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The Best Marketing Agencies in New York: Top NYC Agencies

When your marketing needs start going beyond the reach of your team, finding the best marketing agency in NYC can be a massive boost to your marketing performance. Here comes the greatest—and also most challenging—thing: in a city like Manhattan, the options are seemingly endless, meaning you feel free to experiment in a bid to find the perfect marketing match.

Well, there is a trick, though. Experimenting with vendors and moving from one to another is never smooth sailing, especially if your marketing data is stored on their end. At Improvado, a marketing analytics company, we are keenly aware of the consequences global enterprises may face when giving complete control of their data to marketing agencies. Here’s what should be considered in choosing the right marketing agency:

  • Data Quality: When your data is collected by marketing agencies and stored in their data pools, you have no control of it at all. This means you can’t ensure a given marketing agency will make the most of your data.
  • Data Compliance: Compliance with various data regulations over security or privacy should be your priority. When your organization is the one that manages data, it brings much more peace of mind and lowers the risks of disputes and issues.
  • Data Integration: The data capabilities of marketing agencies vary from one to another. In the long run, it’s best to maintain your own data environment, for instance, to align your marketing and sales strategies.
  • Data Analysis: Make sure the marketing agency you partner with has an up-to-date marketing analytics platform that can spot previously overlooked insights and adjust by running campaigns accordingly.

As data is the cornerstone of modern marketing, organizations cannot afford to turn a blind eye to its importance.

Improvado helps global companies consolidate all the data in one place, under their own roof, with unlimited customization. Whether you search for marketing agencies or are already on your marketing analytics journey, we’ll get you and all your data covered—from A to Z.

Book a call with our product expert to learn why you should invest in your own data capabilities and how such an investment future-proofs your marketing performance.

Have you already thought it all out? Then it’s time for you to check out this comprehensive resource featuring all the best marketing agencies in NYC.

The agencies are split up into the following categories:

  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing and SEO
  • Social media marketing.

PR Agencies

You may need to get the word out more about your company, and these PR agencies in New York City know how to make it happen. These three agencies can help you build your company’s brand image and raise awareness.


Palio PR Agency logo

How They’re Different: PALIO, now part of GSW, aims to ignite brands in bold and beautifully disruptive ways.

Noteworthy Quote: “Our stories are inspired by insight, executed with simple, surprising craft, and given life by the very people for whom they are created.”

Impressive Clients: Susan G. Komen Foundation, Listerine.

Core Principles: Simplifying complex information. Embracing human imperfection. Understanding the insights that motivate behavior.

Brand Connections

Brand Connections agency

How They’re Different: Brand Connections is an independent media and marketing agency that specializes in “Making Marketing Easier for Marketers.”

Motto: Connecting the dots to reach the ever-changing world of consumers.

Key Services: Digital, Integrated, Events, Social Media, Lifestyle Sampling, Retail Activations.

Impressive Clients: BiC, Juicy Juice, Nissan, Garnier.

Daggerwing Group Inc

Daggerwing Group agency logo

How They’re Different: Daggerwing focuses on helping its clients improve business results by changing customer and employee behavior.

Impressive Clients: Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, HP, PepsiCo, Mastercard.

Core Philosophy: A company’s pace of growth is tied to the speed of customer and employee behavior change.

Noteworthy Quote: “We help clients remove every barrier to customer and employee behavior change. The faster, the better.”

Advertising Agencies

These 20+ advertising agencies have worked with well-known brands like Amazon, Disney, Coca-Cola, Honda, and many others. With experience creating brilliant content that reaches millions throughout the world, these agency can provide the creative services to take your company to the next level.

Growth Marketing Pro

How They’re Different: Smarter 🧠 SEO Than Your Competitors — Done For You. We grow your traffic and get you more customers. We’re not your traditional marketing agency. We rank #1 on Google for competitive keywords like “best marketing agencies” and “growth marketing.” What would it mean if your company ranked #1 for competitive terms in your niche? Let’s talk.

