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Twitter (X) Ads 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Recently rebranded as X, the platform formerly known as Twitter continues to be more than a place for quick updates. It's a vibrant arena where businesses can connect directly with people from all walks of life. X retains the standout features and vast user community that made Twitter a top choice for advertisers.

This guide provides a comprehensive look into the advantages, opportunities, and best practices for advertising on X. It aims to equip businesses with the knowledge they need to effectively use this platform and reach their marketing objectives.

Unique Benefits and Potential of Advertising on Twitter

Twitter, with its rapid-fire communication and global reach, offers a distinct platform for advertisers aiming to tap into real-time conversations and trending topics. Here's a deep dive into what sets Twitter advertising apart.

Real-time Engagement

Twitter thrives on immediacy. Advertisers have the opportunity to plug into trending discussions and cultural moments, facilitating instant connection with users actively discussing or sharing insights on current events. This positions brands to be agile and timely in their communication.

Active User Base

76% of Twitter users say that they purchase a product based on Twitter threds and conversations.

The advertising potential on Twitter is immense. With Monetizable Daily Active Users (mDAU)* witnessing a 16.6% growth in 2022, reaching almost 238 million, the platform offers advertisers a vast and engaged audience. And with ads having the potential to touch 544.5 million people globally, the reach is truly expansive.

*mDAU is a Twitter metric that represents real users, not bots, that log in daily and see Twitter ads upon log-in. 

Advanced Targeting Features

Twitter's advertising platform goes beyond basic demographic and geographic targeting. Advertisers can target users based on specific interests, behaviors, keyword usage in tweets, and even the devices they use. This granularity allows for personalized ad experiences that resonate deeply with the user base.

Diverse Ad Formats

From Promoted Tweets to In-stream Video Ads, Twitter offers a variety of ad formats tailored for different objectives, be it brand awareness, website conversions, or user engagement. Each format provides unique ways for brands to capture attention and drive actions.

Transparent Analytics

Twitter provides advertisers with clear and insightful metrics, from impression data to engagement rates. These analytics enable brands to gauge ad performance in real time and adjust strategies promptly, ensuring maximum impact and efficiency.

Loyal User Base

Many Twitter users are brand loyalists, often advocating for or against products and services. Engaging this vocal community through well-crafted ads can amplify positive sentiments, foster brand loyalty, and turn users into brand ambassadors.

Types of Twitter Ads

X (former Twitter) offers multiple types of ads, catering to different use cases.

Many businesses use Twitter to connect with their customers and promote their products. To help businesses reach more people, Twitter offers various ad formats. Let's explore these different types of ads.

Promoted Tweets 

Promoted tweets look like regular tweets but have a small "Promoted" label. Businesses pay to show these tweets to more people. They can appear in a user's timeline, search results, or profile pages. These ads can contain text, photos, GIFs, videos, or carousels.

X Amplify

X Amplify provides a dynamic approach to advertising, facilitating a harmonious alignment of ads with top-tier video content from a broad spectrum of respected publishers. Its structured offerings branch into two distinctive ad formats:

  • Amplify Pre-roll, an ad format tailored for precise targeting. Advertisers gain the flexibility to pinpoint the content categories for the videos they wish to associate with. Choose from an extensive list of over 15 categories. In certain markets, there's the added advantage of opting for select Curated Categories, ensuring a more refined advertising experience.
  • Amplify Sponsorships promises a dedicated pairing with a singular publisher at a chosen moment. Moreover, advertisers get to exercise Tweet-level control throughout the campaign's duration. It's worth noting, however, that this particular offering is not open to self-serve advertisers currently.

X's Takeover

X's Takeover represents premium placements that promise wide-reaching impact, influencing user behavior across diverse stages of the conversion funnel. 

  • Timeline Takeover: When users flock to X, they seek to stay updated with unfolding events. With Timeline Takeover, brands gain a prime position, ensuring their ad stands as the day's first interaction. The moment a user engages with X, your brand captures their attention, solidifying a top-of-mind presence.
  • Trend Takeover / Trend Takeover+  position brands right where discussions ignite: alongside trending topics on the Explore tab. In addition to that, Trend Takeover+ introduces an enriched video element, offering an immersive experience that resonates more deeply with the audience. 

X Live

X Live isn't a paid placement as such. It's a livestream on the platform that helps engage the audience in real-time and drive conversions.

X's Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Dynamic product ads are instrumental in reigniting the interest of potential customers. DPA Retargeting allows brands to strategically display ads featuring products a user previously interacted with, nurturing the prospect's journey back toward conversion.

Collection Ads on X

Collection Ads present all the product details in one unified view. Consumers are treated to a hassle-free browsing experience. They can deftly guide consumers to a myriad of product destinations and specific landing pages. This attribute not only provides a tailored consumer journey but also enhances the potential for diverse engagements.

X Enhanced Ad Features

To increase the effectiveness of your ads and engage the audience, X offers a suite of standard and branded attributes:

  • Interactive Polls;
  • Conversation prompts discussion;
  • Website Buttons & App Integration provide direct connectivity to either the website or the App Store or the Play Store;
  • Branding Elements like notifications and hashtags offer brands additional ways to engage with the audience. It also enables X's community to opt for direct content deliveries from brands during significant moments. 

