Add a destination

Learn how to add a destination in two easy steps

Click the Add a new destination button on the top right corner of the Destinations page.

If the button is not clickable, it means that you've reached your limit of destinations amount. To increase the limit, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Step 1. Select a destination

This tile menu shows all the data warehouses that you can use for data loading.

Сhoose the destination for which you want to set up the connection.

Step 2. Set up the connection

Here you will need to fill in a set of fields, which depends on the selected destination.

You can check the Setup Guides for all the available destinations here.

Set Destination as default

You can set configured Destination as default right from the connection page. If enabled, Load orders for each new Data table will be created automatically.

This option is also available for existing Destinations on the Automation tab.

Click the Continue button to complete the setup process and go back to the Destinations page. It will become clickable only after filling in all the fields.

On the Destinations page you will see the following:

  • Success message on the top right corner of the screen which means that the credentials have been saved successfully
  • Created destination connection at the top of the Connected destinations list.

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