Meet the team: Hailey Friedman & Mark Spera are the Founders of Growth Marketing Pro, the largest growth marketing site on the internet. They’ve helped grow hundreds of businesses to millions in revenue via SEO.

Featured in: Entrepreneur, Inc, WSJ, Hubspot, MarketWatch, G2Crowd.

Key Services: SEO, Content Generation, Link Building, Growth Marketing.

Noteworthy Testimonial: “They grew our organic traffic by 20x.”

Impressive Clients: Cube Software, SetSail, Dipsea, Kyte, Monarch, Wheelhouse, Spekit.


Open Moves agency logo

How They're Different: Leverage the power of paid search, paid social, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and marketing automation working together.

Key Services: Paid search, SEO, email marketing, social media.

About the Team: We’re a team of passionate digital marketers who live to grow small to mid-sized businesses locally, nationally, and sometimes internationally. We believe in doing a few things—and doing them well. That means outstanding service and innovation across PPC, paid social, SEO, email marketing, and social media.

Industries They Serve: Lead generation, eCommerce, professional services, franchises, education, medical and healthcare, non-profits, local, national or international.

The Gate NY

How They’re Different: The Gate is a full-service shop blending technology, strategy, media and creativity to deliver holistic solutions to clients of all sizes and shapes. And they’re part of an independent global agency network (MSQ) that functions like a boutique, so you get to scale without all the complicated layers of a traditional holding company. 

Mission: Live and work in a world of simplifiers to bring our clients smart, creative work efficiently and effectively.

Noteworthy Quote: “No jerks allowed.” Ad agencies have a reputation for hiring egotistical monsters. Mostly because it’s true. So, we have a no-jerks policy at The Gate.

Motto: Bigger Leaps. Fewer Steps.


Agency 212 logo

How They’re Different: Agency 212 is a marketing and advertising agency of passionate thinking, spirited ideas, and relentless problem-solving.

Motto: Don’t compete. Create your own category.

Impressive Clients: Cavit, Amazon, General Electric, Viking.

Mission: Finding the unique voice that is inherent in every brand, we create work that is strategically correct, clever and artistic.


Wishbone ITP agency

How They’re Different: Wishbone is a full-service pharmaceutical advertising agency that delivers GREAT strategy, creativity, and service.

Key Services: Advertising, Brand Development, Design, Strategy.

Impressive Clients: Pfizer, Novartis, CardioNet, Baxter, Genzyme.

Noteworthy Quote: “Our non-bureaucratic structure allows senior people to work directly on our clients’ business. There is no bait-and-switch. Having senior people work on the business means greater efficiency… and better results.”


Bio Lumina agency logo

How They’re Different: Biolumina is an advertising agency for the healthcare industry.

Their Values: Open mind, brave heart, and ready hands.

Noteworthy Quote: “We carefully plan customer experiences, triangulating our customer insights and multichannel expertise with brand strategy to deliver truly connected brand experiences.”

Mission: To illuminate and cultivate the full potential of our brands by driving differentiation, raising recognition, conquering the competition, and generating growth.

Arcade Creative Group

Arcade Creative Group logo

How They’re Different: Arcade Creative Group is the only advertising agency born out of a global music company.

Impressive Clients: Ford, Honda, Puma, Corona, Gain, Coca-Cola, Axe.

Mantra: We don't just understand culture; we create it.

Noteworthy Quote: “Our unique music DNA gives us an organic understanding of consumers and unparalleled assets and global channels to reach them.”

J. Walter Thompson INSIDE

JWT Inside agency logo

How They’re Different: JWT INSIDE creates pioneering ideas in employer branding, employee communications and recruitment advertising.

Noteworthy Testimonial: “Every day and every interaction, JWT INSIDE showcases a level of excellence and care that is truly AMAZING.”

Their Values: Collaboration, courage, capability, and curiosity.

Mantra: Every great company has a great INSIDE story.

True North Inc.

True North Inc. agency logo

How They’re Different: True North is an insight-driven advertising agency for non-profits and consumer brands.

Key Services: Creative, Media, Technology, Insights.

