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Top Marketing Agencies in Virginia

Finding the perfect agency for your company’s marketing needs can be an overwhelming task. Since experienced creatives are everywhere in the state of Virginia, we thought a comprehensive list would be helpful, consolidating all of the top marketing agencies in Virginia into one place.

Here at Improvado, we're experts at bringing everything into a single destination, primarily marketing data. We are also love helping marketers in general. That’s why we chose to put together a list of the top marketing agencies in Virginia The agencies are divided into the following categories:

  • Startup Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO/Content Marketing
  • Public Relations
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Startup Marketing

Growth Marketing Pro

How They’re Different: For startup founders that want to get customers. Growth Marketing Pro offers a free 25-minute Growth Strategy Session where they give you a ton of upfront value by helping you identify your problems and work with you to craft a step-by-step game plan to hit your income goals. If you're still confused by the end, they offer a Growth Playbook that entrepreneurs and even some startup incubators swear by.

Philosophy: Marketing is not rocket science. You're smart enough to figure it out if you had all the time in the world. But you don't. You're busy building an awesome product.

What they offer: A Custom Growth Playbook-- "Don't waste time, energy or money. We'll tell you which channels and tactics to prioritize based on our experience growing startups from $0 to Millions."

Mantra: The safest way for startups to get customers.

Advertising Agencies

These 10+ advertising agencies in Virginia have worked with numerous well-known brands. WIth years of experience creating outstanding creative content that is capable of reaching millions of people across the country and the world, these advertising agencies can provide the creative services you need to take your business further.

93 Octane

How They’re Different: 93 Octane is an advertising agency fueled by strategic thinking and accelerated with creativity.

Motto: Fueling Your Brand

Noteworthy Quote: “You won’t find an “assistant” anyone or a “VP” of anything. Instead, we have a team of seasoned professionals who spend their time actually doing the work, not managing middle men.”

Key Services: Branding, Direct Marketing, Advertising, Web Design, Print & Design

Big River Advertising

How They're Different: It’s not about being a big agency. It’s about being big thinkers and even bigger doers. It’s about bringing laser-sharp strategies and deep human insights to life through creative-born experiences that put Visions in Action and build authentic brands people believe in.

Mottos: People Believe People. Credibility matters. Great relationships are built on trust. The customer has the answer. The best way to learn is to listen. When you talk to everyone, you reach no one.

Noteworthy Quote: "We are a strategic group of agency veterans bound by a belief in the authenticity of brands and who abide our conviction that people believe people."

Notable Clients: Sotherly, Scout, Lumber Liquidators, Wicked Taco

CANVUS Design Studio

How They’re Different: CANVUS Design Studio is a branding agency helping small businesses grow across all print and digital channels.

Key Services: Brand Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Marketing

Notable Clients: Kia, Blue Jay Airlines, Rentberry, Pivoht, Hive Boxx

Noteworthy Testimonial: “We would recommend CANVUS Design Studio for any organization looking to making a lasting brand impact within their industry. They really known the meaning of branding and how to apply their expertise to any company they bring on as a client.”

Creating Results

How They’re Different: Creating Results is a full-service strategic marketing agency that drives demand for lifestyle-oriented products and services.

Key Services: Branding, Digital, Public Relations, Advertising

Core Philosophy: Relevant Creativity

Noteworthy Quote: “As experts in targeting and motivating mature consumers (40+), we understand what makes the more affluent members of the Gen X, Baby Boom and Silent Generations leap into action. By helping you make people fall in love with what you’re selling, we can help your business grow.”

Direct Development, Inc.

How They’re Different: Direct Development, Inc. is an inbound marketing agency with thought leaders who serve the nonprofit and higher education industries.

Motto: We help Davids beat Goliaths.

What Clients Say: “Direct Development’s assistance was instrumental in helping us reach our recruiting goals.”

Key Industries: Higher Education, Non-Profit

initiate-it, Inc.

How They’re Different: initiate-it is a full-service and fully integrated advertising agency made of experienced professionals from nationally known agencies and companies.

Mantra: There’s a Better Way to Drive Your Business Forward.

Key Services: Brand Development, Digital, Planning, Creative & Advertising, Sports Marketing

Notable Clients: VCU Health System, CapTech, Reservoir Distillery, Advance Health

Lewis Media Partners

How They’re Different: Lewis Media Partners is a strategic media and marketing agency serving national, regional and local clients for more than 20 years.

