO Houston

We deliver results

Lewis SEO Houston is the top local SEO agency that helps businesses in the Houston metro area boost their organic traffic and that, during its 11 years of existence, has won over 20 SEO awards.

Key services: Keyword Research, On-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, Rank Tracking, Social Media Marketing, Local SEO

28. LineLogic Digital Agency

Your one-stop digital marketing shop

LineLogic Digital Agency is certified by Google, Bing, WordPress, and more. With more than 40 years of combined experience, their team works with businesses of all sizes and industries.

Key services: Web Development, App Development, Fully-Managed Hosting, SEO, Reputation Management, Press Release

Clients: Daisy Blue Naturals, NAB Professional Services

29. Mansfield Marketing

At Mansfield, industrial marketing is what we do

Mansfield Marketing helps industrial and B2B brands accomplish their sales and marketing goals, and they specialize in creating campaigns for customers who don’t typically respond to traditional marketing strategies.

Key services: Website Design & Development, Branding & Identity, SEO, Social Media, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Reputation Management

Clients: Cubility, Harries Health System

30. Mantyweb

Leveraging technology to level the playing field.

MantyWeb was founded in 2009, and they serve businesses all over the United States, helping growth-focused agencies and small companies reach their ideal target audience.

Key services: Google Analytics, Website Development, SEO, PPC, Consulting

Clients: AFGlobal, White Knight Productions, Yakkety Yak


Your full-service marketing agency

MARION is a client-focused integrated marketing agency that offers two types of services: ongoing, for brands in need of a full-service outsourced marketing team, and as a supplement to in-house teams on a project-by-project basis.

Key services: Branding & Design, Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing

Clients: Beetnik, Zodega, Momentum

32. Meli Marketing

Let your business growth explode

Meli Marketing is a six-time international award-winning agency whose team uses creative skills to improve their clients’ branding and digital exposure, as well as to capture high-quality customers.

Key services: Branding, Influencer Advertising, Web Design, Local Search, Content Marketing, PR Campaigns, Remarketing, Social Media

Clients: Serene Wax Boutique and ER Katy

33. Neon Ambition

Houston’s leading SEO & Content Marketing agency

Neon Ambition is “Houston’s most ambitious business owners’ SEO company of choice” (hence the name), and the team prides itself on customizing its solutions for each of its clients instead of going for canned packages for all.

Key services: SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Conversion Optimization

34. On-Target!

You have a story - we are storytellers! Nice to meet you.

Founded in 2001, On-Target! is a marketing and sales agency that specializes in using storytelling to help real estate, manufacturing, B2B, B2C and energy-related companies.

Key services: Web Development, SEO, Social Media, Content, Brand Strategy, Video Production, PPC

Clients: Ryko Development, Allura

35. OWDT

Gain a competitive advantage

OWDT specializes in web design and development, and it has won several awards over the years, including Webby Honoree, the Creative Communication Award, and more.

Key services: Web Design, Market Research, Usability Testing, Auditing, Content Strategy

Clients: BP, Forbes, Smith 

36. Pop Video

The video content solution for businesses

As the name suggests, Pop Video focuses on developing professional videos, helping brands strategize, create, manage and leverage high-quality content.

Key services: Video Marketing

Clients: Phillips 66, Sky High, Lone Star College

37. Reap and Sow Marketing

Will you thrive or survive?

With 20 years of experience, 122 happy customers, and 23 awards won, Reap and Sow Marketing is an agency “focused on strategy, fueled by determination + driven by data”.

Key services: Websites, Branding, Local SEO, SEO

Clients: Shop Garden, iDfour

38. Regex SEO

Houston SEO company that drives explosive business growth

Regex SEO is an SEO marketing agency that sticks to real strategy and stays away from any cookie-cutter plans, customizing each campaign to the specific client and their goals.

Key services: SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, PPC & Adwords, Design, Branding

Clients: Portella, Eltec, BCP

39. RevLocal

Be found and chosen online by customers throughout Houston!

RevLocal is a premier digital marketing agency that creates personalized strategies for local Houston businesses and franchise networks in a variety of industries.

Key services: Local Search, Review Marketing, Paid Advertising, Social Media

40. Satori Marketing

Fearless creativity. Deliberate strategy.

Satori Marketing’s recipe for success in all their projects is simple: quality creativity paired with ferocious customer service. 

Key services: Marketing, Design, Communications

Clients: Harbor Bridge Project, (swah-rey), Turn Up with Your Pup

41. SnapWeb Service

Skyrocket your business

SnapWeb Services is a full-service marketing agency, built by business owners for business owners, and with a winning six-phase methodology: discovery, strategy planning, production, execution, optimization, and tracking and analytics.