Impressive Clients: ASPCA, Disney, Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish, Citi.

Mantra: Building brands. Driving action.

Quinn Fable Advertising Inc

Quinn Fable Advertising agency

How They’re Different: Quinn Fable Advertising provides “uncommon success” for global companies.

Motto: Delivering uncommon success since 1988.

Noteworthy Quote: “We thrive on the non-stop energy, heightened excellence and superior service that’s inherent to NYC.”

Key Disciplines: Strategy, Creativity, Technology.

Marke Communications

Marke Communications agency logo

How They’re Different: Marke Communications is a strategically driven, creatively inspired, and process-oriented advertising agency.

Mission: To deliver innovative thinking that’s creative, strategically based, responsibly implemented, and produces results.

Philosophy: Our client’s success is our success.

Core Principles: Listen, learn, innovate, and inspire.



How They’re Different: Droga5 is an advertising agency that prides itself on its fun, open and generous culture.

Words to Describe Them: Creatively Led, Strategically Driven, Systems Thinkers, Humanity Obsessed.

Core Principle: Brand Purpose.

Impressive Clients: Mailchimp, Tourism Australia, CoverGirl, Under Armour.

Karlen Williams Graybill Advertising

KWG agency logo

How They’re Different: KWG is an independent advertising agency that focuses on claiming and leveraging its clients’ voices.

Mantra: We help you claim and leverage your voice.

Philosophy: It’s better to be true than to be trendy.

Noteworthy Quote: “Whether it’s integration, engagement or dialogue, we average more than 2.5x the voice per dollar than our competitors.”

Neon - An FCB Health Company

Neon agency logo

How They’re Different: Neon is NYC’s fastest-growing healthcare advertising agency.

Words to Describe Them: Vibrant. Driven. Nimble. Tenacious.

Notable Win: MM&M Awards Mid-Size Agency of the Year.

Noteworthy Quote: “We're the wild kid in the back of the class thinking about how to change the world.”


McGarry Bowen agency logo

How They’re Different: This global advertising agency helps its clients solve their biggest problems through big, organizing ideas built on core human truths.

Noteworthy Quote: “WE ARE A CHANGE AGENCY. One that believes in the power of creativity to have a transformational effect on companies, brands and communities.”

Impressive Clients: Intel, American Express, Marriott, Hallmark, Oscar Mayer, Subway.

Mantra: It’s not creative unless it works.

McCann New York

McCann agency logo

How They’re Different: McCann New York is an advertising agency with a “Truth Well Told” strategy-based approach to marketing.

Impressive Clients: MGM Resorts, Microsoft, Lysol, Godiva, Chick-fil-A, Mastercard.

Core Philosophy: Truth Well Told.

Words to Describe Them: Passionate. Persistent. Inclusive. Inquisitive.

Launchpad Advertising

Launchpad agency logo

How They’re Different: Launchpad is focused on finding the right solutions to unique marketing challenges without any of the arrogance or agency agendas.

Core Principles: Teamwork, Use Empathy, Go Above and Beyond, Work with a Purpose, Have an Awesome Attitude.

Impressive Clients: Conde Nast, PNC, American Red Cross, Nestle Waters.

What Clients Have Said: “Launchpad steps beyond tactical execution to act as a true proactive partner.”

DiMassimo Goldstein

Dimassimo Goldstein agency logo

How They’re Different: "We’re on a mission to build the leading brands with behavior change marketing. We’re an inspiring action agency. That’s why we only incite more inspiring actions. And more empowering habits. And it’s why we use our powers to ignite growth only in organizations that promote those kinds of behaviors."

Notable Win: Advertising Age Small Agency of the Year.

Motto: Inspiring Action.

Impressive Clients: Bronx Zoo, Salesforce.org, Weight Watchers, HelloFresh, Jackson Hewitt.

Bayard Advertising

Bayard agency logo

How They’re Different: Bayard Advertising is a full-service recruitment marketing agency that specializes in talent acquisition and employer branding.