Motto: We start where most agencies end.

Key Services: Marketing Strategy, Media Planning & Buying, Digital, Analytics

Impressive Clients: American Airlines, Goodwill, Dot & Bo, NBA, Amtrak, YMCA, Gatorade

Prototype Advertising

How They’re Different: Prototype Advertising breaks down the minutiae of a customer’s needs and their audience’s needs and maps out a path for the brand that is creative, focused and flexible.

Motto: Creative That Works

Key Services: Web, Graphic Design, Video, Communications, Virtual Reality

Impressive Clients: Delta, Footlocker, KitchenAid, Famous Footwear

RedPeg Marketing

How They’re Different: RedPeg Marketing is an award-winning, brand engagement marketing agency, placing people and their passions at the heart of everything they do.

Mantra: Let’s make it mean more.

Impressive Clients: Amazon, TD Bank, Geico, Jagermeister, Accenture

Mission: To help people feel a deeper connection with a brand.

Snow Companies

How They’re Different:  Snow Companies is focused on connecting patients to science through emotionally impactful, action-oriented patient centric communications, storytelling, insight, and research initiatives.

Key Services: Copywriting, Graphic Design, Video, Patient Ambassador Programs, Event Management

Noteworthy Quote: “Snow Companies was the first in the industry to bring strategic, regulatory-compliant, real-life patient stories to direct-to-patient initiatives.”

Tier10 Advertising

How They’re Different: Tier10 Advertising brings together a team of professionals from the automotive, entertainment, and design worlds.

Notable Clients: Honda, Acura, Aston Martin Racing

Key Services: Advertising

Noteworthy Quote: “Our creative is award winning. Our results are industry leading. We are humble, wear many hats, and dominate the automotive association vertical.”

The Martin Agency

How They're Different: "Our goals are not just about dollar signs or awards for our shelf (though we like those, too). Our real goal is to help clients find and tap into new energy for their brands."

Their Motto: Good & Tough

Key Services: Advertising, strategic planning, direct response, digital, data analytics, design and branded content.

Notable Clients: Ritz, Land O Lakes, Discover, Geico

Wallace & Company Marketing

How They’re Different: Wallace & Company is an advertising agency with a focus on real estate marketing.

Motto: Marketing that moves you.

Notable Clients: Willowsford, Kincora, 88 Peninsula

Noteworthy Quote: “We build ideas that make people want to move up.”

West Cary Group

How They’re Different: The West Cary Group is a full-service agency specializing in data-driven marketing.  

Impressive Clients: Oakley, PayPal, Vonage, Fidelity, LensCrafters, New York Life

Mantra: Engage. Build. Grow.

Their Approach: Segmentation. Creative. Analytics


How They’re Different: WhiteSixtyFour is a marketing agency that strives to not just get new customers for clients, but to create believers in brands.

Motto: We create believers.

Core Beliefs: Strategy starts with a human truth. Good campaigns leverage genuine emotion. Smart media blends art and science.

Notable Clients: Hilton, Capital Classic, PenFed, Luray Caverns

Digital Marketing Agencies

You need to make sure your business has the right digital strategy. These 10+ digital marketing agencies in Virginia have experience with every digital channel.

Addison Clark

How They’re Different: Addison Clark is a full-service online marketing agency that delivers business results.

Motto: Marketing that is measurably different.

Key Services: SEO, Social Media, PPC, Content, Email, Web Design, Branding

Noteworthy Quote: “We take a data-driven approach to every marketing problem and work from there to deliver measurable results for our clients.”

Beaconfire RED

How They’re Different: Beaconfire RED aims to empower their clients with digital strategies and technologies to make real change in the world.

Key Industries: Non-profits, Associations, Social Enterprises

Notable Clients: Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, Ocean Conservancy, Special Olympics, American Red Cross

Key Services: Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising, UX Design, Web & Mobile Development

Bergman Group

How They’re Different: The Bergman Group is a full-service marketing agency that covers the whole range of marketing needs.