Key services: Branding, Printing, Development, Marketing & PR, Media

Clients: Angleton ER, Eric’s Car Care, Montessori School of Downtown

42. Stellatus Studios

Captivate your audience with awe-inspiring design

Stellatus Studios is a digital marketing agency that has been recognized as one of the Top 15 brand consultants and SEO companies in Houston by Clutch.

Key services: Web Design, Brand Strategy, Marketing Research, Advanced SEO Analytics

43. Studio Brand Collective

We believe in delivering results

Studio Brand Collective serves businesses in the professional services, health and beauty, and restaurant industry by creating, executing, and continually optimizing relevant campaigns.

Key services: Website Development, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Brand Development (Design)

Clients: Jimmy Changas, University of Houston, Martin Preferred Foods

44. Swyft

Tech PR and marketing experts serving startups and enterprises since 2011

Swyft is a PR agency that specializes in assisting B2B tech startups and SMBs to boost their growth and improve their brand awareness, traffic, and lead generation.

Key services: PR, Web Design, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Trade Show PR, Content Creation

Clients: Pelco, Salesforce, ClearData

45. TECHsan Media

Awarded as one of the best Digital Marketing agency

TECHsan’s mission is to help brands create a consistent online presence, and for that, this award-winning Google partner agency offers a wide variety of digital and branding services.

Key services: Web Design, Graphic Design, Local SEO, 360 Google Tours, Content Creation, Business Photography

46. Test Monki

A creative branding lab

Test Monki is an award-winning branding studio that specializes in all things creative (that lead to more and more sales, of course), from branding to web design, website development, and more.  

Key services: Strategy, Brand Experience, Marketing, Content Development, Digital & Interactive, Social Media & Events

Clients: Everyone by ONE, Tooth + Tusk, EverGrins

47. The Black Sheep Agency

To shock. To awe. To be the agency that changes minds and accelerates impact.

The Black Sheep Agency’s positioning as a marketing company is clear: they’re all about making a difference and working on projects that make an impact, not only on a brand’s performance but also on the world.

Key services: Brand Strategy, Branding, Social Media, Marketing & Communications, Design & Illustration, Digital Advertising, Community Engagement, Creative Campaigns, Messaging

Clients: Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher, League of Women Voters of Houston, Downtown Houston4

48. Thrive

Drive new leads and convert them into loyal customers

Thrive is a full-service digital marketing agency that, since its foundation in 2005, has been serving businesses of all industries and sizes to achieve the greatest return on their marketing investment. 

Key services: SEO, Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Video Production, Content Writing, Reputation Management, Conversion Optimization, Amazon Marketing

Clients: Stovall Construction, PARC Urology, Accurate Leak and Line

49. TopSpot

Digital strategies & experiences with purpose

TopSpot has been around for 16 years, and over this period of time, it has become the largest independent search marketing agency in Houston.

Key services: SEO, PPC, Analytics, Design & Development

Clients: ProAir LLC, F&M Mafco, The Shade Shop

50. Versa Creative

Everything begins with an idea

Versa Creative is all about being versatile, and that shows in their services and projects. In 2020, the agency won platinum and gold AVA awards for its work in motion graphics, PPC campaigns, and more.

Key services: Strategy, Digital, PR, Creative, Web, Traditional

Clients: Permann’s Cider Co., Treadwright Tires, Tapioca Teahouse

Why Automate Marketing Analytics?

Understanding which agency you should partner up with is all about establishing your goals, needs and budget and, from there, finding the marketing team that matches them the best. However, it’s only the beginning: The more time passes, the more data there is at your disposal to be analyzed. There’s a reason why marketing data is your vital business asset: It helps you evaluate your overall marketing performance (as well as the performance of marketing agencies you partner up with) and make invaluable decisions towards increasing ROI.

This is why you should consider automating marketing analytics and squeezing the most out of your data. Think of the benefits that are yours for the taking after your marketing analytics is automated. They include (but are not limited to):

  • Streamlined data management: Collect and crunch large volumes of data automatically in one comprehensive platform.
  • Quality and granularity of data: Focus on and drive insights from the aspects of marketing campaigns that others don’t have access to.
  • Pre-built or custom data transformations: Be the one who decides what depth of data needs to be displayed and analyzed.
  • Automated reporting that takes a few clicks: Get trustworthy reports when needed to uncover insights and make data-driven decisions.
Maximize marketing ROI by automating advanced analytics

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