Key Services: With an unwavering focus on client service, they specialize in digital strategy, employer branding, and creative execution.

Impressive Clients: Expedia, Hanesbrands, Inc., E. & J. Gallo Winery, Hospital Corporation of America.

Noteworthy Quote: “You could say that we specialize in optimizing everything, so to speak.”

The Food Group

The Food Group agency logo

How They’re Different: The Food Group blends food, culture and marketing expertise to deliver powerful, integrated ideas.

Impressive Clients: Del Monte, Kraft Heinz, Florida Orange Juice, Tabasco, Dannon.

Core Philosophy: “We put everything we love about life into our work and work at what we love, every single day. And what we love most is food.”

Words to Describe Them: Chefs, Artists, Visionaries, Dreamers.

BBDO Worldwide

BBDO Worldwide agency logo

How They’re Different: BBDO is a worldwide marketing agency that works to change consumer behavior and tell a brand’s story across all mediums and channels.

Notable Wins: Global Network of the Year, Adweek and Most Effective Network of the Year, Global Effie Effectiveness Index.

Impressive Clients: ExxonMobil, P&G, Guinness, Mountain Dew, GE, Pedigree, Lowe’s.

Mission: To create great work that works great.

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Digital Marketing Agencies

Does your business have the right digital marketing strategy? These 10+ New York City digital marketing agencies have experience with every channel in existence.

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media agency logo

How They’re Different: Blue Fountain Media is a results-driven digital marketing agency in NYC specializing in website design, mobile app development, and online marketing.

Core Philosophy: Great people and great results.

Impressive Clients: P&G, NFL, IBM, Martha Stewart, Walt Disney.

Noteworthy Testimonial: “This is a quick, effective team that really cares for their clients' success. Blue Fountain Media transformed our website into a vital part of our sales efforts, then tailored a search engine optimization campaign, which has doubled our traffic from a year ago.”

Direct Agents

Direct Agents agency logo

How They’re Different: Direct Agents is a digital marketing agency that innovates and specializes in customer acquisition solutions. They are also independent and minority-owned.

Impressive Clients: BBC, Food Network, Expedia, Samsung, Panasonic, Tommy Bahama.

Mission: "Our mission is to be independent, entrepreneurial, and diverse. We strive for our work to be creative, innovative and transformative."

Words to Describe Them: Agile. Collaborative. Driven.

Hey Oxford

Hey Oxford agency logo

How They’re Different: Hey Oxford values community engagement. They'll get you fast results and help you build a long-term growth strategy.

Impressive Clients: Pfizer, Braun, Livekick Fitness

Noteworthy Quote: "We alleviate the daunting task of growing your business through digital marketing."

Key Services: Growth hacking, social media strategy, content marketing, branding, paid search.

iFuel Interactive

iFuel agency logo

How They’re Different: iFuel is a 360° advertising and web development agency that combines fully developed creative capabilities with the legit technical talent to see the whole picture.

Motto: Where Madison Avenue Meets Silicon Valley.

Key Services: Branding, Design, Development, E-commerce, Media, Experiential.

Impressive Clients: Amazon, Cavit, Unilever, Lennar, Loews Hotels & Resorts.

Patients & Purpose

Patients&Purpose agency logo

How They’re Different: Formerly known as CDMiConnect, the agency is a healthcare marketing agency that provides complete interactive, relationship marketing and direct-to-patient solutions.

Noteworthy Quote: “We have an insatiable appetite for all things digital and data, and we use both to guide patients to better health.”

Notable Wins: 46 Awards in the last two years.

Philosophy: We’ve found that putting the needs of patients first is not just what’s best for them—it’s what’s best for our clients and our agency, too.r agency too.

PM Digital

PMX agency logo

How They’re Different: This full-service marketing agency uses a data-driven approach to understanding, targeting, acquiring, cultivating and optimizing customer value for its clients.

Mantra: Turning complexity into opportunity.

Impressive Clients: The North Face, Vineyard Vines, Boys & Girls Club.