Impressive Clients: AT&T, Dole, Wells Fargo, Capital One, American Express

Key Services: Branding, Media, Creative, Web Design, SEO, SEM, Social Media

Noteworthy Quote: “We believe persuasive campaigns are waged systematically and consistently, over time and — very often — by a range of media. The Bergman Group possesses expertise in developing communications in a wide range of both old and new media.”

Conversion Pipeline

How They’re Different: Conversion Pipeline is a digital marketing agency that believes in transparent data and real results.

Impressive Clients: Tulane University, Blackboard, Ryan Homes, Bream Vineyards

Key Services: Search, Paid Advertising, Web Design, Inbound Marketing, Consulting

What Clients Say: “We have been using Conversion Pipeline for a few years now, with great results. We have seen increases to our ROI, with reductions in our cost per click. The perfect scenario!”

Customer Magnetism

How They’re Different: Customer Magnetism is a digital marketing agency full of digital storytellers.

Mantra: Small, but Mighty.

Motto: We bring your brand to life.

Key Services: Design & Development, Social Media, Organic & Paid Search

Earworks Media

How They’re Different: Earworks Media, Inc. is an award winning, full service digital audio and video production agency.

Impressive Clients: Toyota, TLC, Nissan, DirecTV, Subway, Chevrolet, Busch Gardens

Key Services: Voice-Over, Video Production, Copywriting, Audio Production

What Clients Say: “It was a joy working with you, such fun. Our folks are thrilled with the final product and it was so easy to pull together. You guys are real PROS!”

Eternal Works

How They’re Different: Eternal Works is a branding and online marketing agency with a focus on small details and big results.

Core Values: Integrity, Excellence, Respect

Notable Clients: Suzuki, Subway, Lyon Shipyard, Earth Friendly Chemicals

Noteworthy Testimonial: “The guys at Eternal works are extremely knowledgeable in all things related to web development. I've worked with them on a handful of successful projects now and plan on continuing our relationship into the future.”


How They’re Different: FireFli brings comprehensive digital strategies to life.

Key Services: We plan (branding, analytics, digital strategy, user experience design), We build (UI, CMS, landing pages, e-commerce), We grow (integrated digital campaigns, e-mail marketing, website optimization and maintenance, reporting).

Notable Clients: ABC, Little Ceasars, Virginia Tech

Motto: “See what's possible.”


How They’re Different: GlynnDevins is the leading technology-enabled marketing agency serving the senior living category.

Key Services: We provide end-to-end occupancy solutions across the full continuum of care and services including research, branding, strategic planning, creative execution, digital experiences, and sales enablement products and tools.

Notable Clients: Plantation Village, Heron's Key, Friendship Village Tempe

Internet Media Solution

How They’re Different: Internet Media Solutions is a digital marketing agency that specializes effective hyper local marketing services.

What Clients Say: “My website is made with care for every pixels. They provided all the different layout and made it completely goal driven.”

Key Services: Web Design, Content, SEO, Social Media, Paid Search

Noteworthy Quote: “We take the whole thing off your hands and create ad campaigns that deliver results.”


How They’re Different: InteliSystems is an online marketing agency, focusing particularly on the local business.

Key Services: Branding, Marketing, Website

Noteworthy Quote: “Our team of friendly online marketing consultants helps you grasp how your business can lower the cost of advertising and promotions, yet significantly increase the revenue by using selective set of online marketing tools that fit your business and your customers.”

Mission: To serve as a virtual partner that provides the same advantage of a professional executive without the fixed cost.

Level 5 Advertising

How They’re Different: Level 5 Advertising is a full-service marketing agency specializing in the RV, Marine and Powersports industries.

Mission: To enrich the lives of the people we touch from our employees to yours.

Key Services; Strategy, Digital, Data, Targeted Marketing, Websites

Noteworthy Quote: “We don’t “set it and forget it” like so many of our competitors. We utilize the latest technology, cutting-edge creative, and overall best practices to move your dealership to the next level.”

TMA Direct

How They’re Different: TMA is a direct response, media marketing leader in big data innovation.

Impressive Clients: Audi, IKEA, KIA, Volkswagen, HSBC, Bridgestone Golf

Key Services: Digital, Data Solutions, Data Management, Data Brokerage

Noteworthy Quote: “We combine unparalleled marketing expertise with technology that connects our clients to customers utilizing both traditional and cutting-edge media channels..”