Leveraging Audience Insights

Twitter is more than just a place to share thoughts and news. It's also a powerful tool for businesses to understand what people like and what they're talking about. One of the best features Twitter offers to businesses is "Audience Insights." This tool gives a peek into the interests, behaviors, and demographics of followers and those who engage with tweets. Let's dive into how to use these insights for better ad targeting.

Understanding the Basics 

Audience Insights provides a lot of information. It shows age groups, gender, interests, and even the type of devices people use. By looking at this data, businesses can get a clear picture of who is interacting with their content.

Interests and Behaviors 

One of the most valuable parts of Audience Insights is the section on interests and behaviors. This shows what topics people care about, from sports to technology to fashion. By knowing these interests, businesses can create ads that resonate with their audience.

Location Insights 

Knowing where an audience is from can be very helpful. If a lot of followers are from a specific city or state, it might be a good idea to create ads that are relevant to that area. This can make the ads feel more personal and relevant.

Device Usage

Some people use Twitter on their phones, while others prefer computers or tablets. Audience Insights shows which devices are most popular. This can help businesses decide how to design their ads. For example, if most people use phones, it's important to make sure ads look great on smaller screens.


Audience Insights can also show when followers are most active on Twitter. This is valuable because posting an ad at the right time can lead to more people seeing it. If most followers are active in the evening, that might be the best time to run an ad.

Optimizing Ad Budget and Bidding

Twitter is a bustling platform where millions of tweets are shared every day. For businesses, it's a golden opportunity to showcase products and services. But with so many ads vying for attention, how can businesses ensure they get the most bang for their buck? The answer lies in smart budget allocation and bid optimization. 

Setting Clear Objectives

Before diving into budgeting and bidding, it's essential to know the goal. Is it to increase website visits, get more followers, or perhaps boost engagement on a particular tweet? By having a clear objective, businesses can allocate funds more effectively.

Daily vs. Total Budget

Twitter allows advertisers to set either a daily budget or a total budget for their campaigns. A daily budget sets a limit on how much will be spent each day. The daily budget can be evenly spent over the course of the day (Standard Delivery) or spent as fast as possible (Accelerated Delivery).

A total budget is the amount allocated for the entire campaign duration. Once this budget limit is reached, the campaign will automatically stop showing your ads. 

By understanding the campaign's length and intensity, businesses can choose the best budgeting method.

Automatic vs. Manual Bidding

Twitter offers two bidding options: automatic and manual. With automatic bidding, Twitter does the heavy lifting and auto-optimizes the bid amount to get the best results for the budget. Manual bidding, on the other hand, gives more control to the advertiser, allowing them to set their maximum bid amount for the desired action—cost per click, cost per lead, cost per engagement, cost per install, cost per follow, or other.  

For those new to Twitter ads, automatic might be a good starting point. But for seasoned advertisers, manuals can offer more precision.

Monitor and Adjust

The advertising landscape on Twitter is dynamic. What works today might not work tomorrow. It's crucial to keep an eye on campaign performance. If an ad isn't getting the desired results, consider adjusting the bid or reallocating the budget.

A/B Testing

Not sure which ad will perform better? Use A/B testing. This involves running two slightly different ads to see which one resonates more with the audience. By comparing their performance, businesses can allocate more budget to the winning ad.

Consider Ad Placements

Twitter offers different ad placements like timelines, profiles, and search results. Each has its cost. By understanding where ads get the most engagement, businesses can optimize their bids for those specific placements.

Seasonal Adjustments

Certain times of the year, like holidays or big events, might see a surge in ad competition. During these times, bid amounts might need to be increased to ensure ad visibility. It's essential to plan for these seasonal changes in the advertising calendar.

Maximize Every Twitter Ad Dollar Spent with Improvado

One of the factors greatly contributing to the campaign's success is analytics. While Twitter's in-app analytics provides a foundational understanding, it often scratches merely the surface. For a holistic view and deeper insights into audience behavior, engagement patterns, and campaign effectiveness, leveraging advanced analytics solutions like Improvado becomes indispensable. 

Improvado is an end-to-end marketing analytics solution that streamlines and automates the entire marketing reporting cycle, from data collection to visualization and insights discovery. The platform consolidates data from over 500 platforms. This offers a comprehensive view of a brand's digital footprint, enabling cross-platform strategies.

An example of the Improvado Paid Ads dashboard and metrics it tracks.

To keep track of all paid placements and craft campaigns that convert, brands can utilize the Imprvoado Paid Ads dashboard. The dashboard helps analyze essential metrics and dig deeper into the campaign and adset levels. Beyond X (former Twitter) Ads, marketers can track all their ads in one place and make decisions that are better aligned with their revenue goals and marketing budget. 

Improvado features like customer journey mapping, marketing attribution modeling, and others present brands with a toolset to have a clear picture of the return on investment (ROI), analyze behavioral patterns, content preferences, and user journeys. 

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