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In this recipe, you’ll learn how to capture marketing data from wide range of social media, set up automatic transformation and normalisation with Improvado, and then load it to Looker data visualization platform.

Brands communicate with their customers and sell their products through 4 to 7 social media. There can be dozens pages in one social media. The number of campaign can reach hundreds. Facebook alone has dozens of different ad formats and campaign settings. If not managed well, data from reports quickly becomes meaningless silos. No big picture, no clarity, no confidence in decisions, poor performance.

That’s where Improvado comes to the scene.

Improvado is a full-service ETL tool that allows to create templates for social data transformation. Template is a set of data transformations which can be re-used for data from different sources and then loaded to any BI or visualization tool. As a result, brand marketing team can see the big picture, optimize overall budget allocation, not just single campaign, and plan next steps being more informed.
Step 1. Choose data preparation templateLet’s say, you’re sport clothings brand with more than 7000 SKUs. You constantly nurture your target audience with different content, and there are over 400 advertising campaigns running through 4 social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You have more than 30 Facebook pages for different countries and audience segments.

With Improvado you can automate capturing all the data from your social media marketing channels.

Simply sign in, choose, and copy ImDataPrep template.

[Screenshots, Gifs]

Step 2. Capture marketing data from your sources

Set up the list of sources you work with from our catalog of more than 200 integrations, and then click Extract Data. After that get in touch with our Customer Success or Technical Support team and they will quickly check if everything is ok on our side.

For the first time, data extraction may take hours. Once all set up, data will be updated automatically every XX minutes.

[Screenshots, Gifs]

Step 3: Customize your reports

We should find a need of brand, which can be satisfied with some customization. What needs of customization has Hims?

Custom options:

  • filters
  • additional metrics
  • normalization by patterns (what is that?)
  • removing dublicates (is it not common for all?)

Here we can have 3-5 different cases.

Step 4: Visualize your data with Looker
Now your data is ready to be loaded into your Date Warehouse, Power BI, S3, FTP server, or in a data visualization tool.

[gif with loading and visualization with Tableau]

Simply connect your Tableau account to Improvado and get data visualization flow automatically.

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