Noteworthy Quote: “Consumers don't live by channels; they live by experiences.”

Stein IAS

Stein IAS agency logo

How They’re Different: Stein IAS is an integrated and global branding marketing agency that specializes in B2B marketing.

Motto: The Post-Modern B2B Marketing Agency.

Their Values: Industrious, Relentlessly Curious, Generosity of Spirit, Considered Courage, Fun.

Notable Wins: “Agency of the Year” for five years by the Business Marketing Association and AdAge A-List of Agencies to Watch

Vox Profero

Vox Profero agency logo

How They’re Different: Vox Profero is a digital-centric advertising and marketing agency that is part of the Lowe Profero network, with a focus on the Hispanic and Latin American markets.

Impressive Clients: Vonage, PepsiCo, Macy’s, General Motors.

Mission: To help clients create ideas and programs Latinos can belong to.

Itrends, LLC

iTrends agency logo

How They’re Different: Itrends is a unique digital marketing advertising agency.

Mantra: Master the art of expansion with digital marketing.

Noteworthy Quote: “Expect the re-invention of innovation at Itrends.”

Key Services: Strategy, Creative, Search, Social Media.

Heartbeat Ideas

Heartbeat agency logo

How They’re Different: Heartbeat Ideas equips clients with a full arsenal of end-to-end services and exclusive challenger tools.

Motto: The agency for challenger brands.

Noteworthy Quote: “Work that says ‘Hell yes,’ and the competition ‘Oh $#*!’”

Words to Describe Them: Insightful, courageous, and inventive.

Kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners

KBS agency logo

How They’re Different: KBS believes in the power of invention and the exponential ROI that results from creating true marketing firsts.

Motto: KBS. Purpose Built.

Mission: To create human purpose in a tech-obsessed world.

Impressive Clients: American Express, Allstate, Boar’s Head, BMW.

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Content Marketing & SEO Agencies

You’ve probably heard it before, content is king. You want to make sure your business has valuable content that is optimized to rank on search engines, such as Google. These NYC content marketing agencies can you do so.

Berlin Cameron United

Berlin Cameron agency logo

How They’re Different: BCU is a boutique creative agency that finds that sweet spot where a brand and culture connect.

Impressive Clients: Coca-Cola, Capital One, Samsung, Heineken, Ford, Vitamin Water.

Core Principles: Building Brand Culture, Collaboration Above All, Anti-Precious, Hustlers Welcome.

Words to Describe Them: Small. Smart. Collaborative.

Merkley + Partners

M plus P agency logo

How They’re Different: Merkley+Partners uses the sum of strategy+creative+media working seamlessly to develop solutions for its clients.

Impressive Clients: BiC, Florida Natural, Nutella, Mercedes-Benz.

Mission: To push our industry-leading clients through the clutter and shift perceptions by way of powerful insights and creative thinking.

Motto: #themerkleylife Yes, it’s a thing.

Concept Farm

Concept Farm agency logo

How They’re Different: Concept Farm unifies brands around a bold strategy and creates compelling content that engages consumers across all channels.

Core Philosophy: Cultivating brand passion.

Impressive Clients: Aruba Tourism Authority, ESPN, Manhattan Mini Storage, Bowlmor, Margaritaville Orlando Resort, and Empire State Building.

Notable Win: AdAge’s Small Agency of the Year, Northeast.


Manifest agency logo

How They’re Different: Going by the name of Manifest, this content marketing agency makes brands unmistakable.

Mantra: Be conspicuous. Be unmistakable. Be Manifest.

Impressive Clients: UPS, BMW, Ralph Lauren, Kohl’s, Motorola, The Ritz-Carlton.

Key Services: Branded Content and Content Strategy, Content Publishing, Experience Design, Technology, Insights and Data Analytics.

Attention Global

Attention agency logo

How They’re Different: Attention helps brands explore what’s new to inspire what’s next.

Core Principles: Honest, Fearless, Agile, Connected.

Key Services: Strategy and Analytics, Content and Creative, Distribution and Amplification.