The Lukens Company

How They’re Different: The Lukens Company is a multi-channel direct response marketing agency serving the needs of cultural organizations, faith-based missions, and public policy advocacy groups.

Mantra: Innovating Ideas

Notable Clients: Georgia Aquarium, 9/11 Memorial Museum, New York Public Library

Key Services: Market Research, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Creative, Design, Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing, Analytics


How They’re Different: Venveo is a digital marketing agency specializing in helping building manufacturers.

What Clients Say: "Venveo listened… Constantly driving for the best results possible."

Key Services: Digital Marketing Strategy, Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Email

Motto: Turn Your Online Presence Into Your Best Sales Person.

SEO/Content Marketing Agencies

You need to make sure your brand has the right content on your website, helping you show up more on the search engines. These two marketing agencies specialize in search engine optimization and can help your site rise through the rankings.

imwave, inc.

How They’re Different: imwave, inc. is a performance search marketing agency focused on PPC keyword marketing campaigns.

Noteworthy Quote: “You only pay for the sales and leads that are generated.”

Key Services: SEO, PPC

Notable Clients: Delta Airlines, WestJet Airlines, BuyCostumes.com


How They’re Different: NetStrategies is a content marketing and advertising agency who prides itself on creating campaigns that win.

Mantra: Let’s win together.

Key Services: Branding, Content, Strategy

Mission: To execute marketing programs that get our clients wins they can celebrate.


How They’re Different: They're the Linkedin Branding experts

Mantra: Build your personal brand.

Key Services: Profile makeovers, blog writing, coaching

Mission: Raise your profile, expand your following, & make a bigger dent in the universe.

Public Relations Agencies

You may need to get the word out more about your company, and agencies like these know how to make it happen. These five public relations agencies in Virginia can help you build your company’s brand image and raise more awareness of your company.

Focused Image

How They’re Different: Focused Image is a full-service branding, marketing and public relations firm offering complete, end-to-end communications solutions.

Key Industries: Consumer Brands, Construction & Engineering, Technology, Non-Profits

Mission: To build extraordinary brands that deliver extraordinary bottom line results.

Key Services: Branding, Digital Marketing, Public Relations

Horne Creative Group

How They’re Different: The Horne Creative Group offers everything required to research, conceptualize, produce and deploy the full spectrum of communication activities.

Key Services: Strategic Planning, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations

Core Philosophy: Listen

Noteworthy Testimonial: “While sitting in a meeting with HORNE, I heard Phyllis Horne tell a client something I've never heard a contractor say during my 30+ years of government service: “If we come in under budget, we'll pass the savings back to you.” In the highly competitive contracting world where a goal is to maximize profit, I knew that I was working with a CEO and a company of tremendous honesty and integrity.”


How They’re Different: Kumveka is a non-profit marketing agency that equips ministries to maximize limited resources, and make their mission clear and compelling.

Mission: To connect the God-given gifts of communication professionals with the God-inspired passions of ministries.

Vision: Clear and compelling communication for every Christ-focused ministry.

Noteworthy Testimonial: “Kumveka walked with us, and helped us identify who we want to talk to and what type of response we are hoping for. They helped us stay on course. They help us get the greatest outcome from the limited resources we have to invest.”

MBM Marketing

How They’re Different: MBM Marketing provides a fresh, expert look at your brand communications, and what resources you need to deliver them.

Key Services: Strategic Consulting, Marketing Planning, Brand Discovery, Creative Design

Noteworthy Testimonial: “Your ability to translate our mission into words and images has given us not only a new look, but a new sense of pride and clarity. It is a truly collaborative working partnership.”

Their Approach: Foster strong business relationships to better understand what clients really need.

NDP Agency

How They’re Different: The NDP Agency strives to make a difference through creativity that inspires, changes behavior, and changes our world.

Key Services: Media, Digital, PR, Branding, Design

Impressive Clients: Mercedes-Benz, VCU Health, The Jefferson Hotel, Rex UNC

Words to Describe Them: Digitally Savvy, Creative, Problem Solvers


With all of these creative, experienced and skilled marketing agencies in Virginia, you are sure to find one the right one to meet the needs of your company. Hopefully, this guide of the top marketing agencies in Virginia will help you do so.

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