Impressive Clients: American Express, BMW, DeWalt, Kayak, Spotify, McAlister’s.

A Different Story

Story Worldwide agency logo

How They’re Different: A Different Story boasts that they are the original believers in brand storytelling, committed to predicting in-market success via their proprietary methodology called StoryScore.

Mantra: We make ambitious brands matter.

Impressive Clients: FX, Popsicle, Lexus, General Mills, SEI Financial services, Darigold and Ritani, Country Crock and Mary Kay.

Core Philosophy: Authentic story-making is the best and only way for brands to truly connect with their audience.

United Entertainment Group, a DJE Company

United Entertainment Group logo

How They’re Different: UEG is a global marketing agency specializing in entertainment, lifestyle and sports.

Noteworthy Quote: “We create breakthrough marketing with the people, properties, and platforms that shape culture.”

Key Services: Content, Talent and Influencers, Brand Experience, Social, Communications, Rights and Partnerships.

Impressive Clients: Doritos, The North Face, Michaels, Dove, Adobe.


Strawberry Frog agency logo

How They’re Different: StrawberryFrog has innovated the movement marketing model and has built some of the world's most iconic brands.

Motto: Welcome to the cultural movement firm.

Noteworthy Quote: “We do everything huge clients need and want; we just do it smarter than the traditional agency dinosaurs.”

Impressive Clients: Sabra, SunTrust, Jim Beam, Pampers, Heineken.

MKG - Experiential Marketing

MKG agency logo

How They’re Different: MKG creates experiences designed to show a brand’s human side.

Noteworthy Quote: “We create experiences where people can connect with brands the same way they connect with each other.”

Key Services: Strategy, Creative, Design, Production.

Impressive Clients: Netflix, Absolut, Google, Delta, BarkBox, Audi.

Social Media Marketing Agencies

Is your business social? You’re most likely mistaken if you believe your target audience isn’t using social media. With social media marketing, you can get up close and personal with your ideal audience in real time. These three agencies have social media at their core, and can help you grow your reach and increase engagement.

Big Fuel

Big Fuel agency logo

How They’re Different: Big Fuel is a digital marketing agency with social media expertise at its core.

Mission: To drive participation, build trust and grow brands.

Noteworthy Quote: “We think, create and measure at the speed of social.”

Impressive Clients: T-Mobile, Gatorade, Burger King, Best Buy.


WIT agency logo

How They’re Different: W!T is a marketing agency that helps destinations thrive, creating a more connected and compassionate world through tourism.

Core Philosophy: “We believe in the POWER of TRAVEL.”

Noteworthy Quote: “Everything we do, we do to promote a more connected and compassionate world through tourism.”

Key Services: Strategic Consulting, Social Media, Representation, Marketing, Public Relations, and Branding.

Engine Shop

Engine Shop agency logo

How They’re Different: Engine Shop is an experiential sports, entertainment and lifestyle marketing agency.

Key Services: Engagement Strategy, Social Amplification, Live Experiences, Original and Branded Content, Measurement and Analytics.

Noteworthy Quote: “All of our work is measurable and intended to leave a lasting impression, garner data and generate positive social sentiment.”

Impressive Clients: Bud Light, Mercedes-Benz, ESPN, IKEA, HTC, Inc.

Why Secure Data With Improvado

Since New York City is certainly a major hub for all kinds of marketing agencies that work with an array of different clients, you’ll be likely to spend some time testing the waters before settling on your choice. With that, migration from one agency to another is a common thing. There are many reasons why: your organization grows and scales up, marketing agencies don’t deliver and plenty of others.

With Improvado, no matter what, you needn’t worry about your data. It is totally yours for the taking. And there’s much more to it:

  • You never risk losing your data when switching between marketing agencies.
  • You can combine all the data in one dashboard, however many agencies you collaborate with.
  • You evaluate marketing agencies by hard numbers, not colorful presentations. 
  • As for your data quality: put your mind at ease—we’ve already ensured it.
  • You gain data that doesn’t cause headaches but informs business decisions. 
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